The View … With a Happy Ending

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Country Rose 5

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here is a little story about some site seeing that got “emotional”.


The View … With a Happy Ending

Friday, July 8th

Tomorrow was the end of their honeymoon.  They would return home to Southern Pines, back to regular life.  But the end of their time in The Outer Banks was the furthest thought from Rose’s mind just then as she sat down in a chair at a local salon.

That morning, she had removed the pink polish from her fingernails and toenails in preparation for a different kind of … pampering she would receive that day.  This whole week had been exactly what she hoped it would be.  But it turned out to be even more than she had expected.  What a blessing … a honeymoon with welcomed surprises.

That final afternoon Rose spent at Lavishing Elegance, a spa and salon in Kitty Hawk, NC.  Emmitt booked and prepaid her appointment, but left the details to her.  He wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between an aroma dry wrap and a salt glow exfoliation … or a Swedish massage and a Lomi Lomi Bamboo massage … or anything else on their menu of choices.  When she realized there was a couples massage package, she tried to get him to join her.  But he flatly refused and though she was snickering at how adamant he was when saying no, she didn’t press the issue.  In fact, she was quite happy to have finally found one of his limits as up to that point, it seemed he had none.

“Oh, he’s handsome,” the one spa lady said as Rose was eased back into the reclining chair – wrapped in the softest bath robe she had ever worn. “Is he coming back any time soon?”

“Who?” Rose asked, looking at the lady with confusion.

“The guy who brought you in here,” the lady said, tilting the back of the chair further down as Rose’s neck came to rest on the sink edge.

“Oh,” Rose said with a smile that grew, soon sizing up to meet the glow on her face.  “I’m sure my Cowboy Daddy will be back for me.”

“Your Cowboy Daddy?” the lady asked, not understanding what was meant by calling him that – Rose’s eyes growing big and wide.

Oops!  That term rolled off her lips so easily that sometimes she didn’t realize when she said it … or where she was … or who she was talking to when she said it.  Swallowing a lump in her throat, she thought quickly to correct the faux pas she had made.

“Well … I’m practicing calling him that,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eyes – the double-meaning of her answer being clear to her but not to the spa lady.  “He’s so handsome I’d take him as my daddy.”

“Aww, are you two planning for a family?” the lady asked, rinsing Rose’s hair as Rose gently nodded.  “Yeah, he’ll make a great daddy.  There’s something about him already that tells me he would invite the opportunity to read bedtime stories, change dirty diapers and give baths where the splashing gets him just as wet as the little one.”

Rose smiled just a bit brighter, wanting so much to tell the lady that Emmitt already was a seasoned pro at doing those things.  But she thought better of revealing this, knowing that the sweetness of the secrets in her life were partially because they were, in fact, still secrets.

The lady washed Rose’s hair and then put a treatment cream in it that was comprised of the natural extracts of tree tea oil, peppermint and lavender.  Wrapping Rose’s hair, the lady walked away for a few minutes.  Rose lay there, closing her eyes and thinking back on so many wonderful new memories that were fresh in her mind.  In the background, she could hear the radio station playing softly.  Then a commercial came on that excited all the spa ladies.

“Gretchen, this is the new one,” the one lady said.  “Listen.”

A visit to Lavishing Elegance will make every modern woman feel as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! With your crazy schedule and demanding daily responsibilities, it’s hard to feel beautiful all the time, even when you’re on vacation! We will help you find your bliss and your modern day fairy tale at our spa and salon,” the lady in the radio commercial said.  “We offer a wide range of exceptional services, with the purpose of relaxing and pampering you. Indulge yourself.  Unwind.  Revitalize.  You deserve to feel beautiful every day of the year and that remains our primary concern.  Discover your happily ever after here at Lavishing Elegance!

