Daddy Means What He Says – (Part One of Two): Learning to “Stay Down”

Disclaimer: This is Adult, Baby!

That’s the best way I know how to describe “Treasure Bound”. And while ABDL isn’t exclusively sexual, it is still an Adult Fetish and therefore can include sexuality. And that’s only natural between two people who love each other, whether they are Husband and Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Daddy and BabyGirl … or all of those combinations, yet still so much more.

“Treasure Bound” is an exploration of the sexuality within the dynamic connection between a Daddy and a BabyGirl.

Believe me when I tell you … This is Adult, Baby!


Part One: Learning to “Stay Down”

Feeling little can be an overwhelming thing which takes you to a place of thought where you want nothing but more little feelings.  For a little girl, this desire to find those little feelings can distract her from doing what Daddy has told her to do.  What it comes off as is disobedience.  That isn’t always the case and the little girl didn’t mean to ignore what her Daddy told her to do, but it’s at moments like when a Daddy must make clear to her that he means what he says.

For Avery, this distraction would cause her to get in trouble with her Daddy at points in time when she was to be doing something else, like picking up the crayons she had colored with that morning off the living room rug, putting all her toys back in the toy box when she was done playing with them, or going to bed and going to sleep when her Daddy said to.

Even if she had played with her stuffed animals in total silence, it was only a matter of time before her Daddy would check on her and find out that she had disobeyed him.  And as he entered, she knew she was in trouble.

“I thought you were supposed to be sleeping,” her Daddy said in his usual softer tone as he entered the bedroom to find Avery having a little girl’s conversation with her two stuffed animals.

She quickly set the animals and folded her hands.  She knew that she hadn’t followed his instructions to go to sleep, but hoped that he would give her credit for still being in her bed.

“I am sleeping,” she said with a grin behind her pacifier, trying to turn the charm on as she set the toy she was playing with on the nightstand and tried to crawl under the covers.

“It doesn’t look to me like you’re sleeping,” he said with a pleasant tone, though her nonchalant attitude about her infraction began to anger him a bit.

“I am sleeping,” she said with a bigger grin as she pulled the covers on top of her and lied down.

“You’re not sleeping,” he said, controlling himself for how upset he was with her.

He took the cover off her and it was then that she knew, she wasn’t getting away with it this time.

“I am sleeping,” she whimpered, knowing that her behavior had warranted punishment.

And her Daddy’s punishments always hurt, but always made the point clear.  She wasn’t sure which was more punishing:  the throbbing pain she knew she would soon be rubbing out of her bottom or the fact that she was going to face the consequences for her decisions.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” he asked, giving her a chance to explain.

“Because I can’t sleep,” she whined to him.

“I told you… ,” as he smacked the back of her right thigh.  “that you have to go to bed.”

“I’m sorry,” she whined.

Her voice and attitude hadn’t gotten any more serious.  So the back of her right thigh received another smack from his hand.  Even if she wasn’t serious, her Daddy was and she would soon change her tune.

“Daddy, I’m sorry,” she said with a voice that tried to convince him it was okay that she was still awake because she was just a little girl who forgot what her Daddy told her.

“Oh, I know,” he said, smacking the back of her thigh.  “I know you’re sorry.”

“Okay, I’ll go s’eep.  See?” she said with a little girl tone as the back of her right thigh received the first barrage of rapid fire smacks.

“But I think I need to teach you a lesson,” he said, not having any more of her excuses.

He removed her pacifier from between her now-pouting lips, getting her attention as she whimpered again.

“I think I do,” he said, making reference again to the punishment that was in store.

“But, but,” she stammered as he moved the covers off her legs again.

She folded her arms as her excuses had turned to her pouts.

“Mm-hmm,” he said, knowing exactly what she was doing as he took hold of her right arm.  “Come on.”

“No,” she sulked with a frown.

“Let’s go,” he said firmly, taking hold of her wrist and beginning to stand her up.

His voice was now showing the disgust.

“No,” she sulked again as she resisted him to no avail.

“I’m not gonna tell you again,” he said with his firmest tone yet as he stood her up. “Get over here now.”

