The Birthday Suit

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The Mia Series: Book Six

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here is a story about finding and feeling the great divide between the cradle and the grave.


“The Birthday Suit”

The movie ended.  Eric turned the TV off with the remote as Mia lifted her head up from his chest, resting her chin on it and looking up at him with a twinkle in eyes.  He winked at her and she smiled brightly behind her pacifier, burying her face for a moment before sitting up to her knees.

“Tomorrow’s your birthday, Baby,” he said, sitting up as she tucked her hair behind her ears and nodded with a cheeriness that made her near-bouncing condition adorable.  “And you’re almost dressed appropriately.”

She blushed, lowering her chin and looking at her naked body, cloaked only with the diaper around her waist.

“You see?  Shyness is always something that prevents you from doing the things you want to do,” Eric said with a tone softer than the sentiment of the moment.  “Sometimes it’s what makes you pause for a second to feel the emotions you might’ve missed out on, otherwise.”

He touched his hand to the side of her face and she closed her eyes, tilting her head slightly into his palm while reaching up and touching her fingertips to his knuckles.  Passion entered the moment and consumed each heartbeat she made.  He knew how to romance her with a slow burn so seductive that she had to choice but to submit.  This was battle she always gracious and happily lost for what she would win.

He placed both hands on her naked shoulders and drew his fingers down her arms, knowing that touch was just as intoxicating to her heart as anything he could’ve said or done.  A tantalizing beginning always made her pulse race and her mind swoon with anticipation.

“So, what is it you really want for your birthday?” Eric whispered.

This particular Saturday night, in the middle of her birthday weekend getaway, had been building to with two separate thoughts, growing beyond insecurity and anticipating the rewards of accomplishment, each with their own pace on arrival.  Mia was contented with where her life was headed.  And that was the first step towards finding her inner peace.  But for the moment, peace was the afterthought to an emotion which needed to be stroked with a different kind of caress.

She lifted her eyes to meet his and pointed to his chest with a delicate finger.

“Me?” he asked as she nodded with the mixture of an innocent smile behind her pacifier and the want for lust dancing across her irises.

She reached up and took out her pacifier while straddling his lap and grinding her diapered peach into his center.  It was time for their tantalizing beginning to turn the page.  And fueled by the memory of her Daddy’s instructions to pursue what she wanted with a need for it which was unremitting, she dropped the modesty and shyness once again and targeted her pursuit with five simple words.

“All I want is you,” she whispered quickly and breathlessly as she slid her fingernails across his temples and along the sides of his scalp before taking two handfuls of hair on the back of his head in her grips.

She collapsed against him, pressing her chest to him as she planted her lips on his.  He wrapped his arms around her as she pushed her weight forward, and easing him down to a flat position for once.

Oh, there were so many things she wanted to do at that moment.  And if she had the ability, she would’ve done them all at the same time.  But, of course that wasn’t possible.  Where to begin, what to do first?  Her Daddy was the master of slow burn, not her. She began rocking her hips, grinding her diapered peach into the front of his jeans.  Her hands gripped his hair tightly and her tongue dug inside his mouth as far as it could go for the aggression he was returning.  Rarely was Mia on Top.  Rarely did she assume the position of power.  It seemed like it would be an overwhelming task to control him.  She wondered how he did it to her.

Her passion began with a touch and their connection – with a kiss.  Soon, the entire evening of settling her down had been happily lost in the now uncontrollably impulsive urge to climb the highest mountain she would encounter that weekend – the one inside her that ached for ecstasy.

Her kiss became more fevered with a frenzied demeanor.  She was losing control of her emotions and Eric was coaxing her along.  Before she rubbed the diaper off her waist, she sat up, sliding her mounted seat down to his mid-thighs as she grabbed at his belt, yanking it erratically until it unfastened.  Her breathing became labored and as she unzipped his jeans, she gripped the waist of his pants and his boxers, pulling them down his legs and off his feet – tossing the away as she plunged herself back to his center.

Her hands gripped his stiffness and she tried performing the slow burn approach again, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back for long.  Whereas normally, a girl could keep her composure – up until that moment before reaching the summit when modesty deemed it right to break free.  But Eric knew how to unhinge her and she cowered beneath his ability to top her from the bottom.

She pressed her thumbs in on his bulging underside vein.  That’s the one place where she knew she could make him twitch for a change.  Glancing up at him, she saw that gaze of want in his eyes and suddenly, her arousal filled the fore front of her mind.  His throbbing girth made clear that it wasn’t time to turn the next page, but rather – turn to the next chapter.

He placed his hand behind and her heart started pounding inside her chest with a writhing beat.

“Be a good girl for Daddy,” he said with that syrupy Daddy Voice as he directed her mouth to consume his length.

Tummy flies filled her belly and desire filled her mind as her yearning became obsession.  Ravenously, she plunged her mouth down on his stiffness, tightening her lips and swirling her tongue.  And every few seconds she would moan, sending vibrations into his core.  Oh, yes he twitched and the more he reacted, the more purpose she felt for her need.

Being able to make her Daddy feel so good that he shuddered filled her with a sense of pride that she was, in fact, precious to him and could do what no one else was capable of.  It wasn’t just something she enjoyed doing.  It was something she enjoyed doing well and there was nothing more important in making him as proud of her as she was of herself.

His hand held the back her head as she kept plunging his length into her mouth and withdrawing it with a slowness that made ache feel like a Utopian sensation.  Perhaps this was her only dance with power in her hands.  Hunger pierced the gaze of her irises and she intended to tango.  But this time, there would be no need for shyness.  Its place and purpose in her life and in her intentions had been met, guiding her to this moment.

