What Mia Found at the Top of the World

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The Mia Series: Book Six

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here is a story about finding the destination at the end of the journey.


In every girl’s soul, there is a nurturing feeling to throw her arms around the world and share the love she feels in her heart.
In every BabyGirl’s soul, there is the hope and prayer that she will find that one Daddy in this great Big world who will break down her walls and hold her in his arms – as she has done for so many others.
What would happen if she suddenly realized that all she needed to do to feel that embrace was to take a single step forward and never look back again?

“What Mia Found at the Top of the World”

Mia took the first of many brave steps out of that little cabin in the woods.  The cool autumn air of that beautiful Saturday morning rushed across her legs, but it didn’t chill her at all.  Instead, it added to her already-determined state of mind.  She smiled sweetly but slyly behind her pacifier and as she stepped off the front porch, taking Eric’s hand, a twinkle filled her irises with brilliance only equaled by the sun.

Determination was a funny thing and from the moment she had made up her mind, there was no longer any question as to how to reach the stars.  It was simply a matter of time and circumstances.  Mia had lived her entire life with the belief that caution was the clearest and most direct pathway to any destination.  And she had always walked down the center of that pathway. 

As they walked to the edge of the woods, that slyly smile behind her pacifier brightened.  She liked being sly – far better than being shy.  It was shyness that always kept her craving safety.  But being with Eric now, she no longer had to worry about safety because she knew that if anyone or anything tousled a hair on her head, Eric would address the situation more directly than words could do justice in describing.

She was his life and he would protect her, at all costs.  Heading into that woods and getting onto that trail way, Mia looked down at the climbing boots on her feet – a purchase she never would’ve made had this weekend not been planned.  Her long sleeve Henley shirt seemed to stick out in the earth tone surroundings.  It was hot pink.  There was little chance it would blend.  But on the front of her shirt were the cursive words Daddy’s Girl.  If those words stuck out, it would only be because the passers-by who read them wouldn’t have found the determination to walk on the wild side as she had.

“Are you ready to go see what’s at the top of the world, BabyGirl?” Eric asked.

She nodded and they stopped walking for a moment to embrace in the beams of sunlight which had found the hole in the canopy of leaves above.  He kissed the top of her head.

“I love you, Baby,” he whispered, rocking her back and forth in his arms.  “But I want you to know that what you’re going to see at the top of the world won’t be half as breath-taking as you are.”

She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest, but for once, she didn’t do this as a timid reaction to a compliment.  Instead, she just wanted to feel his chest resonate the sound of his voice.  Perhaps she would begin to hear other things he said, maybe even the messages that her shyness prevented her from hearing before. 

She could sense a freedom of spirit in herself and she wanted to run up to the top of the world and yell out to the world a resounding hello – as if she had finally arrived and at long last – knew she was.  A formal introduction would need to be made.

Mia crinkled her steps to stay right next to Eric, holding his hand, nearly skipping alongside him and bursting at the seams with a happiness she had never known.  Each day with him just seemed to get better.  And life had become sweeter.

Suddenly, Eric stopped walking and crouched down slightly. She tilted her head to the side, wrinkled her brow and nursed on her pacifier, trying to figure out what he was doing.  Finding no answer she crouched down with him, following his slow and deliberate steps over to the nearest bush.  He stood up, placing his finger in front of his lips to show the need for silence.  Mia held her finger up in front of her pacifier in the same way as she rose up onto her tip toes to see over the bush.

And there in the clearing were two deer – a doe and her fawn.  The walked through the small brook, each taking a moment to drink the water passing by their hooves. 

Mia became mesmerized with watching them.  They seemed so serene and shared a love for each other as only a mother and child could feel.  There was a peacefulness about their demeanors and a gracefulness they kept with each step.  The mother deer moved down the little brook, taking a few steps and turning back to make certain that the little fawn was following and was able to keep up with her.

Mia smiled sweetly behind her pacifier, taken in by the charm of the deer and wondering if she might find her own peacefulness at the top of the world.  Eric leaned in and kissed the top of her head, giving her diapered bottom a pat and she smiled again, seeing how her buck never forgot to show how he loved her.  She looked down at her diaper and then closed her eyes for a moment to take in the sounds of the forest as tummy flies entered into her and began fluttering a waltz she could almost dance to.

