The Perfect Day – (Both Parts)

The Perfect DayTaken from the conclusion to The Mia Series:

Book Ten: Her Wedding Weekend

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here’s a little story about perfection and about how the future can also be the present.


The Perfect DayPart One

Mia stood at the back of the sanctuary of a beautiful church. Her left arm was tucked inside the right arm of her father. And this was the most important day of her life … so far. It was a day she had been dreaming about her whole life, planning in her mind for years, planning in reality for months, tuning and fine-tuning for weeks, packing for – for ten days and now … absorbing with every single thought in her mind, every single breath in her chest, every single pounding beat from her heart and every available function of senses that weren’t already inundated to overload. It was her wedding day and probably before she knew it, the ceremony would be over. Eric wouldn’t just be her lover, her Daddy and her fiancé. He would be her husband and she would be his blushing BabyGirl bride.

One at a time, each of her bridesmaids began their slow steps down the center aisle of the enormous sanctuary – majestic in appearance with wooden arches. Mia waited with all the patience in the world. There was absolutely no reason to rush anything at all – not when everything was so memorable. And on this day, Mia was ready to make memories that would transform the rest of her life and last just as long.

Her wedding dress was perfect. Her hair was perfect. Her make-up was perfect. Her fingernails were perfect. And, to make everything remain perfect … yes, she was wearing a diaper. Thankfully, there was little explanation needed for it. She was a bride in an elaborate wedding dress that she didn’t want to see get messed up in any way, for any reason, in any unforeseen situation. This day would be perfect. And she was going to see to it that nothing tarnished her memories, or her dreams, or her wedding.

“You look beautiful, Mia,” her father to said to her, standing next to her and looking quite handsome in his tuxedo.

She could see tears in his eyes and she could see how important this day was for him, too. It was on this day that his only daughter would be become married.

“Don’t make me start crying yet,” Mia said with a whispered laugh, her father smiling and joining her in the whispered laugh – the perfect tension breaker of the moment.

“I won’t make you cry,” her father promised. “Crying can lead to heavy sobbing and breathing. And I can’t imagine your ability to breathe at all in that dress.”

“Yeah,” Mia said with a smile, touching her stomach and feeling how tightly the dress material fitted her frame. “I’m glad that the walk down the aisle is a slow one because I don’t think I could move quickly right now, if I had to.”

Just then, the church organ began to play the first few measures of ‘Here Comes the Bride’, Mia straightening her shoulders and making perfect her posture.

Oh my, did her heart start pounding even harder as her father lowered the veil over her face. And as that veil lowered, so did her eyes – ever-so-slightly. No, she didn’t look straight down – just towards the floor. Mia had put such time into her appearance, to make herself as perfect as she could, she didn’t want to look at Eric until the moment her father lifted that veil before giving her away.

Then the song moved into the heavy-noted processional and the guests on either side of the sanctuary center aisle stood up in the pews and turned around to face her. She got into position and straightened her posture to perfection once more.

And then, she and her father took the first step forward – followed by another and then another.

Mia could see the many flowers that decorated the sanctuary. Every color of the rainbow was on display – her extravagant floral request. And by the looks of it, the flowers alone probably cost more than the rest of her wedding weekend as a whole. But it was worth every penny to her and she would’ve had it no other way. The people that grew those flowers, cared for them and brought them to brilliant bloom – they deserved to paid well. The same was true of her father and her mother and everyone else in her life who had raised her, been there for her when she needed them and taught her the value of herself. Because of all of them, on this day, she was in perfect bloom as well.

While still look down slightly, her peripheral vision caught sight of Eric. He stood at the altar, next to the minister. Flanking them on either side were the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. But Mia did not look up. She didn’t want to make eye contact with Eric, not yet. When the time came for her father to give her away and she turned to face her husband-to-be, she wanted that moment to be perfect. And it would be. Oh, it would be.