When his chest started heaving for air as much as hers, she sat up, straddling him waist and keeping his stiffness gripped with her left hand as she reached down to the diaper between her legs with her right hand.  Sliding it to the side, she guided the opening of her wet swollen peach down onto the tip of his erection.

Her glide down onto him was very easy as the further she slid down onto him, the more aroused she became – shuddering several times as his penetration went deeper and deeper into her.  But she tightened her thigh muscles, keeping her frame from easing him inside her the whole.  Incrementally, she took in his length so as to prevent his entrance from overwhelming her too quickly.  But being overwhelmed was a matter of time, not a battle of will.  She accepted this and as their pelvic bones met, she started rocking her hips in an attempt to find a way to handle the intensity of being parted open.  It didn’t matter how many times he entered her, she knew she would always be overwhelmed

She sat straight up, trying now to distract herself from losing further control as she arched her back to give it some relief.

With the moonlight pouring in from the window behind her, she was silhouette with a splendor which made beautiful her motions as she began to slowly raise and lower herself on his penetrating girth – each trip followed with a thump and a slight breathy whimper.  She shuddered again and her canal became wetter, making easier her glide up and down.  Her long brunette locks cascaded onto her shoulders, flowing freely as her glide became a pounce.

Her arousal grew as did her whimpers in volume and guttural intensity.  Each twitch of her frame was followed by her tightening the muscles of her canal, increasing the sensations for both of them.  She was searching for that perfect amount of pressure that would put her over the top and propel her to that zenith of ecstasy that now captivated her anticipation and drove her actions forward.

She journey upward and moaned her first time as her orgasm neared.  Now her glide back down slid with uncontrolled forced and she pounced ferociously, trying to speed up the arrival of enjoyment.  She tightened and released her canal with no discernible order, but rather a chaotic scorch of thrusts and yanks.  And as her orgasm hit, sending her straight to the summit, her emotions broke down, she began sobbing as she tried to pounce her way through the enjoyment that formed at her center and quickly washed out over her frame. 

She felt the first drain of energy and as exhaustion arrived, she froze in place ballooning down slowly.  Eric drew up his knees, placing his feet flat on the rug and easing her back into the cradle of his thighs as she twitched with the aftershocks of her orgasm.  But before she had a chance to recover, he sat, bring her into his embrace and beginning to whisper into her ear all the sentiments of gentleness which would lure her back into littleness.  And as she relaxed on his chest, he reached down to the underside of her thighs, lifting her up and lowering her down.  She whimpered from the new and sudden barrage of sensations which began pulsing through her.

And without much ability to resist the want for another round of pleasure, she began to involuntarily rock her hips as a new summit formed in her mind.  Submissive as always, but now more passionately as her usual timid approach was lost, she entered into another frenzy of pounces, driven by instinct but struggling to keep the muscles in her center from tightening on their own.  Pings of joy were interrupted with moments of pain as she fought with the drain of energy to fuel the hunger for more.  Charged by his gentle, yet assertive directions, she followed another rocket trip up to the Heavens before raising her eyes to the ceiling and screaming as her second orgasm hit – this one being far more exacting in what it took from her as its potency seemed to keep climbing.

She arched her back as her entire canal tightened around his length and squeezed his girth.  She ballooned down harder with a greater exhaustion and one which likely wouldn’t have given her the ability to recover for the afterglow before drifting off to sleep.  But as her heartbeat slowed down, he knelt up, placing her flat to the collection of blanket behind her. 

“We’re not done, Baby,” he said with a tone which drove her heart back into frenzy.

He removed himself from her core and unfastened her diaper, tossing it away the same as she had done with his pants.  And there she lied, in her birthday suit as he crossed her wrists above her head and pinned them down.

Her imagination planted its furtive seeds as the thought of being driven to the summit a third time was too much to handle.  She whimpered uncontrollably and tried fussing to him for fear that this round of overwhelming bliss might be too much. 

“Shh, shh, shh,” he shushed her, placing her pacifier in her mouth as his stiffness penetrated her canal again.

Her eyes grew wide and her submission sent a mesmerized glow across her skin.  She felt helpless to resist and her body had been so spent of its own natural energy that she couldn’t have fought him.  The truth was: she didn’t want to fight him and it was time to shed herself of something else that had hindered her ability to climax until he said stop … will power.

She felt him spread her wide open again and his girth thickened almost instantly – a sign that his orgasm would soon be arriving.  She shuddered again and got wet once more and she made limp her body and prepared to submit herself to whatever was about to be taken from her. 

Their eyes locked as he began a slow burn motion of parting her and allowing her canal to close again.  She couldn’t look away.  She wouldn’t dare.  He was so hard.  He was so thick and his length seemed to suddenly fill her completely.  His craving was the same as her as his slow burn worked into a faster pace, she nursed on her pacifier.

“That’s a good girl,” she heard him whisper with a breathy tone as the rest of the room faded to black.

All she could see was him.  Her spine quivered and she arched her back, heaving her chest up and giving him all of her opening to pound himself into.  If she was going to be taken, she wanted and furthermore, needed to obey the craving to erupt with him.

He shook once and paused for a moment before his seeds exploded inside her, hitting her inner walls and stinging her with their heat.  Tears streamed from her eyes, but she never looked away from him as their journey to a peak and summit higher than any mountain they would see that weekend was met.  In moments, she came again – this time as her whole body seized up in paralysis.

He sat her up into his kneel and arms as her limpened frame collapsed on him again.  And as they ballooned down from the summit together, he leaned back on the blankets behind him, keeping his erection inside her.  She remained collapsed and clung to his body.  Wearing nothing but her birthday suit, she closed her eyes, entering her dreamland almost instantly.  And there they would remain – She as his BabyGirl and He as her Daddy … She as his blanket and He as her pillow.

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