The Secret Binge

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Country Rose 2

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here is a little story about reaching one’s limits … and then exceeding them.


The Secret Binge

September 15th

“Look, BabyGirl,” Emmitt whispered in Rose’s ear, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. “It’s Victoria’s Secret. I bet ya used to go to this store a lot, huh? Buyin’ girly panties an’ bras an’ other sorts of cute unmentionables.”

Rose blushed deeply, wanting her pacifier so very much at that moment to calm her. But at the same time, she really didn’t want to be settled at all. She had no idea how good Emmitt actually was at humiliating her and it seemed he could find a little something to tease her about, no matter where they went – whether it was a park in the city, a game at the ball park … or a trip to the Prudential Center Mall on this, the last day of their two-week trip to Boston.

And on this, their last day there, Emmitt was really ramping up all the limit-exceeding humiliation she could handle. Rose had been dressed as a school girl, with one of his button down shirts, a short plaid checkered pleat skirt, white ankle socks, white sneakers, a thickly diapered bottom that kept trying to peak out from under the skirt and pigtails that were tied up so high on the back of her head, they made the pigtails that ‘Abby from NCIS’ wore look like low-riders.

‘Crinkly’ wasn’t just a way to describe the noise she made with each stride. It had also become such a state-of-mind for her that she really didn’t hear the noise anymore – a belly-tickling thought that she had grown so used to it that ‘acceptance’ was now the best word to describe it.

Her meltdown from the other night was a horrible thing at the time but proved to be the release she had needed to let out for quite a while now. And while submission was what she not only wanted but needed in her life, it had taken some time for her to adjust to the lack of independence – the real difference between thinking it in fantasy and doing it in reality. In a sense, when she thought back to that tantrum she made in the hotel room, she saw that as her acceptance as well, acceptance of being who she was and of belonging to him now.

“Look at all the Big Girls in there, buyin’ sexy little things to wear for their boyfriends. Ain’t they all just so silly?” Emmitt whispered in Rose’s ear, Rose nodding yes to his question as she lifted up her cup of lemonade and drank from the straw until the cup was empty – then handing the empty cup to him. “All finished? What a thirsty little BabyGirl ya were, huh? Come along, now. That’s enough starin’ at your Big Girl past for today.”

Emmitt took her by the hand and walked her to the center court of the mall, tossing the empty cup in the trash and walking her over to the nearest store to do a little more mind-melting of her.

“Now here’s a store full of clothes that seem so much more fun, don’t they Princess?” Emmitt asked, wrapping his arms around her and making her face the Gymboree store as he lightly pressed in on the front of her skirt.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered softly, whimpering ever-so-slightly at the pressure he was placing on her bladder.

Emmitt had been buying her cup after cup of lemonade since they got to the mall and she had complacently been drinking them, knowing exactly what he was doing to her. She could hardly resist at all for how good he was at making each-n-every moment count. Her bladder was already full and the pressure from his hands made her need to pee an aching one.

Helplessly, her legs began to tremble – the first sign of desperation and the indicator that she was ready to be pushed beyond her limits.

“Aww, look at the cute little girl, tryin’ to act like a Big Girl,” Emmitt whispered in her ear, his southern accent and Daddy Voice mixing perfectly to send little shivers down her spine.

Her face went flush and dizziness soon made her wobble, even though he had his arms wrapped around her. And then she rested her back up against his chest, softly whimpering again as she felt her groin muscles tiring from their clench. Happily helpless but to fail, she released her groin muscles and succumbed to the trickle-quickly-turned-gush of her pee as it rushed out of her, rolled straight down and soaking the inside her of diaper – from the front, all the way down between her legs and then at the base of her little diapered bottom.

“Maybe Daddy was a little cruel. I’m sorry,” Emmitt whispered in her ear with such syrupy-rich timbre that her knees felt like buckling at the sound of his voice. “Let’s go back to Victoria’s. She’s got a secret … an’ so do you.”