Mia glanced to the left, seeing the guests on that side – standing there and smiling happily for her. Then she glanced to the right, seeing the guests on that side smiling happily for her.

Oh, if they truly knew how happy she was. Not only was she marrying a man who had the same morals and ideals and values as she did, but he was also her Daddy and lived with the same kinky freedoms that she did. Maybe the greatest bond in their dynamic was knowing that they both viewed age play the same way – just from opposite roles, yet with the same belief:

ABDL was something that they believed should enhance their lives, not make their lives more difficult to live.

While Mia had struggled fairly often with finding a balance between an adult existence and overly-powerful emotions that resembled tantrums, the fact remained that it was just a struggle for her. She actually had found that balance.

And with each steady stride down that aisle, she crinkled – a sound that was muffled perfectly but a sound she could still hear, regardless. And though it was merely an article of clothing, the diaper around her waist was filling her with the same tummyflies that it always did. It was the perfect feeling and therefore, had a place of belonging in this – the perfect day.

She and her father came to a halt in their processional, just a few short steps from the altar. The organ stopped playing and everyone took a seat. Mia still kept her eyes slightly lowered, her face still covered with the bridal veil. Her heart was pounding more heavily than ever, each individual beat resonating clearly in her ear drums. Her pulse raced. And it was then that she came to understand yet another reason why the father of the bride walked his daughter up to the altar. Had her father not been hooking an arm with her, Mia might likely have collapsed for how weak in the knees she felt. It was certainly a stressful moment for her, but one she knew would be short-lived and would have an outcome that would be life-long.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the presence of God and of friends and family, to lay witness to a new union. Of Eric and of Mia,” the minister said, beginning the ceremony.

The minister was an older gentleman, long since retired from his chosen profession. But he agreed to marry them on that day, especially since he was the minister who baptized Eric at birth.

“And who will be giving the bride away?” the minister asked, smiling at Mia and then looking to her father.

“Her mother and I,” Mia’s father said, easing his daughter forward for her to walk over to Eric.

And the moment after their arms disconnected, her father patted her on her diapered bottom.

Mia froze in her steps. Did her father just pat her diapered behind? Did he actually just do that? That was not in the carefully designed perfect day she had created.

Mia lowered her chin and closed her eyes for a moment, allowing the tummyflies to settle as much as they would while also allowing her father’s pat to her diapered bottom to become as distant of a memory as possible. Still, she couldn’t help but blush a little. Her father was always a practical joker – sometimes a bit too much at moments. And perhaps even her father’s misplaced gesture wouldn’t be able to ruin the perfect memories of this – the perfect day.

But when Mia opened her eyes, the perfect day began to change instantly and suddenly she had no control over the situation.

With her chin still lowered, she saw that the beautiful bride’s dress she was supposed to have been wearing was, indeed, not the bride’s dress she had on. What she wore looked very similar to the dress she picked out, but this one was very, very short. And it revealed her legs, from her ankles up to the very top of her thighs – high enough up that a good portion of her diaper was in full-view for everyone to see.

Her head began to spin. What was going on? She turned around and looked back at the aisle she had just walked up, hoping and praying that somehow the lower half of her dress had fallen off her. Maybe she had stepped on it and, in the intensity of the moment, she didn’t feel it being ripped off.

But looking at the carpet of the aisle, she saw no remnants of any torn dress pieces. Then looking at the guests, she could see people ogling over her short bride’s dress.

“Aww, what a wonderful job of alterations the tailor made for her,” someone said with enough sugary sweetness that such a voice could cause cavities – if listened to on a regular basis.

Her eyes welled with tears as a new arrival of tummyflies began to flutter a full-waltz inside her. Opening her stance, Mia did her best to keep her knees locked and to prevent herself from falling over. Everyone in the sanctuary began to ogle over her. Some made soft, audible statements of how adorable she was. Others just smiled warmly, her blushing face clearly evident – though still behind the wedding veil.