She wasn’t wearing pants or shorts or a dress or a skirt – just a long sleeve pink t-shirt, a pair of socks, a pair of hiking boots, her earrings and her diaper.  And she felt safe.  Whereas, at one point, Mia never would’ve set foot out of her comfort zone, since meeting Eric, caution rode the winds away from her. 

Though walking a trail, her head was in the clouds and she didn’t care if she ever became grounded again.  Freedom felt too good to lose at this point.  There was a world all around her that she needed to explore.  And this time, the sky was truly the limit.  She had heard Erica say that many times before, but until she listened without fear, she really didn’t hear him.

Coming to a crossroads of trails, Eric pointed to a sign pointing to the left that read: The Top of the World.  Mia’s eyes grew big and wide as she jumped up and down.

“When you said you wanted to see the top of the world, I booked this weekend immediately,” Eric said with a grin, motioning for her to follow him up the trail the sign was pointing towards.

A short length up the trail, Erica and Mia ran into a couple who were making their way back from the top of the world.  They stopped to explain pleasantries, but also for everyone to take a break from walking for a few moments.

Mia normally would’ve clung to Eric’s side, hiding safely under his arm and perhaps nuzzling up against his chest.  But just then, she was contented to simply hold his hand.  She normally would’ve lowered her chin keeping her eyes to the ground and allowing her hair to hide her face by dangling down along either side of her temples.  But just then, she was happy to greet the couple with a smile.

The lady of the couple said hello to Mia as the guys began to talk separately from them.  She looked at the glow on Mia’s face, the pacifier in her mouth, the writing on her shirt and the diaper peeking out at her waist.  What was normally an intense moment had become one which energized her decision to shed the shyness.  And for once in life, Mia didn’t see a female acquaintance as competition, but rather, as another girl who had found her happiness – the way she wanted it.

It seemed submissiveness was quite natural for Mia after all, and this was never more obvious than the moment when Mia believed it herself.  She and that lady were contented to stand there and allow the guys to be guys.  There was no sense of ownership or inferiority, just a few instant friends who understood what was needed to enjoy the company.    And Mia swooned in feeling submissive, exposed, revealed.  But it didn’t make her shy again.  It actually gave her the ability to enjoy the moment as opposed to just enjoying the memory of it later on it.

This didn’t mean that Mia was toughening up or losing sensitivity.  She was just as frail on the inside as always.  But she no longer clung to emtions which hindered her in the past.  Instead she clung to Eric’s hand and found all the safety that her shyness had ever been looking for.  Freedom meant she no longer felt weak.  She nursed on her pacifier, seeing herself as someone who could accept anything and see it as a moment of confirmation that everybody needs somebody.

Mia looked up at the trail.  It didn’t look like it became steep, but it definitely was moving upwards.  By the looks of it from what could be seen while still in the woods, it wasn’t a huge hill, but still a decent-sized one.  And as they said goodbye to the couple, they began moving up the trail.  Eric placed his hand on her diapered bottom, knowing that the freedom she felt was complete, making a wet labor of her waddled steps.  

Feeling his hand on her bottom, a warm feel came over her skin and washed outward to her toes and fingers, tickling her spine and tingle her in all the right places.  Oh, yes.  Being a babyGirl was definitely natural for her.  But being a BabyGirl with freedom was an even better feeling yet.

Her waddled became quite labored as they walked out of the woods and the foot of the steepest part of the hill – its cap which curve at the top so its summit couldn’t be seen from where they stood.  It hadn’t been a tough climb, but one which still required caution.  And Eric followed Mia up so she doesn’t fall backwards.

She thought back to tougher climbs she had made in life as each challenge presented itself.  And while all the challenges were individual, the accomplishment of each was having been able to look back at where she had been to realize how nothing really was ever as difficult as she had made it out to be in her mind.  It was simply a matter of trying, all along.

“Nobody fails in life.  They simply stop trying,” Mia recalled Eric having said many times before when her fear outweighed her convictions.

