“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Two of Four): You Set Yourself Up For This

When Denial not only becomes her mode of operations but her mode of survival, Avery’s Daddy makes her undergo a little humiliation to drive home the point certain things are acceptable and certain things are not, but either way there will always be consequences for her actions.

A few restraints to her carefree approach ought to do the trick.

Warning: This is Adult, Baby!



Part Two: “You Set Yourself Up For This”

Avery stood there, doing her best to cover the naked lower half of her body with her sweatshirt. 

Where did Daddy go?  What’s gonna happen now?

The questions filled her mind as much as the reminder of her Daddy’s smacks filled her thoughts as well, made more so by the sting still coursing across her pinkened bottom.

Little did she know, she would lose that pinkish hue before long, giving it way to a redder replacement.

“What’s this? Hmm?  What’s this?” her Daddy asked, returning seemingly as quickly as he left and now holding a small black paddle as she instinctively leaned over to the couch in preparation.

She fussed quietly but didn’t have much time to before the first thwap landed on her right bottom cheek, followed by the second to her left bottom cheek – neither of which delivered with much force.  The first two were gimmes, in a sense, designed to show what was to come.

“What’s that?” he asked, thwapping her bottom a third time with the little black paddle. “Hmm?”

He stood back, adding a little more gusto to a smack to her right bottom cheek.  She winced, shuddered and whimpered all at the same time.

“How do you like that?” he asked, punctuating a stronger smack to her right bottom cheek.

Her Daddy’s persona and approach to this punishment made clear the frustration he felt and how he had grown tired of her games and even more tired of her apathy to not only change her behavior but her lack of seriousness to the consequences.

Frustration may have been an understatement, but now he would make crystal clear exactly how much he was done putting up with antics.

He delivered four offerings to her left cheek, each one pronouncing his frustration with a little more force.

“Oww.  I’m sorry,” she whimpered in a small yet still bratty voice after the fourth smack.

“Hmm? You’re sorry?” he asked, landing four rapid fires to her right cheek.  “You’re sorry … what?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she pouted.

“That’s right,” he said.

“I won’t do it again,” she pouted as he began placing single thwaps to her cheeks, leaving agonizing pauses.

“You’re right.  You’re not gonna do it again,” he confirmed for her.  “Because you’re not going to be afforded the opportunity to do it again.”

“Huh?” she asked.

Because … of what I have in store for youafter … your punishment,” he replied, strategically placing stinging blows.

“What?” she complained, her pouting having turned more fuss from the pain of the paddling.

A barrage of quick thwaps began – first with the little black paddle, then a few from his hand then back to the paddle.  She grunted at the pain and eventually retreated back into whimpers. 

He was really hurting her and when entering into a super rapid fire delivery service, she twitched uncontrollably from the pings of pain as she began blocking her bottom from his blows with her hands.

“You’d better stop moving those hands around,” he warned.

“I can’t help it,” she whimpered, her fiestyness having been diminished by the onslaught.

“Hmm,” her Daddy said, crossing the room.  “Since you can’t help it …”

He picked up a pair of wrists restraints.

“Where did you get those?” she fussed as he took her right wrist in his hands.

“After I got a call from the school nurse today, telling me that you wet your pants like a two year old,” he explained, attaching the first bracelet to her right wrist.  “I took the liberty of going out and buying these because I knew you would need them.”

She pulled her left wrist away from him, only to give up the struggle after he smacked her bottom again.

“You walked into this.  You set yourself up for it,” he said, attaching the second bracelet to her left wrist.

How was he going to use these to control her?  In the past, he had used similar devices quite creatively, putting her in some of the most humiliating position she could imagine.

He continued scolding her for having wet her pants, smacking her bottom with stinging hand slaps as he further drove the point home.

“I’m sorry,” she fussed.

“I know you’re sorry,” he said firmly.  “And I know you’re gonna be sorry for what it is that you’re gonna have to do for the next month.”

“This isn’t it?” she asked in disbelief as she tugged at her wrist restraints which now kept her hands behind her back.

“Nope,” he replied, crossing to the end of the couch.  “There’s still two pieces of the puzzle left.”

He returned to her and delivered a few more smacks.

“Get on your knees,” he said lowering her to a kneeling position.  “Stay right there.”

She knelt in the middle of the room, her bottom now beginning to show the traces of red which pinkness had started.  Her wrists were restrained behind her back and she grunted her little girl grunt, trying to figure out what would be the next piece of this puzzle he spoke of.


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