The CowGirl Ride

Taken from the ABDL Romance book:

Country Rose 6

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 here is a little story about a cowgirl and the ride she took one stormy night.

The CowGirl Ride

It was a rainy Sunday evening, September 17th.  And in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the temperature was slowly falling from 75 degrees to 65 degrees.  Standing at the entrance to the horse barn, Rose held her hands on her hips, sassed and cocked to the side.  The warmer autumns in North Carolina were something she had become used to in the few years she had spent down there.  But having lived in Boston almost all of her life, the BeanTown impulses within her always found surprise every year in the reminder of a warm fall.

Standing there and looking up at the sheets of rain that poured down, partially blocking the beautiful Carolina dusk, Rose was dressed in one of her Daddy’s button-down shirts, her pink cowgirl hat, her pink cowgirl boots and one of her pink diapers.  Having moved down to North Carolina and having become a country rose seemed like such a distant memory.  Yet every day, she was happily reminded of it anew.

Looking across the dirt driveway to the farm house, she saw the light on in the upstairs nursery.  Smiling, she waddled over to the shelves next to the entrance – picking up a horse brush and then waddling over to stalls.  Climbing up and over the stalls, she smiled even more brightly at the thought of Emmitt, her Daddy, wandering all over the house – from room to room, searching for her.

She had slipped out of the house, right after her bath and right after he had put her in a diaper.  It was a wonderful bath.  Emmitt was a professional at it, at this point.  But throughout her time in the bubbly water and then afterwards as she looked up at the nursery ceiling from the view of her changing table, she didn’t have the heart to tell him how much she needed to pee.  So once he fastened the tapes and put her down to her feet, she took off out of the house – grabbing her cowgirl gear and one of his shirts as he was distracted by a phone call. 

He would find her soon enough.  He always did, even when she playfully ran off because she wet the diaper he had just put her in.

When she got into the horse stall, she turned to see four of the five favorite horse getting up and coming over to greet her.  This was an unexpected but welcomed late evening visit from her.  And from the multitude of licks she received, she might also need another bath – along with a diaper change before this was all over.

The fifth horse who didn’t get up to come over to greet her was named MilkDrop, a snow-white horse with a bad right rear leg she injured during her 15 minutes of fame when she competed in The Kentucky Derby years ago.  It was, in fact, during that very Derby race when another horse named Eight Belles got injured and was euthanized right there on the track as soon as the race ended.  And it was Emmitt who jumped onto the track and sprinted over to the two fallen horses – preventing the officials from euthanizing MilkDrop right there as well.  Emmitt had spent quite a bit of time giving rehabilitation to that MilkDrop’s leg – knowing full-well that the ligament injury could never be completely repaired.  But he saw the humanity in it … in giving MilkDrop a wonderful life at his horse farm.

Of the other four, there was …

Stud, the born and white spotted horse.  This was horse Emmitt was riding when he found Rose standing next to the flat tire of her moving truck on the day she arrived in Southern Pines.  Stud was a bit older and had developed a hearing problem.  But it could still hear Rose snort.  And when she snorted, Stud snorted … every time.  Sometimes she would be upstairs in the farm house and she would find something so hysterically funny that she would start snorting.  From the distance of the horse barn, Stud could also be heard snorting.  This is why Emmitt believed that the aging Stud was only putting on the hearing problem for attention and nothing more.

Diamond was a 6-year-old gray horse that Emmitt purchased when she was pregnant.  Mocha, Diamond’s brown filly, would be born a year later.  Mocha had a tendency to sneeze a lot.  And when Mocha sneezed, MilkDrop sneezed.

Then there was Cinder, the jet-black horse.  This beast could practically fly for how fast it could gallop.  And whenever Emmitt needed to get somewhere quickly, he jumped onto the back of Cinder.

Rose made an instant bond with all the horses.  But she was extremely close with two of them in particular … Cinder and Mocha – each for a different reason.

Mocha was the youngest horse on that farm, the baby of the group.  Rose clearly understood what it felt like to the baby.  For as small of an existence as it seemed, more often than not, it was also overwhelming.  And Rose always made certain to give Mocha attention, but not so much as to inundate her.

Her connection with Cinder was a different matter altogether and one that had many levels to it. 

When she first saw Cinder sprinting at breakneck speed, she became enamored with knowing what it felt like to move that quickly and as if life truly could fly by that fast without forcing her to miss out on the many treasures along the way.  So, she bravely got up onto Cinder’s back one day and rode the horse at full-speed.  But during the liberating ride, she was thrown from Cinder’s back in midstride when gunshots in the nearby woods spooked the horse.

Rose would fall back to the Earth, but not before the side of her head connected with a fence post.  This knocked her unconscious and she would remain in a coma for three months.  Then she would spend the next four months in partial paralysis as she rehabbed her way back to health in a North Carolina community hospital last year.  And every step of the way, Emmitt was there to support her – to guide her through her fears and to bring her back home to Southern Pines.

