The Daddy at the End of Her Rainbow

The Daddy at the End of Her Rainbow

Avery was done with this day.  Enough all ready with the crazy work thing!  It was time for a simple, relaxing evening at home. Being home felt good.  It felt right. There was always a love and happiness to the air that spoke volumes of the safety and nurturing her little soul craved more than most anything else in her life.

But perhaps the one thing she craved more than littleness was her Daddy, Gussy, who had built a world for her where she could bare her heart and allow the little girl inside her to run free.  All her life she had harbored and protected that little girl and now she had found the Daddy who would touch her more deeply than anyone ever had.  It was because of this that Avery could finally be who she always wanted to be. 

And it was the littleness in her soul, starting at the core of her being,  which not only made her the apple she was in her Daddy’s eye, but the BabyGirl she was in his life.

She lied on her bed, nursing on her pacifier and partially dressed in her footie pajamas, awaiting one more bit of attire.

“What do you think you’re doin’?” her Daddy said in a playful tone as he entered her bedroom.

Oh, his voice.  His Daddy-voice made her tummy flutter with those butterflies which only a BabyGirl could feel. And in a world where she was made to feel as little and as loved as a baby, she was never more contented to accept the truth that little heart’s such as hers would always be affected by the little things in life often overlooked by others … like little butterflies that danced a waltz inside her and made her feel wonderful.

“I don’t know,” she mumbled while nursing on her pacifier.

“What do you think you’re doin’?” her Daddy said again in a playful tone.

“Playin’,” she mumbled innocently, wiggling her pink teddy stuffie.

“You’re silly,” he said.  “You ready for your diaper?”

“Mm-hmm,” she replied, trying to distract herself for how little she felt.

It wasn’t a hard admission to make, but one that always made her feel like a baby, a feeling quite overwhelming at points.   She kept waving her teddy bear in the air, presenting him to her Daddy as he walked to the foot of the bed.

“Aww, you like your bear, dontcha?” he said in that syrupy tone which he knew would melt her heart.

He was always playful and it felt natural to call him Daddy and see him as none one other than the Big to her little.  He took the bear and made it kiss her on the face.  Avery tossed her head back and forth.

“He’s gonna get you.  He’s gonna get you,” he said, making the bear’s nose kiss her cheeks.

She wiggled and eventually curled her legs up, a response which came directly from the little girl inside her soul.

And as he positioned her body for her diaper, she instinctively parted her legs.  Being naked in front of the man she loved was a passion for how she could freely share everything about her with him.  Being naked in front of her Daddy allowed her to open her soul even more freely.

“I guess somebody needs her diaper,” he said, unfolding her diaper and placing it flat to the mattress beneath her.  The crinkle echoed in her ears, an audible reminder of the little girl she was.

She pointed to herself, proudly.

“That would be you,” he said, lifting her legs and bottom up.  “That would be you.”

A diapering was always a special time between she and her Daddy and they would both feel the bond they shared because of it.  Having her legs and bottom in the air made for a really little feeling to well up inside her.

“Hmm.  Hmm.  That’s my baby,” Gus said in that sweet syrupy Daddy tone as he positioned her legs down to comfort before picking up the bottle of powder.

Avery looked at the teddy bear, still trying to mellow herself as to not fidget while her Daddy powdered her.  It was that sweet scent that would soon permeate the air and fill her senses with even more littleness.  And she adored the aroma as much as she did a sweet perfume when her Daddy allowed her to be a Big Girl.

He sprinkled the powder to her front as she playfully presented the teddy bear once again.  The silkened feeling of the powder on her skin brought a smile to her face as did her Daddy’s continued silliness.

“What?  Bear wants a diaper, too?” he asked humorously as Avery cheeks became rosy and eyes began to sparkle a twinkle, joining the broad smile behind her pacifier.

Only a Daddy who loved her deeply could produce that kind of reaction from her.  And only a Daddy would know the mindset to have.

“They don’t make diapers little enough for Bear,” Gussy said as he folded the front of her diaper up and into place.

“Mm-hmm,” Avery sweetly corrected him from behind her pacifier, understanding that he would know that they made little diapers for dolls and stuffed animals.

Gussy was her Daddy.  He wasn’t a BabyGirl and he wouldn’t know these things. 

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, beginning to fasten the tapes at her hips.  “Where do you get them?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbled while throwing her hands out to her sides.

He was being so silly, just then.  Of course she didn’t know.  She was just a little girl – so little that she still wore diapers.  But she knew that the little-little diapers were out there …… somewhere.

“That’s what I thought,” Gussy said, playfully trying to win the discussion.

Avery rolled her eyes in her head, allowing him to think he won.

Then he began to fasten the diaper into place, wrapping her in it and producing that enveloped feeling which added to the security of comfort she was experiencing.

“That’s my good baby,” he cooed at her while tucking in her waistband and patting her freshly diapered front.

She closed her eyes.

Oh, the “Pat”.  It was always one of those little gestures that melted her insides and owned her heart.  It meant she had been a good girl for him and he was proud of her because of this and he loved her deeply.

And that sentiment remained in her thoughts, her emotions and the forever of her memories, whether she was being a Big Girl or a BabyGirl.

He checked the elastic edges of her diaper to make sure it would be comfortable and she curled her legs up, instinctively, knowing what was next to come, but waiting for his permission. 

“Time for footy?” he asked as she mumbled yes and put her feet down, lifting her hips and bottom in the air.

It was the dynamic between them and the love which connected them that made it easy for her to be obedient to him and submissive to his directions.  She didn’t view it as anything other than absolute innocence of emotion and it was the kind of white hot attention she hadn’t felt since she was very little.

He reached under her to straighten out some material she was lying on and, in the process, tickled her diapered bottom, making her giggle slightly.  She knew that it was partially accidental, but also partially intentional and that’s what made it even more fun.  He knew her ticklish spots and reminded her of them at opportune moments such as then.

She drew her right leg up and he slid her foot into the leg of the pajamas, helping her scooch and wiggle her toes to the bottom.  She whimpered slightly at the soft material touching her leg now.  It was pleasant and felt nice.

And then onto the left leg, where her Daddy had to untwist the footie at the bottom to make it fit her correctly.

He zipped her up and she threw her hands to the sky as he extended his arms to her.  She lifted her feet and sat up into his welcomed embrace as her silly Daddy hugged her back down onto the bed.  She wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her forehead.

“That’s my baby,” he said sweetly.  “That’s my baby.”

He rubbed her belly where all those butterflies were at, patted her front with a Daddy loves you gentleness and then stood because after a day which had been long all ready, Daddy knew that she needed a nap.

“You takin’ a nap now?” he asked sweetly.

“Mm-hmm,” she mumbled, getting comfortable and not fussing at all.

“Nap-Nap,” he said, covering her with her blanket.

She clasped the blanket’s edge, feeling the full effects of littleness.  She absorbed how her day just began anew for her, all because of a Daddy who embraced her heart when she needed it most.

“I’ll come check on you in a little bit,” he said, exiting the room.

She closed her eyes, ready to journey where her dreams would lead her now.  The Soul of a Daddy had melted her heart.  And doing what Daddy said to do made her feel so good.  She loved him so much and in so many ways that, so long as he bare his love to her, she would follow him to the end of the rainbow and beyond.


Wanna see the video of this story?  It’s available to you here: & ABGus’s Member Site


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