She looked down at her bare legs again and to the front of her diaper, feeling fussiness begin to take over her disposition. Then she noticed the pacifier that was in her mouth and the clip-n-string that attached the handle of her pacifier to the lacy top edge of her dress.

Her fussiness began to grow and she fidgeted in her stance, her diaper crinkling. She took a step towards her father, but then stopped. She turned around, taking a step towards Eric, but then stopping again. She didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t really happening, was it?

But before she could pinch herself to find out, she felt familiar warmth beginning to form between her legs and the slightest tug on the tapes at her hips as she felt the underside of her diaper grow slightly heavier.

She hadn’t just wet her diaper. She hadn’t just done that, right? Looking down at the front of her diaper, she found at least a miniscule amount of relief in the fact that the diaper she was wearing was a Bambino. It was all white with no stickers on the front. And luckily, she had only tinkled a little bit. So the wetness was showing yet.

Despite that good news, she was still in the middle of her wedding in a short bride’s dress that revealed her diaper. Her mouth was pacified and her pacifier was clipped to her dress. Her shoulders shrank up as they always did at the beginning of one of her tantrums. And everyone around her began to ogle over her for yet another reason – for how fussy she was getting.

And as if the perfect day still had more perfection to lose, Mia then noticed that she wasn’t holding a bouquet of flowers in her right arm. Instead, she was holding a teddy bear.

She could feel her bladder giving way just a bit more as tears welled even more heavily in her eyes. Oh no! Her make-up would streak! It couldn’t! This day was supposed to be perfect. She had carefully and meticulously planned its perfection. It was her wedding day!

Feeling a need for oxygen, Mia parted her lips and the pacifier fell from her mouth. She closed her eyes, beginning to break down as the tears began to run. This day, a day that was supposed to be perfect, now seemed ruined.

But as the tears pushed out onto her eyelashes, she felt her pacifier being put back in her mouth – the tears being quickly and carefully swiped away with two thumbs. She opened her eyes and saw Eric standing in front of her. Her make-up had been saved and she had been saved, but there was no way that even her one-in-a-million Daddy could save the perfect day.

“Come, baby,” Eric said with a gentle and loving timbre as he took hold of her right hand. “Show Daddy what a good little bride you are.”

Mia melted, gripping his right hand and waddling along behind him as he took her to the altar. She faced him and gazed up at him with helplessness. Eric’s warm smile and the tears in his eyes endeared her to the moment – and though it was completely different from how she believed it would be, the first full glance into his eyes was, in fact, perfect. She was his BabyGirl and as always, he was making everything ‘all better’ for her.

He lifted her veil and they turned to face the minister, Daddy-n-BabyGirl already and husband-n-wife to be.

“This union of marriage is founded upon the wishes of both of you,” the minister said. “I implore you to recognize and appreciate that marriage is a sacrament to be honored with the full understanding of the gravity of its meaning. It is a commitment for life.”

Mia’s mind drifted in and out of the moment, the minister’s words being the only noise that remained constant for her. Whereas she was already nervous and emotional before she ever walked into the sanctuary on her father’s arm – now at that alter with Eric, a diapered bottom for all to see, a pacifier in her mouth and a teddy bear tucked in her arms, Mia was exposed of her deepest desires, vulnerable to being judged, helpless to defend herself and completely dependent on Eric to remain held together at all. Yet strangely, but also perhaps not very strangely, she was never more comfortable than just then. It was a circumstance that required a lot of catering to her – one that Eric was not only accustomed to, but was also inviting of. It was his charge, his passion and his purpose.

“Mia, I’ve only known you for a short while, but I can tell what you mean to Eric. It’s not every day that you meet someone who can complete every side of you,” the minister said to Mia before looking at Eric. “And you, young man, well I’ve known you since you were in diapers. But it appears that the diapers aren’t on you anymore.”

The guests softly chuckled. Mia blushed a deep shade of red and fidgeted in her stance, crinkling as she nursed on her pacifier for comfort.

