Gabriel and Gina: Crossroads

Gabriel and Gina: CrossroadsWhat do you find at the crossroads of your life? What would find at the corner of Fantasy and Reality? What decisions would you be able to make, given that the future would be created from those decisions?
Gabriel & Gina head home from Atlantic City and move in together. Along the way, they discuss the differences of where they have been, where they are and where they’re headed.

With a few new “toys” found along the way, they discover how to avoid relatives, how to pack a moving truck efficiently, how to not disturb the neighbors and how to make the right decisions at the crossroads of Fantasy and Reality.

“Leaving the Atlantic”
“Wallflowers and Table Tops”

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The Gabriel and Gina Series

When Fantasy Became Her Reality  Two Days, Three Nights  Gabriel and Gina: Crossroads

When Fantasy Became Her Reality
Two Days, Three Nights

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