Rose smiled, thinking back to earlier that day when she asked Emmitt to read the Princess Package – one of the packages the spa offered.  No, Rose wasn’t going to select this package.  She just wanted him to read it to her the same way he read the plaques at the Frisco Native American Museum the other day.  His voice in her memories made her laugh as she recalled how he read it to her.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young princess who was sweet and kind and deserving of a day full of pampering.  Give your little princess the gift of a lifetime with one of our premium princess packages. With spa and salon services that are specifically geared towards the younger generation, these princess packages are sure to delight and enchant your special little girl,” Rose recalled him reading, also recalling when she fell off the bed with laughter at that same moment.  “If she’s only nine but she’s going on seventeen, your little princess will be absolutely thrilled to a day at the spa where she’ll be treated like a ‘grown-up’.  Help that special princess in your life to find her own happily ever after.”

From her hair to her face to her body, the spa ladies pampered Rose, leaving her in a euphoric state of bliss.  And when she walked out of the salon – her hair and face made up beautifully, the loose flowy summer dress barely touching her frame as it fluttered gently in the light breeze – well … Emmitt grew weak in the knees, for once.  She was as happy as a lark, as free as a bird and as turned on as he was.  His hands reached out to touch her, but then recoiled as he feared messing up all the work the spa ladies had done to make his BabyGirl Wife exude on her surfaces the wiles she possessed.  She radiated before him and he became captivated by her, once again and with fervency.

“How did they do?” Rose asked softly, folding her hands and lowering her chin.  “Did they make me pretty for you?”

“Baby, ya were already pretty when I dropped ya off here.  “They just put a bow on you.  And at the rate we’re goin’…” Emmitt said, stepping forward and gently placing his hands on her forearms as he eyed her up from head to toe.  “… I’ma be takin’ that bow off ya before long … along with everything else.”

Oh, she tingled all over from the tone of his Daddy Voice, his words registering as she saw the strap over his left shoulder.  He had brought that back pack with him again.  Oh my.  What was in it this time?

“Ya wanna go for a little drive, Pretty Baby?” Emmitt asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” Rose answered with a small voice as he took her hand and led her over to his truck.

They headed a half hour south, Emmitt not telling her where they were going – allowing her curiosity to build … along with the ever-present temptation to open the back pack to see what he had put in it this time.  But the surprise of where he would take her on the final night of their honeymoon kept her curiosity at bay, long enough to make it to Nags Head and to the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

Emmitt had timed this so perfectly, the sun no longer being so high in the sky as to blind anyone who wanted to see the view from the top of the lighthouse.  And, nearing dinner time, most vacationers and other tourists wouldn’t be traveling to that lighthouse just then.  Thusly, there was no line of people, waiting to walk up the spiraled staircase inside.  In fact, they were the only two people there – a bit of privacy that would come in handy when they reached the top.

Without even bothering to try, Rose climbed up on Emmitt’s back and he piggy-back carried her up the spiral staircase inside the black and white striped lighthouse.  There were 214 steps, just shy of 18 average flights of stairs.  And by the time they got to the top, Emmitt was a bit winded.  Rose wouldn’t become winded, but she would have her breath taken away from the view.

The breeze from the Atlantic Ocean was a bit stronger than it was at ground level.  And there was a black railing around the rounded center glass piece that encased the lighthouse light.  She could hardly put it to words, but the view brought tears to her eyes.  Oh, what a perfect way to end their honeymoon – being somewhere that made her feel small.

Placing her hands on the railing, she closed her eyes for a moment – taking in a deep breath of the ocean  air but then opening her eyes back up and smiling when she felt Emmitt’s presence behind her.  His hands gently gripped the sides of her rib cage, trailing down the curves of her body and then going up under the lower hem of her summer dress.

Oh my, he truly knew her body and he truly knew how to touch her.  But when his fingers took hold of the waistband of her panties, she blushed a little and lowered her chin.  Oh yes, she knew what was about to happen and she knew that what she expected was in that back pack this time was definitely the case.

As he lowered her panties down her legs, she became a bit more affected by the ocean breeze.  Stepping out of the panties and gripping the railing, she tossed her eyes left and right – looking down to the ground to make certain they were alone as she heard the rustling of the diaper he was preparing to put on her.

Yes, he might well have been readying to melt her and maybe blow her mind.  But she knew something else also needed such treatment.