But that was of the past and as they reached the top of that small hill, she smiled, realizing how many times she had made a mountain out of a mole hill before.

But before Eric allowed Mia to take in the view at the top, his Daddy instincts kicked it a bit harder.  He led her over under the shade of a lone tree at the top – ssemingly planted there so he would have a comfortable place to change his BabyGirl.  But he realized, just then, that he had no blanket for her to lie on.  Without a moment of hesitation, Mia continued following her new mindset to shed what she no longer needed. 

Quickly he placed it flat on the grass beneath the tree and eased her down onto it while looking left and right to see if anyone was nearby.  Mia snorted behind her pacifier, then covering her mouth and nose.  It seemed silly that her Daddy would be looking for people in the middle of the wilderness.  Tears of laughter streamed down her cheeks as she recalled the flashback of him looking left and right.  He looked everywhere, but back to the trail – which was the only place where people were likely to come from.

She settled her laughter down as he unfastened her diaper tapes and folded down the front between her legs.  In a few seconds, she found her legs and bottom lifted up into the air as she lied on the ground, completely naked – except for her socks and hiking boots.

She thought back to many points in the past year when she felt completely exposed and when vulnerability was welcomed – so long as her Daddy was there to protect her.  Exposure of one’s self didn’t stop when just skin-deep.  It wasn’t just of body, but also of soul and of mind.  Staring up at the gently rolling clouds in the sky and the occasional birds that flew by, she realized how freedom was expressed by all as a necessity of life.  If her Daddy wanted to change her diaper in the middle of nowhere, he was free to do so.  If she wanted to stand up and shout to the world that she was the happiest little BabyGirl there ever was, she was free to do so.

But she thought perhaps she’d wait until he was done changing her diaper before she did anything.  And the lesson learned from the past was that when her Daddy changed her – she didn’t wiggle, pounce, fidget or try to stand up until her new diaper was fastened.  These weren’t restrictions of her freedom, but rather, guidelines that gave her the freedom to do all the other things she had overlooked before.

Finally being fastened into her new diaper, Mia took hold of both of her Daddy’s hands as he helped her to stand up.  And before she took the long-awaited view at the top, he slipped her back into her pink shirt.

 Mia crinkled her fresh waddle up to edge of at the top and finally, looked out at endless mountain peaks – garnished with fog and capped with snow.  The mountain range seemed to go on forever and she wondered why they only called this the Seven Mountains.  It was moments like this that littleness was a human condition, not a state of mind found from off-the-beaten path interests. 

She closed her eyes and threw her arms out to her sides, feeling the morning breeze as it whisked by her and reminded her that the wind originated somewhere else, but had traveled a long distance to greet the BabyGirl at the Top of the World.  She made a vow that she would travel to visit the wind someday, no matter where she had to go.

Mia turned back to her Daddy and embraced him, climbing up onto his chest.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and he embraced her back, rocking her gently as he patted her diapered bottom.  The top of the world was merely a reminder of who she had become and of all she still had to experience in life.

As he carried her down the hill, she looked back up at the edge of the trail where she stood to take in the magnificent view. What Mia found at the top of the world was the reminder of all she had experienced on the way to get there. 

In the woods they journeyed through, she found a freedom of spirit, a sense of peacefulness, seeing acceptance as a resolution – not a sign of weakness and the feel of accomplishment from trying & succeeding.  Under the tree, she found the reason for freedom to be seen as necessity (along with a good laugh at her Daddy’s silliness.)

The destination at the top of the world showed itself to be the culmination of all she had learned.  She thought back to the night she met him in that bar and pondered if she would’ve been able to stand at the top of the world with him that first morning she woke up in his bed. 

Though Eric made her dream of what she truly wanted and though she had envisioned the top of the world all her life, she never would’ve been able to get there without having taken the journey with him.

Had she allowed herself to have been led by her own want since that night she met him, she would’ve done all that she could to have arrived at that edge right away.  But following her heart had made for the journey which bonded them together.  She would’ve missed out on the lessons learned – which, at the time, seemed like a nuisance, but now – made all the difference for her … At the Top of the World.

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(Kindle Versions of this book can be found at Smashwords.com)

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