The Farm

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
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here is a little story about what to expect when visiting the country.


The Farm

Blake stood to the side of the entrance of Roxy’s Restaurant, waiting patiently as his beloved BabyGirl, Olympia, waddled around and said goodbye to everyone who had been at the munch.  She was the social butterfly of the group and their cheermeister extraordinaire.  She was definitely in need of a diaper change and it was quite obvious to the trained eye, given how waddly her steps were.  But she was dressed in a vanilla fashion, just like everyone who had attended the munch.

That night had been their largest munch gathering in the five years it had been up and running.  It was a truly good feeling and Olympia had a sense of pride as she was the one who encouraged Blake to set the munch up to begin with.  He wasn’t skeptical, but rather, had a tendency to be hesitant about things.  He was cautious to a fault.

As everyone departed, Olympia and a few other girls walked up to Blake with a most interesting proposition for him.

“Daddy, we would like to run an idea by you,” Olympia said with a small and sweet voice – hopeful he was going to approve of the idea.

“Okay.  What is it?” Blake asked, looking at all the girls.

“It will take a little while to explain,” Vivian said.

“Maybe we can go back inside and get a table,” Emily suggested.

“Should I be worried at all?” Blake asked with a laugh.

“Noooo,” Olympia said, taking his right arm as he and the girls walked back into the restaurant.

“Would we be able to get another table?” Blake asked the hostess.

“Yes, but we close in a half hour,” the hostess said, surprised they had returned after having been there for three hours already.

“A half hour will be fine,” Ynez said to the hostess.

“Okay,” the hostess said.  “Follow me.”

They followed her into the section right next to the one where they had just had the munch, bussers still in the room – finishing up the clearing of the tables.  They filed into both sides of a booth.

“Will you be ordering food?” the hostess asked.

“No.  Maybe just drinks,” Blake said to her.

“But bring a dessert menu, please,” Olympia added, then grinning.

The hostess went and got a dessert menu for her, telling them it would be a few minutes before their server could get to them.

That was perfectly fine.  It would give Olympia a chance to run the full idea past him, initially at least.

 Sitting around the table were:

Vivian, a long-time member of the munch group who had a collection of fetishes that interested her.  But she only enjoyed them separately, never mixing them together.

Emily and Ruby, a young lesbian couple who were also exhibitionists – of a sort.  They both were platinum blondes and were capable of striking up conversations with anyone.  Relatively new to the munch group, they had brought a cheery energy with them that complimented the sugary-sweet approach Olympia possessed.

Ynez, a Hispanic lady who was nearing the age of 40.  She had just recently finalized her divorce from a very tight-laced husband.  And she was so happy to be able to spread her wings.  Her fetishes were two:  being a house maid and being physically controlled, in sexual ways and in other ways.  Because of her experiences in life, she was able to encourage Emily and Ruby to remain grounded with their aspirations.  In a sense, Ynez was a mentor, more so about the realities of love and life as opposed to kinky adventures.

Emily and Ruby sat on the one side of the booth while Olympia and Ynez flanked Blake on the other side of it.  Vivian pulled up a chair, sitting at the end of the booth.  And Olympia got right into the conversation without waiting a single moment longer.

“Daddy, do you remember how I was telling you about how I really didn’t want to play with other couples but that I really wanted you to play with others?  And do you remember how you said about how you didn’t want to play with others unless I was involved, too?” Olympia asked with one breath – making a long, confusing thought.

“Right.  I won’t do anything without you being involved in it,” Blake said, looking around the table at the others and trying to figure out where Olympia was headed with these questions.

“Well, I have an idea where you could play with others and I would be involved but not really involved.  And that would work for both of us because it’s a happy middle for what we both want … and don’t want,” Olympia said, then pausing to think if she worded that correctly.

“Huh?” Blake asked, now completely confused by this whole thing.

Olympia took a second to think of another way to try to run this idea past him.  But quickly, she decided to just blurt it out.

“What if we invited Vivian, Emily, Ruby and Ynez over to the farm next weekend?” Olympia asked bluntly.  “I would remain in full BabyGirl mode the whole time and then we all could … play.”

“Sure, they can come over, but I still don’t think I understand what you’re getting at,” he admitted.  “Hold that thought for a moment.”

The waitress returned, Emily and Ruby ordering two glasses of Pinot Grigio.  Vivian ordered a strawberry daiquiri, Ynez – a frozen margarita and Blake – a Blue Moon.  And Olympia ordered a banana split with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.

The waitress walked away to place the order and the conversation resumed, Vivian speaking up and trying to bring more detail into the topic Olympia was too cautiously dancing around.

“Okay.  Let me explain a bit more,” Vivian started, preparing to state what her part would be in this proposed visit.  “What we are asking is if you’d like some company for … interesting encounters.”

“Such as?” Blake asked, being cautious but listening intently.

