The BabyGirl Philosophies: Xavier to Lucy

A BabyGirl spends her lifetime learning who she is and who she is meant to be.  Along the way, she embraces those people who help her to become all she can be.

Lucy is one such BabyGirl.  The only thing is: She doesn’t know it yet.

To offer up a few examples of the BabyGirl mindset, I thought I’d write about a few BabyGirls which I know pretty well in some couples I know pretty well.

What couples?

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaJohnny and the Princess –  Links and DaisyPenny and Elliot Lucy and Xavier


Xavier to Lucy –

Dreams can often tell us things about ourselves that we may not have known otherwise.  Locked inside our minds are the keys to the happiness we seek in life.  And perhaps the greatest journeys we will ever take in life are those which enable us to unlock the wishes of our hearts by learning who we are and discovering where we want to be led.

This is the case for Lucy, a young 20-something who has moved out on her own and has boldly taken the first step into the great big world.  Lucy has forgotten how to dream, but through the events of her mind late one night, her world is opened before the windows of her soul and she is made aware of the secrets of her soul which begin a life-changing chapter of her existence.

Lucy learns of the want, if not need to be little and to feel the comforts that are attached to an innocence she had forgotten.  She is a head-strong girl, made that way by her father who raised her to take the world by the horns and blaze her path to success.  Her mother “counter-raised” her to remember to take notice to the little details of her life which most ignore as they pass by.

This creates the conflict within which becomes unlocked in a single dream which thrusts her heart into a fetish world she had ties to all along.  And she learns that innocence and submission are exactly what she has always needed to find the balance she lacks.

Xavier is the one guy who responded to her online personal posting who had any amount of decency to his words.  In talking with him, she learns that he may well be the guide and protector that the littleness within her is longing to be bridled by.

They talk and meet and Lucy’s life changes in an instant.

Xavier is the type of Daddy who patiently leads Lucy into each discovery and moves not only at a pace her heart can handle but at a pace her mind can comprehend.  Quickly, Xavier comes to her defense online as he “takes the gloves off” for a round of Chivalry which had to be done.  Without skipping a single heart beat, he proves himself to be the white knight that Lucy dreamed about as a little girl.

And their story begins.

Xavier and Lucy


Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaJohnny and the Princess –  Links and DaisyPenny and Elliot Lucy and Xavier

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