In Every Girl’s Heart, there is a fantasy …

The Mia Series - Book OneThe Mia Series – Book One

“Oh, What A Weekend”

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In every girl’s heart there is a fantasy she harbors as her dream come true.
In every girl’s life there is a reality she lives by and from which she thrives.
What would happen if she married the two together & followed where it led her?


Part One –

This was the question going through Mia‘s mind as she watched him unlock the front door of his house, a quaint little cottage in the woods. The midnight was cool and crisp as many nights were in early spring. She held on to his hand and followed him inside.

Looking around his house, she took notice to the bachelor’s lifestyle he led. The kitchen had a wooden counter and dark-wooden cabinets. Everything had a specific order to it, but not so complicated as to make it impossible to keep up. It struck her as funny that her immediate thought about his house was how much work it would take to keep it up. But she knew the nature of people and accepted the likely truth. 

Passing through the kitchen she walked into the main room at the center of the house. It had a peaked roof ceiling fans and a fireplace, set apart by the stone fixtures and dark wooden mantle that surrounded it. A light flicker came from the small fire lit inside it. An enormous flat screen TV centered in the entertainment system. Around the room were surround sound speakers. This room was ready for the full-movie experience or football on any given Sunday. A leather couch and reclining chair completed the room with a coffee table.

She walked up to the fireplace and knelt down watching the flames burn. She looked around the room again and marveled over its lack of a woman’s touch. She almost felt out-of-place with her schoolgirl outfit, pigtails, tiny frame, and bare feet (her heels she left in car for love of being barefoot).

She watched him hang up his coat and set his keys and wallet on coffee table before extending his hand to her. She looked up at him and took his hand as he stood her up and led her back the hallway to his bedroom. How they met became a distant and irrelevant memory. Just being there was exciting to her. Where she had been didn’t make a difference anymore. Where he was taking her was all that mattered.

He cracked open his bedroom door and led her in. Immediately her attention shot across the room to her reflection in the mirror over his dresser. She walked up to it and he walked up behind her, untucking her white button down schoolgirl dress shirt, one button at a time. She reached behind her and wrapped her arms around his neck as she smiled, watching in the mirror what he is doing.

As he undid her last button his hands explored her skin, from her tummy up to the nape of her chin and back down. He was fast learning that she was a creature of touch, aroused by the contact and driven by the connection there from. His fingers, all knowing as the seemed, danced across her body as if they had always known the union she lusted for.

He rolled the collar of her button down shirt back, exposing the skin of her neck. Such a sensitive area of her body stood no match to the soft kisses he placed there. She closed her eyes, expecting male aggression to soon own him and therefore ending his delicate, affectionate beginning. But he didn’t shift his demeanor to one of raw fevered passion.

He pulled back on the button down shirt a little more and it slipped off her shoulders and down to her elbows. His hands passed caressingly over her shoulders and his pointer fingers slid behind her bra straps following them down her back. He unfastened her bra and she drew her arms up slightly, preventing it from falling as her shirt had done.

Her modesty took over for the moment, but only for the moment as he spun her around to face him and lowered the zipper on the back of her red and black checkered skirt, which fell to the floor around her feet. He reached up and slid the bra straps off her shoulders with his thumbs. Guiding her arms down to her sides, he lifted her chin with his finger as her bra and button down shirt fell to the floor.

Her giddiness settled as the feel of her clothing being removed had sent tantalizing sensations up and down her body. The anticipation of what was to come sent an ache through her that was torturous, yet seductive. He put his thumbs inside the back of her panties and delicately rolled them down her legs.

She stood before him, completely naked. Her chest became tight as she concentrated on her breathing, perhaps the only thing she could do to control her heavily beating heart. Goosebumps formed on her arms and legs and across her chest. She felt vulnerable and lowered her chin again as her shyness took over her disposition.

He pulled her into him and she wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. Her height only brought the top of her head up to his mid-chest. She smelled the remaining traces of cologne on his shirt and his body felt warm. The heat he was emitting felt soothing on her naked frame.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, Mia. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to take advantage of you,” he said as he put his hand on the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp with a slow and caressing pace. “You are a girl and Chivalry demands that I be a gentleman first, as well it should.”


Part Two –

His fingers in her hair felt so good, she could hardly keep from moaning out her pleasure of the sensation. Instead, she let out quick, little whimpers, giving her the chance to verbalize how he was making her feel.

“You’re not just any girl. You are a girl so little inside that she still wears a diaper, just like a baby. Not because you need to wear it, but because you want to. What this means is you are a BabyGirl, on the inside, and not only do you want a Daddy to take care of, but you need a Daddy to take over your life,” he said, kissing the top of her head and breathing in her pheromones.