“Nooo,” she softly protested, turning around and facing him, then wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest.

“No?” Emmitt asked with deliberate shock in his tone. “Does some little girl need her diaper yanked down and her wet little bottom smacked, right here in the middle of this mall?”

“No,” Rose said from her muffled face-plant in his chest, trying not to smile.

“Then I suggest ya show your Daddy how a good girl behaves,” Emmitt said, then taking her by the hand and slowly leading her back through the center court of the mall and towards Victoria’s Secret.

But the flood gates had been opened and they couldn’t be closed at this point. So, not only did Rose waddle alongside him with bowed steps but now she was having trouble keeping an even pace with them – her movements making her look like she was dealing with a load at her back side. A few passers-by took a casual glance at her less-than-graceful stroll, but luckily no one took major notice to a girl dressed as a schoolgirl with a very short skirt on, strides that seemed unnatural and a face turned beet-red with embarrassment. Perhaps she would’ve made it through the rest of their time in that mall without further embarrassment … had Emmitt not been setting up the big conclusion she couldn’t have possibly seen coming – maybe only dreaming about such a scenario.

Emmitt leaned back against the entrance to Victoria’s Secret, Rose embracing him and burying her face in his chest again, her diaper filling steadily and beginning to sag. Even that wouldn’t have been mortifying for her … had Emmitt not reached under the back of her pleated skirt and begun patting her soggy diapered bottom.

“Are ya wettin’ your pamper, baby?” Emmitt asked her in whisper, Rose’s heart pounding heavily as she nodded. “I bet that feels really good, huh?”

Rose nodded again, whimpering as she felt the sag of her diaper getting worse. Cup after cup after cup of lemonade had done the trick and she was helpless but to cling to him as she flooded her diaper like a little baby.

“Now imagine if ya had been tryin’ to be a Big Girl,” Emmitt said, still patting her drooping, diapered bottom as she turned her head to the side and looked into the Victoria’s Secret – teary-eyed.

One of the store employees, standing by the circular table with the 5-Panties-for-$26 mound of underwear on it, looked over at Rose, clinging to Emmitt at the entrance. The employee got a look of confusion, at first. But then her look of confusion turned to a delightful grin that almost dawned on laughing. Rose began to sob, softly but audibly as the employee put a playful pouty face on – holding her hands up to her eyes and mocking Rose’s tears.

“It’s okay, baby,” Emmitt said softly, kissing the top of Rose’s head as he reached into his left pants pocket, took out her pacifier and slipped it between her lips. “Some girls weren’t meant to wear panties. Some girls, like you, weren’t meant to grow up at all.”

Rose closed her eyes, nursing her pacifier as tears streamed down her cheeks. She could feel the dam beginning to break, the elastic edgings at the top of her thighs allowing the first of many trickles of pee to roll out of her diaper and down her inner thighs. And what felt like slight wetness soon became a lot more as her trickles of pee made it all the way down to her ankle socks.

Opening her eyes, she saw that the store employee, a cute girl in a cute outfit, had called two other store employees over to watch Rose and laugh at her – both of them having their feminine wiles in order as well. And with a completely full diaper, swollen with wetness and seriously beginning to sag so much that the weight was pulling on the tapes at her hips, Rose crossed over the limits of what she could handle. Her mind separated itself from reality and from the moment, in defense against permanent damage being done. Rose’s entire frame shook slightly as Emmitt stopped patting her soggy-n-sagging diapered bottom to begin squeezing it. And when he did this, her pee stopped trickling down her legs to begin streaming down them. Her shoes began to fill with the wetness and before she began to make a puddle beneath her, Emmitt took hold of her hand and made her start walking again.

“It’s okay, baby,” Rose’s disconnected mind heard him say as the sights-n-sounds of the mall became blurry and turned to slow-motion all around her. “It’s a good thing Daddy brought your diaper bag in.”

