The Green Switch

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Gratification: Volume Two
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here is a little story about correction with alternate endings to choose from.

The Green Switch –

Vanessa stomped her feet on the back porch and folded her arms, nursing from her pacifier with a poutiness.  Her Daddy sat on the rocking chair on the back porch, waiting until her current tantrum subsided enough for her to be able to listen again.  Vanessa had a bit of a temper that consumed her attention when it got bad enough.  And, given the reason why he had taken her out onto the back porch, locking the back door, her tantrum was understood … to an extent.

Drumming his fingers on the end of the left arm rest, he slowly started rocking, looking out into the woods behind their house.  She knew what was going to happen and she knew what he was going to say.  And there was no avoiding what was going to happen.

“Are you done fussing, yet?” her Daddy said in a stern but calm manner.

He was going to budge.  And for as much as she hated the thought of it, her punishment was warranted – or so her Daddy said it was.  She nodded slightly, answering his question.  But oh, if he knew the sass she had inside her head just then, the punishment-to-come would probably have been worse when all was said and done.  Realizing she needed to choose her battles, she opted not to reveal how angry she still was … unfounded or not.

“Go out there and get me the perfect green switch,” he said, pointing to the woods at the end of the field behind their house.  “Bring it back here to me.  And when you return, I’d better see a far different look in your eyes.  Now get going.”

She looked to the woods and then back to him.  Fear consumed her and that was exactly what her eyes were conveying as she walked down the back steps and began to make her way to the woods.  Nursing on her pacifier, she took small steps forward, not wanting to get to the woods at all and certainly not wanting to get back to him, given what she would receive then. 

It was a beautiful, cool evening in early May – usually a happy time to be outside or go for a walk.  But this walk was to find the implement her Daddy would use to punish her with.  And it wasn’t just any implement, but a green switch.  And it wasn’t just any green switch, but as her Daddy said – he wanted her to find the perfect green switch.

Her small steps weren’t moving her very fast through the field.  Perhaps the greatest and only comfort was knowing that the sun would soon set and maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t be seen.  The closest neighbors on either side of their house were a few lengths away.  But she had made this trek before, getting the perfect green switch for her Daddy.  This was the first time he sent her out to the woods in just a t-shirt and her diaper.  Her walk was more of a waddle and though there were many sounds around her, the only one she could hear was the crinkle coming from her waist. 

Maybe she should’ve known that something was up when he came home from work with a less-than-happy look on his face.  Maybe she should’ve known that something was up when he put her hiking shoes on her feet after dinner ended.  And maybe she should’ve known that something was up when he didn’t ask her how her day went.  By then, he already knew what had happened that day and it wasn’t until he took her out to the back porch that she figured out she was in trouble.  Being made to get a green switch meant that she would be cautious when sitting down few days.

A green switch was a twig from a tree that, when broken off, showed wood on its inside that had a green color to it.  This meant that the twig had lots of juice to it and wouldn’t snap easily across her bottom.  A perfect green switch was as long as her arm – from her wrist to the inside of her elbow.  This made it something her Daddy could hold and could swing quickly.  A perfect green switch also needed to be the diameter of her thumb on its one end and no skinnier than the diameter of her pinky finger on its other end.  This meant that every strike from the switch would make its point clear and, dependent on how many times he swung, would leave a temporary mark with a lasting impression.

Pouting as she made it to the edge of the field, she looked back to the porch to see her Daddy still sitting there on the rocking chair.  The whole time she was in the woods, he would be watching her.  Entering the woods, her eyes welled up with tears and she nursed on her pacifier as she recalled the reason why her Daddy had sent her to fetch a green switch for the first time that year:

Earlier that day, a package arrived from and being as curious as a cat, she set the package on the kitchen table.  Getting herself a glass of Kool-Aid, she sat down at the kitchen table and stared at the package, deciding then to make a mistake she knew she shouldn’t make.  She opened the package, finding the cutest little button-down, short puffy sleeved blouse she had ever seen.  It had edging which pink embroidery and on the tips of either side of the lapel were tiny little iron-ons of Betty Boop.

She got up onto her knees on the chair and reached into the package to take the shirt out to look at it.  She knew who it was for and how it had arrived just in the nick of time.  But when she reached into the package, she knocked over her glass of Kool-Aid, spilling it on the shirt and, given the timeframe it was needed in, ruined it.

Instantly, she jumped up and grabbed the shirt, running over to the kitchen sink and doing her best to rinse it out.  But the shirt was white and it was dry clean only.  And her Kool-Aid was red.  The damage was done and there was nothing she could do about it at this point.