“Let’s begin. Mia Grace Archer,” the minister said, Mia’s eyes growing big and wide as she gave him his full attention. “Do you take this man to be your lawfully-wedded Daddy and husband, to snuggle and snuggle even more, to think about, to dream about, to listen to and to be a good girl for, from now on and forevermore?”

Mia looked at Eric and smiled brightly behind her pacifier. Then she looked back at the minister and nodded, happily nursing away.

This wasn’t so bad, after all. And amazingly, somehow it suddenly seemed, once again, like the perfect wedding day.

“Eric Michael Young, do you take this BabyGirl to be Your lawfully-wedded BabyGirl and wife, to hold and to rock gently, through tummy aches and tummyflies, to change, to bathe, to feed and to love like she has never been loved before – from now on and forevermore?”

“I do,” Eric said with a clear, kind and sweet timbre.

Hearing Eric answer with such confidence, such passion and such assertiveness, Mia melted again, her fears leaving her as her little bladder gave way fully. She would stand still at last, hoping she wouldn’t start leaking as she happily flooded her diaper, the crowd ogling over what a good girl she was being.

Embarrassment overwhelmed her, but it soon mellowed into a warmth that felt very good and happiness soon overwhelmed her instead … a happiness that kept growing within her as she became accustomed to everyone seeing her as a BabyGirl.

Then her diaper tapes began to pop.


And it was at that moment that Mia woke up in a crib. It was the middle of the night. Remembering that she and Eric had gotten a hotel room for the night, she realized that the perfect wedding day she had just experienced was only a dream. And her diaper tapes hadn’t popped. Instead, Eric had unfastened them in preparation for her 3 am diaper change.

And while the perfect wedding day had only been in her dream, that didn’t mean it would always be just a dream. 48 hours from that very moment, she and Eric would be in their honeymoon suite as this was their wedding weekend.

It was 3 a.m. on that Friday morning and Mia whimpered softly behind her pacifier, looking up at Eric from her lay in a crib he had somehow arranged to be put in their hotel room. She wasn’t sure how he pulled that off, but intended to ask him at some point. Without fail, Eric was always the king of surprises.

Having stopped for the night at hotel in northern Pennsylvania, they were headed to Vermont for their wedding – Ludlow, Vermont – to be specific. They had booked the royal treatment at a wonderful facility: The Stone Hill Resort. Mia was instantly sold on the place from the moment she first inquired about it. And its qualities were plentiful, from its beauteous setting to the numerous amenities to the fact that they would be the only wedding party on the resort that weekend. And this meant Mia would be the only bride on the resort that weekend.

In truth, that was the real selling point for her.

But lying there as he folded down the front of her wet diaper, Mia began to daydream – this time about what their wedding would be like. And while the dream she had just awoken from was certainly intense and arousing, there was no way in Hell she would ever allow it to happen. But the fantasy of it was well worth the pounding heartbeats that had eventually awakened her.

And when she awoke, the first thing she saw was her Daddy, her husband-to-shortly-be. For Mia, that was the best kind of fantasy of all – the kind that you woke up from to find it was more real than not, the kind that showed how the future could also be the present.

Slipping right back into a state of mind that was no longer a role she played, Mia whimpered behind her pacifier again as Eric lifted her legs and her bottom slightly in the air to slide her wet diaper away.

“Aww. It’s so difficult to be a BabyGirl sometimes. You get fussy and don’t know how to get un-fussy again, hmm?” Eric said with a syrupy-sweet Daddy Voice that had just enough grogginess to let be known he had just awakened when she began to fuss in her sleep.

Oh, what a mind-melting thought to know that when she became fussy, her Daddy got up and began to take care of her right away. But as Eric reached into her diaper bag, taking out a new diaper and beginning to unfold it with one hand while holding her ankles up in the air with his other hand, Mia didn’t yet know that before she went back to sleep, she would experience more than just her mind being coaxed into a thoroughly-melted state.