“As you know, I like Hucow play.  But I don’t like to be called a cow or even a little cow. But I don’t mind the name: heifer,” Vivian continued, being specific but not turning him from the idea.  “So, I would spend a good portion of the days out in your barn in a cow stall.  I have milking apparatus and I could bring it along.  And since I lactate, you could bring Olympia out to visit me and to milk me – twice a day.”

“Then, I could be bottle-fed her milk later on,” Olympia added with a sweet tone, showing him that she was okay with Vivian being there.

“Um … okay … I think,” he said, contemplating the idea as everyone allowed him the time to do so for a minute or two.

Then the drinks and the sundae arrived, Blake immediately asking the waitress to bring him another Blue Moon as he knew he was going to need it – given the conversation the girls were having with him.

“Okay.  My turn,” Emily said, she and Ruby shifting in their seats with excitement.  “Ruby and me are exhibitionists.  And we love to not only have sex in front of other people but we also love to be directed when having sex.  In addition to that, we would be your farm-hand girls and we could wash Vivian outside before her milking.”

“So far so good, Daddy?” Olympia asked, digging into her sundae.

“Yes … so far,” Blake answered, then taking a big swig of his beer.

The waitress brought him another one, then Ynez spoke next.

“Alright,” Ynez said, joining in on the topic.  “I love being a housemaid and I would dress in my finest maid outfit, cooking for everyone and cleaning the house the whole time.  But my fantasy is to be taken advantage of by the master of the house.”

“Wait.  What?” Blake asked, interrupting her.

“And as she is taken advantage of by you – the master of the house, Ruby and I would babysit Olympia for you,” Emily added.

“Huh?” he asked, then looking at Olympia who was nodding her head – finally looking back at Ynez.

“We will discuss what being taken advantage of means before we do anything,” Ynez said, trying to ease Blake’s nerves.

The waitress brought the bill, kindly reminding them that the restaurant closed in 15 minutes.

“So that’s it,” Emily spoke up, the moment the waitress was out of earshot.  “Under your guidance and control, we all would like to engage in some … interesting encounters … as Vivian put it.”

“But we’re not gonna do this unless you want to do it, too,” Vivian said.  “Take a minute to think about it and we’ll accept your decision.”

Blake sat there, chugging the rest of the first beer and going right for the second one as he got out a credit card and handed it to the waitress when she returned.  Olympia was plowing through her sundae.

“Okay, let me recap all of this so I understand everything completely,” he said, then pausing to collect his thoughts before looking at Olympia.  “Princess, while all of this is going on, you want to remain in BabyGirl mode … in little headspace.  That means you won’t be regarded or treated as an adult at any point in time, despite what is going on all around you.  Am I understanding that correctly?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Olympia said with an enormous chocolatey smile.

“Okay.  That I can do,” he said, then looking at Vivian.  “And you want to be a heifer the whole time, like in a collar and nothing more?”

“Not the whole time.  Maybe just until dinner,” Vivian answered.  “A collar, yes.  But maybe some knee pads, rubber mitts and a few other …… garnishments.”

“We could gather your hair up into high pigtails and make them look like little ears,” Ruby suggested.

“That’ll work,” Vivian said, tilting her head to the side and smiling as she envisioned what she would like.

“And you want to be milked twice a day?” Blake asked.

“Yes.  And I’ll bring the milking equipment,” Vivian answered.

“Okay, that I can do,” he said, then looking across the booth at Emily and Ruby.  “You two want to be farm-hands as well as to be watched and directed when having sex.”

“And we’ll babysit Olympia when you need us to,” Emily added.

“And Princess, you’re okay with me watching them have sex as well as telling them what to do?” he asked Olympia.

“Yes, Daddy,” Olympia answered quickly as the waitress returned with the credit card receipt for him to sign – the waitress saying good night to them and then walking away.

“And, Ynez, you want to be a housemaid who is …,” he started, then trying to find a respectful way to state the question.

“… who is molested by my master,” Ynez said, boldly finishing the statement for him.  “And we will discuss what that means prior.”

“And yes, Daddy,” Olympia stated, answering his obvious next question before he asked it.  “I am okay with you doing that to Ynez.”

Blake wrote a tip on the receipt and totaled the bill.

“So whadya say, Daddy?” Olympia asked, everyone leaning in and waiting with hopeful, eager anticipation of his decision.

“I say … yes.  BUT…,” Blake said, then pausing to allow the girls to have a moment of elation before returning to attentiveness.  “But … we will adopt the word STOP as a safe word.  And if your mouth is gagged and you can’t say stop, you will shake your head no as a visual representation of the safe word.  And if your head can’t move because you are bound in some way, you will blink your eyes rapidly as a visual representation of the safe word.”

“Okay,” the girls said in unison.

“So, under no circumstances will anyone’s head or face be covered.  This way, there will always be a consensual halting system,” he said.

“Okay,” the girls said again in unison.

“So …… next Friday at my place at … 6pm?” Blake asked.

“Yes,” the girls said a third time in unison.

Blake smiled and signed the receipt.  Then they got up and left.

This story continues in …


Gratification: Volume Three

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again.

Available on: Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

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