Walking up to the first tree, she broke off the lowest twig, seeing the wood wasn’t green inside.  Things just kept getting worse for her on this and it seemed she couldn’t do anything right. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she continued further into the woods, looking for another twig that would be acceptable as she thought back on what she did after trying to wash that shirt clean:

Vanessa quickly shoved the stained shirt back into the package and hid it behind the couch before she sat down and collect herself for a few minutes.  Then, she called her sister and told her that the mail had just been delivered for the day and that the package hadn’t arrived.  Her sister told her that she knew the package had arrived because she was tracking it and she could see that Vanessa had signed for it from the delivery guy.

Vanessa’s sister was older than her and had been an absolute bitch to her all her life.  The Betty Boop blouse was something that Vanessa’s sister had asked her Daddy to order.  The blouse was intended for Vanessa’s sister’s daughter – Vanessa’s niece.  And it was needed for a 1950’s dance that her niece would be attending that night.

After a heated shouting match on the phone, Vanessa hung up and jumped onto Facebook, leaving a scathing posting about how relatives can be such bitches when they don’t get what they want.  Vanessa then went on to explain what happened in this Facebook post, detailing the accident with the blouse.  Thinking better of having posted the truth, she quickly deleted it, but not before her niece saw it.

Vanessa broke off another twig, seeing it didn’t have green wood in it either and she threw the twig away, covering her face as she started to cry.  Leaning up against a tree, she tried to collect herself.  But her tantrum gripped her up again and she lost reason for a few moments as she got angry.  Why was everybody mad at her?  She made a simple mistake.  That’s all it was.  But as her crying fit ended, she swallowed the lump in her throat accepting the truth she could avoid anymore then the green switch punishment that was to come:

Her Daddy had always told her to never open packages without him there.  He didn’t make this restriction because he felt she couldn’t open the packages.  He made it because his shift of work always ended an hour after hers each day.  This meant that she would get home before him and would see the packages before him.  Sometimes, he ordered surprises for her from Amazon and he didn’t want her to ruin her own surprises.  But her Daddy also told her to never put any drink in anything but a sippy cup.  Invariably, she would spill glasses when she used them and sometimes these spills would lead to terrible results … like today.  Vanessa’s war on the phone with her sister was her business and her Facebook posting was her business as well, although she upset her niece something fierce.  As usual, however, Vanessa would go down the same route she always did – blaming everyone but herself.  And this Daddy refused to tolerate.

Vanessa hadn’t been spanked with a green switch since last fall when a bad day at work made her drive to the mall and go on a shopping spree that maxed out one of his credit cards.  It wasn’t the money that was the issue.  It was that he would be late with two monthly bills he always used that credit card for, thanks to her need to make herself feel better through buying things.

After checking a few more trees for a green switch, she finally sat down, leaning up against a tree and folding her arms.  Nursing on her pacifier, she began rocking back and forth – something she often did when trying to rid herself of the unsettling thoughts she was having.  More than anything else, it was reminder that she had once again overstepped boundaries and done something that affected others.  She pouted heavily, not yet willing to accept that her Daddy was right and that she deserved to know how she made others feel when her impulses, though unintentional, led to accidents.

The truth of the matter was:  Her Daddy had enabled her to get over a lot of issues she had with her older sister, issues she had with crippling insecurities and with hang-ups that made her feel horrible about who she was.  But when she slipped up and regressed back to old habits, she became a vindictive soul who probably didn’t intended to be so mean.  As her Daddy patiently explained to her, time and again, it didn’t really have anything to do with her intentions because people on Facebook wouldn’t see intentions.  All they would see were the words of anger she typed.  And from those words, perception would be gained.

Several noises nearby that sounded like cracking wood, startled her back to the moment.  She drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around her shins.  Sitting in a tight ball, she shook from a mixture of sensations.  Some of them were derived from thoughts of her pending punishment.  Some of them were derived from the fact that she was sitting in the middle of the woods, wearing a t-shirt and a diaper.  Up at the house, correction awaited her.  Here in the woods, she was surrounded by danger.  It was hard to feel loved when everyone and everything currently in her little world seemed primed to make her feel bad about herself.  It was the kind of treatment that would make anyone feel alone, even when standing in the middle of a crowd.

The sun was really starting to set by now and though the golden rays trickling through the trees were beautiful, she didn’t have time to sit there and watch them.  So she got back up to her feet, shifting her hips and wiggling her center as she slipped her fingers under the elastic edgings at the back of her thighs to work out the diaper wedgie she gave herself while sitting there.  She moved quickly now, crinkling her waddled steps up to the nearest tree and breaking off another branch that fit the size requirements her Daddy had made, but unfortunately it wasn’t green wood.  She tossed the stick to the ground and scrunched up her lips behind her pacifier, looking from tree to tree.  It would make sense to start marking the trees that had green wood so these green switch trips would be easier in the future.  Then again … would she really want them to be easier?

She wasn’t really bothered by the fact that she would be spanked when she got back to the porch.  It was the fact that this sort of thing kept happening.  True, it hadn’t happened in a while.  But the greater concern was that when she did something wrong, she automatically denied it. And in doing so, she regressed.  In the sense of the dynamic she had with her Daddy, submitting came naturally.  But denial came with a cost.

