Thinking Out Loud

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Country Rose 5

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here is a little story about what we think … in private.


Thinking Out Loud

Saturday, May 21

Emmitt planted Rose’s back against the bathroom wall, his hands gathering up the lower half of her wedding dress and reaching under to grab at the back of her thighs.  He lifted her up as Rose grabbed the sides of his face, planting her lips on his mouth.  Passion consumed as it always did.  But on this day of days, her thoughts would combine with the sensations and she would make yet another set of vows to him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she winced from the muscle pain of having her legs wrapped around his waist.  That pain, in itself, was a whole other story.  But the current movie playing in her mind was about the earlier events of that day and how she now found herself pinned against that bathroom wall.

The sun had arisen early that day, it seemed.  And Rose sprung right out of bed.  She would become a busy bee for the next few hours.  Fifteen minutes after she awoke, all three of her best friends arrived at the front door of the farmhouse.  They all had consumed several cups of coffee in order to be wired enough to keep up with the rapid beating of Rose’s heart.  Emmitt had spent the night elsewhere with a few friends.  And as Rose hopped in the shower, her BFF Bree went around the farm and tended to the morning feedings of the horses.

An hour and a half later, Rose and the girls hopped into her jeep and stirred up a mighty dust trail as she sped towards the church – all four of them singing Sheryl Crow songs at the top of their lungs.

The preparations and the wait were excruciatingly long, but Rose was ready on time – looking beautiful in her wedding dress and with a hair-n-make-up application that might have been as close to absolutely perfect as possible.  Rose clearly remembered the entrance music and she could still see Emmitt standing at that altar.  He was so handsome.  Given the weakness in her legs already, it wouldn’t have taken much for her to buckle at the knees.  The ceremony was short but memorable.

And that was when the day kicked into high gear.

Passion swelled even more so, as Rose reached down to the front of Emmitt’s tuxedo pants – unfastening them with frenzy.  Oh, she was ready for anything and there wasn’t much that was going to get in the way … not on her wedding day.  And as she reached inside his pants, she closed her eyes and smiled as she drifted back in her thoughts to that very moment outside the church.

The church doors burst open and Emmitt led the wedding party out into a heavy downpour of raining bird seed.  He was carrying Rose and her bridesmaids were holding up her wedding train.

Into the limousine they all climbed, the wedding attendees applauding them and Rose beaming with a glow that accentuated how she felt.  For a city girl who had left everything behind, traveling into the great unknown and starting her life over completely, she had done amazingly well.  She had conquered obstacles that would have crushed most people.  She had pursued her passions in a manner that most never would have dared to try.  And now, she found herself sitting on top of her new husband.  But he was so much more than.  He was her Cowboy Daddy and he was so attentive to her that she never once had developed the tiniest bit of diaper rash while in his care.

For a BabyGirl, that meant everything to her.

Life as a whole had suddenly worked out just as she had dreamed it would.  And on the ride to the reception hall, everyone in the limo began to tease her – asking her when they could expect a baby from Emmitt and Rose.  The tease wasn’t so much about Rose getting pregnant as it was about Rose being a baby herself.

Oh, my.  Her girlfriends knew how to lay it on thickly without clueing Emmitt’s friends into the truth of what was being said.  And besides, no one was going to be lifting up her wedding dress to see what was beneath it – something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  And of course, her little pink diaper.

No one was going to lift up her wedding dress, except for Emmitt of course.  And as she stroked his erection, pulling it out and re-situating her back more flatly against that bathroom wall, she thought about the four ‘somethings’ pinned to the inside of her dress: her first pacifier in life, her most recently purchased pacifier, a silk handkerchief from her grandmother and one of Emmitt’s blue bandannas.

Keeping his left forearm under her diapered bottom, Emmitt pulled the front of her diaper to the side.  Rose looked behind him at the mirror, remembering how she had always promised herself to not have sex in her wedding dress.  But there was good reason as to why she was suddenly abandoning that promise and throwing cautions to the wind.

Rose returned home from the hospital in December, having battled back from a paralysis that was no easy chore to overcome.  Throughout the winter and into the spring time, she rehabbed as much as possible.  Her muscles grew some strength back and riding horses aided in this process, especially in her legs.  But she had yet to conquer the stairs.  And this had frustrated her tremendously, having broken her down to tears on several occasions.  But the quadriceps muscles on the tops of her thighs, her hamstrings at the back and most every muscle that traveled up to her tailbone refused to work together as they were naturally supposed to.  She would fatigue easily and often find herself being carried back to the farmhouse by Emmitt, the only good experience that came from the whole situation.

