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The Farm

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about what to expect when visiting the country.


The Farm

Blake stood to the side of the entrance of Roxy’s Restaurant, waiting patiently as his beloved BabyGirl, Olympia, waddled around and said goodbye to everyone who had been at the munch.  She was the social butterfly of the group and their cheermeister extraordinaire.  She was definitely in need of a diaper change and it was quite obvious to the trained eye, given how waddly her steps were.  But she was dressed in a vanilla fashion, just like everyone who had attended the munch.

That night had been their largest munch gathering in the five years it had been up and running.  It was a truly good feeling and Olympia had a sense of pride as she was the one who encouraged Blake to set the munch up to begin with.  He wasn’t skeptical, but rather, had a tendency to be hesitant about things.  He was cautious to a fault.

As everyone departed, Olympia and a few other girls walked up to Blake with a most interesting proposition for him.

“Daddy, we would like to run an idea by you,” Olympia said with a small and sweet voice – hopeful he was going to approve of the idea.

“Okay.  What is it?” Blake asked, looking at all the girls.

“It will take a little while to explain,” Vivian said.

“Maybe we can go back inside and get a table,” Emily suggested.

“Should I be worried at all?” Blake asked with a laugh.

“Noooo,” Olympia said, taking his right arm as he and the girls walked back into the restaurant.

“Would we be able to get another table?” Blake asked the hostess.

“Yes, but we close in a half hour,” the hostess said, surprised they had returned after having been there for three hours already.

“A half hour will be fine,” Ynez said to the hostess.

“Okay,” the hostess said.  “Follow me.”

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