Mommy’s Point of View: The Maternal Instinct

Some things about ourselves are obvious to others, but not to us.  And the reason why is because we’re not actually supposed to be able to understand it all.  If we understood it all, then we wouldn’t need anyone.

No one understands this more than a Mommy.  For Avery, she knew exactly what her little guy needed.  And all it took to get him to see it about himself was a Bambino Diaper, the right point of view and a little Maternal Instinct.

Warning:  This Ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!


She stood at the edge of his bed, looking down into the soul of the guy lying before her and seeing the little boy inside which desperately needed to be reassured he was loved.

Avery had the charm of Maternal Instinct in her, which perhaps could be the most powerful force in this world.  And within a few caressing moments, it would be the only force that mattered in his world.

She glowingly gazed down at him, all ready seeing the little guy she was about to turn him into. 

“Hi Mommy,” he said to her.

“Hello,” she said with a cheery tone and a smile driven with instinct.  “What are you wearing?”

“Pants,” he said, honestly and innocently.

“Why are you wearing big boy clothes?” she asked with sweetness.”

“Cuz I am a big boy?” he asked back.

“You’re not a big boy,” she said with certainty to her voice, the first of many subtle suggestions he would absorb.

“Yes I am,” he replied with natural resistance.

“Don’t lie,” she said with the traces of a maternal glow beginning to guide her demeanor.

She unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans and he looked up at her, trying to compute what the message was he sent to her.  His point of view and his emotion was the reciprocal to how she saw things and how she felt.  Yet, for some amazing reason, there was no dispute and he was almost done accepting her decisions.  Well, he was almost done …

“But I am a big boy,” he said a little more assertively, but with his own intent of understanding what she was doing to his mind.

“No, you’re not,” she replied to him, sweetly, calmly and with such conviction.

“I’m not?” he asked, beginning to question if he truly was a big boy.

“Lift your bum up,” she instructed as she lowered his jeans and began to undress him.

Her mind was made up and she decided the best way to get him to see it from he right point of view was to show him the way.

“Fine,” he said, lifting his bottom as she slid his jeans down and off his legs.

“What are those?” she asked, making reference to his big boy shorts.

“What do you think they are?” he said, making another attempt to retain his status.

“Are you talking back to me?” she asked, still maintaining her sweetness and maternal charm.

“Mm-hmm,” he said, trying to mount a soft defense.

“Do you want a spanking?” she asked with a song-like quality, giving him a non-confrontational way out.

“No,” he answered with a small voice.

“Then don’t talk back to me,” she said, nonchalantly moving forward with the treatment.  “Why are you wearing big boy pants?”

“Because I’m a big boy,” he replied, still clinging to his belief.

“No, you’re not,” she said with a monotone quality.

“Why not?” he asked with a passing plea. 

“Because you’re not a big boy,” she said as she slid his big boy shorts off.

“Oh, yes I am,” he said with half-defiance.

But even then he knew she had won a subtle battle which hardly required any effort on her part.  And for as much as he denied the feelings she produced within him, he began to feel the effects of a domineering Mommy who wrapped up her power with a smile and a cheeriness that would make anyone listen to her.

He lied before her with his lower half-exposed and began to realize that if he truly was a big boy, his reaction and condition just then would be much different than it actually was.  And it was then that he began to believe.

“I think you want this instead,” she said with a Mommy tone as she held up a Bambino diaper.

“What’s that?” he asked with a regressing mind.

“A Diaper,” she said excitedly, beginning to work on the pieces of his big boy thoughts which might still be lingering inside his soul.  “And they say Baby on them because you’re a baby.”

Suddenly her words began to sing a melody, a lullaby even, which brought a harmony to his thoughts.  He continued to put up an unconvincing fight for a little while as she unfolded his diaper and placed it underneath him.  But he soon regressed.  And with each touch of her fingertips, he began to feel the caress of her maternal instinct.

He followed her through the emotions of being diapered, allowing her charm to guide his heart’s way.  And while asking about his big boy pants (a final fleeting need to be big), he all ready knew what she would say.  And she was right about it:

“You don’t need big boy pants,” she responded sweetly and with as much Mommy to her tone as could be.

His life would be much differently now.  Yet, somehow, it seemed familiar – almost as if it were meant to be all along.  She had shown him the way, set the mood and her charm of maternal instinct had won him over.


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