A Midsummer Night’s Whimper

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here is a story about a BabyGirl’s night of sleeplessness.


“A Midsummer Night’s Whimper”

There are nights when a girl simply can’t get to sleep.  Perhaps there are concerns on her mind about the day to come or too many happy memories of the day that had been to make it possible to get some rest.

There are nights when a BabyGirl simply can’t get to sleep either – sometimes for similar reasons and sometimes for completely different ones. 

This was the case for Angelica, a sweet 20-something girl who had moved in recently with her boyfriend.  But they weren’t just a boy and a girl in love.  They shared something which few understood.  They were a Daddy and a BabyGirl.

Maybe it was the new house she lived in that made for her recent restless nights.  Perhaps it was the dynamic of a fetish she had just begun embracing into her life.  Whatever the reason was for being up at 2 in the morning, her fussiness from truly being tiredness came out every time.

Luckily, her Daddy had discovered the remedy to put her to sleep.  It wasn’t a bottle of warm milk, a bed time story while lying in his arms, a book to read, some TV to watch or sheep to count.  Instead of any of those things serving as the sleeping pill she desperately needed, the drowsy drug of choice was a car ride.

Angelica was wearing her white lacey baby-t which didn’t come down far enough to cover her belly button, her diaper, her makeshift pig tails and her white pacifier.  This was a typical look for bed time, save for the pigtails.  Her Daddy had put her hair up into them to keep her hair off her neck for the drive.  Midsummer nights were warm.

But he didn’t just drive her around to help her sleep.  Oh, no, no.  She was his BabyGirl and it had to be made fun.  He truly delighted in delighting her.

Her Daddy drove a dark green SUV and ordered a car seat online which fit her perfectly.  She would sit in it in the back seat and watch the night time street lights flicker by as he drove from town-to-town.  The idea was to keep the vehicle moving for twenty minutes without stopping.  If he was able to do that, she would be out like a light, guaranteed.

But tonight, the usual roads he took were filled with way too much traffic to stay in constant motion.  And because of this, she wasn’t getting to sleep.  In an effort to find some way to keep her moving for twenty minutes, an idea came to his mind.

Too distracted by her wiggling toes, Angelica didn’t see that he had pulled into the parking lot of the 24-hour Wal-Mart.  But she certainly redirected her attention to their location when he pulled into a parking space and turned the engine off.

Her eyes grew wide and she gasped for air as he got out and walked around to the rear passenger’s door to unbuckle her out of the car seat.  Searching for the ability to speak, her usual puppy dog eyes were filled with a fear she wouldn’t have been able to articulate with words even if she had been able to speak.

He lifted her out of the car seat and into his carry, placing a forearm under her diapered bottom as she wrapped her legs around his hips.  Looking to the entrance at the end of the parking lot, she scanned the various cars and trucks in their forthcoming pathway as well as the people walking in and out of the store.

She looked down at her attire again – a lacey white baby-t which was so small it didn’t reach down to her belly, her diaper (still dry, for the moment, at least), her bare feet, her pigtails and the trepidation she wore across her face as she looked back to him, trying desperately to make any noise at all.

When she looked at him, he placed her white pacifier between her parted, awe-struck lips as he began walking towards the entrance, choosing to carry her in so her bare feet didn’t have to get dirty while walking across the black macadam.

She let out a midsummer night’s whimper behind her pacifier and buried her face in his shoulder while wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he said, shushing her fussiness while patting her diapered bottom.

He was really going to take her inside the store, dressed as she was!  This was too much to handle, but his usual, soothing gestures, touches and words made it all seem perfectly normal.

She clung to his body with all the strength she could muster.  She was so shocked that she began to shake a bit.

“It’s okay, Angel,” her Daddy whispered in his usual syrupy tone.  “I know you’ll be a good little girl for Daddy.  And everyone will think you are adorable.”

She melted from his words and from the seeds of imagination they had planted in the corners of her mind.  But she trembled, nonetheless, as he carried her past the first car.  She peaked over at the lady who had returned her shopping cart to the station in the parking lot and was walking back to her car.

The lady stopped, dead in her tracks, and her dropped-jaw reaction was slowly turning into a smile.  Angelica closed her eyes again, vowing to not look directly at anyone for the rest of the time they were there.

“You’re such a good girl for me, baby,” he whispered.  “Daddy is so proud of you.”

His continued praise was sinking into her senses.  For as overwhelmed with fear she was, it seemed unlikely she would be able to function on her own for a while.  And that suited her new living situation just fine. 

