Riding on Wings

Riding on WingsTaken from:

Country Rose 2

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here is a little story about the difference between living life and living life inside one’s head.


Riding on Wings

September 1st
Slow-As-Molasses Airlines, Flight 999 to Chicago … your plane is now boarding in Concourse B, Gate 11,” Emmitt heard over the airport monitors.

Emmitt stepped up to the counter at Charley’s Steakery, preparing to order lunch for he and Rose.

“A Buffalo Sub and a Veggie Sub, please,” Emmitt said to the gum-popping girl behind the register.

“6 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch?” the girl asked with such an unpleasant tone that it was clear she hated her job.

“Uh … 9 inch for both,” Emmitt answered, a bit taken back by how unfriendly the girl was.

Then there was an awkward pause, the girl rolling her eyes and sighing.

“Ya want anything to drink?” the girl asked with attitude suggesting Emmitt was an idiot for not having ordered the drinks with the subs.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Emmitt said. “A large cola and a medium iced tea.”

Then another awkward pause happened as the girl glared Emmitt down.

“That will be for here and yes, I’d like a tray,” Emmitt said, trying to figure out what this girl was upset about.

The girl reached under the counter, grabbing a plastic tray and slamming it down on the counter as she tallied his order on the register.

“That’ll be $17.56,” the girl said.

Emmitt handed her a $20 and she made change in the drawer as the subs and drinks were placed on the tray.

“You have a nice day,” Emmitt said, taking the tray and walking away from the counter, bewildered by the service he had just received.

People there certainly seemed a bit more worked up than in Southern Pines, NC. Having grown up in Alabama, he was a bit surprised that southern hospitality appeared lost in Atlanta. But then again, he was in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Maybe it was just the hustle-n-bustle of the airport that had spoiled the concept of service with a smile.

Finding a table in the seating area, he sat down and looked out the windows to the runway, just in time to see a plane taking off.

Emmitt could hardly believe he had allowed Rose to talk him into getting on a plane – especially since he wasn’t much a fan of heights. But then again, it really wasn’t hard to believe Rose could get him to do something he didn’t want to do. She had him wrapped around her finger, but the difference between Rose and so many others was that she didn’t use her power over him to manipulate him. And it was that mutual respect that had made them grow so close together in just a single summer. Plus – Rose opening her heart to him and risking rejection when she revealed her age play fetish to him didn’t hurt either.

Rose-n-Emmitt were on their way to Boston, back to her family-n-friends to visit for a few weeks. They left Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina that morning on a 9 am flight and now they were waiting for their connecting flight in this busy Atlanta Airport to take them to Logan International Airport in Boston.

Rose finally walked out of the bathroom, a bright smile on her face. She had checked her hair and her make-up and the feeling had returned to her left hand – as Emmitt had squeezed her left hand so hard during the flight that she had lost feeling in her fingers by the time they landed.

“So we flew south to Atlanta to catch a flight goin’ north to Boston?” Emmitt asked as Rose joined him at the table.

“Yeah,” Rose said with a sweet smile. “Airlines do that all the time. It’s hard to explain.”

“Don’t it seem kinda silly to fly further away from where you’re goin’ to catch another plane to fly you back the way ya just came?” Emmitt asked, baffled by it all.

“Yeah, I guess it does,” Rose said, biting into her veggie sub but then being struck with a worry. “Did you tell that guy whose watching the horses about MilkDrop’s bad leg?”

“Yes, I did,” Emmitt said. “Roscoe Briggs has watched the horses for me before and knows how to exercise MilkDrop. It’ll be alright.”

Rose was so adorable in how she worried about the horses as if they were her children. And in a single summer, Cinder the black horse, MilkDrop the white horse, Stud the brown-n-white horse and Emmitt had become her family … Southern Pines, North Carolina having transformed her from a city girl into a Country Rose. But this two-week vacation back to Beantown would make her feel a lot better.