Her physical struggles had hindered her quite a bit in the present year.  And though she knew the problem was suddenly more mental than physical, it wouldn’t be until she found the bravery to get back up onto Cinder and finish that breakneck speed ride.

That she would do and in doing so, she broke free just a bit more.  So, when Cinder got its front hoof caught in a hole during a simple ride earlier this year, Rose came to its aid.

Luckily, Cinder’s injury was a simple sprain.  But healing took a while.  Cinder was going to get back up to breakneck speed once more and when he did, Rose would be riding him.  She had made this vow to herself and to Cinder.  And their bond strengthened that much more.

Now brushing the backs of the horse, one at a time, Rose thought about the struggles and the triumphs of her time in Southern Pines.  Her business, Country Rose Pottery, had never been more successful.  And having just secured the largest order ever placed by a customer, Rose had the daunting challenge of fulfilling it by Thanksgiving weekend.  The order was so large it would likely take her that long to complete.  But with a kiln barn right next to the main horse barn, she had the tools necessary to complete the task – all while being just a few waddling strides away from her beloved Daddy.  So, when she needed her diaper changed or when she just needed to take a break, Emmitt was never too far away to give her the attention she needed and craved.

She was his forever BabyGirl.  He was her eternal Daddy, but earlier that year, he also became her husband.  And this is what led her to the current string of thoughts in her mind, the most vexing one being Now What?  They were married.  Life together had now officially begun, at least in the eyes of the law.  But … now what?

Perhaps this shouldn’t have been such a troubling thought to her.  She lived in this place in the middle of nowhere, magical and vast in feel.  She was surrounded by love and happiness.  Most princesses would have been contented with that.  And Rose was contented too.  It was just that she found great importance in not losing her kingdom.

And the fear of becoming irrelevant had gripped her up.  The very word irrelevant made her tremble.

She felt herself getting stuck in a routine and this brought that irrelevant feeling to her surfaces.  Never once in her life had Rose felt any sense of permanency, aside from having her family members.  And now that she had permanency, she somehow feared it … perhaps as if it was a trap.  She knew this made no sense, but that didn’t help her to shake the feeling that the other shoe could drop at any time.

She had spoken with Emmitt about this and he had suggested that they find a rhythm to every aspect of their lives – so nothing ever became a routine for them.  They would certainly speak more about this in the weeks to come.

Also, Rose had met a local BabyGirl who also had a Daddy.  Well, she hadn’t actually met this girl yet, but they had messaged online and had become texting BFFs, of recent.  For as much as the thought of meeting other ABDLers frightened her, Rose was also excited about the possibility of it.  She had messaged with the girl about meeting, but hadn’t yet said anything to Emmitt about it.

So, there was a lot going on in her life, as of late.  But she wanted, more than anything else, for her busy little world to always be a place where she felt she belonged.  Only time would tell.  And with any luck, Emmitt would once again read her mind, knowing what to say to convince her to deal with her worries – opting to save the emotions for the afterwards.  How she felt was important, but Emmitt had taught her to deal with how she felt while fixing whatever the problem was together.  And that had made all the difference in her little world.

Rose smiled more brightly than ever, finishing the brushing of Mocha and then looking back over her shoulder.

“Well hello there, Daddy Man,” Rose said with a flirtatious tone, seeing Emmitt leaning back against the changing station he had put in the horse barn for her.  “What brings you out tonight?”

“Well,” Emmitt said with his southern twang, slowly strolling over to the wooden fence of the horse stall – Rose getting up and walking over to flirt with him from the other side of that stall fence.  “I seem to have lost someone.”

“Really?” Rose asked, peeling open the front of the Daddy shirt she was wearing to fully expose her chest to him.  “How did that happen?”

“Well, ya see.  She’s a baby.  She’s not a Big Girl at all.  An’ I was givin’ her a bath.  An’ then I put her in her diaper an’ turned around for a split second. An’ she was gone.”

“Silly Daddy Man, you should never take your eyes off a BabyGirl, especially after her bath and when you had just put her in a new diaper.  She had probably been sitting still and laying still for so long that she needed to get some energy out of her system before bedtime,” Rose said with further flirtatiousness.  “You’re kinda hot, Daddy Man.  How about you stop looking for your little girl and just take me instead?”

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Emmitt flirted back, reaching over the stall fencing and picking her up – then lifting her over the fence and into his arms before setting her down … Rose smashing the front of her body against him.  “Do ya think ya can be a BabyGirl for me?”

“Sure,” Rose said with lust in her tone, directing his hands around to cup and feel the drenched underside of her diaper.  “I’ve got so much figure out already.  And I would love to have these big hands of yours all over my body when you bathe me.”

