The Green Switch – “Ending One”

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“Ending One” –

As she approached the porch with the perfect green switch in hand, a wet diaper that was starting to sag and tears streaming down her cheeks, her Daddy stood up from the rocking chair and met her at the bottom of the steps.

But she stopped just a few feet away from him.  Standing there, defeated from avoidance of punishment, a single thought passed through her mind that would alter the severity of what was to come.  Nursing on her pacifier, she put a look of innocence on her face, lowering her chin and swaying back-n-forth.  She was making one final visual attempt at getting out of the green switch punishment.

“That’s not going to work, Vanessa,” her Daddy said calmly.

She stomped her foot and grunted behind her pacifier, in seeming fussiness of his steadfast decision.

“Hand me the switch,” her Daddy said calmly.

A smile broke out behind her pacifier and she sniffled slightly as she handed him the green switch.  But her smile wasn’t of acceptance of her punishment nor was it of overjoyed happiness to be his BabyGirl.  And that grunt she made just a moment wasn’t of fussiness, but rather, of the completion of something she was certain would equalize the coming situation.

His hand motioned for her to take her t-shirt off as he inspected the green switch for correct length and width.  She took the t-shirt off, followed by her shoes and socks.  Standing there in a wet, sagging diaper and nursing on her pacifier, she felt vulnerable not only to him and to the world around but also to every emotion of submission and insecurity inside her heart.  Oh, little did her Daddy know, however, that her grunt and lethargic reactions were signs of delay so that she could finish pooping herself.  The smile behind her pacifier had turned to a smirk and the twinkle in her eyes showed her pride in having figured out a way to make him deal with some unpleasantness, too.

She took a step towards the house, figuring he would be taking her inside to bend her over the kitchen table before lowering her diaper and spanking her.  This was the usual way the green switch punishments were done.  But to her surprise, he took hold of her hand and led her back across the field towards the woods again.  Suddenly, being naked but her diaper was an all-consuming bit of trepidation for her.  She lowered her chin, allowing her hair to fall down off her shoulders, hiding the sides of her face as much as possible.  She kept her eyes to the ground and nursed her pacifier. 

Where was he taking her?  And how far away from the house were they going to go?  What if somebody saw them?  This was public exposure, plain and simple.  What if someone had already seen them?  Or worse … what if someone had already seen them and was calling the police right now?

The questions at the front of her thoughts were endless, but he kept leading her across the field, getting to the edge of the woods when she stopped walking and resisted him.  He reached back, wound his hand up in the air and swung it down, cracking the back of her diapered bottom squarely across the cheeks.  She squealed behind her pacifier as she jumped from the sting.  But then she picked up her feet and started following him.  For as much as his smack to her diaper had hurt, it also gave her a bit pleasure in knowing that he had just spread her mess everywhere.  And, having been startled by his smack, she was now peeing out the remainder of what her bladder was holding.  Her increased wetness made her diaper sag a bit more and mixing with the disgusting mess in her backseat, would make for the most unpleasant surprise imaginable when he lowered her diaper to spank her.

Vanessa did her best to keep up with his quick pace of walking, but this was difficult for her since she was barefooted and trying hard to avoid stepping on anything sharp.  Her Daddy didn’t say a word, leading her into the nearly pitch black woods.  From the few fleeting rays of sunset that remained she could see all the branches that she had broken off and thrown down on the pathway.  From the newly-arriving first beams of moonlight, she could see where they were headed.

In the middle of these woods was a small patch of ground, lush with grass from the absence of tree-cover and canopy of leaves that should’ve been above them.  In the very middle of this small clearing was one single tree – no older than five or ten years.  It wasn’t enormous or tall like all the other trees in the woods, but it was well rooted in the ground all ready.  Watching him unfasten his belt, she knew that the time had come at last to face the music.

Vanessa knelt down in front of the tree and placed her hands flat on the ground.  She had been in this position before, but never in the middle of the woods.  Her Daddy stood behind her, out of her sight – even that which she could see with her peripheral.  But she still felt his presence close behind her.  And the game of waiting began.