When she left Boston back in the spring, she had conflict, but had found a new home with him – melting her into the relaxed lifestyle of the Carolinas and also enabling her to spread her wings with other secrets she never would’ve opened up about otherwise. Currently, however, Rose’s overactive mind had planted seeds inside her that had quickly grown to become her next big concern. But Emmitt never blamed her for being a worry-wart or for being human or for being concerned.

“What’s on your mind, BabyGirl?” Emmitt asked, seeing her glassy gaze and cutting to the chase.

“Being a BabyGirl,” Rose answered softly.

“And what else?” Emmitt asked, biting into his sub.

Rose smiled slightly. How did he always know? It seemed the longer they were together, the more he was able to read her like a book. And while this was flattering – as it showed that he was paying attention, it was, at times, a bit unnerving for her that he was able to make sense out of her scrambled thoughts before she was able to do the same for herself.

“How much do you love being my Daddy?” Rose asked with a cheeky grin, Emmitt picking up right away that she was having trouble bringing a concern to his attention. “What is it that you love about having me as your BabyGirl?”

And this was the game she played when stalling for time. Emmitt, being the stereotype of romantic cowboy, always obliged her and played along.

“Your smile,” Emmitt answered, leaning forward to whisper. “And all the silly little reasons why you smile.”

Rose tingled all over as his southern accent had mixed with that mind-melting Daddy Voice he had perfected over the summer. Whenever he wanted absolute control of her mind, he would use that voice – with the deepest timbre he could offer.

“Ya smile when I kiss your forehead, when I hug ya, when ya wake up an’ see me, when I pat your little pampered bottom,” Emmitt whispered, Rose’s shoulders shrinking up as she lowered her chin – smiling brightly as those tummyflies waltzed away inside her. “Aww, is some little girl gettin’ shy for the compliments? Hmm?”

Emmitt knew exactly what to say, every time. And it was her individual reactions that fueled him onward. So, regardless of whether she sat perfectly still or fidgeted all over the place, Emmitt would effortlessly take her out of her comfort zone while keeping her thoughts enveloped in that sense of safety-n-security that every crinkly little BabyGirl craved more than chocolate.

“I love when ya giggle at my dumb jokes, when ya say thank you for little things I do for ya … I love the way ya breath when ya sleep, how ya get embarrassed about bein’ my baby sometimes, how ya pout when I say it’s time for your nap and how concerned ya get about the horses when it storms outside,” Emmitt continued whispering, brushing her bangs out of her eyes and tucking her hair behind her ears. “I love how ya get all fussy-n-worked up when I change your diaper. I love what you smell like, even when ya glisten – ‘cause I remember that ya told me that girls don’t sweat. They glisten.”

Rose laughed into a snort, then covering her mouth to prevent doing it again.

“An’ right now, somewhere in Southern Pines, Stud the horse is snortin’ as well,” Emmitt said, making reference to how Stud always snorted when she laughed so hard that she snorted too. “And Cinder is lookin’ at me like all this snortin’ is my doin’.”

Rose laughed even harder, completely covering her mouth-n-nose with both hands as tears streamed out of her eyes. Emmitt took another bite of his sub, allowing Rose time to recover before he continued.

“But most of all, I love havin’ you as my BabyGirl, for one simple an’ basic reason,” Emmitt said, his eyes welling with tears. “Rosabella Bedford, you have been the greatest event of my life. An’ when I’m with you, I’m happier than a pig in slop.”

Rose snorted with laughter again, Emmitt taking another bite of his sub as he allowed her time to recover.

“But I’m a lot cleaner than a pig in slop,” Emmitt added. “And I’d have it no other way but to powder your little behind, make you my baby and hold you all night long.”

Rose finally found composure from laughter and tried to eat some of her sub as well as it seemed her stalling technique had come to an end. But she still couldn’t put to words what her current concern was.

