The Avery Puppy

Madonna may have been on to something when she sang that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And Avery was indisputable proof of this.

The name Avery has an Olde English origin, meaning “elf” or “magical counselor”. There had always been a high level of make-believe in her little heart. And that nature of make-believe would sometimes make her imagination run wild.

Warning: This is Adult, Baby!


Avery sat on the couch in her t-shirt and diaper, eating snacks out of a tiny bowl.    It was a pleasant, relaxing, simple day and she was having a good time entertaining herself as her Daddy sat across the room at his desk and worked.

Maybe it was her nature that made her the unpredictable BabyGirl whom she often was.  Maybe it was her ability to have fun whenever she wanted.  Maybe it was the fact that she embraced her littleness and followed its lead, no matter where it took her.

So, when she accidentally spilled some of her snacks on the floor, she got down on her hands and knees on the rug, set the bowl down and began to eat her snack like a little puppy. 

It seemed like a lot of fun, and even if she had to abandon to 5 second rule for food that feel to the ground, she was going to enjoy the moment.

Her Daddy didn’t see it the same way.  And the nature of any Daddy is to protect his little girl from harm, even if that means he has to protect her from her own imagination.

Telling her to stop didn’t always do the trick with Avery.  From past experience, he learned that she needed to be shown that having fun was okay … so long as there wasn’t danger.

Spilled food, germs and sickness from eating off the floor were all the concerns he needed to have weighing on his heart to make him get up and walk over to her.

“Are you eating food off the floor?” her Daddy asked.  “Are you a baby or a puppy?”

“A baby,” Avery answered innocently, seeing nothing wrong with the fun she viewed as harmless.

“You’re not acting like a baby.  You’re acting like a puppy,” he tried explaining to her.

“No,” she fussed with a sweetness that made clear she was just having a little fun. “Puppies have a tail.  I don’t have a tail.”

“But you’re eating food off the floor like a puppy,” he replied.

Her Daddy could see the wealth of littleness she was in and decided to help her understand things in an unusual manner, but hopefully one which would make the point she needed to see.

“You know what?  I think that you’re a puppy today,” he said, crossing the room and picking up a pink collar. “So I got this for you.”

He walked behind her and attached the collar.

“How do you like that?” he asked, snapping the collar into place.  “Feel a lot like a puppy, don’t you?”

“But I’m still a baby,” she said seeing him pick up a pink leash and clicking it onto her collar.  “Now I’ll have two dogs to walk later on.”

He pulled on the leash and directed her mouth to the bowl.  Resisting, she fussed that she was a baby – to which he replied she was a baby puppy.

Her fussing lead to a smack on her diapered bottom.  Followed by another and another.

He took up the leash and made her crawl to the corner, where she’d spend a little time before the most humiliating walk of her life.


You can find the video to this story at: & ABGus’s Member Site

Also, check out Avery’s Blog: Avery’s BlogSpot

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