Combo AB

Some things go together very well.  I always thought peanut butter and jelly should have been declared a food group for how well they went together. 

Some things don’t go together so well.  Oil and vinegar, for instance.

But bad mixtures aren’t necessarily completely bad.  Whereas peanut butter and jelly blend together in a sandwich to the point where you can’t really taste them separately, when you put oil and vinegar in a sub, you’re actually able to enjoy each flavor separately and would prefer it no other way.

But some things were meant to be together.  Like girls and diapers … or at least that’s my biased opinion about the matter.

As ABDL photo websites emerged, they began to explore this combination to an extreme – getting models who weren’t ABDLers themselves and having them go through the usual routines before putting them in front of a camera.

At first, it seemed like cheating to even look at such pictures.  But it didn’t take these websites very long to discover the winning combination, Combo AB.

We all know what the AB stands and these pictures gave a little bit of each, not allowing either letter to take over.

These models, ABDLers or not, kept the “adult” about their appearances – doing just a bit of the Big girl stuff … the make-up, eye shadow, chiseled eyebrows.


But they certainly didn’t neglect the “baby” additive to their appearances – the whole reason the photo shoot was even taking place … the diaper, posture, expressions, body language.

By design, they found the ideal looking females with all the right proportions and all of that.  They were tanned and had dirty blonde hair, if not straight blonde.

And unlike what would happen as ABDL media progressed, these photo shoots didn’t paint a complete picture – putting them in a nursery with crib and rocking chair and stuffies galore.  Instead, they kept the focus on the girl in the diaper with the eye shadow.

And it was this decision that caught my attention about this particular set of pictures.

It shows the combination together, balanced and seeming like the A and the B were what made the person visually whole … at least from a fantasy standpoint.  Take the diaper off her and you have a collection of porno nudes.  Take the make-up away and you have all eyes going directly to the crinkly white … essentially no different that the promotional shots you would see when ordering a case of diapers from a website.

Combo AB is a game of balance.  And whether represented in visual or with written word, it’s more rooted in reality than it ever will be in fantasy.

Her face doesn’t matter because you will replace it with the face you want to see.  Her body doesn’t matter because you will put your individual preferences in her place.

But the AB is the combination that turns a glance into a double-take.  And it is the reason we took a second look that keeps our attention.

… Combo AB.

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