So much had happened so quickly. In the spring, she had started out into the Great Unknown – to quickly find her place in Southern Pines, tucked away in a little cottage across the pond from Emmitt’s farmhouse. Her tiny little company, Country Rose Pottery, was no longer tiny or little. And once they got back from this Boston trip, she would have some big decisions to make rather quickly – as a full-sized kiln would be what she needed to keep up with all the pottery orders that had begun rushing in.

The fall was going to be so exciting too as she would see him compete in a rodeo and as she would get him to overcome his fear of heights – not to forget to mention, continuing to be his little BabyGirl.

But for the time being, as they sat in that Atlanta Airport, her concerns would continue to outweigh the positives … until she opened up to him again.

“So what’s on your mind, BabyGirl?” Emmitt asked again, seeing her gaze going into a stare.

Rose looked up at him like a helpless little soul, lost for what to say when she couldn’t put it to words.

“Just open your mouth an’ let the truth come out, Princess,” Emmitt instructed softly. “Tell Daddy what’s got your heart tied in knots.”

“I’ve been having a lot of daydreams lately that …,” Rose started to say, then stopping herself to swallow the lump in her throat. “Emmitt, I don’t want to go too far with anything. You’ve been so wonderful to me, I don’t want it to become too much.”

“What are ya sayin’?” Emmitt asked.

“I’m saying…,” Rose said, sitting up straight in her chair and finding the courage to finally say it. “……… I’m saying …… that I wanna go further with everything ………. I want you to push me to my limits.”

“Alright,” Emmitt said, thoroughly confused by what she was getting at.

“Okay, let me explain it like this: I love that you are kind and gentle and caring. And I don’t want you to change any of that. It’s just that …,” Rose said, panic stopping her again.

“Push through the fear, Rose Bud,” Emmitt said, encouraging her to find the strength to tell him. “Ya can spend a few seconds with worry. Or ya can spend a lot longer – wishin’ you’d said something.”

Rose sighed, knowing how right he was.

“Was I surprised when ya told me about the diaper fetish thing? Did I stand in judgment of ya?” Emmitt asked.

“Okay,” Rose said, straightening her back again, closing her eyes, taking in a deep breath and then exhaling the truth. “I wanna know what it’s like to feel humiliation that makes me dizzy, that brings tears to my eyes, that crumbles all my defenses and that owns me like you own me …… And I want you to be the one who humiliates me.”

Rose took in another deep breath and slouched her shoulders, feeling so much better for having finally stated the truth – but also feeling exhausted for how much she had worried about it up to that point. Emmitt replied right away, making her wait no longer than the time it took him to swallow the food in his mouth.

“Rosabella, my beloved little BabyGirl, Daddy is not only gonna embarrass ya, but Daddy is gonna make pink the new permanent color on that pretty little face of yours,” Emmitt said with a smile. “An’ all you gotta do is be a good girl.”

“I wanna spread my wings about so many things,” Rose said with sudden exhilaration.

“Like puttin’ a diaper on in an airport bathroom?” Emmitt asked, leaning to the side and looking under the table at the waist of her dress.

Rose sat straight and tall again, pulling down on the lower hem of her dress as she looked around at the people who were nearby.

“How did you know I did that?” Rose whispered to him.

“Ya move differently an’ besides, I can hear it very clearly – even when in a noisy place like here,” Emmitt said. “I’ve been around it enough now to pick it out of a whole bunch of noises.”

LayOver Airlines, flight 667 to Boston … your plane is now boarding in Concourse C, Gate 12,” a voice said over the airport monitors.

“That’s us,” Emmitt said as he and Rose stood up – Rose taking an extra second or two to straighten out the back of her dress.

She looked around her at the people nearby as she took small steps in the direction of the exit. Every memory of public outings with Emmitt suddenly flooded her thoughts. Was her diapered bottom really that noisy? And did people back in the town of Southern Pines hear her crinkle as clearly as Emmitt said it was? What about right now? She had only taken a few steps, but maybe the reason that people were glancing her way was because they heard her crinkle. And maybe after she walked past them, they were watching her walk away while trying to figure out if the crinkle they just heard came from her or not.

