Treasure Bound – Part Two of Four: A New Game

Disclaimer: This is Adult, Baby!

That’s the best way I know how to describe “Treasure Bound”. And while ABDL isn’t exclusively sexual, it is still an Adult Fetish and therefore can include sexuality. And that’s only natural between two people who love each other, whether they are Husband and Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Daddy and BabyGirl … or all of those combinations, yet still so much more.

“Treasure Bound” is an exploration of the sexuality within the dynamic connection between a Daddy and a BabyGirl.

Believe me when I tell you … This is Adult, Baby!


Part Two:  A New Game

Part of being a BabyGirl is rediscovering how the world treats you, how you see the world and how you relate to the people around you.  There’s an attention a BabyGirl receives which transcends actions as much as reactions.  What this means is:  What you do for a BabyGirl is just as important as what you say.

This is important for her little side as well as for her Big side, because both sides make up who she is…..

“You ready for your game?” Avery’s Daddy asked, returning to the bedside.

Avery wasn’t sure where he went when he left the bedroom, but he returned with some really neat-looking bracelets.  She lied on her tummy on her bed, rolling side-to-side and hoping the bracelets were for her.

“Yeah,” she replied, cheerfully.

“Yeah?  Well, this is your game,” her Daddy said, placing the bracelets on the bed next to her.  “And this is here I show you what the game is.”

He picked up one of the bracelets.

“Okay,” she replied innocently, figuring if Daddy wanted to play this game it must’ve been a lot of fun, whatever it was.

“What you do is I take this arm and I put this thing on here,” he explained as he placed the bracelet on her left wrist and fastened it.

“Okay,” she said, trying to figure out how the game was played and how the bracelets came into it.

She was very happy that the bracelets were for her.  And she took a moment to look at the bracelet he had put on her left wrist.  It didn’t seem like a lot of the other bracelets she owned.  It was different.  It was black and made of leather and had a strap on it and was the size of a sleeve cuff.  And all the bracelets looked like this that he had placed next to her on the bed.

“And then, I take this one and I put it on your other wrist,” he explained picking up an identical bracelet from the pile and placing it on her right wrist.

She watched him fasten the second bracelet.  She was fascinated at his point.  How was this game played?  And how did the bracelets come into it?  Curiosity was beginning to get the best of her.

“So now, you’ve got one on here,” he said, finishing the tightening of the bracelet on her right wrist.  “And one on your other wrist.”

She was glad he was taking time to explain this game.  It looked like it would be fun, but she was just a baby and sometimes needed a lot of directions to figure out how to do things.

“Now,” he said, standing up from the bed and picking up a third bracelet. “We put this on your ankle.”

He fastened the third bracelet to her left ankle.  She was surprised she had never heard of this game before.  She figured with all the neat bracelets for her wrists and ankles, somebody would’ve shown it to her by now because everybody knew how much she loved bracelets.

“Oh, don’t worry.  You’ll like it,” her Daddy said, sensing she still didn’t know how to play the game and might’ve been wondering if she would enjoy herself.

“Okay,” she said, trusting her Daddy.

“And then I put this one on your other ankle,” he said fastening the final bracelet to her right ankle.  “Now …”

“Now what?” she asked as he sat next to her on the side of the bed and picked up the last piece of jewelry.

“This is the last piece of the game,” he said showing it to her. 

She looked at it.  It didn’t look like the other four bracelets, but it was similar.  It just had longer straps on it.

“What is it?” she finally asked, interested to see how this piece of jewelry fit into the game.

“What do you think this is?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly.

“Well let me show ya,” he said, beginning to attach the last piece of jewelry to the bracelet on her left ankle.

“This goes right here,” he said.  “And then I put the other one right here.”

He began attaching it to the bracelet on her right ankle.  Now, she couldn’t part her legs very far.  So she could rule out that the game included running.

“Then  … Give me your wrist,” he said, taking her left wrist and bring it back behind her back.  “We attach it right here.”

He attached her left wrist bracelet to the fifth piece of jewelry.

“Uh-huh,” she said, following along thus far.

“And then I need your other one,”  he said crossing behind her, drawing her right wrist back behind her back and attaching that bracelet to the fifth piece of jewelry the same as the left.

“How do you like that?” he asked.

“I’m stuck,” she said playfully, realizing that her bracelets and the fifth piece of jewelry had bound her wrists and ankles pretty close to each other. 

“You are stuck,” he said.  “You are bonafide stuck.”

She couldn’t move very much at all, except to wiggle on the bed like a fish.  The game still confused her, but it looked like it was going to be fun.  This whole time that her Daddy had dressed her in these funny-looking bracelets, she kept eyeing up her new toy between his legs and wondered when she would get a chance to play with it again.

“Now, the name of the game,” he said returning to the bed and sitting with his back to the pillows.  “The name of the game is…”

“Oh no,” she said, embarrassed that he sat down and kept her new toy just out of her reach.

She felt a little silly and buried her face in the bed sheets for a moment, knowing what her Daddy was going to say next.

“You gotta come get your prize,” he said, settling into his position in front of her on the bed.

She giggled to herself and she tried crawling up to him to get to her prize, which turned out to be more play time with her new toy.

“This is hard,” she whined, trying to make her way up the bed without the use of her arms or legs.

“Ya gotta come get your prize,” he said, enticing her to try again.

As she got closer to her toy, she let out that excited little Avery giggle that sounded so adorable.  And she used her fish wiggles from earlier to try to make it up to her toy.

“Woah,” you got some wee-way, there,” he said, listening to her excited giggle again.

She paused in her wiggles to take a break as the journey had exhausted her.

“I want it,” she said in a chipper-tone as she rested the side of her head on his thigh.

“Then come and get it,” he said.

She wiggled and wiggled and wiggled her little diapered bottom off until she reached the toy. Well … almost.  Sticking her tongue out, she tried the stretch and touch it, to no avail.  So she wiggled some more and got her nose underneath the toy, trying to flip it up so she could get to it with her mouth.

“I can’t get it,” she pouted.

“It’s right there,” he said sweetly, watching her try her best to reach it.

She dove her mouth at it, but still struggled to keep hold of it.  Little did she realize her Daddy was shifting his hips to keep her new toy just out of her reach.

“I need help,” she pouted.

“It’s right there,” he encouraged, slyly.

“I just need it in my mouth,” she pouted further.

“That’s the fun part,” he said.

She reached out with hungry lips and enveloped the tip of her new toy, realizing how much more difficult it was to play with it without hands.  But there was such a satisfaction to having her new toy back in her mouth.

He tucked her hair behind her ear, stroking her locks.  She seemed so happy to have her toy back in her mouth.  And she got fussy when it fell out of her mouth.  But her contentment returned when he guided her toy back in between her lips.

She was so proud of herself for having played the game so well and it was because she knew she had begin given a challenge and was able to overcome it that her pride grew.  Avery was a very good girl and her Daddy was very, very proud of her.

The action was the challenge of the game and the reaction was her happiness for making her Daddy proud of her. 

So much more was yet to come, in more ways than one ….


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