The Sight of Sites

We’re in a situation these days that encourages us, now more than ever, to get online for all the social interaction we will have in the foreseeable future.

Rest assured, COVID will subside.  In the entire history of humankind, since documentation began, there has never been a virus or any disease that shut us down for good.  If it had, we wouldn’t be here anymore.

But for the time being, we stay isolated and, for a great many of us, we get online.

In the fetish sense, there is always the FetLife site.  It is a melting pot of all things kinky.  And there is a very large presence of ADBLers and Age Players among the FL masses.

FetLife launched on January 1, 2008.  And in a short time, caused a lot of smaller kink sites to go under.  Everyone was getting on FetLife and FetLife only.  And a lot of charming little ABDL sites went away.

There are a few that survived the FL extermination.  But there have been a few more that have emerged in place of their predecessors.  And you may not be aware of these other ABDL-specific community websites that now exist.

So, before posting more of The Waddling Dead: Season Three, I thought I would put up this posting and highlight a few of these ABDL-specific websites.

This list, by no means, is complete.  I am certain there are more, but here are a few that, to this day, I visit (and to the best of my knowledge, they are all free): – A wonderful  social network, here you can find pictures, forums, chatrooms, personals ads, groups, polls and more.  The DDLG stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl, but that’s to denote who the website is catering to.  I have seen nothing on there but inviting people of all kinds.  Note:  This site is very attentive to identifying and deleting scammers. – This one has been around for quite a while.  I’ve always seen it primarily as a free pictures site, but it also has a classifieds section, forums and links.  There is a wealth of places you could go from there. – Mostly anime but also video downloads, blogs, discord and a lot of user activity. – This site is very charming and a lot of fun, loaded with forums, personals, a chatroom, a littles’ movie night, a coloring club and more. – DateCGL is an interactive personals site, complete with a members map that is awesome. It also has a chat room, clubs and a most impressive links section.  Note:  This site is very attentive to identifying and deleting scammers. – The mainstay.  Daily Diapers has been around probably as long as I have been in the community.  It may even pre-date me.  Pictures, chatroom, extensive forum and more.  There’s a reason it has survived so long. – The coupling personals site to Daily Diapers.


Be it stated and understood, you are going to find fake profiles and scammers on some of these sites.  But you would also find such things on FetLife too.

Take them as they come and pass them by because there are tons of genuine ABDLers on these sites who are dynamite.

Blessings to you all and stay safe,
Zorro Daddy

Here’s a music video I put together that lists some of those glorious little ABDL sites that no longer exist:

Don’t You Forget The Diapers

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