Suddenly, Rose was insecure about the whole diapers in public thing. She had assumed that wearing clothing over the diapers kept it discreet enough so that no one could hear them. But Emmitt had no idea that she had packed a diaper in her purse. And she hadn’t told him she was going to put the diaper on in the airport bathroom as he ordered their subs. So he had to be telling the truth that he could hear it when she walked and he could see it in her movements.

“Come on, baby,” Emmitt called to her with a tone that was anything but a whisper, Rose lowering her chin slightly as she blushed.

And with every step towards him, she could suddenly hear the crinkles under her dress as if they were being magnified with a megaphone. Every smile from passers-by filled her with further trepidation that they actually did know. Holding her Daddy’s hand as they walked into the center hub of the Atlanta Airport – then heading down Concourse C, Rose began to take notice to how she did, in fact, move differently when diapered.

Her strides made a natural waddle – for the collection of material between her legs. And though she tried to correct the waddle, she suddenly felt herself incapable of doing so. And now, every person who looked at her she was convinced knew she was diapered. But being diapered wasn’t what really unsettled her. It was her overactive imagination of scenarios when she was not only discovered for being diapered, but also then made to explain why she was diapered. After all, they were in an airport and security was a serious matter.

Emmitt and Rose got into the back of the line, standing at Gate 12. He stood behind her, handing her their tickets and wrapping his arms around her. Rose’s heart was pounding fervently. And my, oh my – did Emmitt know how to capitalize on the moment, on her state of mind and on her current, flustered condition.

“Don’t be nervous, baby,” Emmitt whispered very softly into her ear, but still with a syrupy thick Daddy Voice. “Ya don’t have to try to hide anything from anyone. They already know. An’ don’t worry if you’re chosen for a second random screenin’ by airport security. They’re only doin’ their jobs. An’ besides, Daddy will be right there with ya. An’ I’ll explain to ‘em that you’re a baby at heart who is very little in the mind. An’ I’ll tell ‘em that I keep ya as my BabyGirl an’ that I’m your Daddy. An’ I’ll tell them what a good little girl ya are for me and how you’ll behave on the plane or I’ll yank your pamper down to your ankles and spank your bottom until its black an’ blue.”

The line moved forward and as Rose took a step forward, she heard the crinkle under her dress again as its deafening sound echoed into her ear drums the same as his teasing, intoxicating whispers were doing. Her pulse raced and her breathing became somewhat heavy as she tightened her lips to keep from hyperventilating.

“Wouldn’t that be embarrassin’ for sure, huh? Especially since you’ve told me how much ya actually like it,” Emmitt whispered. “Maybe from now on, I’ll keep ya in the same diaper until it starts to leak. That way, even if they don’t hear your noisy diaper, they’ll certainly see the puddle at your feet.”

And with that, she began to flood her diaper, the pee rushing out of her with such a force that clenching her groin muscles would’ve done no good at all. Taking another step forward, she waited to see which would last longer: the flooding of her diaper or the capacity her diaper could hold before she felt the wetness pouring out over the elastic edgings at the top of her thighs. Oh, she felt little. Oh, she felt helpless and yes, humiliation galore easily could’ve been on the horizon.

“We are now seating section B,” the flight attendant at the front of the line said. “If you have tickets for section B only, please step forward now.”

That was easier said than done … for Rose, at least. Emmitt patted the back of her dress, her diaper being thumped before she made crinkly strides forward – handing the tickets to the flight attendant. The lady seemed nice enough, taking the tickets and stamping them as Rose felt her pee coming to a trickling stop at last.

Then the lady handed the tickets back to Rose and she-n-Emmitt made their way down the entry tunnel to the plane.

“Okay, Diaper Girl,” Emmitt said, standing up and taking hold of her hand, Rose standing up and straightening the back of her skirt. “We only need to ride on one more set of wings before we can spread yours.”

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