Rose looked up at him, nursing her pacifier with fervency as it was the only comforting thing she had just then.

“Do ya want Daddy to change your pamper, baby?” Emmitt asked, his voice ringing slowly in her ears as she helplessly nodded.

Then he led her into a hallway, right next to the Victoria’s Secret. Waddling alongside him, the hallway seemed like it went on forever and ever. And no matter how quickly she made her steps, the end of the hallway seemed to get further and further away. Rose could feel the pee on her legs and in her shoes getting cold and suddenly her diaper, usually made warm from a wetting, began to feel cold-n-clammy between her legs and on her bottom. Getting upset that the hallway was never-ending and wanting her diaper changed in the worst kind of way, Rose broke down, beginning to cry inconsolably.

“We’re almost there, baby,” Emmitt’s Daddy Voice said, the only sound that meant anything to her, at this point. “Show Daddy what a good little girl ya are.”

Rose took hold of the fingers of his right hand with both of her hands, squeezing them and holding onto them for dear life. She didn’t even know where they were headed, but all she knew was that Emmitt was the only thing left in her world that could help her, that could take care of her and that could make everything better.

As if the fates had finally heard her silent pleas, they reached the end of the hallway, Rose looking up at the door in front of them. It was the ladies bathroom door. But there was no men’s bathroom door anywhere. In fact, there was no other door in the entire hallway at all. Her eyes grew big-n-wide as he pushed the ladies bathroom door open and began to lead her in.

Rose kept her double-clutch on his right hand, but moved behind him – lowering her chin and pressing her body up against the back of him in the hopes that he would shield her from whomever might’ve been in that ladies bathroom, just then. But there was no one there and she breathed a sigh of relief behind her pacifier.

At the first moment when Rose felt everything would be alright, the fates chose to not stand in her corner as the three Victoria’s Secret employees walked into the bathroom: a blonde, a brunette and a red head.

“Is everything okay?” the blonde asked, looking at Rose and then to Emmitt.

“Everything is fine,” Emmitt replied.

“Then why is she crying?” the brunette asked, looking at the teary-eyed Rose and then back to Emmitt.

“Because she wet her diaper,” Emmitt answered, then lowering the zipper at the back of Rose’s short, pleated skirt – the skirt falling to her ankles and revealing the swollen-n-drenched diaper around her waist. “And she won’t be happy until I change her.”

The three girls stared with drop-jawed amazement, none of them knowing what to make of what they were seeing. Rose stood before them, nursing her pacifier and lowering her chin in a failed attempt to hide her shame. She was now completely mortified, completely humiliated and the only thing that would’ve made this situation worst was if she had pooped herself as well. But thankfully, they hadn’t eaten lunch yet that day.

“Is this a 50 shades thing?” the red head asked as Emmitt set Rose’s diaper bag on the long counter by the mirror and sinks.

“Sort of,” Emmitt answered, walking over to Rose and picking her up to carry her over to the counter.

The girls walked up to the counter, curious as cats.

“This would be the 51st, I guess,” Emmitt answered, easing Rose down on the counter, the BabyGirl blushing deeper shades of pink than she had ever made before.

Then the blonde asked a question that would take the concept of ‘limits’ and completely re-invent its meaning.

“Can we change her?” the blonde asked, Rose’s eyes growing big-n-wide as she looked up at Emmitt.

Her Daddy smiled back down at her, his face with such a loving glow to it that her heart melted into the counter where she lay.

“Absolutely,” Emmitt said, stepping back as the three girls walked up to Rose. “But remember: she’s just a little girl.”

“That’s for sure,” the brunette said with a snicker, beginning to untie Rose’s shoes. “A Big Girl wouldn’t wear a diaper and nurse on a pacifier.”

“Now that’s not true,” the red head said, beginning to unfasten the buttons on the front of the button down shirt that Rose wore. “There are girls who have leaking problems and need to wear protection. And having a pacifier is a trend with some girls.”

