“Down” at the Drive Thru

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here is a story about what it feels like to surpass the danger of discovery and to know that your greatest secret is about to be revealed to all who see you.

What would you do if stuck in a sticky situation?


“Down” at the Drive Thru

“Okay, BabyGirl,” her Daddy instructed as she scrunched down on her knees.

Bailey James was a simple girl with a simple sweet soul who had fantasies which were anything but simple. All her life she had dreamt of meeting the Daddy who would make her fantasies a reality.

Then she met him and their fairy tale began, but how she arrived at this very moment, kneeling on the front seat of the car, was a tale which could never be told, only felt …

It all started with two simple names – BabyGirl and Daddy.  But from those two names came an obvious lifetime of shared emotions and shared sentiments.  There wasn’t much of anything that they didn’t want to do … together.

Before long, Bailey was nursing a pacifier, drinking from a bottle, crinkling in a diaper and melting the heart of the man she called Daddy.

At the core of her connection with him was innocence.  Through his bathings of her and feedings by hand, in trips, in bed and in moments when all he did was cradle her in his arms and gaze into her irises, she was made indulgent in a fetish-turned-lifestyle which most considered taboo.  But she knew it was so much more than that.  And the way she felt about him was all the proof she would ever need.

The discoveries of a heart-turned-little included so many new things, like his protection of her through danger and how she relied on him for security – whether the danger was real or not.

Then her thoughts began to include humiliation and the embarrassment which would seem logical to follow.  And her fantasies began to multiple inside her little heart.

Their dynamic was sometimes pure.  Their dynamic was sometimes sexual.  And sometimes, it was purely sexual.  She was eager to learn how deep the bond went within her.

So her Daddy planned out a series of tummy fly-inducing activities where she would make all the discoveries her little heart could handle.

Tonight, she would go “Down” at the Drive Thru.

She walked in the front door, flopping her purse down on the table and there he stood up against the kitchen counter.  He was the most wonderful sight she had seen all day.  Everyone else kept taking things from her – her boss, her co-workers – they all needed something from her and they took what they wanted.  But she knew her Daddy would be the only person who would ever give to her instead of take.

Her face was a mixture of tiredness mixed with tears of frustration.  She walked over to him and into his embrace, continuing to climb up into his arms and wrap herself around him as he lifted her and carried her back to the bedroom.

He eased her down onto the mattress, unfastening her blouse and her skirt.  He began slowly undressing her, removing all that clothing which she was forced to wear during the week.

She began to relax for the first time all day long.  His wandering eyes put a twinkle into hers.  He loved making her naked, just about as much as she loved being stripped by him.

He sat next to her and stroked the sides of her face with his fingertips.  His eyes showed he had done a lot of thinking, a lot of planning.

“It’s time to find those tummy flies, BabyGirl,” he said with that Daddy voice which always consumed her senses.

A tingle rolled across her body as he slipped the nipple of her pacifier between her lips and stood up, walking over to the dresser and opening the bottom drawer.  When she saw he opened that drawer, her knees instinctively bent and she drew them up to her chin, curling up in a ball as she knew what was about to happen.

He returned to the bedside with a pile of clothing in hand. Sitting her up, he instructed her to lift her hands to the sky.  She did so and he slipped her light blue ruffled half-top down her arms and over her chest.

Lying her back down, he lifted her legs and her bottom in the air.  She closed her eyes taking in the sound of a rustling diaper being placed underneath her.  And then, as her bottom was lowered into the diaper, she felt the softness that she had missed all day.

Folding her diaper up into place on her front, fastening the tapes at her hips, her lifted her legs straight up slipped the matching light blue ruffled rhumba panties over her feet and up her legs, situating it into place over her diaper.  Her feet were covered with the matching light blue booties and he brushed her hair into the high pigtails that she adored the most.

To her feet she hopped and then out the front door they went.  Getting into his car, her belly was all ready performing the first waltz of the tummy flies.  Before starting the car, he reached over to her, slid her rhumba panties and diaper into the side, and inserted her pink vibrator into the softened and aroused peach between her legs.  She clenched her canal and following his directions, held the vibrator tightly as he started the car and headed down the driveway.

