All You’ve Got

All Youve GotAppearing in:
Gratification: Volume Two
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here is a little story about what you receive when you give all you’ve got.

All You’ve Got –

Nicki slammed her car door shut and stormed down the sidewalk.  Oh, this stupid street!  What good was it to have parking spaces in front of their house if someone else was always parked in them?  She had to park a half a block away which, while entering the 12th hour in these stupid heels, was a half a block too far away.  Ugh.

Thank God this day was over because she needed some serious stress relief at this point.  Her job really wasn’t supposed to be as stressful as it had turned out to be.  Maybe someday, when she was a millionaire business owner like her boss, perhaps she wouldn’t care either that she employed many people who sat around and did nothing while dumping all the work on the co-worker of their choice.  Today was her day to be dumped on.  And it was only Wednesday.  For pity’s sake, how was she going to get through two more days of this torture?

Thankfully, she had her beloved James at home – her husband, her best friend and her happiness eternal.  When she came home from a bad day, he knew what she needed to let it all go.  Marrying him was the best decision she had ever made in life.  And there wasn’t a day that went by when they didn’t explore all the possibilities life had for them.  Perhaps that was why they moved to the Charm City.  For all the adjustments they had to make to city life, like having to park so far away from your front door, the neighborhood was a good one and other kinds of doors had opened for them.  But sometimes stress still got the best of them, despite the opportunities.  Being explorers as they were, they sought many ways to relieve stress and the more they explored, the more they grew into a dynamic which just seemed to fit them right.

“Daddy, are you home yet?” Nicki called upstairs as she shut the front door, hanging up her coat by the door and putting her keys on the small stand by the coat hooks.

She turned and faced the inside of their wonderful home, smiling as she sighed.  This day had already begun to get better.  Home represented their world, their space, their rules and the kinkiest sides of both of them that didn’t even know they had.  Kicking her heels off, she laughed as her right heel went flying into the TV room by the kitchen.

“Oops,” she said, walking into the TV room and picking up the heel, pausing to notice the tube of Her Pleasure KY Jelly that was sitting on the coffee table.

She raised an eyebrow as the evening’s first twisted thought of many entered her mind.  She had no idea what was to come.  Perhaps if she did, she would’ve left work early on that day to get home sooner.  Oblivious to the fact that James was hiding around the corner of the kitchen, she made her way towards the refrigerator when jumped out and grabbed her.

“Hiya, Baby,” James said from behind her.

Oh, how she loved his voice.  Just the mere sound of his timbre sent little tingles up and down her body, in and out of all the right places.

“Someone has an early bedtime tonight,” James said, covering her mouth and nose with a cloth.

She didn’t struggle at all, just simply going with it.  This was the intruder scenario they had talked about doing some time.  But he hadn’t covered her mouth and nose with the cloth to simulate suffocation.  And sniffing whatever liquid was on the cloth made her very light-headed.  She struggled a little to break free from his arms as she kept breathing the liquid in, but eventually couldn’t control her sudden sleepiness.  She mumbled a bit behind the cloth, but cowered to his grip of her.

“Shh, shh, shh,” James shushed her with that syrupy Daddy Voice that always made her swoon.  “Time to sleep.”

And that was the last thing she remembered.


Nicki awoke, shaking her head and trying to put together what had happened.  James had blindfolded her and had put the extra-large ball gag in her mouth – the one that she said forced her to keep her jaw open a bit wider than normal when they bought it at the Charm City Fetish Fair back in the fall.  She was naked and lying on her side, but in a most peculiar fashion.  Her wrists were bound together with a piece rawhide and both her arms were bent & chicken winged, also tied up with rawhide.  Her ankles were bound with rawhide and her knees were bent, frog-legged with rawhide as well.  Her hair was wet and the room she was in was quiet and felt ice cold.

She tried to sit, to stand up, even to kneel up, but her restraints worked against.  Rolling back and forth, she mumbled into the ball gag, letting James know she had awakened.  But a few minutes later, he still hadn’t come into the room.  Moving back and forth again, she tried to roll off the mattress he had placed her on, but when she rolled into the bars, she knew he had set up the cage they bought, a cage that doubled nicely as her crib when he regressed her.  But that obviously wasn’t going to be tonight.  There were no sheets on the mattress, no comforter, no stuffed animals, nothing there but the mattress.  He also didn’t normally tie her up, leaving her gagged and naked when he regressed her. 

