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Who is she?

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me an email asking that question. What they are asking is who the ABDL Girl is in the stories I write.

Some are asking for a literal answer. Others want the figurative.  Whether I give her the name of Lily, Mia, Gina, Lucy, Penny, Daisy, Rose, Sidney, Violet, Dakota, Britney, Kelly, or whomever … she is based on real people.  So, at her core, she is more real than fantasy.

But to describe the nature of whom she is:

She is perfect yet flawed. And because she makes mistakes, you can relate to her. No one is perfect, but people like her have perfect intentions all the time. (And there is nothing flawed about having such intentions.)

She is complicated yet simple. There are so many levels to her persona lity that getting to know her is a lifetime pursuit, and one that you can’t help but love. And she’ll often realize that she is searching for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. That’s when she goes “simple” again.

She is fun-loving yet serious. A giggle, a bounce and a smile can not only make her moment and her day, but yours as well. And all those around her benefit from her cheery outlook on everything. It is her personal mission in life to make the world around her as happy of a place as possible. But when the time comes to be serious, she can answer that calling because she realizes that the world is a great, big place and she will have a lot of work ahead of her to change it. Until then, she recognizes when she needs to be serious.

She is affectionate. And she shows how she feels, longing to be touched and held and loved back with the same passion she has given. Touch is very important to her. From the forehead to the neck to the lips to the tummy to the bottom to the legs to her toes. Her skin is a receptor and the closer she can be to a beating heart, the more affectionate she becomes. Sure, she’ll wander off, but that’s only because she wants him to take her by the hand.

She is impulsive and spontaneous. And she does what comes to mind and heart without always weighing the outcome of her actions. It is her nature to listen to her first instinct, believing that it is the best one to follow because it was the first one.

She is adaptable. And she hates the fact that she ever needs to act differently or become someone else for a short time when the situation calls for it, but she does it, just like everyone has to. She has a free spirit and an open heart. And it is because of her innocent nature that she believes everyone should be able to be exactly who they are all the time (which is also part of her mission to increase the happiness of the world.)

She is sweet. And everyone around her sees how pure her heart is. She’s got the nature to be happy and to paint rainbows in the clouds when the rain finally breaks, to see the opportunities that present themselves only by candlelight when a storm knocks the electricity out, to see long lines at a Wal-Mart as a chance to say the things you meant to earlier, to relive a kiss over and over in her mind until she receives the next one, to hug someone with the intention of giving her love to them, to wipe away someone’s tears before they stain the cheeks but not before they served their purpose, to think of what others need while she thinks of what she wants, to ask a question without fear of ridicule or judgment, to listen to the advice of others while also deciding what is best for her and to possess a motherly love in the mind of a BabyGirl.

What intrigues me about the typical ABDL Girl from my stories is that she’s real and that’s why I keep writing about her.

She is a character born from reality, nurtured through the events of storylines, and brought to life through imaginations.

She is a dream, but one that is tangible and unforgettable. And when you meet her, you’ll know who she is.

20 Years

I just realized two days ago that I began writing my very first story on January 1st, 1999.  So I’ve been at it for 20 years. 3,679,310 words and 10,502 pages later, I believe I’ve only scratched the surface of what our four-letter common interest can provide us.  And I’m merely one fish in the sea, a member of a school I take pride in being a part of.

That first story was entitled: “The Diapered Female”.  Real creative name, huh? LOL  The story was about a college girl and boy who got together to spend a weekend trying out a fetish that the girl accidentally revealed to him when very drunken at a frat party.

I would post it online and would rewrite it for years as I kept exploring this new thing I had found called ABDL.  Years later, that story would be retitled: “When Fantasy Became Her Reality”.  Nowadays, that story appears in the book: Gabriel & Gina.

But I never believed I would keep writing stories.  Yet, they kept coming to mind and I kept typing them out, next posting a story entitled: “Overnight”.  This would later become book two in The Zeke & Lily Saga series.

Through the paperback-only era and right on into the ebook era, I have poured my heart into what I write.  Through relationships and the eventual massive growth of the ABDL community, I kept writing and writing and writing.

Some of the stories were based on real events in my life.  Others were the product of fantasies.  Others were the requests of people.

From romance to pure-n-innocence to dark BDSM themes – stories of sexuality, humiliation, diapers, spanking, diapers, little headspace, diapers, discipline, correction, bondage, forced regression, submission, relationships, love, hatred, marriage, public outings, medical fetish additives, encounters with zombies, futuristic sci-fi, dream elves, celebrities, fairy tales, diapers, bedtime tales, choose-your-own-adventures, demigods, nymphomaniacs, horror, pet play, Daddies-n-BabyGirls, Mommies-n-BabyBoys, Mommies-n-BabyGirls, babysitters, diapers, apartment scenarios, Lily, Mia, Rose, Penny, Lucy, Aria, Chelsea, Trisha, Dakota, Daisy, a girl named Love, Britney, a girl named Boo, Gina, a girl named Peaches, Sharon Lockett, Gabriel and Zeke …  the journey has been amazing.