The plan was simple:  Find the first fast food restaurant with a drive thru and turn her fantasies into reality.

Her heart pounded as he pulled into the Mickey D’s just a few miles away.  And it began …

“Okay, BabyGirl,” her Daddy instructed as she scrunched down on her knees.   “Down.”

His steady, deep timbre echoed in her mind.  She kneeled alongside him, leaned over his lap and opened her mouth as he pulled up to the ordering menu.

She anxiously unzipped his jeans and reached inside, finding his stiffness and pulling it out.  Lick her lips, she gripped his base before plunging her mouth down around his girth.  He ran his hand through the back of her hair, tracing his fingertips along her scalp.

“Can I take your order?” a voice said from the monitor by the menu.

Her heart was pounding heavily at this point and her strokes to him were indicative of how excited she had become.  The mere fantasy of being discovered was enough to fill her dreams passionate, but fantasy turned reality was the kind of thrill that couldn’t be dreamt of.  It had to be experienced.

“Yes, I’ll take a number one with a diet as the drink,” he began ordering.  “And number five as well.”

“Diet with that one, too?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Will that be all?” the voice asked.

“No,” he said, placing his hand on the back of her head and slowing her down.  “Could you throw one of those disposable bibs in the bag, too?”

Bailey’s pulse increased.  What was he going to do with that bib?  Oh, the possibilities that entered her mind.

“You want a disposable bib?” the voice asked with confusion.

“Yes, please,” he answered, nonchalantly.

“Okay.  Your total comes to $8.46.  Please pull around to the first window,” the voice said.

The first window?  There were two?

“I need my wallet, Baby,” he said, lifting himself up slightly as he pulled the car forward.

She reached into his back pocket and took out his wallet, handing the wallet up to him without taking her eyes off the task in her hand.

“Thank you, Princess,” he said as he pulled to a stop at the first window.

Now she was going to shut her eyes.  It wasn’t until the moment of truth that she realized fantasies don’t prepare you for realities.  Nothing can.  Had she not been made submissive by him and broken of her free will, she likely would’ve sat up, covered her face and refused to move until they were away from the drive thru.

But as she bobbed her head up and down on his erection, she found no ability to stop without his permission.  The danger of discovery was now a fantasy of the past.  Being discovered was the present and the future.

“8 … 46?” the voice said with hesitation.

She sounded like a sweet individual, probably not expecting to see this when she came into work that night.

He handed her money, counting out 46 cents.  The girl handed him a receipt, uncertain what else to say for what she was seeing.  And it was that very fact – that Bailey was being witnessed, but couldn’t see the girl, which caused a waltz of butterflies in her tummy to commence.

Her Daddy placed his hand on the back of her head again, slowing her down even more.

“Take your time, Baby,” he said softly.  “The drive thru is backed up.  It looks like we’re going to be here a bit longer.”

Bailey heard the first window close, but couldn’t see if the girl was still watching.  Perception changes when one of the senses is taken away.  She probably wouldn’t have looked up even if he said she could, but not seeing, and therefore, not knowing was all the mystery needed to plant seeds in her imagination.

Her Daddy lowered the rhumba panties off her diaper and began patting her bottom.  Bailey shuddered at the thought that anyone walking by might be watching her.  Now, seeing that she was wearing a diaper would certainly increase the chance that they may stop and stare harder.

But she didn’t even know if anyone was looking.  And once again, not knowing was the most powerful influence of the whole experience. 

Suddenly, the first window opened again.

“Here ya go,” the girl said.  “I thought she might need this now.”

What was she talking about?  Bailey kept her eyes shut and just kept on task.  Whatever it was she would soon find out.

The window closed and Bailey heard the rustling of plastic.  Moments later, he slid a disposable bib around her neck and fastened it at the back.

That was the bit of humiliation which put her near tears.  She whimpered slightly, trying to concentrate harder on pleasing him.  She placed her tongue on the underside of his shaft and pressed into his vein while swirling saliva and suction her mouth around him.

