The Breakfast Interrogation of Covered Piles

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The Mia Series: Book Six
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here is an interrogation of dynamic proportions and a food fight which left both Mia and Eric ‘dripping’ in the end.


“The Breakfast Interrogation of Covered Piles”

Sunday Morning –

Hazelnut filled the air and Mia smiled, not yet ready to open her eyes, but awakening nevertheless.  Added to that smell of brewing coffee were the scents and sounds of breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausage and toast, she presumed.  She felt the warmth of her baby blanket, wrapped around her and swaddling her frame.  The closeness of the warmth coming from the fireplace and the softness beneath her told her that she was lying on the bear skin rug.  But there was a sweetness to the air nearby, a scent she knew well.  No, it wasn’t just baby powder.  It was something else and it was so familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite place her finger on what the scent was.

She whimpered softly, nursing on her pacifier as shifted her hips slightly.  Surprisingly she wasn’t wet, nor did she feel the need to go.  She could also tell her hair was wet, but was feathered out to dry.  This was getting kind of strange.  Was she still sleeping or was she awake?  And what the devil was that familiar scent?

And that was the moment she realized what that mystery scent was:  Herbal Essences.

She opened her eyes, remaining motionless as she looked left and right.  She was indeed swaddled in her baby blanket, lying on the bear skin rug by the fireplace.  It was morning, Sunday morning – her birthday.  Her hair was indeed wet.  But her diaper, the only thing covering her body anywhere, was dry.  Her bladder and bowels felt fine.

And that was the moment she realized that he had given her a bath as she slept.

She sat up slowly, blinking her eyes at the nearly blinding morning sunshine that was pouring in from the windows on the side of the cabin.  She definitely wasn’t sleeping.  And, piecing together all the facts, she now knew that he had definitely bathed her in her sleep.  Sometimes he did this by putting her in the bath tub.  Other times, he did this in a bird-bath fashion with wash cloth and basin.

From no urgent need to relieve herself in either way, she figured that she had probably done so while sleeping and he did what he needed to do to clean her up without disturbing her sleep.  It would’ve ruined the magic of last night if she had awakened as a mess.  She was happy that he took care of it without her knowing it or waking her up.

It seemed each time she went to sleep that weekend, whether it was for a nap or for the night, she would always awaken to some sort of surprise.  And such had become her life in Eric’s world.  Whereas, once she was a sweet, shy girl with a heart full of dreams, she was now a sweet BabyGirl living out all the dreams of her heart.

She remembered she used to believe that she shouldn’t have to change anything about herself in order to please anyone.  But having had time to think about how much she had changed since she met him, she realized how much she needed to change all along.  Wanting to remain who she was had hindered her from becoming all she could be.  And that was the definition of shyness for her.  It was an impulse to not take that step forward into the unknown and to be apprehensive, in order to protect who she was already.  It made safe, logical sense that if the future didn’t work out, she would always have the familiar comforts of her past to retreat to.  So, all along she had a choice to make:  pursue her future or protect her past.

And on this Sunday morning of her birthday, she was happy she had made the right decision – because the future looked mighty fulfilling from where she was sitting.

Looking around the main room of the rustic cabin, her eyes were drawn to a rather large object which was covered with a pink sheet.  It sat in front of the big window which looked out onto the front porch.  She tilted her head to the side, nursing on her pacifier as she tried to imagine what could be under that sheet.  The possibilities were endless and her Daddy had proven, time and again, that anything was likely to be there.  Curiosity was only going to allow her to sit still for so long before she would absolutely have to know the contents being hidden.

And before another minute of her birthday had passed, Mia had gotten onto her hands and knees, beginning to crawl over to the large object that her Daddy had put under that sheet.  The baby blanket remained as a cloak on her back, but no longer swaddled her.  Getting over to the large object, she reached out to the bottom edge of the pink sheet and lifted it up, turning her head upside down as she took a peek under it.

It was at that moment that Eric appeared out of nowhere, scooping her up with her baby blanket.

“No, no, no,” he said with a groggy morning voice, but one which still held the Daddy tone to it.

Out onto the front porch he carried her, taking a seat on the porch swing and placing her into the cradle of his lap and arms once more.  In his right hand was the small baby bottle – the half-sized one which Mia affectionately referred to as “ba” instead of “ba-ba”.

“Good morning, Birthday Baby,” Eric said, swapping the nipple of her pacifier in her mouth with the nipple of her bottle.