She could hear her diaper crinkling away and this made her smile, feeling those tummyflies fluttering up inside her.  Yes, she was going to get punished, but she was living her life exactly as she wanted to live it – as a BabyGirl.  This included the good and the happy.  But it sometimes included the painful corrections by her Daddy’s hand and a perfect green switch … if she could ever find one!  The sun was descending behind the horizon at this point and she needed to find this branch quickly.  This was getting frustrating and it reminded her of the last time she came down to these woods, searching for a switch.  It took forever to find one and she was getting worried that her Daddy would think she was deliberately delaying the punishment. 

Looking back up to the porch, now off in the distance a bit, she could see that her Daddy had turned the back porch light on and that he was still sitting on the rocking chair, waiting for her.  Though, she knew he would make her cry from the spanking, she loved him and loved him dearly.  His greatest frustration wasn’t in how to replace a Kool-Aid stained blouse or that Vanessa was the kind of girl who simply didn’t pay attention to what she was doing.  His greatest frustration was remaining patient with her.  And for that, she would love him eternally.

Cracking the nearest branch she could find in the dimming twilight, she delighted in the fact that it was made of green wood.  It was the right thickness, but was way too long.  She tried breaking it down to the right length.  But this was easier said than done.  The reason why her Daddy wanted the wood to be green was so that it didn’t break easily and would last through the spanking.  Grunting behind her pacifier, she did all she could to break it down to size, nearly bending it in half before it finally broke.  If she had taken a moment to think about the ramification of having jagged pieces of wood on the skinny end of the switch – the end that would be contacting her bottom, she might well have been able to avoid the additional pain those jagged pieces would cause.  But she was so elated to have finally found the perfect green switch, nothing else crossed her mind.

Making her way back through the woods towards the house, she felt the switch in her hands, remembering what her last green switch spanking felt like.  The switch left welts on her bottom that would heal in a day or so, but the bruises lasted a bit longer and her bottom would be sore for a few days after. Every time she sat down, every time she stood up, every time she put on clothes and when she got her diapered changed, she was reminded of her punishment.  Even the warm water of her showers would sting for days afterwards.

She made it to the edge of the woods and looked up at the house on the other end of the field.  Holding that switch in her hands, it was then that the reality of all emotions hit her.  Every spanking with a green switch had gotten worse and worse each time.  Her Daddy’s reasoning was that if she didn’t learn her lesson the last time, then he’d have to make it clearer to her this time.  Waddling her way through the field, she shuddered, beginning to feel the pain of the spanking in her mind before she ever got up to him and before he ever began.  She remembered how her last spanking included a little blood when she fidgeted to get away and stood up in the middle of her spanking.  The switch struck the tender skin of her lower back and left a scratch mark that bled a little.  And from this experience, her Daddy told her that she would be restrained for all future green switch spankings. 

She froze in place in the middle of the field, just thirty feet away from the back porch at this point.  She started shaking and was unable to keep walking as the reality of what her spanking would feel like hit her just a bit deeper.  She wet herself uncontrollably, hoping and praying that her Daddy would reconsider letting this infraction slip by without punishment.

This was the moment when reality hit her completely.  She knew he wouldn’t let her off easy.  He hadn’t gotten up from the rocking chair and was probably viewing her frozen stance as yet another stalling tactic.  Yes, she regretted the mistakes she made.  And yes, she regretted her continued repeat offenses, but she knew herself as well as her Daddy knew her. And her intrinsic need to be independent had gotten her in trouble yet again.  Forcing one leg in front of the other, her waddle was wider and more crinkly – now that her diaper was wet.

With twenty paces to go, Vanessa struggled through two emotions the rest of the way back to him.  And both emotions made her cry.

The first was anger that he would punish her, trying to correct her behavior.  She didn’t realize she was broken and it seemed unfair that he always treated her like she needed to be fixed.  But her mistakes were things that affected other people and she kept making them.  And she couldn’t deny this.

The second emotion, which also made her cry, was happiness that after her punishment was over, her Daddy would give a bit of aftercare that would nurture her in some way back to control of herself.  His aftercare was always wonderful and though she hated to admit it to herself, life had become all about admittances.  And she would truly be corrected when he was finished with her.  She would, in fact, feel fixed.  If this feeling would every remaining in her thoughts, if she would remember the lessons she had learned from more green switch spanking than she cared to recall or count, she would never again have to go back down to those woods for any reason other than to chase lightning bugs.

As she approached the porch with the perfect green switch in hand, a wet diaper that was starting to sag and tears streaming down her cheeks, her Daddy stood up from the rocking chair and met her at the bottom of the steps.

If you feel she deserves the green switch punishmentclick here.

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