Play Date Pictorial

These two are cutie pies on their own, made of the usual: sugar, spice and all things nice – but also equipped with dimples, wiggles, pacifiers, baby bottles and stuffed animals.


However, when you put these two together, they could make a desert gush rainstorms.  And it’s not so much about how they look.  It’s about what they’re doing, the smiles on their face and the glimmer of happiness dancing in their eyes.

If you’ve ever been to one of the age play conventions like TeddyCon or CAPCon or The West Coast Jungle Gym or any of the other numerous age play gatherings, you wouldn’t be shocked to see such a sight as the cuteness in these pictures.


And every single one of them tells a different story.  If you think one BabyGirl is an adorable treat, try putting two of them together on a play date.

There’s twice the cuteness, twice the baby powder, twice the crinkling, twice the giggling and twice the proof that everything in this world is made so much better with a love so abounding that it can be felt just by looking at them.


One of the most adorable memories I have of a play date was when it came time for diaper changes.  Some good advice: Line them up right next to each other and do the whole diaper changing process in assembly-line fashion.  And whatever you do, make certain not to melt before you get the tapes fastened at their hips.

Also, don’t forget your cell phone because no such gathering of two sweethearts would be complete with an elaborate and full play date pictorial.


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