She beamed from within at his simple, sweet greeting and she smiled, happily lost in his eyes and his world, once again.  Love at first sight was something she had gotten used to when it came to the effect his presence had on her.  She could’ve protected her past and he easily would’ve supported whatever decision she had made.  But if she had done that, she wouldn’t have been gazing up at him just then.  And that was a bit of the future which she was glad she had pursued.

She reached up and took hold the small bottle with both of her hands.  This was always what she did when she drank from that bottle.  It made her feel little, another pursuit she cherished having taken up.  His right hand traveled down her belly and over the front of her diaper, stopping between her legs.  She parted her thighs, slightly but instinctively.  She knew she wasn’t wet and he knew it as well.  And they both knew the reason why.

Her eyes, glistening with the rays of sunshine pouring from the side of the porch, spoke the volumes of silent thank yous for giving her a bath in her sleep.  And his irises, filled with adoration, returned the reciprocating you’re welcomes that sound would’ve made unclear.  It would’ve ruined the weekend and there was no way he was going to allow anything to do that.  Not on his watch and not in this lifetime.

And as she finished the small bottle, he stood up.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and he carried her back into the cabin and into the kitchen.  Sitting on the tiny two-seater kitchen table was a plate of food, covered with a frying pan lid.  Mia smiled at the sight of another covered object.  Perhaps this was to be the theme of her birthday:  Something hidden that she truly wanted.  How right she was to think that, but just then, she didn’t realize the magnitude of the surprise she would receive before her birthday ended.

He sat down on one of the seats and turned her around to face the table, keeping the baby blanket draped over her shoulders and wrapped around her for warmth.  After all, it was autumn and she was wearing nothing but her diaper.

Mia picked up the mug of coffee sitting on the table with both hands.  Quickly she started drinking from it.

“Hey, hey, hey!” he said, reaching around and taking the coffee mug from her, directing her attention to the sippy cup of orange juice which also sat on the table.

She smiled brilliantly, picking up the sippy cup and drinking from it.  She loved coffee, but had stopped drinking it religiously a few years back.  It was a bad habit she decided she was done with.  On occasions, however, she adored engaging in a Push Daddy’s Buttons and Run moment by drinking from his mug.  Lightly kicking her feet and sipping from her own cup, she watched Eric take hold of the hot pad sitting over the handle of the frying pan lid which she hoped had breakfast underneath it.  He lifted the lid up and set it aside, revealing a plate of breakfast food which made Mia salivate, just looking at it.

When he took his hand off the lid, he kept hold of the hot pad, only then to unfold it and reveal that it wasn’t a hot pad at all.  Instead, it was another one of her bibs and the one she loved the most.  Though it wasn’t pink in color, the blue edgings to it went nicely with the picture of the cookie monster on the front of it.  But just then, her attention was drawn more to the mounded plate of food in front of her as opposed to the fact that her was bibbing her up, drawing her hair back into a ponytail to keep it away from the mess of eating.  Maybe that was the greatest sign that she was always on his mind: Though he had no need for it himself, he kept an elastic ponytail holder nearby, if not on his wrist, at all times – just in case she needed it.

Swimming in a pool of buttery syrup was a pile of scrambled eggs, a pile of bacon and a pile of sausage links.  On top of these piles were several slices of toast.  She picked up a piece of sausage, sliding it through the syrupy Heaven before biting into it. Her birthday had started with covered piles everywhere and she giggled at that thought.  But before Eric had a chance to ask her what was so funny, her next thought went back to whatever he had covered with that pink sheet in the main room.

“Daddy?” Mia asked, getting playful.  “What’s under the pink sheet in the other room?”

Eric, who had placed his lips on the back of her head and had been blowing zzrrbbts into her scalp, suddenly stopped doing so.

“What pink sheet?” he asked back, playing stupid.

“The one by the front window that you stopped me from looking under,” Mia replied, picking up a piece of bacon.  “What’s under it?”

“Air,” Eric answered, not giving her any information.  “Probably lots of air.”

“What else?” she asked, not backing off.

This was some playful which they often engaged in.  And Eric would never reveal the answer she was looking for.  It was usually because Mia had discovered something which he had intended to be a surprise.  But this time, he had clearly set whatever was under that pink sheet out in the open.  And it had to be his intention for her to have seen it.

“An astronaut suit, most likely,” Eric replied with o ounce of seriousness to him.

If he wasn’t going to be serious about answering her question, then she was going to have to take matters into her own hands, literally, as he was about to find out.

“You’re not gonna answer me?” she asked with a grin on her face, knowing what he would say, but giving him one final chance to reply.

“Baby, I just did answer you,” he said, trying to hold back a smile.