She got to her feet and the scowl on her face made evident that she was submitting to what was going to happen, but it didn’t mean she was going to make it easy on him.

Her excuses had turned to pouting … and now she was prepared to simply fuss.  She wasn’t happy with the fact that she was about to be taught that Daddy meant what he said.  Little did she realize at that moment that she was about to learn how to stay down as well.

“Bend over the bed,” he said, turning towards the bed and putting her face down.  “And I … will be right back.”

She whimpered and fidgeted with fussiness and he returned the pacifier to her mouth and smacked her diapered bottom.

“Stay right there,” he said as he prepared for her punishment.

She remained bent over the bed, whining and fussing her disapproval with zeal.  She was fidgety and knew that her punishment, this time, would include her diaper being yanked down.  This wasn’t the first time she had been spanked, but the way she was acting might well make this the worst spanking she would ever know.

“I’ll go to sleep,” she pleaded as he returned to the bedroom.

“You’re gonna go to sleep?” he asked, smacking her diapered bottom.

“Yeah,” she whined.

“That’s what you told me the other night,” he said, smacking her diapered bottom again before repeating her broken promise.  “That’s what you told me the other night.”

“I’m sure!” she mumbled with her face buried in the mattress.

“I’m sure you are sorry,” he said, smacking her diapered bottom again.  “But this time, I need to teach you a lesson.  Do you understand?”

His smacks began to land on the padding of her diaper with directness. A slow and deliberate  onslaught began.

“Yes, Daddy,” she mumbled into the mattress, receiving the shock from his even blows.

His smacks began to include the back of her thighs as he kept smacking her with the intent of teaching her a lesson she stubbornly resisted.

“You’re gonna go to sleep next time, aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

“Yes, Daddy,” she mumbled with a whimpered tone.

“You are definitely going to go to sleep the next time I tell you to go to sleep,” he said, pulling up on the sides of her diaper, exposing more of her bottom.  “Because next time … you’ll be reminded … of this nice, nice punishment that you’re about to get … and trust me … you’ll remember this one.”

His smacks to her bottom were constant now, with a pace to put a sting into her and not allow that sting to subside before the next blow arrived.  She was being stubborn and perhaps a pain which didn’t go away might put a little more obedience into her future thoughts.

“Do you like getting your but spanked like that?” he asked, smacking away.  “You’re gonna keep getting spanked if you don’t start going to bed when you’re supposed to go to bed.”

His lowered her diaper below her bottom and she stood up, fussing at how his forthcoming smacks would hurt worse now.  Continuing to put her hands in the way of his smacks, he made the decision the decision help her find some other place to keep her hands.

“You’re gonna keep those hands to yourself,” he stated, taking out a pair of handcuffs.  “Because I’m gonna lock them away.”

He took her right wrist, pinned it to her lower back and clicked the cuff around it.

“I’m sorry,” she whined, almost whimpering to tears.

“Sorry just isn’t gonna cut it anymore.  You hear me?” he asked, grabbing her left wrist and pinning it into her back.

She fidgeted some more beneath her new restraints, now bound to her punishment still to be received.

“It isn’t fair,” she mumbled.

“Life isn’t fair,” he said.  “Life’s not fair.  Tough.  Tough.”

More smacks landed on her now-bare bottom.  Her cheeks began to show a pinkish hue over the marks still present from a spanking received just two days ago for disobedience.  Defiance had become a trend for her and now, her spankings were becoming just as trendy.”

Her fidgets had turned to squirms as the bare bottom smacks made the sting unbearable.  She was getting the point, at last.  But there was more to come …

“What am I gonna do with this big baby?” he asked, smacking her bottom.

“Please?” she whined.

“Please what?” he responded.


“Don’t what?”

“Don’t spank me?”

“Why shouldn’t I spank you?” he asked, landing blow after blow on her bottom.  “You’ve been nothing but a bad, naughty girl all day … all day.”

Normally, her spankings ended by this point.  It was clear that she had upset him more deeply than ever.  What wasn’t clear to him yet was how much more punishment she would receive.

The hand spankings were done, but sitting on the night stand were the implements she would be getting friendly with before another bit of whining could be made.


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