“But I think we can clearly rule those possibilities out with this little girl,” the blonde said, unfastening the tapes at Rose’s hips. “A leaky girl would only tinkle a little. But look how wet her pamper is. She’s a baby, for sure. And the raver girls put the pacifiers in their mouths for pictures. But this baby nurses on it so she won’t cry out loud.”

The three girls all snickered as they took Rose’s shoes-n-socks off, then sitting her up and taking the button down shirt off her.

“And what is this?” the blonde said, looking at Rose’s chest, then looking directly into Rose’s eyes. “A bra? No way. Babies like you don’t need bras.”

And with that, the red head unfastened the strap between Rose’s shoulder blades – then lowering the bra from the BabyGirl’s breasts.

“Especially not a competitor’s bra,” the red head said, snickering as she tossed Rose’s bra in the trash can.

“Besides, those tiny little buds on your chest aren’t even big enough for a training bra,” the brunette said with sass.

“Now lie back down, baby. Be a good little girl for us,” the blonde instructed, Rose abiding by the only things she could clearly focus on just then – submission and obedience.

Rose lied down on the counter top, still nursing her pacifier as the three girls kept teasing her. Oh, how she tingled all over. But oh, how she had no idea what humiliation was yet in store for her.

“Awwwww,” the blonde cooed as she lowered the drenched front of Rose’s diaper. “Look girls, she doesn’t have any hair down there. How adorable.”

“Does your Daddy make you stay smooth?” the red head asked her, Rose nodding helplessly as the three girls snickered again.

“Is this your little kitty, little girl?” the blonde asked condescendingly as she patted Rose between her legs, Rose nodding helplessly again and making the girls snicker again.

“Hmm,” the brunette said, sliding Rose’s wet diaper out from under her bottom. “I wonder what she does when she gets her period.”

The look of absolute delight on all three of the girls’ faces made Rose swallow a lump in her throat as tears welled in her eyes.

“I bet she wouldn’t even know what to do with a tampon,” the red head said with a bright smile. “Besides, it looks like she’s comfortable with padding.”

“She looks pretty tight,” the blonde said, her fingers lightly caressing the outer lips of Rose’s labia, Rose fidgeting from the sensations. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still a virgin.”

“That’s for sure,” the brunette sassed. “Who would want to have sex with a girl who wears a pamper, acts like a baby and wets herself in public?”

“Baby wipes!” the blonde said with suddenly control, the brunette reaching into the diaper bag and taking out the little travel pack of wipes – then handing them to the blonde.

“I bet she doesn’t even wipe her own bottom,” the red head said with sweetness, petting Rose’s hairline as Rose closed her eyes and whimpered softly at the touch of a cool wipe to her labia.

“Awww,” the blonde cooed, gently wiping Rose between her legs. “Does this make baby’s little kitty feel good?”

Rose helplessly nodded, whimpering and beginning to nurse on her pacifier again as the tears in her eyes streamed down to her temples.

“Oh, how cute,” the red head said sweetly. “She’s one of those girls who cries when she’s happy and when she’s sad. Nothing could possibly confuse a guy more.”

“I’ve got something cuter to show you than that,” the brunette said, taking a thick, disposable diaper out of the diaper bag and holding it up. “Look, it has a pretty little Strawberry Shortcake sticker on the front.”

“Aww, do you like Strawberry Shortcake, baby?” the blonde asked, taking another wipe to Rose’s front as the brunette unfolded the crinkly diaper – Rose nodding helplessly again. “I bet you do. I bet you have Strawberry Shortcake all over your nursery, don’t you?”

Rose nodded again, the three girls snickering again.

“Legs up, baby,” the blonde instructed, Rose lifting her legs up in the air and the red head holding her ankles as the blonde and the brunette began to wipe the inside of her legs clean. “You sure did make a mess of yourself. How embarrassing – having baby tinkle all over your legs. But you couldn’t help yourself, could you, baby?”