In the time she had until he decided to come in and get her, she thought back a few weeks to their talk about abduction play, that mysterious intruder and what his victim would experience.  She tried hard to remember what the specifics were they talked about, what she told him sounded interesting to her and what she said really excited her about it.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember the details, which made her current situation a bit more exciting.  She had no idea what was to come.  But that definitely must’ve been chloroform on that cloth he covered her mouth and nose with.  It smelled really sweet, but was overpowering and when she breathed in the vapors, she knew she was going to pass out.  The questions were:  How long had she been asleep?  And when was he going to come in and get her?

For as bound and as shivering as she was, she actually felt better.  A long day of work that day had certainly drained her.  And whether it was a night of Daddy-n-BabyGirl time or something a bit darker, like tonight – this was proof that when she got home, a nap should always be on the top of the list.

Her wet hair was a sign that he had bathed her as she slept.  He didn’t have to chloroform her to get her to sleep through a bath.  She had done it before, once when incredibly sick, once when she took sleeping pills, once when she was drunk and at other times.  But this was the first time she had also slept through him shaving her.  Though bent and tied up, she could detect the new smoothness on her legs and what’s more, she could feel the smoothness between her legs.  She shuddered at what she must’ve looked like as she was lying there on the bathroom floor, completely unconscious and as vulnerable as could be.

The real thrill for her was that she hadn’t really been abducted, not by strangers or aliens or anyone other than her husband.  And by having her senses taken away, her body restrained and her mouth gagged, she could slip into that mindset of helplessness with comfortable ease.

This wasn’t their first bit on bondage fun.  Once, before they moved to the Charm City, he took her to a nearby park, tied her wrists and ankles and set her inside a bush.  People passed by her, just a few feet off on the walkway.  What made it such a thrill was that he had given her an enema and left her there in her bra and diaper only.  As she passed the enema out of her, she did her able best to not groan from the cramps.  Added to it was the fact that when her enema erupted into her diaper, it made noises – an indignity for a girl to make bodily noises like that, an even greater embarrassment when she couldn’t prevent the noise nor had anywhere to run should she be discovered.  The whole time, he sat on the park bench across the walkway, recording her entire ordeal.  Weeks and months afterwards, she still masturbated to the memories of that trip to the park.

So it stood to reason, presently, that she may not even be in their house.  James was bold enough to do anything, whether in a city or in the countryside.  She highly doubted he drug the cage along with them, if he had, in fact, taken her to a location.  But there was no telling for sure and being blindfolded, she had an even lesser chance of discovering her whereabouts.

Thankfully, an answer was on the way, or so she thought as the door suddenly creaked open and she heard footsteps entering the room.  She mumbled his name in a tone of question, though she could hardly be understood from behind her gag.  Whoever entered the room, didn’t answer anyway, instead wandering all over the place, opening doors tossing what sounded like metal onto the floor.  It was all quite confusing for Nicki.  But she had no alternative other than to wait.

She felt a hand reach through the bars of her cage, turning her over onto her back and groping her breasts.  Oh my, yes.  It was James for sure.  Nobody knew how to fondle her like him.  She smiled, though it probably didn’t look like one, for the extra-large ball gag that had given her lock-jaw by this point.  She parted her frog legs so he could continue the magi touch with his fingertips.  But instead, she received a swift and sudden slap across her mound.  She tried sitting up as she whimpered in pain, but he pushed her back down.

“I didn’t tell you to show me your goods, did I?” James said with a tone far deeper than his usual timbre.

Then she heard him lowering the side of the cage.  She had impulse to roll out of the cage, but thought better of such an action, being reminded by the pain between her legs of what thinking for herself would get her.  This would be the greatest struggle she would face for the rest of that night.  When left alone with silence, thoughts are often the only company that can be kept.

And while Nicki contemplated about how to think about not thinking, James readied himself for another surprise.  As if out nowhere, Nicki heard something slicing through the chilly a split second before the tips of that tasseled leather flogger landed across her frog-legged thighs that she had so obediently kept together since the moment he told her not to open them.

The flogger landed on her thighs again and again and again.  And when she could no long take the pain, she drew her knees up to her chest, protecting them from further strikes.  James readjusted, taking the tasseled tips of the flogger to her shins.  Her gagged mumbles turned to a steady stream of whimpers until she could no longer take the pain to them, either.  Rolling from her back to her side, facing away from him, she hoped to not receive any more lashes as the skin of her legs felt like they were enflamed and her bindings were beginning to cut off circulation.  She lied with back facing towards him, sniffling from pain. 

James had fewer targets to aim at now.  There was no way he was going to flog her back nor any area near it.  Nicki had suffered her whole life from scoliosis and her family had a history of kidney issues.  So he focused in on a part of her body that didn’t suffer from anything, at least not up until this moment … her feet.