“Sometimes you find yourself fussy because you wet your diaper,” Eric said with softness, taking a baby wipe to her lifted bottom with the same caressing touch he always used on her. “But at the same time, you’re also fussy because you enjoyed it. How confusing, hmm? You shouldn’t be enjoying of it, should you? But you do enjoy it. And you don’t understand why … how adorable.”

Mia felt a small rush of tummyflies to her stomach as the slightest bit of embarrassment coursed throughout her. He was right. Ever since she had met him, it had always been the case that the more she slipped into the age play of their dynamic, the more she enjoyed it and the less it felt like ‘play’.

And from that first night when he took her back to his apartment, she felt confusion from liking things that seemed so opposite to living life with confidence and control. Yet she grew into that dependence and though she would probably never be without a fussy reaction about it, she truly did enjoy how the dynamic filled her with such gratification – from every thought of it into every action. It was the only thing in her life that affected every side of her soul.

And to that, she would submit … happily ever-after.

“You’re fussy when Daddy unfastens your diaper and wipes you clean,” Eric said with a endearing playfulness in his eyes – Mia following his mind-melting sentiments like a faithful little puppy dog. “It feels so nice to be clean again. Doesn’t it, Princess?”

Mia nodded – her whimpering having ceased, but the occasional soft mew still escaping from behind her pacifier. Littleness had begun to take her over. But she wasn’t the kind of BabyGirl who babbled and drooled and bounced all over the place when regressed. Sure, she intermittently indulged those impulses, but most often, she simply enjoyed just feeling like a BabyGirl.

Eric reached into her diaper bag again, Mia closing her eyes as she knew that the sweet scent of powder would soon fill the air – that wonderful aroma that had constantly surrounded her since the day she met him.

Placing her new diaper beneath her on the crib mattress, Eric took a heavy amount of powder to her bottom. Mia’s whimpering returned, but this time it was whimpering from contentment – that bit of enjoyment that confused her – though she only mildly resisted it anymore. Opening her eyes, she gazed up at her Daddy as he lowered her powdered bottom into the soft and thick nestling of her new diaper.

“What a little baby you are. You’ve always been a little baby for me and you always will be,” Eric said with syrupy tone, lowering and parting her legs before taking a baby wipe to her front and then down between her legs. “Ever the creature of touch.”

Mia gently fidgeted in her lay, Eric next taking powder to her front.

“You love the baby powder, don’t you?” Eric asked, Mia helplessly nodding as his fingertips caressed her. “Whether to your bottom or to your girl parts, you need the touch. And the gentler it is, the more it affects you. Daddy has paid attention, all this time.”

And how heart-warming it was to know that he had paid attention like that, closely and with intent to remember. That didn’t mean he always got it right. But it did mean that he always tried.

“Then Daddy puts you in a new diaper,” Eric said, folding the front of her diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips before patting the underside of her diaper. “And suddenly, you’re happy again … just like that.”

Their courtship, their engagement and every moment of life since they met one another was always filled with a passion she really couldn’t explain to friends and family. And it wasn’t because of the fetish-turned-lifestyle or the connection-turned-dynamic-connection that prevented her from telling others about it. Quite simply, it was because no words of explanation would truly do justice for what Eric meant to her, for what he had brought into her life, for the Daddy he was to her and for the husband he would soon become.

And my, oh my, did Eric know how to take each moment and own her soul through it. As she reached down between her legs, cupping the front of her new diaper with her palms and smiling contentment behind her pacifier, Eric slid both of his forearms underneath her.

“You don’t have a single arousing thought in your mind that doesn’t come from being babied, huh?” Eric said with such a tone that struck at the center of her core.

He lifted her out of that crib, Mia wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Smiling widely, Eric placed his left forearm under the seat of her diaper and began to bounce her gently as he walked over to the bed.