He began to slowly rock her back and forth. Though her heart was beating fast and her mind was racing faster still, she listened to his words as they began to unravel her thoughts. In a few short sentences, he had struck at the heart of a fantasy which often stole her breath when she thought about it too long. He was slowly wrapping her around his pinky and she knew it. Unable to stop him (and not wanting him to stop anyway), she followed after the train-of-thought he was planting in her brain, one fervent syllable at a time.

“I’m going to give you everything your heart desires and so much more,” he said in a softer tone of voice as he reached down and patted her bottom before running is fingers up and down her back.

“You’ll grow accustomed to being naked. A BabyGirl wouldn’t give it a second thought. You won’t often be wearing much clothing anyway and before long, all you will want to wear is your nightie and your diaper, for that is all you will ever need.”

His words, softened with affection yet still absolute with direction, sent her mind into a frenzy of emotions. She contemplated what she would feel like should she follow the natural direction of being submissive to him. She envisioned her lifetime being spent as his little one. Instinct told her to resist giving up control, but she didn’t want to resist him at all. And it was this admission to herself that kept her listening, with a craving to hear what her life, stripped of free will, would be like.

“You all ready have to heart of a BabyGirl. What I am going to give you are the things you lack,” he said raising her chin up to meet eyes with her. “Safety, security, comfort, guidance and protection.”

Her stomach quivered within. He knew the recipe that she longed for. He would nurture her in a manner for which she would always abide. To be surrounded with that kind of white hot attention made her center swell.

“My touch will always be gentle. It will always be loving and caressing. Soon, my hands will be all you know and all you will ever want to feel,” he said as he stroked her cheeks with his fingers before kissing her forehead again. “Now, come with me, BabyGirl.”

He took her by the hand and led her back to the main room which was now a little warmer, thanks to the fire. He picked up a blanket which had been draped over the reclining chair and spread it out on the floor. It was all white and very plush. Guiding her down to her knees, he gently lowered her onto the blanket, making her lay on her tummy.

“That’s a good girl,” she heard as she came to rest on the softness of the blanket.

From the tenderness of the skin on her neck, down over her breasts, across her tummy, over her peach and down her legs, the softness of the blanket felt Heavenly. She closed her eyes, running her fingers through the plush fibers of the blanket.

And then he touched her.

First, she felt both of his hands on the back of her neck. His finger tips dug into the base of her neck, seeking and finding the tight muscles and kneading them until they loosened. He moved down to her shoulders, placing her arms at her sides as he worked on her shoulder blades, starting from the center and moving outwards.

He moved down to the middle of her back, finding the muscles against her spine and pressing his thumbs in as he drug them outwards. Onto her lower back he went, using his palms to knead her muscles, this time pressing his body weight down on her. She let out a dainty little whimper of satisfaction as he returned to her neck and worked straight down her spine.

Not only was he willing to give her a massage this meticulous, but he was good at it … very good at it.

He moved down to her bottom and thighs, moving down one side and then the other. She could sense the strength he possessed and the power in his hands, a power he didn’t use when touching her.

Though her eyes were closed, his presence hovering above her was commanding and unremitting. But her goose bumps were gone and her heart was now beating with ease. Her mind was now without a thought, nor a care or concern in the world, a world which he created around her and governed with a certainty and confidence which gave her that endearing feeling of safety and protection she had always lacked. For once in her life, she felt secure enough that letting her guard down and baring her heart wouldn’t lead to being hurt, but rather to that place she dreamt of in her fantasies.

He turned her over and she gazed up at him with a heart full of something she hadn’t felt before … trust.

Her naked frame no longer made her nervous. He had been the perfect gentleman since she met him. She was now falling in love with him, but the love she felt wasn’t the usual kind. Instead, it came from a much more deeply-rooted place than her heart … it came from the core of her soul.

He had cared so much about her to reach down inside her deeper than anyone she had met before. And because of this, she was captivated by him, mesmerized by the passion in his words, the honor in his actions and the desire that shown through in his eyes.

He hadn’t just taken ownership of her heart. He had felt the impulse of everything she yearned for and he had melted her from within.


Part Three

She watched him pick up a small book bag from the couch and return to her side. She could only imagine what was inside it.

Parting her legs and she relaxed herself. He could’ve done anything to her, but didn’t. It was his display of self-control which meant more to her than anything else. But there was so much more she had yet to feel and she had no idea of the depths of submission she would feel before she would give herself over to him completely.

He leaned over and touched noses with her. She giggled at his silliness. He drew his fingers down her face and then kissed her forehead, before he placed a pacifier in between her soft pink lips.

That kiss to the forehead felt so wonderful. Every time he did it, she closed her eyes so she could relive it over and over again in her mind’s eye. But the pacifier took her off guard and for as foreign as it felt, initially, she soon came to enjoy it and then without warning came to need it.