I recall days when I would sleep for 6 hours and write for the other 18, nights when I would give up sleeping so I could finish a book by dawn and send it off into the publishing process to meet a specific deadline, conventions I would read the stories at, phone calls when I would read something to a dear sweet angel who was sent down to me from God Almighty at the absolute most-needed moment in my lifetime … and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, looking back on it all now.

Well … perhaps I would have started sooner.

I thank each and every one of you for having been a part of my journey.  And this website will always be available for you to peruse.

Nothing Like A Saga

As I continue writing ABDL erotica, I try to keep the story lines inside of three categories: Yittlins (pure-n-innocent), Sagas (Romance) and Grats (BDSM additive).

Having three categories that are specific and unique from each other, it should be easy to keep them separate.  But after a while, I myself had to create lists to keep them straight.

Below, The Sagas are listed.  Stories of a Daddy-n-Babygirl that not only include the dynamic, but all aspects of a relationship – of  how they overcame struggles in life and how they grew together … one day and one emotion at a time.

The Zeke and Lily Saga – Born from memories and beyond, the story of a Daddy and BabyGirl from the moment they met, into the lifetime they embraced.

Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a Beginning Zeke and Lily: Overnight Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory Zeke and Lily - Her Diary Zeke and Lily - Ever After Zeke and Lily - Dream Catching Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part One Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part Two Zeke and Lily - By Summer's End Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTime

The Mia Series An ABDL Romance that began with reluctance and grew into desire. A shy and sweet BabyGirl learns the path to submission is as gentle and kind as she wants it to be. 

The Mia Series - Book OneThe Mia Series - Book TwoThe Mia Series - Book ThreeThe Mia Series - Book FourThe Mia Series - Book FiveThe Mia Series - Book Six The Mia Series - Book SevenThe Mia Series - Book EightThe Mia Series - Book NineThe Mia Series - Book 10

Country Rose – Her name is Rose Bedford, a city girl who needed a little country air and an opportunity to begin again.  Awaiting her, quite a ways south of Boston, was a new life that would finally give this flower room to grow.

Country Rose Country Rose 2 Country Rose 3 Country Rose 4 Country Rose 5

Other Sagas:

  Climax Deja Vu BabyLove LucyCrimson One Hot Night Another Hot Night Snake Eyes     

Johnny & the Princess       Gabriel & Gina       Climax          Deja Vu          BabyLove          Lucy       Crimson     One Hot Night     Another Hot Night
Snake Eyes  Daddy Issues      Aria and the CountrySide

I thoroughly enjoy writing anything that is ABDL.  But from real experiences, I can say … there’s nothing like a saga.

Zorro Daddy


LucyThis is the tale of Lucy, a young 20-something girl who has forgotten how to dream, but little does she realize, her whole world is about to change.  Beginning with the completion of: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”, Lucy awakens and enters into a series of events that present to her the self-truth she never knew, ushering in a return to an innocence she had long since forgotten.

When we discover a truth about ourselves, such as the connection we feel to a fetish, it can be scary at first.  Lucy feels this way as she learns that ABDL are four letters her heart has always known and her soul has always been looking for.  With the help of a few dream elves, Lucy boldly enters a world most would consider to be off-the-beaten path.  But what she finds is the pathway she was destined to travel one day.

This book is the tale of a journey of self-awareness, beginning as an enigma and ending with euphoria as Lucy becomes the BabyGirl she was always meant to be.

Spanning Between the Mystery and the Lucidity
The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown
Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s

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………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove Climax  
Crimson Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales
60 Degrees and Down the Crack
The ABDL Any Time Reader
Forever Young
A Girl Named Love


“Daddy, When You Call Me …”

Daddy, When You Call Me –
Girl walks into my life
And says:
“Why am I feelin’ yittle now?
Why am I feelin’ yittle?
The rest of my life is so big
I need a Daddy-opportunity
I want that white-hot attention
Don’t want wind up a dreamer
In a dreamer’s graveyard”