It was 3:15am on that Friday morning and the very next day, they would be married at 11am. Eric placed her on her back in the middle of that hotel room bed, having decided that she would spend the rest of the night sleeping in his arms. But before they drifted off to sleep again, there was one more bit of mind melting that needed to happen. Eric knew the best dreams of all came to her when she was reduced to absolute mush.

“Then there are the other moments of wetness,” Eric said, lying alongside her and whispering with a bit of lustfulness in his tone as he placed his left hand on the front of her diaper.

Mia instantly went into the submission position, as she often referred to it. Her thighs parted before he ever told her to part them. Her hands went up along either side of her head, her fingers curling into soft fists. And she fidgeted just slightly to reposition her frame – enabling her to arch her lower back and heave her chest upward when arousal peaked and impulse demanded this of her.

“Those little moments when all you can do is tingle … and crinkle,” Eric whispered with playfulness, his palm pressing flat against the front of her diaper.

He was ever the tease and he had learned that Mia didn’t need massive amounts of time to reach a state of wet bother. But she did need a little time to regress away from will power.

“Those little moments when being babied by your Daddy makes you very … very … horny,” Eric whispered into her ear, Mia fidgeting a slight shiver as she crinkled – a gentle blush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

At one point in time, she was quite embarrassed to admit that he had her wrapped around his finger. But she had long since accepted that the reason why she was so easy to control was because she wanted to be controlled just as much as he enjoyed doing it. And she wanted to feel that wonderful sense of submission, those glorious tummyflies and that little twinge of embarrassment when she made a mess of herself – knowing that Eric would make everything perfect for her, once again.

Mia’s forehead wrinkled, her hips beginning to gently rock and her diapered center beginning to grind into his palm. It had been a month since the two of them had sex. No, they couldn’t go back and undo all the sexual encounters they had with each other. They couldn’t go back to being virgins. They had no regrets and weren’t trying to make up for things they thoroughly enjoyed having done. But the one-month hiatus they adopted to remind themselves that there were things in this world worth waiting for, things in this world more important than anything else and, in absolute honesty, things in this world that could be lived without, if needs had been or ever would become. But the one thing they couldn’t live without was each other. And that was perfect.

Mia twitched ever-so-slightly before denying herself the pleasure. Tears streamed from her eyes as emotions overwhelmed her. Though they were tears of happiness, they also harbored frustration. It wasn’t easy to resist something that had become a daily part of their lives. But, as was the theme and the purpose of this weekend, the things that mattered most were worth waiting a lifetime for.

Turning over onto her stomach and resting up alongside Eric, using his right leg and rib cage as a pillow, Mia nursed a few more times on her pacifier as she smiled more happily than before. In her life, she had someone who completed her. She had someone who supported and loved her, someone who would never allow her to settle for anything less than what was perfect for her – even if the perfection she sought did not include him. But as Mia had decided, it did include him and forever, would include him.

Gently rocking her hips again, she glided her diapered center up-n-down his right thigh. No, she wasn’t cheating … well … maybe just a little. But it would change nothing. Eric placed his right arm around her, his right hand cupping her diapered bottom – the perfect position and one that was quite timely as they both became sleepy again.

“What Princess wouldn’t want the perfect wedding? You’ve been dreaming of yours since the last time you were in diapers,” Eric whispered in her ear, Mia now lying on his chest – her eyelids at half-mast. “And I promise you, BabyGirl, this weekend will be absolutely perfect … just like you.”

There was no sweeter thought to have been whispered into her soul than that as she drifted off to sleep with perfection on the mind. In many ways, it had been the perfect dream of the perfect wedding day to come … if only it could’ve been that way.

For that night however, nestled on top of Eric, Mia was content in knowing that perfection wasn’t just her pursuit for their forthcoming wedding weekend. It was also what she already had, just then.

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The Mia Series - Book 10The Mia Series (Book Ten): Her Wedding Weekend

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