“Rose Petal, did you wet your diaper already, just after I put you in it?” Emmitt asked, Rose directing him backwards and getting him to sit on a hay bale – then leaning him back against two more hay bales.

“I’ll take care of that,” Rose said walking over to the changing station and getting the pack of baby wipes before turning back to face him.  “And then I’ll take care of you.”

The lust in her eyes made very clear what she was after.

Waddling towards him very slowly, her shoulders slightly shrunken up and her chin lowered playfully, Rose handed him the pack of baby wipes.  Making him hold the pack in front of him, she bent at the waist – placing her hands on either side of his knees and pushing his legs together.  Then she crawled up on top of him, straddling his lap and pulling the front of the Daddy shirt away from the front of her body.  Reaching down to her hips, she began to unfasten the tapes.  Allowing the soaked diaper to fall from her center and land on his lap, she opened the pack of baby wipes he was holding and took one out.

Reaching behind her body, she took the baby wipe to her back side as Emmitt looked down at the drenched diaper that was on his lap.

“That’s a most interestin’ way of markin’ your territory, BabyGirl,” Emmitt said with a deep timbre and southern twang in his voice, Rose clamping her lower legs to the sides of his lap in an effort to keep from going weak in the knees – her usual reaction to the sound of his voice.

She smiled at his flirtatious remark, dropping the used wipe into the drenched diaper below and taking another wipe out of the pack – then reaching down between her legs with it.

“Remember: Always wipe from the front to the back.  You’re a girl, after all,” Emmitt said with a raised left eyebrow, Rose sucking in her lips as she took the baby wipe down the front of her labium.  “You want Daddy to help you with that, Rose Petal?”

Rose smiled brightly at the pet name and then shook her head no, her playfulness rivaling the lust that was building inside her.  Oh, she loved how he could read her mind and how he knew to allow emotions the time to well up in certain situations, while also knowing when foreplay was nothing more than a waste of time.

The current situation was the former for her.  And she intended to build him up the same way.

Standing up, she took the pack of baby wipes from him and set them to the side – then picking up the drenched diaper and dropping it at his feet.  Bending at the waist, she leaned over and reach for the buckle of his belt – her breasts hanging freely and giving him a pretty distraction to look at as she unfastened his belt and lowered the zipper of his jeans.  Oh, she was a helpless flirt and her new-found sassiness seemed to fit well into their dynamic, their lives and their lifestyle.

Reaching into his boxers, she locked eyes with him – her irises twinkling as the fingers of her right hand found his erection and wrapped themselves around it.  She shuddered slightly at the girth, remembering all the wonderful times his girth parted her open.  Beginning to stroke him ever-so-slowly, she shuddered again – remembering how deep he could penetrate into her.  Sometimes, her cervix would get a workout as much as her canal would.  And while this was painful a bit, it always drove her to a much more satisfying climax.

Lowering his jeans and boxers just enough to take his stiffness out fully, she got down on her knees in front of him – pushing his thighs apart and resting her knees on the insteps of his boots.  Looking up at him and keeping the eye contact, she gripped his erection and began to stroke him again – a little more quickly this time.  And when his girth thickened, equaling the rock-hard stiffness she had given him, she stuck her tongue out.  Placing the tip of her tongue to the underside of his tip, she slid her tongue down the underside of his entire shaft – parting her lips widely and taking his erection into her mouth. 

Drawing saliva into her mouth, she pushed his tip all the way to the back of her throat, past her gagging point and the reflex.  Tightly wrapping her lips around the base of his shaft, she swirled the saliva around in her mouth, awakening every little sensitive spot on his cock.  Emmitt leaned back a bit more and relaxed his frame, his hands traveling up around the back of her neck as he took the pink cowgirl hat off her head – setting it next to the pack of baby wipes beside him.

Moaning with a slight growl from her voice box, she sent sensations up-n-down his shaft.  And in response, his girth thickened again.  She could feel the strain of his skin as it now stretched tightly on his cock.  Satisfied that he was now feeling the same degree of lust as she was, Rose tightened her lips as much as she could, lifting her head up and withdrawing his cock from inside the warm, wet confines of her mouth.

The temperature of the air in the horse barn was quite warm.  And both of their bodies had grown warm too, Rose feeling like a furnace to the touch.  But his shaft still detected the coolness in the air as she got up off her knees and climbed on top of him – straddling his lap again but doing so over his center.  Holding his cock in her right hand, she guided the tip to the opening of her canal.  Still keeping eye contact, she pushed his tip through the outer folds of her sweetness until his whole mushroomed head was inside her.

Taking a moment to adjust to that sensation of being parted open, she fought her impulses to drive forward and go crazy.  But she was so wet from arousal that her body begged her to continue.  And with ease, she slid straight down onto his shaft – all the way until their pelvic bones connected with a thump.