Taking the flogger and whipping it around in a circle, he delivered as many stinging strikes to her soles as he could until she rolled over onto her tummy and slinked into the corner of the cage, facing away from him and shaking from the strikes.  She felt like she belonged in a cage at that moment and fear gripped her completely.

Hearing him raise up the side of the cage, she remained still and listened until his footsteps left the room.  Then she fell straight backwards and sighed through her nose as she took a few minutes to recover from the flogging.  The surface of her skin felt like she had been marked with abrasions that were ever-close to letting blood flow out.  Perhaps he had just pushed her to the brink of what would’ve been too much.  The Edge – that place Nicki fantasized about being pushed to, but one that she never contemplated what she would see or how she would feel when she got there.

Silence returned to the room and though she fought their arrival, thoughts began to race through her head, followed by a steady stream of unanswerable questions:

Had she just done something wrong?
Or was this a part of their play for the night?
Should she not have enjoyed him fondling her?
Or did she not show that she enjoyed it soon enough?
Was he angry with her?  Is that why he suddenly left the room?
What was he gonna do next?
When was he gonna come back?
Would he ever come back?
Or had she just ruined the entire night?
Did she trip one of his nerves?
Did something happen otherwise?
Did he sprain his wrist?
Did he hurt himself because she kept crawling away from him?
Did he need to go to the hospital?

Ahhhhh!  Curse her insecurities!

Was there anything he needed her to do?
Should she try to get his attention to come back in the room?
Or would that only anger him worse?
How long had he been angry with her?
Did this anger towards her begin before tonight?
Had it been going on for weeks now without her sensing it?
What kind of a horrible wife was she to anger her husband like this?
Was tonight his way of showing her how angry he was?
Should she beg for more floggings which she clearly deserved?
Why did she always do this to people?
Why couldn’t she get along with her co-workers or her boss?
Would he ever forgive her?

James walked back in the room suddenly and though she had a thousand concerns on her mind, the biggest one was that new sound of flying sparks that got closer as he approached the cage.  Lowering the side of the cage again, he reached in and pinned her down on her back.  She could hardly think of what to do.  She didn’t know whether to struggle or to not struggle, whether to whimper or to just start bawling now, whether to enjoy or whether to not enjoy.  Being as she had no idea what he was about to do, determining how she needed to react was an impossibility.  But even as she lay there beneath his grasp, mind-fucking herself at this point, her most recent insecurities were erased from her mind when she felt the stings of electricity sparking on her nipples.  Doing what was best took a backseat to her human reactions to such precise pain.  James was using the violet wand they ordered from  He hadn’t told her it arrived in the mail and based on how the people in those YouTube videos reacted to the wand, she was in for serious torture.  And since she had convinced herself that he was insanely and furiously angry with her, she believed the severity of her torture would now be far worse than if she hadn’t messed up earlier.

He touched the violet to her areolas then down her belly.  She screamed into the gag, but James didn’t let up.  And every inch of her skin that he shocked retained the sensation – just enough to unravel her mind a bit more.  But when he got to her thighs and shins, she went ballistic.  The skin of her legs, already filled with abrasions, drew blood to just under the surface.  Instinct alone made her thrash, but James held her down as long as she could before her screams turned to sobbing.  He released her from his grip and set the violet wand on the floor, picking up something that sounded like a metal chain.

What was this?

Without another second to think of the 8000 possibilities her mind was ready to supply her with, she felt the cold metal of clamps as they pinched her nipples – a chain connecting.  Then James spun her bound legs towards him, repositioning her in the cage before lifting her legs and plunging himself into her rosebud.  She quivered in pain, her body being separated from her mind for a short while at least.  And James just kept pounding himself inside her.  She didn’t have the strength to fight back and eventually gave up the will to try, relaxing herself and allowing her husband to take her body as his arousal saw fit. 

She went from tight and quivering to loose and throbbing, all while under his control.  And right before his orgasm arrived, he withdrew himself from within her backside and erupted his seeds all over her stomach instead.  And as he erupted on her he slid one finger back into her rosebud, pulling it out just as quickly.  She felt so tattered and ravaged that she shook from the memory of the sensations.  Anal sex in the past had been done gently and with extreme care to her comfort.  This time, he pounded her as hard and as fast as he could.  Left puckering and trembling, she shed tears – all soaked up by the blindfold.  Hearing him leave the room again, she finally broke down.