Rose shook her head no, the girls snickering yet again. Turning her head to the right, she watched the images in the mirror of the girls wiping her clean, the blonde then taking yet another baby wipe to her bottom cheeks and one more wipe to her rosebud – sticking her finger into Rose’s bottom slightly for a second before the brunette placed the unfolded diaper underneath her on the counter.

“I think, for a girl who wets her pamper so much, what you’re going to need is extra baby powder to keep a rash from forming, huh?” the blond asked Rose, the brunette handing the blonde the small container of baby powder and the blonde coating Rose’s bottom with a heavier layer of powder than she had ever received.

“Now, down you go,” the blonde said with maternal sweetness as the girls lowered Rose’s legs back down to the counter top – her heavily-powdered bottom coming to rest in the thick-n-soft comfort of her fresh diaper. “That’s a good baby.”

The blonde had suddenly become the sweetest person in the world, speaking to Rose with such kindness that Rose could do nothing but melt a little bit more. This hadn’t turned out be so bad, after all. In fact, it was about to get a lot better than Rose could’ve imagined, even when in her most sexual fantasies.

“Ooo,” the brunette said, looking into the diaper bag with eyes great big-n-wide. “I didn’t know that our little baby was so naughty.”

The brunette took a Hitachi wand out of the diaper bag, Rose fidgeting all over the place – her face blushing deep pink again.

“Hmm,” the blonde said, taking the Hitachi wand from the brunette and turning it on. “I wonder what a little baby like you is doing with such a Big Girl toy like this.”

The red head pinned down Rose’s wrists on either side of Rose’s head. The brunette held Rose’s knee apart and the blonde placed her left hand on Rose’s abdomen as they held her down.

“Don’t put the baby wipes away just yet,” the blonde said to the brunette, then looking down at Rose with a devilish glimmer in her eyes. “I have a feeling our little pamper girl here, is going to make a mess of herself again.”

The blonde touched the vibrating tip of the wand to Rose’s left nipple, circling it very slowly, Rose whimpering behind her pacifier.

“Look girls, her nipple got hard,” the blonde said, laughing as the other two joined in.

“I bet she has no idea how to really use that wand,” the brunette said with delightful enjoyment of the further spectacle Rose had just become.

“Maybe we oughta give her a little lesson with it then, huh?” the blonde asked, trailing the vibrating tip of the wand across Rose’s cleavage and onto Rose’s right nipple. “You know, as girls, we have to deal with all sorts of little pains inside our bodies – some that visit us in the form of cramps each month and some that we do to ourselves when we over-exert our bodies. But for little virgins like you, baby, you may not realize that being a girl can feel very, very nice.”

The blonde trailed the vibrating tip of the wand down off Rose’s right nipple and traveled it south, down her belly, across her clit and between her legs. Teasing the outer lips of Rose’s labia, the blonde kept circling the vibrating tip between her legs. Rose whimpered harder, trying to pull at her restrained wrists and knees, but the girls had her pinned down securely.

“And all you have to do to feel gooooooood, is get through the intensity first,” the blonde said with a devilish smile as she kept circling the wand around Rose’s labia. “Aww, how cute, girls. It appears our little baby is getting all wet between her legs again and she’s swelling up nicely. What a good little girl she is, after all.”

Rose closed her eyes, whimpering steadily into her pacifier as she began rocking her hips into the vibrations of the wand.

“I think she likes being our little play thing,” the red head teased.

“And we’ve only just begun playing with her,” the blonde said, reaching for the pack of baby wipes as she slid the vibrating tip of the wand up onto Rose’s clit, pressing it in gently as she readied the baby wipe in her other hand. “Virgins not only cry rivers their first time, but they also squirt them, too.”

Rose squirmed all over the place, but the girls held her down, beginning to giggle at her steadily-building arousal.

“You see,” the blonde said with sweetness, pressing the tip of the wand into Rose’s clit. “… you don’t have anything but submissiveness within you. And you can’t defend yourself from what I do to you.”