Taking another moment to allow the overwhelm to subside a bit, she placed her hands on his shoulders for balance and for adjustments.  The gaze in her eyes, still filled with lustful view, now added a bit of affection to the silent message she was sending to him.  But she wouldn’t remain silent much longer.  And the very thought of not being able to bite her lip was as much of a thrill of anticipation as it was of weakened humiliation … perhaps even more than that.

Emmitt wouldn’t look at it that way and quite honestly, neither would she.  But in her submissive mind, she had a tendency to drift backwards to moments of vulnerability.  And the reason her mind traveled to these memories was because she knew there would be a new memory to add to them, one that was being made just then.

Tightening the muscles in her hamstrings, she knelt upward – withdrawing his erection from inside and exhaling just as deeply as she inhaled on the way down.  She was the kind of female who braced herself for the penetration and basked in the mellowing of withdraw.  Both sides of the coin were a part of the cherished experience for her.

Gripping the tops of his shoulders, she slowly sat back down – his girth stretching her open and his length penetrating upward.  She reached his base with a thump, then tightening her canal as she leaned forward just a bit.  This wasn’t Rose’s first cowgirl ride and she had learned quickly that positioning was just as important as motion when it came to finding the ultimate sensations of pleasure.  She didn’t just want to be penetrated and filled with him.  Rather, she craved taking his endowment and using it to touch all the right places inside her in all the right ways and at all the right times.

Tightening her thighs and hamstrings, she began to move up and down on him, using her legs only – as opposed to using her whole body.  But she was cautious as to not bob up and down too fast, remembering the Charlie Horse she gave herself a few weeks ago when her excitement overtook her poise.

This was one of those moments when Rose got fussy, very fussy sometimes.  She wanted a specific sensation and she wouldn’t calm down until she got it.  Tucking her pelvis inward with her forward motion and then rolling it back out as she glided backwards, she was able to move him around inside her … but not quite how she wanted.  So she leaned forward and pushed the top hay bale behind him, making it fall off the top and then enabling her to put Emmitt flat on his back.

Scooting forward just a bit, she tried the tuck and roll again – now feeling those little pings of sensation that she sought with fervent need.  There was a little something to be said for being on top and for being in control.  While she didn’t want to be in physical control on a regular basis, it was a welcomed change of pace and of experience.

Feeling her canal slickening and swelling with arousal, her heart began to pound in her chest – her breath becoming choppy and erratic.  Her usual sounds of soft whimpers and deep gasps were replaced with guttural moans that came out with each glide of her motions.

Regaining steady eye contact with him, she watched as Emmitt’s reactions heightened – waiting patiently for that one inevitable reaction from him that always sent both of them into the stratospheres above.  She kept her pace, refusing to pause to catch her breath or to relieve the burning in her leg muscles.  He was an incredible Daddy and husband to her.  And she was going to continue to be an incredible BabyGirl and wife to him.  There would be no irrelevancy issue, perhaps the fearful insecurity but nothing she would allow to ruin her full country bloom.

And then it happened … the reaction she was waiting to see and more importantly, to feel from him.  His girth thickened inside her, giving her an even greater sense of being stretched open.  When he thickened, she always knew he was drawing near to an orgasm.  And, instinctively following his lead, even though she was in the cowgirl position, Rose shuddered a new layer of wetness – making easier still her gliding motions.

Sensations started firing off left and right inside her.  Losing control of her modesty, she leaned over and rested the top half of her body on his chest as she began to lightly bounce her bottom up-n-down.  Succumbing to the need to orgasm, she kept herself on the edge of eruption as she patiently waited for his explosion to set off the fireworks.  Rarely did he tease her in such a fashion as to make her wait longer.  And he would do no such thing at that moment, either.

His seeds shot out of him like a geyser at the first moment of propelling release, Rose’s moans growing higher in pitch as his seeds hit the back wall of her womb.  This sent her into spasms that tightened her core and then released as she skyrocketed straight up to the summit and climaxed.  Clinging to his body as if his presence was the only thing that could keep her grounded, sensations of pleasure washed out over her entire frame repeatedly with each thick ripple he shot into her.    

She kept the tuck and roll of her pelvis constant as he lifted his center up to her, meeting every one of her downward rolls.  They knew each other’s bodies so well as to know what to do to increase the pleasure of every single moment … together.  And when his seeds ran empty, she sat up – tightening her canal and continuing the tuck-n-roll until she pulled every last drop out of him.

He closed his eyes and she returned to her resting place on his sternum, knowing that an orgasm drained him of energy the same way it took life from a male bee.  But he would return to life in just a few minutes.  And she would be waiting for him, still clenching his stiffness and basking in the afterglow of the cowgirl ride.

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