Two Days, Three Nights

College had opened Gina up to admit that she had a littleness within her.  Then her explorations of it had made her realize the darker sides to submission and how much she craved being controlled.  Now, she was embracing how all her discoveries had changed her life and how they would remain with her forever.

And all along the way was Gabriel, her ever-patient, ever-understanding, ever-loving companion, friend, lover and Daddy.  Oh, how he had rocked her world.  Oh, how he had re-aligned the stars in the skies for her.

On their college graduation day, they walked up to get their diplomas and the moment they tossed their hats in the air, they said goodbye to family and friends before heading off for a weekend of fantasy turned reality. 

From humiliation to a little BDSM here-n-there and all the Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic they can cram into two days and three nights, Atlantic City might never be same once they leave.

Sample: “The Best Years of Life”

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The Gabriel and Gina Series

When Fantasy Became Her Reality  Two Days, Three Nights  Gabriel and Gina: Crossroads

When Fantasy Became Her Reality
Two Days, Three Nights

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