When she moved in with her Daddy, she lost something and gained something else right away.  What she had lost was her independence, but what she had gained was an understanding of how true submission could make her feel.

Getting to the entrance, he walked through the first set of automatic doors before setting her down on her feet, kissing her forehead and patting her diapered bottom.

“Daddy expects you to continue to be a good girl while we’re inside, okay?” he asked, lifting her chin with his hand.

She nodded timidly, looking left and right at all the people entering and leaving.  He took her hand and said hello to the greeter as they walked through the second set of automatic doors.

She clung to his side as he took hold of the handle of a shopping cart.  Looking up, she saw the spaciousness of the supercenter.  Going to Wal-Mart always made her feel small.  This particular trip, however, had all ready made all past experiences of littleness seem academic only in comparison.

She began nursing on her pacifier, following his steps with her hurried, smaller ones.  She had grown accustomed to sometimes having to take two steps for every one that he took.  That was the trade-off for being 5’2” and having a Daddy who was 6’ tall.

She crinkled with each quick stride and that sound did a number on her mind.  Trepidation had given way to the tummy flies feeling.  Her fingertips began tingling and her mind unraveled just a bit more each time curiosity made her look up at the people they were passing by.

Though no one said anything, they were whispering to each other and she knew that people were staring at her.

Her senses began to numb and her mind shifted into littleness in defense of having a nervous breakdown.  And this new state of mind came at the right moment – just as they walked past the pink aisle in the toys section.

She looked at all the buttons she could push and all the dolls and other toys her little heart was jumping for joy to go play with.  She looked up at her Daddy and in her eyes, he could see the littleness which had overtaken her.

Nodding his approval, he patted her diapered bottom, encouraging her to go and play. She sprinted her crinkly waddle over to the pink aisle and began pushing all the buttons she could find, clapping her hands and delighting in the noises made and the lights which twinkled.

Being a BabyGirl in a Wal-Mart didn’t seem so bad, suddenly.  She had opened up her littleness and in her mind-consuming excitement she didn’t realize that she had tinkled herself, but her Daddy knew.

By the time she reached the end of the pink aisle, her waddle was wide.  He walked up to her and placed his hand on her diapered bottom, feeling the new warmth from wetness.

“Did someone wet her diaper?” her Daddy asked with that syrupy-rich tone.

She lowered her chin from shyness, shrinking up her shoulders for the same reason as he pulled the waist band of the back of her diaper out to make certain she was only wet.

She let out a midsummer night’s whimper.  Having her diaper checked in the middle of Wal-Mart was embarrassing and though they were the only two in the pink aisle, it may as well have been filled with dozens of people.

She became pouty and fussy – two more indications that she needed sleep. 

“I think someone is getting cranky,” he said softly, but with a tone of dominance.

“Hm-mm,” she mumbled behind her pacifier in disagreement.

He picked her up and carried her back to the shopping cart and she let out another midsummer night’s whimper.  He lifted her up high in the air and placed her in the seat by the handle of the cart.  She started crying instantly, rubbing her eyes.

Her Daddy loved her dearly and would do anything for her, but he also knew when the time was right to ignore her temper tantrums.

“We need to get some things while we’re here, rainy eyes,” he said with a playfulness to his voice, trying to cheer her up as he headed for the baby supplies section.

Seeing where he was taking her she started to wet her diaper again.   It was the middle of the night.  They were in the baby section at a Wal-Mart.  This was nothing unusual.  They had done this many times before … just, not quite like it was being done this time. 

From her seat in the shopping cart, she could see all the stuffed animal toys, the rings, the little caterpillars with moving antennas, the squeaky wrist bands and all the fun distractions that any little heart would jump for.

She wanted to pounce up and down and stretch her arms to reach the shelves, but her Daddy kept the cart in the center of the aisle so she could reach nothing.  Besides, she was a mixture of shyness (from being seeing), outright embarrassment (for being in mid-stream of another wet diaper) and simple, plain humiliation (for the thought that someone just might see her and put it all together).  So, the distractions that occupied were the ones inside her mind, not the ones she couldn’t reach.
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She watched him pick up a few things:

First, the powder – that little white container that held the sweetest smell she had ever known.

Next, the wipes – that travel pack which soothed her skin like nothing else could.

Then, the hot pink pacifier with the words Daddy’s Girl on the front – the one she had begged him for.

Finally, the fluffy white chicken – that stuffed toy she always ran up to and hugged when they went to that Wal-Mart.

