What They Can See

05Rose walked into the hotel room and slipped out of her dress, unfastening her bra and waddling her diapered bottom into the bathroom as she faced the mirror and began to take her make-up off. Emmitt didn’t press her any further to talk about anything, instead walking into the bathroom and beginning to draw water in the tub.

He didn’t want to her feel like she had to talk about what was upsetting her, but at the same time, he also didn’t want her to keep her emotions bottled up – ensuring she would remaining upset, for that night and perhaps longer. Luckily, he wouldn’t have to pull the hurt out of her as she was moments away from purging her emotions.

Rose finished taking her make-up off, Emmitt having set a few towels and wash cloths on top of the toilet tank for her bath. And as he walked out into the hotel room to get clothing for her, she boiled with anger – not anger towards him, but just anger in general. Storming out into the room, she made him sit on the edge of the bed as her rant began, pouring out of her with no control of impulse.

“I’ll tell you what’s bothering me!” Rose snapped, Emmitt leaning back slightly at her assertiveness. “I hate that people try to help me. Yeah, that’s right. I said hate. Everybody has a suggestion for me, to help me, as they put it. What if I don’t need anybody’s help, huh? What if there’s nothing wrong with me? What if the real problem is everybody else and not me? I can’t even go out to eat without someone trying to make me feel horrible about the decisions I’ve made in life. If it isn’t my stupid ex-boyfriend showing up out of thin air, then it’s my parents or someone else, just jamming daggers into me. But, oh no. That’s not what they meant to do. They weren’t trying to make me feel bad. They only had good intentions in trying to help me. AND THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN! Help! WHAT HELP DO I NEED?”

Tears welled in her eyes, streaming down her cheeks as she screamed. Then she grabbed the tapes at her hips and yanked them off with two fists, her diaper falling down to her ankles before she picked it up and tossed it across the room.

“Do I look like I need help?” Rose screamed at Emmitt, Emmitt keeping his mouth shut. “Maybe, just maybe it actually is me. And maybe, just maybe I’m fine with being imperfect! Holy Shit! What a novel idea! Maybe I’m just as fucked up as everyone else who keeps criticizing me! I mean, what do I need to do here? Buy a billboard on the side of the road and write on it that I’m not perfect?!?!? What the fuck do people want from me?”

Rose walked over and sat on his left knee, beginning to bawl into her hands.

“Am I so horrible of a person that no one can even stand to say hello without being cruel?” Rose asked, sobbing uncontrollably. “Do you really want to know my greatest fantasy is? It’s not just to be a BabyGirl. It’s also to be someone who doesn’t have to dress up to impress anyone. It’s to be seen as a human freakin’ being! I’m someone who has blemishes that make-up can’t cover. But I’m still someone who is passionate and caring and loving.”

Rose collapsed against his chest, Emmitt instantly wrapping his arms around her.

“Emmitt, please make this pain go away,” Rose begged, crying inconsolably into his chest. “I don’t wanna hurt like this. I don’t wanna run away from things anymore. I just want everything to be good. How hard can that be?”

Emmitt held her in his arms, rocking her back-n-forth as she cried herself into an exhausted state. And he held her there for a while, in silence. But the silence wasn’t because he couldn’t think of what to say. It was because he was incapable of speaking, himself. With a little time to collect his thoughts, he finally opened his mouth and attempted to do right what others had done wrong.

“A lot of times, people try to help us because they are tryin’ to hide their own troubles. An’ that’s what gets the best of us about it,” Emmitt said, standing up and carrying his naked BabyGirl into the bathroom. “An’ you’re an easy target because they know you’ll take it and keep smiling.”

Rose sniffled, trying not to erupt anymore – but given the run-in she had just had earlier with her ex-boyfriend, her explosion was unavoidable. Thank God she exploded in front of Emmitt and not in front of anyone else.

“But a lot of people in life just don’t understand when enough is enough. Ain’t no one in this world is perfect. No one,” Emmitt said, kneeling alongside the bathtub and lowering her into the warm bath water.

And the moment Rose’s bottom touched the surface of the water, she gasped – not for its hot temperature but for how soothing it felt. Emmitt continued lowering her into the bath water until she was completely submerged, only her head staying above the warmth that now wrapped around her body.

“The biggest problem most people have is that big hearts often come with big noses,” he said, picking up a wash cloth and dipping it in the water – then beginning the most wonderful massage while washing her that she had ever felt. “An’ when people have big noses, they tend to stick them where they don’t belong.”

Emmitt worked the wash cloth up the back of her body and then down the front of her body, giving her sensations to focus in on as opposed to thoughts to stew over.

“Ain’t nowhere in life will ya ever find it written that people have to be nice. Family is family an’ that’s the people we will always need as much as we don’t. But everyone else is our decision,” Emmitt said, lifting her up out of the bath water and into a towel – then swaddling her in that towel and carrying her out into the hotel room. “It’s our decision whether we allow them into our lives an’ whether we allow them to get the best of us.”

Emmitt picked up one of her pacifiers from the nightstand by the bed and slipped it between her lips – then taking a seat on the edge of the bed, keeping her on his knee as he began to dry her body with the towel. And for as emotionally exhausted as she was, she was beginning to feel wonderful again. It wasn’t what he was saying to her that made the difference. It was the fact that he had obviously been listening to her as she ranted uncontrollably.

“No, BabyGirl. Ya ain’t perfect at all. An’ I love that about ya,” Emmitt said, then easing her naked body onto the bed as he grabbed her diaper bag from the TV table on the other side of the hotel room.

Rose laid there, nursing on her pacifier and wondering why Emmitt put up with her at all. Then, as if he had heard her unspoken thoughts, Emmitt suddenly answered her.

“Ya smile an’ the sun gets brighter in Southern Pines because of it. Ya walk out of the house an’ all the horses run up to the fence to say hello to ya,” he said, taking a diaper out of the bag and unfolding it – then lying it flat on the bed, lifting her legs-n-bottom and sliding it underneath her. “We go into town an’ everyone smiles at ya, not because they think they can help ya, but because they can see that you’re someone who has a reason to smile. An’ you’re someone who has a reason to glow. An’ you’re someone who has somethin’ figured out that they don’t.”

Emmitt took out the bottle of powder, sprinkling a coating on her bottom and then on her front, aiming to get this particular diapering done a bit quicker than usual.

“You’re the cutest little girl I’ve ever known an’ I’m not your Daddy because I think I can help ya, but rather, because I know that we can help each other,” Emmitt said, caressing the powder across her bottom with his fingertips and then lowering her bottom into the softness of her diaper before he folded the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips. “Everybody needs somebody, BabyGirl. That’s what all those nay-sayers out there don’t understand. An’ what they can see is that you’re exactly who they want to be like. They just don’t know how.”

Lifting her up into his arms, Emmitt swaddled Rose in her super-soft baby blanket. Then he carried her out onto their hotel room balcony to take in the sights and sounds of the September Boston nightlife. Taking a seat on one of the balcony chairs, Emmitt cradled her in his arms – Rose looking up at him with her beautiful eyes and gazing at him as if he had been sent from Heaven to care for her on Earth.

“When someone looks at ya, what they can see is that you’re just as beautiful on the surface as ya are in the mind,” Emmitt whispered to her, then kissing her forehead. “An’ nothin’ nor no one can take that away from ya.”


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