He bent her legs at the knees and lifted her lower half into the air. She was certain he was going to penetrate her, with his fingers or more. But he didn’t. Holding her ankles up in one hand, he placed a dusting of powder across her bottom. It felt very cool when it first touched her skin and his hand, spreading it across her to a thin layer felt like the touch of new silk to freshly bathed and shaven skin. She was coming to believe there was more to his touch that just luck.

There was a caressing nature about the way he handled her, the way he moved her, the way he brought her comfort and the way he remembered the things she liked the most.

Could he actually have been as sincere as she had hoped he would be? If this were just fantasy, then why did it feel so real? Why did she feel a love for him that was real? Why did her heart pound at the experience of the moment and the thoughts of the future?

And then she heard the diaper crinkling as he unfolded it and positioned it underneath her. Her fantasy was beginning to form.

She wasn’t just going to be his little girl. She was going to be so much less, and at the same time, so much more. Her existence was about to become very small, but her importance was about to become more than ever before.

He lowered her bottom into the nestling comfort of her first diaper. The way the elastic edging contoured to her made her smile. Her heart was all a-flutter and how every moment of this treatment kept getting better and affecting her senses.

He eased her legs down and she parted them. He applied the same dusting of powder to her front, taking the time to spread it evenly across her skin. And as he drew the front of the diaper up and into place, she began to take notice to the feel of what would become the one object that could regress her senses like nothing else. It felt so soft, but so thick between her legs. It would take some getting used to.

He reached behind her and placed one hand on the small of her back while putting his other hand behind her head. In one swift motion, he sat her up. She didn’t move a muscle in helping him and didn’t need to. From the book bag he pulled out one more item … a white babydoll nightie. Her eyes lit up as she threw her hands to the sky for him to dress her in it.

Down over her arms and head the nightie went. It, too, was made of soft cotton and had embroidered edges with poofy little sleeves. It was hardly long enough to reach down past her waist and would reveal quite a bit as a nightgown, but she guessed that to be the point. And as each new thing was introduced to her, she saw the fun it and the sentiment for which it was presented. He was taking care of her heart as well as her body.


Part Four –

He took her by the hands and stood her up. And as she stood up, she got to know just how thick her diaper was. He took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen, scooping up the blanket and tossing it on the couch along the way. She waddled behind him, like a baby. At first, she giggled at the thought of what she looked like, but then a rather infantile feeling washed over her when she realized that her all of her walking would have a waddle to it from now on.

She watched him take out a baby bottle from one of the dark wooden cabinets, filling it with milk and putting it in the microwave.

He turned to face her as he waited. She stood in the middle of the kitchen, diapered, pacified and in a nightie. She looked the part and was feeling it, too. Her shoulders were shrunk up and her chin was slightly lowered.

Shyness, little feelings and helplessness were causing her to regress as her mind did the same. Summoning her with his finger to come over to him, she waddled her way over and into his embrace. She hugged him tightly as tears formed in her eyes for how overwhelming the emotions were she received from her first experience with the ‘baby feeling’.

He rocked her back and forth as he patted her diapered bottom, an action she was fast learning to crave … for its sentiment and sensation. It was all very intense, but at the same time very relaxing.

She wanted nothing more than to exist in that state-of-mind for the rest of her life. Cradled in his arms, she began to invite the thoughts of being obedient to him, recognizing that he had made her feel as she now did.

Her love for him grew with each passing second she was in his arms. Her emotions drove her thoughts to accept her only remaining responsibility in life … to keep an innocence in her heart.

The microwave sounded off and he retrieved the bottle from inside it before lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the sofa.

He sat down, placed her on his knee, wrapped her from head to toe in the blanket and eased her down onto his lap.

She looked up at him with eyes full of wonderment at the sight of this extremely gentle man she now regarded as Daddy, a heart full of love which she felt for him, and a mind full of dreams to come. He pulled the pacifier from her mouth with his pinky and touched the nipple of the bottle to her bottom lip.

Sheepishly she opened her mouth and took the nipple in, drawing from it and swallowing the warm milk. Their eyes locked on each other and would remain as such. But her mind would drift off to the details again. With her fingers, she traced his jaw line, the bridge of his nose, the curve of his lips. The simpler things around her and those tiny details each of those simple things possessed became all the more her mind could handle at one time.

And as she settled into his arms, she began to realize how content she felt. To have been kissed, touched and spoken to with a kindness uncommon from most meant the world to Mia. Her heart was little and her mind was little and her life was now little. He made her empty everything about herself that was full. Then he helped her fill everything about herself that had always been empty.

Could her fantasies and her reality have actually just met? And could she live her life just as she was right then? Could she believe in what felt too real to be a dream and would she follow where it led her?

The rest of her life was an open book, and now she could see that the book may just be the fairy tale she was looking for.

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF Ebook  –  Kobo.


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The Mia Series

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