He handed her the chicken and dropped the rest in the cart.  She hugged that little chicken tightly, rocking back and forth until she caught the eye of two college girls who had stopped in the main aisle and were staring at her.

They began whispering to each other, sharing giggling grins behind hands.  Angelica shrunk up her shoulders and lowered her chin.  She had gone from little to belittled in a moment’s time. 

Looking down at her tiny white baby-t and her bunching wet diaper, she felt a shiver go up her spine and tingle form in her center.  Looking back at the college girls, she nursed her pacifier with a look of helplessness in her eyes.

The one college girl mouthed an “Awwww” look on her face.  They seemed nice enough.  Maybe they wouldn’t judge.  Perhaps they’d even accept Angelica’s fantasy.  It was too bad she would never find out because she knew she’d never get up and go over to them – not to explain or introduce herself

But what she didn’t know at that moment was that she was about to meet those college girls and spend a little time with them which would make humiliation seem like an understating.

Her Daddy took the hold of the handle of the shopping cart and began walking it in the direction of the main aisle.  He had no idea that the college girls had seen Angelica nor that they were waiting to see her up close.

 She lowered her chin for a moment, then looked up to him.  He smiled back at her, touching the tip of her nose with his fingertip.  He truly didn’t know the danger he was leading her into.  Getting closer to the girls, Angelica could feel her heart beating through her chest.  She breathed slowly through her nose to keep from hyperventilating, but nursed rapidly on her pacifier, just the same.

Getting to the main aisle, he turned the cart to the right and headed towards the checkout lines.  Angelica raised her eyes to look at the girls as she rolled past them.  The one girl waved with wiggly fingers.  The other girl winked.  And that was all to make Angelica’s face go flush as she released her bladder and flooded her diaper the rest of the way – not because she truly needed to, but because she had no ability to keep from unraveling inside anymore.

The girls lined up on either side of him, but stayed a few feet back and strolled along slowly, following after the cart.  Angelica tried to keep from fidgeting as she continued to wet herself.  And she tried to make it seem like she was okay with them seeing her, but the truth was the teasing and know-all grins on the college girls faces were regressing Angelica’s mind quickly.

It was a defense mechanism of self.  When she became too overwhelmed with an emotion or a situation, her mind would shut down partly, to find a way to deal with what she was feeling.  Finishing her wetting and looking up helplessly at the trailing girl duo, Angelica let out another midsummer night’s whimper.

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered with that syrupy-rich Daddy Voice which melted her.

He slid his finger behind the elastic edging of her diaper and inside the front.  The one girl’s eyes grew wide and she smiled with surprise.  The other girl’s eyes also grew wide as she covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Angelica’s eyes glazed over as she regressed even further.  She could feel goose bumps forming on her skin and her fingertips going numb.

“We’ll get you changed as soon as we leave,” her Daddy whispered, patting her diapered front.

Angelica was no longer able to process the teasing of the girls and she watched them the rest of the way up to the checkout lines, but her mind was so far lost between embarrassment and littleness that she simply smiled back at them behind her pacifier.

In the checkout line, the girls stopped their teasing, realizing it wasn’t working.  And Angelica turned all her attention to her Daddy from that point forward.

“I’m so proud of you, BabyGirl,” he whispered, caressing her right cheek with his thumb.  “You’ve been such a good girl.”

She smiled behind her pacifier again, but this time for truly being happy.  He had no idea of the mountain she just climbed, but those were the little accomplishment that a BabyGirl never shared with anyone, not even her Daddy.  He didn’t need to know anything other than she got where she was going.  And that was all that mattered.

Angelica sat in the cart and behaved herself as he put the items on the conveyor belt and paid for them.  And she almost didn’t want to get out of the cart at the exit, but being a good girl and wanting to make her Daddy proud of him, she lifted her hands to the sky.  He scooped her up out of the cart and into his arms.

Being carried back to the vehicle was a much more enjoyable experience than when he carried her in.  Now she was proud and she held her shoulders back for the length of the parking lot.

Unlocking the back door, he placed her on her back and set the Wal-Mart bag to the side as he unfastened her diaper tapes.  She looked up at him with all the love that innocence knew, letting out a midsummer night’s whimper for how happy she felt inside.

“Daddy loves you, little girl,” he said sweetly.

His caressing touch began and she knew nothing more than him at that moment.

“No one will ever adore you more than … not even two college girls who might’ve tried to,” he said with a smile.

Tummy flies fluttered away inside her as she looked up at him with a tilted head of question.  Did he actually know?  His answer wasn’t verbal, but it was quite clear.

Easing her back to the floor … he winked.

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