Kneeling down behind her and beginning at her ankles, Emmitt slid the diaper up the insides of her legs – Rose shuddering and tingling at the same time.  There were so many sensations coursing throughout her body and so many emotions rolling through her mind that she instantly became overwhelmed.  And what a marvelous inundation it was.

Emmitt slid the diaper up under the lower hem of her summer dress, flattening the back of it to her bottom and pulling the back of her body against him.  Holding the back of her diaper in place with their contacting bodies, he reached around and took hold of the front of the diaper and folding it up into place.  Rose’s chin was still lowered, but her eyes had glazed over with intentions more lustful than being a good little girl.  And the moment he fastened the final tape at her hips, she sprang into action – using aggression as her guide for a rare change.

Lifting the summer dress up and off her frame, she turned to face him and wrapped it around his neck – no longer caring if anyone saw them or not.  Lowering the straps off her shoulders, she pulled down the fronts of the cups of her bra – allowing her breasts to spill out before she smashed her body against him.  Then, she slid down the front of his body, her eyes gazing up at him until she came to rest on her knees.

Wasting no time at all, she lowered the zipper at the front of his pants and reached inside his boxers with both hands, eagerly searching for that which had already slickened her sweetness inside that diaper.  Gripping his shaft with her right hand, she pulled it out and wrapped her lips around it.  Looking back up at him, she slid his entire length inside the wet confines of her mouth – forcing his tip to push past her gag reflex and into the very back of her throat.

Her face showed the strain of how she was choking herself, but she wanted him to know how horny she was just then and how the diaper was always welcomed but would need to be ripped off her body so she could be railed all night long until she passed out from exhaustion.

Her fuck me eyes remained, locked in a stare up at him as she pulled his erection out of her mouth and then forced it back in – all the way.  Keeping a tight grip around the base of his girth, she worked up a rhythm that was very pleasing for both of them.  For him, she kept saliva in her mouth and tightness from suction.  For her, she used her entire body in the thrusting motions – making her feel like a rag doll that was being manipulated and tossed about.  It was hot out that day, but no hotter anywhere than on the observation deck at the top of Bodie Island Lighthouse.  Yes, she knew the make-up job she had just received from the salon would be messed up and so would the hair do as Emmitt had already slid his hand into her hair and gripped her locks down to the roots.  But what she lost would be worth the sacrifice for what she would gain.  And besides, she felt beautiful.  That was all that mattered.

Emmitt’s hips seized up and he stood rigid as Rose smiled as much as she was able to with the current mouthful she had.  Then, he came and she swallowed every last rippled seeds that shot out of him.  Emmitt didn’t often show a lot facial reactions when they were intimate.  And this often worried her, but she had no worries up on the top of that lighthouse.  Emmitt’s eyes practically rolled back as he came until he had run dry – being able to offer her nothing more.

Licking his tip clean and returning his erection back inside his boxers, she zipped up his pants and stood to her feet.

“Let’s get a late dinner.  Shall we?” Rose said, drawing her right index finger across the bottom of her lower lip and winking up at him.

Emmitt smiled.  His thoughts were exactly the same.

Their drive back to the hotel, usually a casual 22-minute trip, became a drag race that concluded inside of 15.  Straight through the lobby and into the elevator they went.

And when those elevator doors closed, their hands were all over each other – neither being the aggressor or the submissive … at least not yet anyway.  Before roles could be assumed, they had to get the initial urges out of the way.  The 15-minute trip was all Emmitt needed to refuel.  And Rose was ready now.  NOW!!  She had been dripping since she got on her knees on top of that lighthouse.

They didn’t even bother to turn the lights on when they got back into their hotel room, only accidentally bumping the light switch for the bathroom as they rolled by it.  Their clothes went flying everywhere, passions swelling to a fevered pitch as shoes, shirts, pants, undergarments and one flowy dress were strewn all over the room.

