What She Set Her Mind to Do

What She Set Her Mind to DoTaken from:  Country Rose

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here is a little story about making your mind up and then setting the “wheel” in motion.


What She Set Her Mind to Do

Early August

The heat of summer was at its worst. Even in the shade, it felt like 95 degrees. And inside her little pottery building with that mini-kiln a-blazing away, Rose was hot – “Always hot” as Emmitt would put it. Boston was still on her mind, but it truly was just memories, at this point. She was a Country Rose now and she had found a place she could call her own, a place where she truly belonged … inside a little pottery building, sitting on a stool and spinning wet clay.
Thinking ahead, she had put her hair up into two high pigtails at the back of her head, to keep her hair off her neck. Her white tank top was drenched, clinging to her frame with the same sweat that made her glisten from head to toe. And of course, she was wearing one of her little pink diapers. Yes, the diaper kept her bottom extremely warm, but she could no longer help herself. Impulses and instinct had all melted away from her thoughts. And now, that which happened to her was … simply how it was supposed to be. She had found quite a bit of freedom in acceptance and in submission, placing all her concerns in the dream catcher that she had hung above her bed and on the dreamweaver mobile that hung above her crib in Emmitt’s house.

The compulsion to move out of her little cottage and move in with him had crossed her mind, once or twice. But she had just gotten there and didn’t want to skip over any steps in the process of courting. If some day, Emmitt were to ask her to move in with him, she would gladly do it, but until then, she would happily remain his BabyGirl, tucked away in the little cottage across the pond.

Today was an exciting day, as she would make her first attempt at creating pottery that was good enough to sell. Knowing she probably wouldn’t be very good at it to start, she gave herself a little incentive to try hard, having worked out a deal with one of the local craft sellers in Southern Pines to sell 20 pieces of Rose’s small pottery at the upcoming Town Sidewalk Sale in two weeks. The deal was to split the profits down the middle. And this suited Rose just fine. Every great business person had to start somewhere. Starting small seemed to be logical, especially since Rose was small all the time, these days. That was another unexpected gift of the countryside … and Emmitt, of course.
Her first several attempts were just simple that … attempts. And she was certain that, unless an abstract art pottery store existed somewhere, she would never sell them. But then again, she really wouldn’t have sold them even if she was able to. They were her first attempts and would remain very special to her for that reason.
But with a few semi-successful tries under her belt, or more appropriately, tucked into the waist band of her little pink diaper, Rose had begun to find her niche, her … style, if you will. And while making the typical items of pottery was a huge boost to her esteem, in the corners of her little mind, she was devising the steps necessary to set Country Rose Pottery apart from the rest. And with a few vases, a few sets of drink holders and a chip bowl or two setting in the mini-kiln, cooking away, Rose began creating a set of pottery pieces that would be unlike any other. She was going to make a set of dishes, bowls and eatware that any BabyGirl would bounce at the chance to get. It would take a lot of time stenciling in the flowery, girly garnishments after the pottery was cooked and then glazed to perfection. But that was truly a secondary concern as she had only just begun spinning the pottery wheel today.
With time, with more sweat and with a pleasant tinkle – appropriate for what she was making, Rose spun and crafted four bowl, eight little plates with divided sections and several different sizes of spoons. She would call this one set as the bowls and plates would certainly be dropped to the floor and broken – hence the need for immediate replacements.
Finishing the last spoon, she gathered her BabyGirl pottery and managed to fit it all in the mini-kiln. Returning to her seat by the pottery wheel, she got the devilishly fun idea to make a Daddy Bowl – a bowl that would hold all the necessary accoutrements that a Daddy would need to have constant access to when tending to his BabyGirl … things like: pacifiers, hair ties, hair brushes, hair bows, hair clips, wipes, bibs and maybe an extra diaper or two.
She dug her hands into the clay, adding water to it and she began to flatten it out, working her fingers down into its center.
“And what are you making now?” Emmitt asked sweetly, walking into the little pottery building, his hands hiding something behind his back.
“A Daddy Bowl,” Rose said proudly, her little voice coming through in her tone.
“I see,” he said, then slowly pouring a pitcher of ice cold water onto the top of her head.
Rose whimpered immediately as the cold water trickled down the sides of her face, her forehead and the back of her neck. With Daddy-quickness, Emmitt produced her pacifier, slipping it between her lips before pouring the cold water across top of her shoulders. The water ran down her back and down her chest, trickling its way into the front of her diaper as well as the back. She squealed and laughed, clenching the rubber nipple of her pacifier between her feet as she shivered from the water. But my, oh my, what a welcomed relief of coolness it was.
She looked down at the Daddy Bowl, watching the pottery wheel slowing down. The bowl had imprints of her hands and little fingertips. It was perfect, made by a BabyGirl for her Daddy. Standing up, her soggy diaper sagging from her hips, she picked up the bowl and walked over to the mini-kiln, finding a way to squeeze it in with all the rest.
“And there you have it,” Rose mumbled behind her pacifier, standing there and admiring the pottery as it cooked. “The first offering of Country Rose Pottery.”
“And I’m very proud of you, little Rose Petal,” Emmitt, said walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her as he looked at the cooking pottery. “You set your mind to do something and you did it.”
Rose smiled brightly behind her pacifier, leaning back against his body. Even if nothing in that mini-kiln ever sold, it didn’t matter. The greatest return she could’ve ever hoped for she had just received … Emmitt’s praise.
“You ready for a nap?” Emmitt asked, patting her right hip, Rose then directing his hand to the front of her diaper, making him pat her there, too.

“And a new diaper,” Rose mumbled, her little heart leaping for joy at how everything in life was coming up roses.

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