Hotel Humiliation (Part Two of Two)

Sticky Situations: The Complete Box Set 

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here is a story about what it feels like to surpass the danger of discovery and to know that your greatest secret is about to be revealed to all who see you.

What would you do if stuck in a sticky situation?


Hotel HumiliationPart Two

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Taking hold of the front waist of her jeans and panties, he pulled both out slightly as he slid the diaper stuffer inside her panties.  She lowered her chin and nursed on her pacifier as she pressed up against him, hoping anyone nearby might think they were simply hugging.

He slid the stuffer inside her panties half way, pulling her waist bands out a bit further so his hand could guide it in the rest of the way.  When he pulled her waistbands out a bit further, her bladder released a little and she re-clenched her groin muscles, but not before having peed a little on his hand.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she mumbled behind her pacifier and through tears.

“It’s okay,” her Daddy said taking his handkerchief out to dry his hand. “You’re just a little girl.  You can’t help yourself sometimes.”

He picked up his bag and placed his hand on the small of her back.

“One step at a time, slowly,” he said as they began moving towards the elevator.

Her steps were so tiny that they hardly made much progress and she began to involuntarily release a little pee several times before clamping back down again.  Her whimpers were muffled by her pacifier and she lowered her head, allowing her long hair to dangle down along the sides of her face as the elevator doors opened and a mid-aged couple walked out.

It was only a few steps more, but that might’ve been all the further distance needed.  He thought about picking her up and carrying her into the elevator, but decided to not push a bad situation forward.

Luck was with her and hope was beginning to fill her as they made it to the elevator doors.  Carefully, stepping inside and resting up against the wall, she breathed a partial sigh of relief.

The doors closed and the elevator started moving upwards.

“We’re almost there, Baby,” her Daddy said, preparing his key card to be ready to open the door quickly when they got to it.

She nursed calmly on her pacifier, trying to take relaxed breaths as she kept herself calm.

“It’ll be okay, Princess,” he said taking her face in his hands and gently kissing her forehead.  “No matter what happens, Daddy is right here to take care of you.  Okay?”

She looked up at him and nodded, but her eyes were telling the tale that her hope was also mixed with realism.

The elevator suddenly jolted to a stop, startling them both.  She clenched her groin muscles as tightly as she could, but the trickle had started.  He pushed the sixth floor button repeatedly, but nothing happened.

Pushing the call button, he contacted the front desk, telling them they were stuck.

“I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience, sir.  This has been happening all day,” the lady at the front desk said.  “Hold on one second.  We’re going to shut the power off to the elevator and turn it back on.  Then push your floor button again and you should get moving.”

The elevator went pitch black as the power was cut off. 

“Baby, remind me to never book this hotel again,” her Daddy said in the darkness.

Why?  Why did the elevator have to break down?  She didn’t do anything to anyone to deserve any of this.  She could’ve been in their room by now peeing in the toilet, but instead, she was pressed up against an elevator wall, clenching her bowed legs together as to avoid wetting herself.

What should’ve been a few seconds of darkness became a little bit longer.  It was too long and it was now too late to stop what would happen.

“Daddy,” she mumbled helplessly from behind her pacifier as she cupped herself between her legs with both hands.  “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Baby,” he said softly.

She could hold it in no longer.  Releasing her groin muscles, she flooded the diaper stuffer, feeling it swell as it filled completely.  She wept as he felt his way over to her in the darkness.

“Just let it out, Princess,” he said softly as he unbuttoned her jeans and lowered her zipper.  “Be a good girl.”

She couldn’t have stopped peeing if wanted to and she had accepted that her steps down the hallway of the sixth floor would be just as slow.  This time, however, it would be from a crushed spirit and not desperation.  Or so, she thought …

She soaked the stuffer completely, but still wasn’t done wetting herself.  With no time to react, her pee rushed over the edges of the stuffer and began to soak the outside of her jeans.

She wept harder, feeling the pee roll down her pant legs.  Why? Why did this have to happen?

The darkness turned to dim temporary lighting, just enough to illuminating both of them and make visible the dark wet trails on her pant legs.

She walked into the corner and buried her face in her hands as she finished wetting herself.  Her bottom was as soaked as her front.  She was hysterical and beside herself.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she mumbled through her pacifier and tears.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he said, turning her around as he took her into his arms.  “You’re just a little girl.  These things happen sometimes.”

He wiped away the tears streaming down her cheeks with his thumbs.

“You’re just a little girl,” he repeated with that syrupy Daddy tone which often helped her through difficult moments.  “You’re so little that you still need a diaper.  Isn’t that right?”

She nodded with a puppy dog-eyed gaze up to him.

“And Daddy loves you … so much,” he said softly as the power returned and the lights came back on.

He reached over to the controls, pushed the sixth floor button and they began to move again.

“When we get to the room, Daddy is gonna clean you up and get you dressed a little more appropriately,” he said, picking up the bags.  “Are you done trying to be a Big Girl?”

She nodded timidly as the elevator doors opened.  They walked out and looked at the wall plaque pointing the direction of the rooms.  Their room, 635, was in the middle of the floor – right next to the broken main elevator.

Turning to face the hallway, they saw at least a dozen different people running from room to room.  There was a convention for video gamers in town and apparently this hotel had booked quite a few of them … on the sixth floor.

She looked down at the front of her pants and then back up to the crowded hallway.  Her humiliation had only begun.

Kindle or Kindle Unlimited


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