Planting her back to the wall and pinning her crossed wrists above her head, Emmitt aggressively cupped the front of her diaper – pressing in on the thick material and giving her something to grind her mound up against.  Oh my.  Even in that dimly-lit hotel room, he could see her beauty.  Her scent filled each one of his heavy breaths and her newly-girlified wiles were doing a number on him – so much so that his aggression towards her were ever-increasing with an unyielding and unremitting hunger for her … for everything she had to give to him and for everything he could take from her.

Rocking her crinkly hips faster and faster while grinding her diapered mound into his palm, she practically frenzied from his response.  Oh yes.  There were times when pure-n-innocent needed to succumb to dirty-n-sexual, times when the delicate approach needed to genuflect to unbridled roughness.  Though she had a fragile nature to her sometimes, she sometimes yearned for the torture of coarseness. 

It was hard to explain to people and the urge happened upon her senses so sporadically and inconsistently that no one would have been able to predict it.  This was certainly something that would confuse the daylights out of Emmitt.  And that was the reason why she never mentioned it to him.  Instead, she simply followed his aggressions when they came out of him – very contented to allow him to control one more little aspect of her … even if he had no knowledge of it.

Emmitt looked over his shoulder at the lit bathroom, but Rose redirected his attention back to her quickly – her breathing gone heavy.

“Hey … bathe me afterwards.  No, no!  I will bathe you afterwards,” Rose said with a belabored fussy tone that showed how intoxicating the burn within her was becoming.  “Just fuck me now.  Fuck me until I writhe and thrash ravenously.”

Emmitt could see the scorching, if not searing, swoon in her eyes – forcing her longings to her surfaces and captivating every second of her existence until she got what she wanted. Rose was now obsessed.

Taking his cupping hand off her diapered mound, he slid his hand inside the front of her diaper and smiled at how perfectly-smooth she was between the legs.  Smiling at him while seductively biting her lower lip, she knew he was aware that she had added another special bit of pampering to her time at that spa and salon.  And it was one that would only fuel his male aggressions forward to take greater action.

He wanted her.  Oh, how he wanted her.  His arousal peaked too.

Sliding his middle finger all the way into her wet and swollen peach, he released his pinned grip of her wrists and started backing up.  Rose obediently followed him, being led by a finger inside her.  She was mesmerized by his impulses, defenseless to see herself as an equal to him at that moment.  And the truth was: she had no desires at all to be seen as equal, to be treated as equal or to be spoken to as such.

She wanted to be his fuck toy, the rag doll she emulated up on the top of that lighthouse – even if just for a little while.  She already knew that he would not rip her diaper off.  It would be Daddy and BabyGirl sex.  But as he eased her down onto the middle of the king-sized bed, she could tell by the decadent look in his eyes that she was about to be put through a workout far more straining and far more exhausting than  PX90, Insanity and Zumba combined.

Sliding his finger out of her sweetness and his hand out of the front of her diaper, he licked that middle finger clean of her wetness.  Then he swiftly spread-eagled her legs, yanking the middle of her diaper to the one side.  Oh, her juices were ready to start pouring out of her and the sight of his rock-hard condition, silhouetted perfectly by the dim glow in the room from the bathroom light, made her shudder.

He positioned himself over top of her, hovering so close to her body that she could feel the heat emitting from his chest.  Then he touched the tip of his cock to the opening of her wet and swollen peach, pushing himself inside her just to enough for his mushroomed head to become engulfed by the beginning of her canal.

Rose shuddered again, bending her elbows and submissively placing her hands on either side of her head – palms up and fingers flat.  There was no greater way she could think of, just then, to show her absolute obedience to him.  Her offering made him stiffer, the craving now peaking within both of them at the forefront of a happy ending.

Placing both of his palms on either side of her and repositioning his body, he slid into her with sudden forcefulness – only coming to a halt when their pelvic bones met.  Rose whimpered in response, bending her knees and bringing her feet up so he could bury his shoulders into the back of her legs – her calves and feet dangling down his back.

