The BabyGirl Philosophies: Johnny to the Princess

Moving on happens when your relationship ends. Moving up happens when you realize that “above” is better than just “beyond”.  Moving forward happens when yesterday only reminds you of pain. 

In recovery, a BabyGirl’s first priority is to love herself again and then to feel that moment of liberation she seeks. Such is the Princess.

So to offer up a few examples of the BabyGirl mindset, I thought I’d write about a few BabyGirls which I know pretty well in some couples I know pretty well.

What couples?

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaJohnny and the Princess –  Links and DaisyPenny and Elliot Lucy and Xavier


Johnny to the Princess

The Princess is a BabyGirl who is struggling, yet succeeding in the recovery of her own self-esteem.  And just like Johnny, she is healing within from a break-up that displaced her world.

The end of a relationship can be excruciatingly difficult, especially if the break-up wasn’t mutual.  The end of a Daddy/BabyGirl relationship has the added step of a bonding of the hearts which somehow must also be unbound.

The Princess is at a loss for control of her emotions and Johnny is simply bruised on the inside, but as if fate had commanded it, they met.  And together, they are learning how to stand back up and claim the love that their yesterdays could only imagine.

Their meeting was by chance, but so shortly after their past relationships ended, and because of the timing, they both have a keen perspective of the moments when to give room to the other.

Because of this bond, their own union just might work.

The Princess is the kind of BabyGirl who hopes with all her heart, dreams with all her soul and prays, at that pivotal moment, she’ll have the strength of self to know what to do.

With Johnny by her side, she feels complete, but is still shattered on the inside and as he pieces the shards back together, she realizes the greatest gift she could’ve received from her past was how to be weak enough to allow another in. 

At the end, Johnny and the Princess come face-to-face with the fear they knew would be in the future and Johnny is faced with the moment of truth that will enable both he and the Princess to make So Yesterday of a past which which was so blind, it couldn’t see tomorrow.

Johnny and the Princess

Forgotten Dreams – His Recollections
Forgotten Dreams – Her Recollections
When Her Feet Never Touched the Ground

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Keep checking back throughout the weeks to come for more BabyGirl Philosophies, one couple and one BabyGirl’s thoughts at a time.

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaJohnny and the Princess –  Links and DaisyPenny and Elliot Lucy and Xavier

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