Treasure Bound – Part Four of Four: “The Hand Jive”

Disclaimer: This is Adult, Baby!

That’s the best way I know how to describe “Treasure Bound”. And while ABDL isn’t exclusively sexual, it is still an Adult Fetish and therefore can include sexuality. And that’s only natural between two people who love each other, whether they are Husband and Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Daddy and BabyGirl … or all of those combinations, yet still so much more.

“Treasure Bound” is an exploration of the sexuality within the dynamic connection between a Daddy and a BabyGirl.

Believe me when I tell you … This is Adult, Baby!


Part Four:  The Hand Jive

Indemnity is a funny sounding word which means protection, but it can also mean insurance.  Kind of like the idea of being there for someone when they need you the most and knowing that if you can give someone  what they need, then they will not only grow with you, but because of you.

Avery lived a life where she not only found herself treasure bound, but found herself to be her Daddy’s greatest treasure as well.  So, when it came time to be there for him, she was.

She was excited by her new toy, hoping to never be without it again.  And she gripped it with her right hand, stroking it and adding a little spittle for enjoyment.  She was so proud of herself.  She knew he was getting close to the destination and she knew he would make certain she was there to receive the treasure.

Knowing this gave her little mind the focus it needed to stay on the task at hand, or in this case, the task in her hand. 

It was hard work, but she was a tough BabyGirl and her Daddy was starting to enjoy her efforts.  He wasn’t saying much and because of this, she knew she had been doing a good job.  It was time to complete him as he completed her.

“Feel good, Daddy?” Avery asked with a determination.

“Mm-Hmm,” her Daddy said as he began to make the quick responses.

It was then she realized that her hand jive was what was needed.

“Keep that up and you might get some milk,” he said in a softer tone.

She gasped at the thought of it.

“Yay,” she said with a little voice.

Her Daddy was so kind to her, she couldn’t believe it sometimes.  Even now, he was still thinking of gifts to give her.  And she loved her Daddy’s milk.  It tasted so wonderful.  She hoped he was proud of her because she had been practicing on her nursing all day – from her old pacifier to her new one, and she was ready to show him how good she was at nursing down his milk.

It was time for a passionate move.  It was time for a hand jive.

Her strokes became deliberate and she took the time to make every motion count, giving it the greatest effect she knew how.  The tension built as did her toy’s girth, another sign that the summit of this journey was soon upon them.

“So big, Daddy,” she said, trying to keep her composure.

“Where does Avery want her milk?” he asked playfully.

“In my mouth,” she answered honestly.

What a silly Daddy he was sometimes.  Where did he think she wanted her milk?  In her ear?  In her hair?  In her diaper?

She shook the questions out of her mind, getting too excited by them to answer them.  Besides, she had a job to do right now.

She added a little spittle to her efforts and continued on.

“I want it,” she said with a little voice, knowing her Daddy was teaching her the virtue of patience.

All she could think about now was how good her Daddy’s milk was going to taste.

“Feel good?” she asked, trying to show her patience.

“Mm-hmm,” he mumbled.

She enjoyed performing the hand jive and he was beginning to enjoy dancing it with her.  She brought her lips down onto the tip of her toy, teasing it with sensation.  She was getting restless and starting to wiggle.  But she was still trying to be as good of a girl for him as she could.  Another dose of little spittle made that point clear as she focused her hand jive on the tip of her toy.

Then she added the twist technique, hitting underside of her toy, where she knew all the sensitive spots were located.

“You’re getting close,” he said quietly.

“Yeah?” she asked excitedly.

The milkman was on his way and would soon be ringing the doorbell.  She repositioned herself as to be ready for his milk when it arrived.  Her excitement was building but not so much to forget being prepared.  She was just a girl, so little that she still wore a diaper, but she wasn’t so little as to forget to be ready.

“I want it,” she admitted in a huff.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she responded.

“How bad?” he asked.

“Real bad,” she pouted.  “I wanna taste it.”

She was starting to get fussy and mouthed the tip of her toy again to behave herself.

“Use the hand a little more,” her Daddy instructed.

He was right.

Her Daddy was always right and Daddy knew best.  So she started back up on the hand jive and then the twist technique.  And then, her Daddy spoke again … with some wonderful news to report.

“Here it comes,” her Daddy whispered.

Stroking her new toy and closing her lips around the tip, she let out a few little BabyGirl moans as her Daddy gave her his milk to drink.  It was so much milk!  She swallowed as quickly as she could, realizing she had practiced her nursing skills, and now her swallowing skills needed to keep up.  But she rose to the challenge, determined to be there in the end and be dependable when it mattered the most.

The destination had been reached.  The view was wonderful.  And the reward was sweet. But the journey to get there, the voyage of being treasure bound was a reward in itself that most would neglect paying attention to.

The love of a Daddy and his BabyGirl will take the time to grow from the journey.  Avery and her Daddy were closer now because of the voyage, a sign that they had learned and grown together. 

Along the way, “A New Pacifier” set the mood, “A New Game” (with some new bracelets) set the course, getting her “Hands Back” had taught the lessons needed to be learned, and in the end it was a “Hand Jive” which showed how to last and how to be there when someone needs you the most.

“All gone?” Avery’s Daddy asked her.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show Daddy’s milk was now where it belonged … in her tummy.

“All gone,” she said proudly.

“You’re a silly little baby,” her Daddy said, adding some butterflies to her tummy as well.

“You’re silly,” she said as the littleness overtook her senses.

“Is that your new favorite game now?” her Daddy asked.

“Yeah,” she admitted.

“We’re gonna have to play that more then,” he said.

“Yeah,” she responded, excited at the idea.

And they both thought that was a pretty good idea.

The End


You can find the video to this story at: & ABGus’s Member Site

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