This night was going along at an excruciating slow-then-fast pace.  She fought hard not to lose were her mind as she felt more of the memories of the flogging, the violet wand and the backdoor entrance.  Her skin felt like it was carrying the electricity on.  Her legs were throbbing as much as her rosebud was.  Suddenly, time was lost to her.  She didn’t know what time of night it was any way, but now she couldn’t keep track of how long he had been gone.  Reaching through the bars of the cage, she tried to pull herself up to grab the top bar and yank down.  But her arms and legs were going numb as her feet and hands had already arrived there.  Adding to that sensation were the clamps that kept her nipples pinched and the gag that kept her jaw open.

Her mind drifted in and out of the present.  The cold air returned its goose bump effect to her skin and her stomach growled without unexpectedly.  She hadn’t had a chance to make dinner when she got home.  Maybe that was it.  She was just hungry.

The discovery of the answer to that thought would have to wait as James returned to the room again and this time, turned on the overhead light.  She still couldn’t see anything, but bleeds of light made their way through the blind fold as she slinked back from the side of the cage.  She shook, wondering what would happen to her next.  But instead of action, she heard the clicking of a camera a split second before a flash of light.  And then he left the room again.

Disconnection was now beginning to set in a bit more permanent, or so it seemed.  There was no way she could know when this was going to end, what effects it would have on her down the road or even if she would have images burned into her mind that would become erotic memories.  All she knew was that she was caught somewhere in between meltdown and the dawning of arousal.  And she had no idea which direction her mind would lead her.

Her stomach kept giving her grief and no sooner would she find a comfortable position to lay in, given her wounds and bindings, then she would have to shift a bit to accommodate a cramp.  She tried to chase the cobwebs from her thoughts, but suddenly couldn’t remember if her period was due to arrive.  What on Earth was happening to her head?  She didn’t always know the exact date, but she at least had some sort of range of dates in mind every month.  She began to worry if she would soon be lying in her own blood.

Trying to get some feeling back in her hands and feet, she did her best to twist her ankles and wrists – only then to regret it when the needles of awakening nerve-endings added more pain to the situation.  Scrunching her upper arms inward as far as she could, she tried to work the clamps off her nipples to no avail.  James certainly had done a good job of immobilizing her.  And with his ever-erratic rate of come in, torture her and leave, her mind was becoming just as incapacitated as the rest of her.

As if he could read her thoughts, James returned, lowering the side of the crib, forcing her up onto her knees, bending her down and planting ten strikes of that wooden paddle they bought in Maryland last summer – the one with the holes in it that made her jump every time he used it on her.  This time, however, her limbs were numb and she could hardly move at all.  But her bottom sure felt the strikes and all she could do was soak her blindfold with tears and crying into her ball gag.

With her bottom enflamed the same as her legs and feeling like it was welting up by the second, she felt herself being repositioned in the cage again.  Moments later, his cock pounded into her rosebud once more.  And this time, as James drove himself inside her, he began to take her restraints off.

First, he removed the clamps at her chest and she cried harder into the ball gag as she felt the painful return of rushing blood to her nipples.  Without breaking stride or back off from his second entrance into her back side, he untied the leather that had held her ankles together.  Her legs, still bent and tied to themselves, fell apart from one another and flopped down on either side of her on the mattress. 

He kept forcing his stiffness into her backdoor as he untied her wrists.  Her still-chicken winged arms flopped apart and fell to the mattress on either side of her just as her legs had done.  Her stomach growled tremendously and she went delirious from the influx of stimulation.  All of it was right there, waiting to turn into her arousal, if she could only re-attach the connection between her mind and her body.

As her husband’s second orgasm of the night arrived, he pulled himself out of her rosebud as before, grabbed her hair and yanked her out of the cage, down to the floor.  Still holding her hair, his seeds erupted out of him and this time, he covered face with them –holding her up by her air until he was finished.  She collapsed to the floor and he removed the ball gag strap before untying her arms and legs.  And then, he left the room, leaving the door open.

Her body lay limpened and somewhat broken-feeling on the floor.  She awaited the arrival of that rush of returning blood to her appendages, but felt a different rush at the same time – that of a current of air that came from the door.  Finally, she had some sense of where she was at in the room.  She began to crawl towards the door, pushing her way past the pieces of leather she found on the floor.  She flung her right arm at the violet wand in front of her, trying to push it out of the way as well.  But then, inside of her, she discovered the reason for the stomach growlings.  She needed to have a bowel movement.  It wasn’t anything urgent to start, but the muscles of her sphincter also weren’t in the strongest of shape to resist any urges, since he had pounded inside her twice already.