And with that, Mia brought her forearms up, tossing the baby blanket off her shoulders and flinging it back onto him.  Then she stood up, spun around and re-planted her diapered bottom back down on his thighs as her straddle now faced him.  Bring her legs up, she wrapped them around him and the chair, pinning his arms to his side.  She reached back behind her to the table and picked up the plate of food, leaning back on the edge of table as she picked up a piece of sausage and dipped its end in the syrup.

“Let me asks you this again,” Mia said with a demeanor that made clear to him that her patented BabyGirl Interrogation of Torture was on.

“Oh, no,” Eric said, closing his eyes and laughing at himself for having allowed her to trap his arms.

“Yeah, okay,” she said with a demeanor that told him he was in for it now.  “Keep laughing.”

She bit into the end of the sausage and dipped it into syrup once again.

“What’s under the pink sheet, Daddy?” she asked, holding the sausage up to him.

“A game of 20 questions,” Eric answered, trying not to laugh.

“No, that’s what’s about to happen now,” Mia said, touching the syrup end of the sausage to the tip of his nose, then swiping his left cheek and right cheek with it before dribbling it down both of his lips and onto his chin.

Eric was hysterically laughing, at this point.

“Care to guess again?”  Mia said, picking up a handful of the scrambled eggs.  “What’s under the pink sheet, Daddy?”

“A princess’s tiara and a gray elephant,” Eric replied jocularly, opening his mouth wide to accept the punishment coming.

Mia plunged her entire handful of syrupy scrambled eggs into his mouth.  His cheeks bulked up and he started chewing the eggs right away as she used another piece of sausage to stuff the eggs in to his mouthful as a chaser, of sorts.

“Yes, and I bet the elephant is wearing the tiara, isn’t it?” she asked, patting his right cheek.

“Uhhh …,” he mumbled through the mouthful, trying not to laugh.  “Ah dawnt fink foe.”

“Oh, I know you don’t think sometimes, Daddy,” Mia said with an enormous as she picked up a piece of the toast, drug it through the buttery syrup, placed several pieces on bacon on top of it, add more scrambled eggs on top of that and completed the sandwich with a top piece of toast.  “Sooooooo, I’m gonna give you one last chance to answer me seriously and then I’m gonna make you eat this whole bacon sandwich.”

Eric closed his lips and quickly chewed the rest of his mouthful before swallowing it and breaking out into laughter.

“What … is under … the pink sheet … Daddy?” Mia asked one last time as she held up the bacon sandwich and set the plate back on the table.

Eric looked at the stuffed sandwich in her hands as she leaned his head back and hovered it over his mouth.  The syrup had begun to run down her right forearm.

“Riches, jewelry and a place to put it all,” Eric answered, challenging her to stuff the bacon sandwich in his mouth.

He called her bluff and she showed him that it wasn’t a bluff at all.  She stuffed the bacon sandwich into his mouth and he crunched down on it, chewing this mouthful much quicker as the syrupy ran out of the corners of his mouth and began to run down the scruff of his face.  Her mouth followed after the sandwich and her lips planted onto his, licking the syrup as she went along before locking their mouths together.

She put her arms around his neck, smashed her breasts against his chest, and grinded her diapered mound into his pelvic bone.  With his arms now free, Eric put both of his hands under her thighs and stood up, lifting her in the air.  With his left hand, he reached behind her and scooped up the remaining syrupy scrambled eggs a split second before planting her diapered bottom onto the breakfast plate.

She squealed into a giggle as she felt the syrup sliding around on the back of her thighs.

“Now,” he started, breaking off the kiss for a moment.  “We have a little trip to take this morning before any pink sheets are lifted.  We’re gonna take a shower first and you are not going to ask about what’s under that pink sheet again, right?”

“Huh-uh,” she playfully denied him.

“Oh?  You don’t think you need a shower?” he asked, disregarding what she actually said no to.

He pulled out the back of her diaper and shoved his left hand inside it, smashing the syrupy scrambled eggs up against her bottom before lifting her up into his arms and patting her diapered bottom.  She was clung to his body and her arms were wrapped around his neck and she squealed hysterical laughter into his chest.

“It’s shower time, Princess,” Eric said carrying her back towards the bathroom.

But before they passed completely through the main room, he stopped and they both looked at the pink sheet, covering whatever was under it.

“I will tell you this and this alone,” Eric said.

She sat up; giving him all the undivided attention she could muster, given that the back of her diaper was loaded with scrambled eggs.

“What’s under that pink sheet will change your life,” Eric said as he continued carrying her to the bathroom.  “If it doesn’t, then I haven’t done my job.”

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