“That’s a good girl,” he said with the deep timbre that always melted her.

And it worked.  Her mind was beginning to fill in the blanks of what was happening around her.  It was the only way she could process her emotions.

First, she had come to the conclusion that there were people watching her from the passenger’s side of the car.  Her exposed diaper was keeping them around as was her Daddy’s constant patting.

Second, the girl at the first window was standing there watching her give her Daddy a blow job.  Since the drive thru was backed up, she could take no further orders and therefore had nothing to do but stand there and laugh.

Third, the girl in the first window had all ready passed the word along to everyone working there when she went to get the disposable bib.  So, by the time they got to the second window, there would be a crowd of people watching. 

Little did Bailey realize though, by the time they got to the second window, her humiliation would reach a level she couldn’t possibly imagine.

Her Daddy fished his fingers under the elastic edging of her diaper and slid them along the wet and swollen outer lips of her labia until he reach the nub of the vibrator which was sticking out.  Carefully, he turned the plastic dial and it began to vibrate.

She tightened the muscles in her thighs to prevent from collapsing and whimpered at the new stimulus.  A vibrator to her caused what she called “Instant Orgasm”.  There was little build-up and she knew before long, she would be involuntarily rocking her hips up and down to the sensations pulsing through her peach.

He turned the plastic dial up to the middle setting as he pulled the car forward.  Her whimpering increased as did her head bobbing, her suction and her beating little heart.

Her legs began to shake and she tried to release the muscles of her hamstrings, but suddenly couldn’t.  Two Charlie Horses formed on the back of her thighs and produced excruciating pain when she tried to move her legs.  So she remained as motionless as possible.

The vibrator was pushing her closer and closer to her orgasm and she could feel herself dripping into the front of her diaper.  Maybe the wetness would cause the vibrator to stop working.  Maybe not.  But she could hope. 

Convinced that the entire world was watching her, the humiliation within her began to numb.  It was still there, but her mind had cut off the signals to feel it as a way of prevent a shut down.

By doing this, she was able to accept the embarrassment she felt, concentrate on her task in mouth and on the orgasm which now was only a few seconds from happening.

He turned the dial up to the maximum setting and she moaned so loudly it would’ve been deafening had her mouth not been full.  Her legs gave out and she collapsed to the front seat as her peach tightened around the vibrating toy.  Her body seized up and she began to wet herself.

Her diapered mound pressed into the seat.  The warmth and wetness further stimulated her outer lips.  And she came, uncontrollably and without pause.  Her mind tried hard to process the rush of sensations rippling throughout her core and washing across her body.

By the time they reached the second window, she had reached physical and emotional exhaustion, passing from the zenith of orgasm into the bliss of the afterglow.  Her thoughts were scrambled as was her sense of reality.  She could hear her Daddy talking to the person at the window and collecting their food, but she couldn’t make out anything clearly.

Her only ability at that point was to do the one thing that mattered more to her than anything else – Finish Daddy’s wish.

As he pulled away, he reached inside her diaper and turned the vibrator off, patting her bottom and encouraging her along.

“You’re just a baby,” he said with a syrupy tone.  “Daddy understands if you can’t make his wish come true.”

A new form of humiliation entered her numbed mind.  It was one that made her feel incapable of completing a task which a female took pride in, wearing it as a badge of honor.

“You don’t have to keep trying, Baby,” he said with more syrup.  “It’s okay.”

His words were unraveling her to her core.  But at her core, there was a little something she didn’t realize she had – Determination.

She squeezed his shaft, tightened her lips, rose back up onto her knees, ignored all physical sensations and plunged her mouth down on his erection again – bobbing her head until he exploded.

His seeds erupted into her mouth and she sucked on him harder, drawing from him with a fervent passion to swallow all he could give her.

When he was dry, she released him.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered with a breathy tone.  “Daddy is very proud of you.”

She looked up at him and smiled.  She had made him proud and their memories of that drive thru would never be the same.

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