But, eight months after having awakened in that strange hospital, incapable of moving a muscle, Rose was now doing just fine.

Emmitt’s fingers wandered onto her front, Rose shivering slightly at his gentle touch – teasing her swell to greater arousal still and making slickened his pathway inside her.  Rose clenched his girth and stroked him up-n-down very slowly.  She could feel how rock-hard his stiffness had become and she could already feel how unyielding his part of her would be.  Imaginations ran wild and she couldn’t have been happier.

Oh, it was such a good idea that they stepped away from the reception and even if her wedding dress did get messed up somehow, she would have the forthcoming memory to sweeten her thoughts and maybe, just maybe, make her think out loud.

The weather had been perfect that day, not just for the wedding but also for the reception at Millikin Farms.  It gave their wedding day the appropriate country theme it deserved.

Her BFFs – Aaliyah, Chrissy, Bree, Emmitt’s best friends of Brad, Rich and Emmitt’s best man Christopher made up the wedding party, flanking them at the main table.  The best man’s speech was touching but funny.  The meal was incredible for how simple the food choices were.  Everyone who attended the wedding also attended the reception.  Friends and family from both sides filled the tables of the room, along with Martha – Rose’s wellness counselor at the hospital, Olivia – one of her doctors, Charlotte her floor nurse and Charlotte’s husband.

The meal finished and the festivities began with the initial dances of Groom-n-Bride, Groom-n-Mother and Bride-n-Father.  Rose had just thrown the bouquet and Emmitt had just flung the garter.  Then the reception turned into a dance fest.

And that was the moment when Emmitt and Rose slipped away to the bathroom.

Emmitt placed his tip at her opening and gently slid himself inside her.  Rose closed her eyes and opened her mouth, smiling widely.  She loved the initial penetration for so many reasons.  It was wonderfully overwhelming, involuntarily grabbing her complete attention and holding it.  It was delightfully fulfilling, so to speak.  And nothing felt more incredible than being parted open by her Cowboy Daddy who was now her husband.

She could feel the heat rising up off his torso.  Sinking her nails into the back of his head, she drew him as closely to her as possible.  She recalled so many memories of when they had made love in the past.  But none of them made her as happy as this.

For as street smart as Boston had made her, when she met him, Rose was country innocent.  She remembered the day she met him and how he came riding down that dusty country road to her rescue from a flat tire.  He was so handsome then, but he was a handsome stranger.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him now.  He was even more handsome, not because he looked any different but because she knew him now.  He was a good man and had such unbelievable patience.  He never left her side as she recovered in that hospital.  His love for her was unwavered.  And the more she got to know him, the more comfortable she became with revealing everything to him.

This day was a beginning for them, one that would last for the rest of their lives.  And they wouldn’t live life on anyone else’s terms.  It would be their decisions that would line the pathway they chose to walk.  Nothing made her fall more deeply in love with him than knowing that he wanted her, more than anyone he had ever met in life.

Rose could have gone from relationship to relationship, or even from marriage to marriage – just to finally wind up right where she was … on that wall with him inside her.  But she made the decision to get everything right the first time … and to make it last for the rest of her life.  They skipped over no steps along the way and they made a set of vows that would always be reminders of the commitments they made.

Taking hold of the back of her thighs, Emmitt gripped her more tightly – Rose wincing at the slight pain but never resisting.  The game of cat-n-mouse had long since ended.  She wanted him as much as he wanted her.  Their pelvic bones meet.  He fit inside her so perfectly – not too much as to give her serious pain, but more than enough to fill her beyond capacity.  And there they remained for a few moments – Emmitt basking in her wetness and swell, Rose basking in being parted by his length and girth and feeling his pulse as it quickened.

They were in no hurry and they would never be in a hurry again.  This was their wedding day and this was their moment.  They made eye contact and wouldn’t break their gazes again until they were done.

Eye contact was so very much at the heart of their connection.  Their irises were the windows to their souls.  And they would settle for nothing less than perfect vision.  It felt so wonderful to have kept nothing from him and it felt just as wonderful to have received the same open honesty from him.  She could have cared less if he ever lifted a hand to help around the house.  Her idea of Emmitt doing housework would be for him to sweep her off her feet.  But she knew Emmitt was far more domestic than his posture and personality would let on to.  And that was fine with her.

