Daddy Means What He Says – (Part Two of Two): Avery’s New Friends and the 10 “Thank You, Daddies”

Disclaimer: This is Adult, Baby!

That’s the best way I know how to describe “Treasure Bound”. And while ABDL isn’t exclusively sexual, it is still an Adult Fetish and therefore can include sexuality. And that’s only natural between two people who love each other, whether they are Husband and Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Daddy and BabyGirl … or all of those combinations, yet still so much more.

“Treasure Bound” is an exploration of the sexuality within the dynamic connection between a Daddy and a BabyGirl.

Believe me when I tell you … This is Adult, Baby!


Part Two:  Avery’s New Friends and the 10 “Thank You, Daddies”


“It’s not fair,” Avery sulked as her Daddy picked up something from the nightstand.

“Mm-hmm.  Not fair.  Not fair.  You say that now,” he said with disgust.

He wasn’t playing around anymore.  She simply wouldn’t listen and while the times weren’t quite desperate yet, the measures were about to get a lot more directed.

“What are you doing?  What are you doing?” he said, bending her back over the edge of the bed as she tried to stand up.  “Did I tell you to get up?”

“No,” she said with a small voice.

“Let me introduce you to my friend,” he said, tapping her bottom with the implement.

“No!” she said, feeling the tap and realizing the sting it was going to cause.

“He’s pretty fun,” her Daddy said, sliding the implement across her pinkening cheeks.  “You … are going to get to know him, pretty well.”

He tapped her cheeks with it, making the first solid strikes to each side.  She winced at the pain which shot down her legs and now fidgeted for a whole new reason.  This was a mind game of sorts.  It was a mixture of the pain she was feeling from the strikes and the pain she imagined was to come.  Both seemed excruciating.

He made exacting strikes now, finding the areas of her cheeks that needed a little more color to them.  She began to mumble at the continued spanking.

“Hmm?” he asked, striking her bottom again.

“I want my diaper,” she whimpered, no longer showing the stubbornness which brought her to the current level of punishment she was receiving.

“And why would you want your diaper?” he asked, cutting down her excuse.  “So it doesn’t hurt when I spank you.”

“Ooo,” she whimpered in a higher pitched voice.

“Is that why?  … Not a chance,” he said, landing the most damaging of strikes and continuing to punctuate each following word in the same manner.  “Not … a … chance.”

“Daddy,” she sulked, beginning to feel as though she had gotten the point.

“Not a chance,” he said, striking the implement across her cheeks again.

Stay right there.  And if you move, I’m gonna double your spankings.  I’m gonna double them.  You don’t want that, do you?” he said and questioned as he landed more stinging blows to her bottom.

“Nooo,” she whined in response.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said, taking hold of her cuffed wrists.  “You’re gonna get off easy this time.”

This gave Avery the first bit of hope she had felt in a while, but little did she realize the lesson she was still to receive, all from the repetition of two words she really needed to learn to say more often.

“Instead of giving you … twenty spankings,” he said, allowing her hope to build.  “I’ll only give you ten with my other friend.”

He rubbed the black paddle, no in his hand, across her bottom.  She gasped, feeling the width of it as her mind tried to process what pain she would receive from it.

“Remember this?” he asked, lighting tapping her bottom with the paddle.  “What happened the last time you got this?  What happened the last time you got this?”

She pouted a mumbled, trying to stand up.

“Stay down,” he said, taking hold of her cuffed wrists and behind her back over the edge of the bed.  “Now you’re gonna get ten spanks with this paddle here.  And after each one of these spanks … you’re gonna say the number of the spank it is and Thank You, Daddy.”

And with those directions, her punishment took on yet another level of severity, this one including humiliation. 

He was going to spank her, then make her thank him for having done it. 

“Do you understand me?” he asked, continuing to tap her bottom with the paddle.  “And if you can accomplish this one, you can go back to better and you’d better go back to bed because I will be checking.”

The paddle cracked her bottom with a force.

“One … Thank You, Daddy,” she said in a small voice.

A second crack sounded.

“Two … Thank You Daddy,” she said in the same small voice.

A third crack landed.  And she took a moment to swallow the lump in her throat.

“Three … Thank You, Daddy,” she said with a tone now shaky.

It wasn’t so much the pain as it was the humiliation that hurt the most.  There was no one there to watch her get this spanking.  So it was a humiliation she felt within herself.  Avery, might’ve been a little girl – so little she still wore a diaper, but she was better than how she had acted.

But her stubborn standoffish attitude had tested the waters of her Daddy’s patience a bit too deeply and it took a series of spankings, from bare handed to implement in hand to paddle in hand to get her to see that her attitude not only needed to go, but would be taken away from her.

And one paddle crack at a time, she felt her attitude leaving her as her behavior would soon show.  And with each crack of the paddle, her voice began to show how small she felt and how humiliated by her own bad behavior she had become.

By the tenth crack and her statement of: “Ten … Thank You, Daddy”, she had stopped following his directions and had started saying thank you for real, in meaning and recognition of how bad she had been, and now, and appreciation of how he brought her back to her place.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked, uncuffing her wrists and pulling her diaper back up oer a bottom which was now quite sore.

But as she crawled into bed and he tucked her in, she thought through the frown behind her pacifier and the poutiness she couldn’t shake to remind herself to never again forget that Daddy Means What He Says.


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