“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Four of Four): You’re Just Like a Baby

The eventual route you have to go down to make a point is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when you just can get through to someone.

And sometimes the only way to reason with someone is to treat them exactly how they are acting.

For Avery, her punishment came to an end with a rather humiliating conclusion.

Warning: This is Adult, Baby!



Part Four: “You’re Just Like a Baby”

“This is uncomfortable,” she pouted in a fussy tone.

“Yeah?” her Daddy asked with a sudden softer tone.  “Yeah? Is it uncomfortable?”

Softening his tone and persona was necessary.  He recognized the effect of the ten switches she just received.  Yes, there was physical pain, but at the moment, the emotional pain she felt was paramount.  And until she became settled with how he made her feel, she wouldn’t be able to focus on the reason why she was punished.

And her Daddy knew how to nurture her through the process of emotions.  It would’ve been cruel to not allow Avery the time to register what the consequences meant.

It would’ve been even crueler to let her get away with the same behavior once again.

“Turn around,” he said after unfastening her wrist restraints.

She struggled to spin around on her hands and knees while still being bound at the ankles.

“Yeah, it’s hard to do that isn’t it?” he asked, watching her thrash about to move on her knees.

Helping her to get resituated into a sitting position, he brushed her dangling bangs behind her right ear as she began to well up tears.

“You’re crying just like baby,” he said in a soft, but condescending tone as he began to instill the reality of what was to come. 

Her emotions were still recovering from the reminders the sting on your bottom kept fresh.

“Lay down,” he instructed as he began refastening the loosening straps of her ankle restraints. “You know with these restraints, you can really walk.  You have to crawl … just like a baby.”

She lied flat on the rug, wondering what else her punish could possibly include at this point.

“And to add to that, just like a baby, you’re gonna wear diapers like a baby,” he said placing a diaper next to her on the rug.

“What?” she fussed loudly in disbelief of what she just heard.

He couldn’t possibly be serious.

“So you don’t pee your pants,” her Daddy said, matter-of-factly.

“No,” she fussed, grunting her frustration.  “I don’t …”

She put her hands to eyes, aggravated at how serious he actually was.  She drew her knees and feet up, trying to pull away from him.  She knew she couldn’t get up and run, but had to do something to resist the humiliating conclusion he had in mind for her.

Little did she know the depths of it and how humiliating it would be.

“Get back here,” he said sharply.

“No,” she fussed, trying to keep her legs away from him.

“Get back here,” he instructed more sharply as he grabbed the restraint strap and re-straightening her legs flat to the rug. “Do you need more spankings?”

“No,” she fussed, wiggling her legs to break free of his grip. “And I don’t need diapers, either.”

“Stop it,” he said with a monotone voice, drawing close to losing his patience.

But she yanked her feet away from him, drawing her knees up.  He leaned in and delivered a smack to hr left bottom cheek.

She whimpered and allowed him to lower her feet back down.

“Stop squirming,” he said with a stern tone.

He unfolded the diaper and placed it on the rug between her legs.  It was then that she knew she had lost this battle.

She began whimpering.  And then she began sulking.  And then she began fussing.  She couldn’t help herself, just like a baby.

The mere thought of being diapered was embarrassing, but actually being diapered was humiliating.  And these were the emotions coursing through her mind as he lifted her legs and bottom into the air, sliding the diaper underneath her.

All of the achievements of her young life, all the milestones and all the summits she had reached were suddenly gone.  She was being reduced back to infancy.

“I don’t want this,” she cried softly.

“It doesn’t matter what you want,” her Daddy said in an understanding tone, but also one which had just laid down the law.

He began to speak to her as if she were capable of understanding very little at all.  Her fussing became simple noises to him which he would ignore for the silliness they represented.

A few more smacks to her bottom ended the physical struggle as he began to fasten the diaper at her waist.

And as he diapered her, he explained that she would remain this way for the next month.  There would be no bathroom privileges … one of the first privileges achieved, now gone.

He unzipped her jacket and slipped her out of it as he sat on the couch and began to treat her a little differently.  He no longer had a daughter to raise.  He had a baby to take care of.

Crawling on her hands and knees into her bedroom, she envisioned the horrors of what her life was about to become.  And echoing in her mind were the sounds of the one statement from her Daddy which may have been the greatest punishment of all:

“You’re just like a baby.”

That she was, and she had no idea for how long.


You can find the video to this story at:

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Also, check out Avery’s Blog: Avery’s BlogSpot

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