Her first complete thought in quite some time suddenly triggered a light bulb in her mind.  He had given her a suppository earlier.  That’s why he jammed his finger inside her rosebud after his first entrance into her back door.  Now it made sense to her why her stomach was giving her fits.  But what made greater sense was to alert James that she needed to get to the toilet very soon.  Exhaustion kept her from being able to call his name very loudly at all.  So she picked up her crawl across the floor where she left off, sliding along as quickly as she could with still-malfunctioning arms and legs.

The need was growing more urgent by the second.  A suppository wasn’t usually something that made her run to the bathroom frantically.  But the events of the night changed a lot of things from the usual.  Getting to a point where she had to concentrate to keep from making a brown stain on the carpet, she stopped crawling and did her best to clench muscles that wouldn’t cooperate as much as she would’ve liked them to.  But as she struggled, her second complete thought in quite some time suddenly triggered another light bulb in her mind.   She had lost practically all control of herself – of her limbs, of her modesty, of her body, of her emotions and of her mind.  That’s what this was truly about and her husband’s power trip of the night had slowly led her to the point where she accepted she had no control over anything.

Wow!  Maybe he wasn’t upset with her at all!

In the midst of her distraction over a new-found happiness, she neglected to keep the right muscles clenched and her bowels emptied.  As they continued emptying, she kept pulling herself closer to the door – to get his attention, but to also get away from the mess.  And after several minutes of hard work to get to the doorway, she felt his presence in front of her.  James took a few more pictures that would serve nicely when they explored blackmail in the future.  But for now, he tossed the camera across the guest bedroom she had been in all this time onto the bed and reached down, grabbing her hair and dragging her down the length of the hallway onto the rug of their TV room.

Her front, from nipples to knees, was rug burnt by the time he stopped dragging her.  There was light in the room and the soft murmur of television in the background.  She turned over onto her back and listened to him cracking his leather belt in his hand.  Expecting another spanking, she began to turn back over onto her belly, but he stopped her, returning her to her back before putting the belt around her throat.  And then she that KY Jelly she saw earlier being applied the sweetness between her legs.

Parting her thighs, James positioned himself in front of her and slid his erection inside her peach.  A flood of sensations hit her all at once and, mixed with returning memories of the events of this night, she gasped as his sudden gentleness – made all the more overwhelming as it contrasted the cruelty and torture he had given her all night long.  Tears streamed from her eyes, being instantly soaked up by the blindfold and she wrapped her needle-point inflicted arms and legs around him.  With nothing to see but the blindfold, the visions in her head went back through the events of the night.  Blood rushed back to all her limbs and she obediently came for him at the precise moment he instructed her to.  Rising high up on the summit, she realized he had pushed her beyond the brink.  And as his seeds erupted inside her, she screamed aloud as her voice returned.  Ballooning down from the summit with him, she reveled in how wonderful acceptance truly was when she got out of her own way to embrace everything around her that she had always overlooked while being distracted with too many questions, parking spaces, bosses who needed to die, co-workers who needed to join the boss, high heels and conclusions she would only ever guess at. 

All of those things seemed really unimportant to her now.  She knew they would be there to bother her tomorrow, but the explorations of this night had taught not to worry the moment away with concerns of the future.  That was no good way to live life.

James gently withdrew himself from inside her and guided her hands down between her legs so she could enjoy the afterglow exactly how she wanted to.  He removed the belt belt from around her throat, wiped her bottom clean as well as her chest and face as she teased the hood of her mound.  Then she laid there for a few minutes as he sat next to her, watching her enjoy the beautiful extension of her afterglow.

Reaching for her diaper bag under the coffee table, he got out a diaper and unfolded it, lifting her legs and bottom up as he slid it into place underneath her.  The powder cooled her burning bottom, making it feel better.  Lowering her into the soft confines of her diaper felt more Heavenly than anything she could think of at that moment.  As he powdered her front, she let out a tiny sigh of contentment. 

He brought the front of her diaper up into place, fastening the tapes at her hips and giving that first little garnishment to usher her into regression.  She did her best to help in the effort of being picked up, but her arms and legs were just about as spent as the rest of her.  Still, she made it onto his lap and into the cradle of his arms, where she belonged. 

She nestled her nakedness up against his body as he took the blindfold off her.  She squinted to allow her vision to come into focus – that of her beloved husband, Daddy and life eternal.  The moonlight of the night cascaded through the window, down onto them as she gazed up at him with a single question only to ask.

“Is that all you’ve got?” she asked softly with the biggest grin she had ever made in her life.

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