Then he began pounding into her as if she wasn’t even there, beneath him and already throbbing from his girth and his length and his stiffness.  Her swell and her pulsing condition led to involuntary muscle contractions inside her as if her body couldn’t wait to orgasm for him.  She knew it wouldn’t take long as the curled-up and slightly-elevated position of her body gave his tip direct contact with the ridges on the roof of her womb.  And he certainly grazed her ridges, multiplying the points where a G-spot would otherwise only exist in singular.

She whimpered at his endearing whispers and she moaned at the pleasure felt and she begged with the gibberish vocal skills she had left.  And then it happened … the arrival of her orgasm, causing her whole body to seize up as she then entered temporary-paralysis while he kept pounding in and out of her.  The base of her diaper began to swell with its collection of the juice his cock was dragging out of her canal.  Her perineum dripped and her body twitched as her canal kept a taut grip around his entering and exiting erection.

That orgasm lasted for several minutes and when her muscles finally released, she relaxed her frame – only then to realize that Emmitt was done with her yet.  Instantly, her heart rate picked up again.  Her breathing became heavier.  And flipping her legs all over the place, he spun her over – now pinning her down on her tummy and entering her from behind.  Her diapered hips lifted up slightly and his tip kept contacting those same places on her ridges.  Her whimpering and moaning had grown quite loud.  Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed her pacifier, yanked her head up by her hair and plunked the pacifier in her mouth as he continued railing into her.

Placing the side of her face on a pillow, she nursed her pacifier rapidly as a whole new barrage of twitches and convulsions began.  Her entire body thrusted back and forth on the bed, the headboard slamming into the wall – again and again.  Behind her pacifier, she was smiling so brightly.  Looking across the room and out to the balcony, she saw the glow of the sun as it was midway into its descent towards the horizon at the furthest visible reaches of the ocean.  There hadn’t been a single instant of her honeymoon that she would ever forget.  But before she closed this particular chapter of her life, she had two more things to do yet.  And they both would happen at pretty much the same time.

Her core tightened, bringing her back to the moment and out of her daze of thoughts.  She responded by trying to get up on her knees to bend her body in half in defense against the contracting muscles.  But Emmitt placed both of his hands on her lower lumbar and forced her back flat to the mattress.  Swooning again from the sensations of a forthcoming second orgasm, she closed her eyes – sinking her teeth into the rubber nipple of her pacifier and tightening her lips to the mouth guard to help muffle the onslaught of weeps and laments escaping her.

And then she came again, relaxing more quickly this time as to not fight the contracting muscles or their releases.  With her diapered mound being pounded into as well as pressed into the mattress, she went into full-body tremble as she gushed – her juices saturating the inside of the front of her diaper.  This further stimulated her swollen tissues and as his penetrations slowed down, she panicked that he had exhausted himself without having orgasmed.

So with aggression, she fought her way out from underneath him.  Standing to her feet, she held onto the side of the bed for stability as her legs were quite wobbly.

“Baby, what’s wrong.  What do ya need?” Emmitt said, getting off the bed and going to her side.

“Come with me. Come with me.  Please come with me,” Rose struggled to find the breath to say – her head still spinning and her legs hardly aiding her quest as she led him out onto the balcony.

Sitting him on a lounge chair and leaning him back, she collapsed on top of him, struggling to crawl into the best position.  But once she got there, she straddled his waist with her knees.  Placing a hand on his midriff, she lifted herself and pulled her diaper to the side once more as she mounted his still rock-hard erection.

Thumping down on him, she directed his hands to hold her alongside her ribcages.  Placing both of her hands on his shoulders, she pounced up and down – her breasts bouncing as she tightened her canal with all the strength she had left.  His erection penetrated her and withdrew from him with each thump, her tightness and wetness sending pings of sensations up and down his shaft.  He closed his eyes, his hands now gripping her sides with strength and then he seized up as he erupted inside her.  He sat up into her waiting arms and she embraced him, still riding up and down his shaft as his seeds coated her insides.

Resting the side of her face on the top of his head, she twitched as her afterglow arrived.  She was affectionate and wanted to cuddle, but instead she held him in that position and kept him inside her until his erection softened – admiring the view … with a happy ending.

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