Rose’s hips rocked harder-n-harder as her journey to the summit began.

“A Big Girl can make it on her own,” the blonde said. “We see them every day in our store. But a little girl has to have a Daddy to survive.”

Rose’s head began to spin.

“Little pamper girls like you squirt, when they’re told to do so,” the blond said, using the baby wipe to begin to tease Rose’s labia some more as she held that vibrating tip of the wand to the girl’s clit. “Squirt for me, baby. Squirt for me the way you squirt for your Daddy.”

With a heart of submission and a body-n-mind of the same, Rose’s entire frame began to shake. Then every muscle in her body seized up, tightening to an excruciatingly taut condition before releasing. And at that moment of release, the blonde covered Rose’s hood-n-clit with the baby wipe a split second before the BabyGirl began to helplessly squirt her juice.

“Aww,” all three girls cooed at her, Rose’s mind turning to mush as she lied there on that counter top and helplessly came for them.

And Rose just kept coming until she was spent. It felt like the longest orgasm she had ever had in her life. Lying there afterwards, Rose sporadically twitched as the blonde wiped her clean between the legs again and then powdered her heavily on the front.

“Now, you’re being a good little girl,” the blonde said with a maternal smile as she folded the front of Rose’s diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at the girl’s hips.

The red head and the brunette began to clean up, packing things away and throwing the wet diaper in the trash can. The blonde helped Rose to sit up on the counter, Rose wearing nothing at this point but her thick, bulky diaper.

“Look at what I found!” the brunette said, taking out an adorable little babydoll top.

“Baby, we need to do a little shopping for you,” the blonde said, taking the babydoll top and helping Rose to slip into it.

The top had poofy, short sleeves and it hardly made it down to Rose’s belly button. The blonde helped Rose to stand up from her seat on the counter and Rose took a moment to get her bearings before trying to move at all.

“You ready?” the blonde asked Rose, Rose looking at the blonde as if she were crazy.

The blonde then took hold of Rose’s hand and headed briskly for the bathroom door.

“Come on, Daddy,” the blonde said to Emmitt. ‘We need to get your BabyGirl’s secret in touch with Victoria’s Secret.”

And down that crazy, long hallway the five of them walked. Rose did her best to waddle as quickly as she could to try to keep up with the blonde’s swift pace. But panic began to strike her as they drew nearer and nearer to the double doors that would lead them back into the mall. Rose was wearing nothing but that babydoll top and her thick diaper. She had no shoes on and couldn’t have told anyone where her belongings were, if she had to.

Nearer and nearer still they drew to the double doors and before Rose’s heart had time to skip another beat, they walked through those doors – back out into the mall.

Suddenly, everyone did more than just glance at Rose. Some stared in admiration. Some stared in disgust. Some stared with no expression on their faces at all. But as Rose was led into the Victoria’s Secret, past the circular table of Big Girl panties, past the garter sets and silk night gowns, she felt like everyone in the world suddenly knew her secret.

People flocked into the Victoria’s Secret store and the three girls lead her back to the babydoll nightie section. In the blink of an eye, the babydoll top Rose was wearing was lifted up-n-off her frame and the laciest, see-thru nightie in the store was lowered onto her torso.

“There ya go, baby,” the blonde said, patting Rose’s thickly diapered bottom as she then led Rose through the masses of people, up to the entrance of the store.

Standing there was Emmitt, holding her diaper bag and all her schoolgirl clothing.

“Now, I don’t wanna ever hear that you gave your Daddy anymore grief at all,” the blonde said, staring into Rose’s eyes. “Being a BabyGirl isn’t easy, especially if you keep making a fuss about everything, understood?”

Rose nodded, taking hold of her Daddy’s hand and walking out of the Victoria’s Secret. No sooner did she get one waddly step out of the store than she came face to face with Thorn, her ex-boyfriend.

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