He withdrew himself and then slid right back in, slowly but with forward aggression.  Rose remembered so many times when she herself got aggressive – shedding the lady-like persona and taking what she wanted.  In Emmitt, she could find anything she wanted and everything she needed … and even more she never believed he would have.

And that was the commitment, the indication to her that she was more than anyone else he had met.  She would never go a day without being put down in her crib for that afternoon nap, whether she wanted it or not.  She would never doubt his Daddy love or his husband love for her.  He had accommodated every little quirk she had and even encouraged her to embellish her needs – just so he would know for sure that she was always happy.  At points in time, she felt guilty about this until he shushed those thoughts out of her mind.

His pace picked up, Rose feeling the relief and slight stretch with each pass in-n-out of her that he made.  Softly, she moaned – tears welling in her eyes as she realized how long he had held her up against that wall and knowing the ache he was putting in his back by doing it.  But it didn’t matter to him.  He was too selfless to give in to such pains.

Her breathing became erratic and choppy but her gaze into his eyes never faltered.  Her mind was in a buzz, not just from the dancing and the champagne and the sex, but also from those thoughts in her mind that were compiling so quickly she could no longer process them.  With little resistance, she opened her lips and spoke … thinking out loud.

“I used to fear disappointing you,” Rose whispered with rough breathing and tear-filled eyes.  “But you’ve taught me that fear is pointless, even if I turn the volume up on smaller things to make them seem bigger than they are.”

Emmitt smiled brightly, knowing exactly what she was talking about.  He kept his pace even as he allowed her speak.  These were some of the most meaningful talks they had – the ones that weren’t forced or influenced, but rather, just happened … whenever they wanted and wherever they were.

“I love how gentle you are with me,” Rose whispered, her legs beginning to tremble as her core tightened.  “And I love how you know when to be even gentler with me.”

Reaching down to his side, she wrapped her hands around to his lower lumbar – giving him more support and ability to maintain stamina.  She knew his quirks, too.  And this would be one summit they would reach without parallel from the past.

“I love how you fit me perfectly and how you make everything count in my life,” Rose said softly.  “And I will do the same for you.”

She leaned forward and began kissing him as her core tightened.  Whimpering up a fuss as they kissed, she began to rock her crinkly hips as Emmitt kept both hands on her diapered bottom.  As he withdrew his stiffness from inside her, she clenched her canal as tightly as she could – having learned that her clenches gave pleasure to the surfaces of his cock.  And as he re-entered her, she clenched-n-released her canal – allowing him back into her incrementally.

Then her orgasm hit and she fought it initially, wanting him to skyrocket with her this time.  Often, Emmitt waited for her to finish her first orgasm before he allowed himself the same pleasure.  But Rose didn’t want him to wait this time.  And as their kiss turned French, she shuddered from the first convulsions, those tight contractions inside her that sent tiny pings of sensation out of her core – like a preliminary saturation of the to-be-affected areas.

Emmitt picked up his pace, evenly but ever-increasing with speed.  They could hear the dance music thumping in the reception hall outside the bathroom.  Her head spun.  His heart beat heavily.

Then his girth thickened, making Rose break off the kiss and whimper loudly.  This was going to feel wonderful.  It was exactly how they both wanted it.  And what a glorious thing to have learned before they got married – the exact way that each of them liked sex to feel.

When her core tightened to an excruciatingly taut condition, she pushed them away from the wall and arched her back as she came.  Emmitt leaned backwards and held her as she orgasmed.  She came wildly and, seeing her in such an elated state, Emmitt joined her, pulling her back up into his arms as his seeds shot out.

Rose gasped and trembled, re-wrapping her limbs around him and shaking slightly as he coated the inside of her womb with hot ripples.  She could no longer whimper or make any noise for that matter.  They traveled to the summit together and as they ballooned down the same, he gently slid in-n-out of her – Rose gripping and releasing him to drag every last seed out of him.

Sliding out of her completely, he set her down on her feet and re-situated the diaper between her legs.  Putting himself back together, he straightened her wedding dress and then put his pants back together.  Running water on her hands, she reached up and fixed his hair, knowing exactly where she had messed it up.  Then she turned to face to mirror to check her make-up and her own hair.

Putting her hand inside the hook of Emmitt’s left arm, she unlocked the bathroom door and returned to the reception.  There was no way she was going to cover up the flushed hue of her skin or the glow on her face.  And for once, she really didn’t care.  This was her wedding day.  She had made the journey to get to this day and she would live it to the fullest, all along the way … thinking out loud.

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