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Count To Ten

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What We’ve Found

For the only little girl in my world – 

It’s late in the afternoon
This crib is made for you
One thing yet left to do
Is your Daddy
Covering you
That smile behind your paci
Your grin warms me within
Two sets of tiny fingers
And wiggly thumbs
And ya got my love
So bank it
Swaddlin’ you in your
Baby blanket
Take all your little dreams
And break ‘em
What we’ve found are bigger ones
So Baby here’s some littlin’
And Baby here’s some yittlin’ (with a gentle hand)
Baby here’s some littlin’
Something ‘bout how your pacifier falls from your lips
When you are sleeping in a state of littleness
I don’t know where my mind goes and
Though I might need to find it
I’ll never leave your side as you abide
Within my care, reminding you
My love
Come take it
Swaddlin’ you in your
Baby blanket
Take all your big dreams
And break ‘em
What we’ve got are better ones
So Baby here’s some littlin’
And Baby here’s some yittlin’ (with a gentle hand)
Baby here’s some littlin’
Oh Baby
You captivate me
When you say “Mine all mine all mine”
You look so cute with that diapered behind
So Baby here’s some littlin’
And Baby here’s some yittlin’ (with a gentle hand)
Baby here’s some littlin’
Da da da da da da da da duh
Da da da da da da da da duh
Da da da da da da da da duh
Da da da da da da da da duh

Dotting “I”s and Crossing “T”s

LucyFrom the book: Lucy
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here is a story of the power of generations of love, the wisdom of looking and the convictions of never giving up.


Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s

Xavier trudged through some rather unpleasant garbage that had spoiled in the heat of the day.  Looking out across the horizon of garbage at the trash dump, he watched the sun beginning its descent of the evening.  Never in a million years would he have believed that on this day, he would be faced with the most daunting and impossible of tasks.  Yet here he was, ankle-deep and soon-to-be knee-deep in garbage as he searched for Patches, Lucy’s first teddy bear and the one she had since the day of her birth.

Earlier that week, Lucy’s mother accidentally threw the teddy bear away in the midst of trying to clean up the attic.  At this very moment, a rather distraught Lucy was being distracted by her mother with a day of shopping while Xavier and Lucy’s father desperately searched the trash dump for the teddy bear.

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Echelon, the sequel to Enigma, continues the story of Lucy Williams and her journey to discover herself, the meaning of her dreams and the pathway to having and keeping the wishes of her heart.

When she first explored an innocent fetish online, she had no idea that it would consume her mind and become the center of her universe.

What began as fantasy became that thing she called life when she met Xavier, a guy with the gentle dominance her little heart craved and sought.

As Lucy embraces her dreams, she encounters others who try to ruin the happiness she has found.  And with the Daddy guidance of Xavier, she learns how to speak up when something bothers her while still retaining the sweetness of the BabyGirl she was always meant to be.

Sample:  “The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown

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The Story of Lucy:


   Enigma             Echelon            Euphoria

The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown

LucyFrom the book: Lucy
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“The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown”

Lucy lay comfortably on her back on the futon in the living room. Xavier had pulled it out and set it up as playpen, of sorts, for her. She was nestled on top of the softest blanket she had ever felt and surrounded with all the stuffed animals he had bought her in the past month. But she was more so nestled with her thoughts of this glorious Thursday morning.

Her work schedule and Xavier’s work schedule lined up perfectly to give them Thursdays and Fridays off. Both worked Saturdays and Sundays. So their “weekends” were always spent the two days prior.

She looked out at him in the kitchen while nibbling softly on her pacifier and remaining blissfully lost in the recent memories. Her hair was drying. Her body was bathed and smooth. She could smell the scent of the shampoo he used, the lotion on her skin and the powder from her diaper. The sunshine cascaded down on her frame and warmed her skin. She shifted slightly, pulling on the bottom hem of her Daddy’s green t-shirt – which served perfectly as a night shirt for her.

In a few short weeks, Lucy had gone from being incapable of dreaming to discovering the secrets of her heart. And as if fate had been directing her along each step of her life to arrive prepared at this moment, a return to innocence had beckoned her present and her future.

She had always been a hard-headed, no nonsense girl – having been groomed by her equally hard-headed father, Zeke, to take life by the reins and blaze her own path.

Yet now, suddenly she found herself softening from the inside and embracing the dreams she now visited each night. Much like her fragile yet often high-strung mother, Lily, Lucy had the ability to dream of places which harbored the desires of her heart. And from her dreams came the necessity to live her life fulfilled.

Lucy had embraced the littleness of being a BabyGirl. And through meeting Xavier, the Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic was born into her reality with the ecstasy of a fantasy unknown.

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Spanning Between the Mystery and the Lucidity

LucyFrom the book: Lucy

Kindle Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords

here is a moment when Lucy’s heart spans between the mystery and lucidity of realized dreams.


She heard the front door of his apartment unlocking and innocently followed him in. Perhaps she should’ve been nervous, being in a new place and knowing she was about to experience the result of a culmination of lifetime dreams.

But she wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, she was more relaxed than she could remember at any other time in her life. But suddenly, she had become so relaxed, she couldn’t remember his name. So, instead, she opened her heart and spoke directly from it. And from that point forward, she called by one name only … Daddy.

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