Waiting was perhaps worse than the punishment itself.  With a physical correction, it was quickly and over, still painful but at least there wasn’t any build-up or time to anticipate.  But when he made her wait like this, it was to give her an opportunity to reflect on why she found herself in trouble again.  And waiting made her furious.  She was to think about what she had done, the additional problems she caused for others, how she had reacted and how a simple I’m sorry would’ve fixed the whole thing.  But she grew tired of blaming herself all the time and she didn’t need to kneel in the woods like this to know she was sorry.  With time, tears welled up in her eyes as her mind became lost in the thoughts of why she was about to get the green switch yet again.  It was a vicious cycle she found herself caught and though she was actually sorry, she knew the point of the waiting game this time.

Knowing one’s self to be sorry and not repeating the same careless mistakes were two sides of the same conclusion she had never been able to build a bridge between.  Vanessa was a very sweet, wonderful girl.  She was very cheery and bubbly and could be the life of any party she attended.  But the truth of self she could never accept was that she was a very sweet, wonderful girl … when she wanted to be.  And that was why her Daddy held a green switch in his hand.

But what she didn’t know was that the belt he held in his other hand wasn’t going to be struck across her bottom.  Walking around to the other side of the tree in front of her, he took both of her hands and pulled them past the tree, wrapping his belt around her wrists and tightening it to a painful squeeze.  She kept her eyes to the ground, fearful of how long this was going to last.  She could tell that her hands would be numb very soon.  Leaning forward from her kneel, she felt the mess in the seat of her diaper spreading itself, just a bit more.  And after a few more minutes of being in that position, the mess began to sting the skin of her bottom. 

How much longer did she have to wait?  Would he just get it over with already?  If he’d just yank her diaper down, she’d feel the relief she desperately needed.  Plus, he would see the nasty mess she left him to contend with.  Though the mess was burning her bottom, perhaps it was worth the wait after all, if in the end she made a point as well.

While still kneeling forward in that humiliating position, she began to think of her niece, a sweet girl who had worked her butt off in high school and gotten a full-ride to Yale.  Her niece didn’t allot herself very much time to party or be a young person.  Her high academics were the results of her sacrifices. And now, in college, her niece was finally opening up – beginning to have a little more fun.  This was to start with the 1950’s-themed dance that the white Betty Boop blouse was ordered for.  And after having spilled her Kool-Aid all over it, Vanessa got onto Facebook and upset her niece, her sister, and her Daddy.

Yeah, maybe Vanessa did deserve the green switch after all.

“Stand up, BabyGirl,” her Daddy said with a voice far sweeter than she had expected him to be speaking with.

She stood to her feet, realizing how tightly his belt truly was around her wrists.  There would be no way she could wiggle her hands out of it and until he was done with her she was tied to that tree. 

“Spread your legs,” he said calmly.

With utter confusion, Vanessa parted her legs, standing spread eagle and wondering why he hadn’t lowered her diaper yet.  The mess in her seat was burning with a fiery feel at this point.  Her diaper needed to come down soon.  But why would he ask her to assume the position already?  Did he intend to spank her with the green switch while she still had her diaper on?  That wasn’t gonna hurt.

“I want you to count every single one of these strikes,” her Daddy said with that same calmness to his voice that seemed out of place.  “And if you forget the count you’re on, we’re going to start back over at one.”

Vanessa bit the nipple of her pacifier, trying not to laugh at him.  How was this supposed to be punishment?  She would feel the thud of his swings, but it wouldn’t be painful at all.  She was still wearing her diaper, for crying out loud!  No sooner did she begin contemplating the absurdity of this whole thing than the first strike of the green switch landed squarely across the back of her diapered bottom.

“One,” she mumbled behind her pacifier.

This was the dumbest punishment she had ever received, but she wasn’t going to make mention of the lack of pain to him.  If this was how she was going to be corrected by him, then so be it.  It seemed a very silly way to spank her, given that she knew she had been an absolute bitch to her sister and her niece.

The second strike of the green switch landed squarely across the back of her diapered bottom.  Even though this swing was far more powerful than the first, it still yielded no sting at all.  It did, however, move the mess around just a bit more on her bottom.  There was a growing discomfort from that, but it was still hardly anything she would call physical correction.

“Two,” she mumbled behind her pacifier, shifting her hips to adjust to the discomfort of the spreading mess.

The third strike landed, moving the mess up to her waistband and down between her legs.

“Three,” she stammered to mumble behind her pacifier, not from any sensation of pain, but rather from a shudder due to the mess.

The next two strikes landed, one after the other, and she felt the mess moving down between her thighs.  Sitting would now be a bad idea, at least so long as she was still wearing that diaper.

“Four … Five,” she mumbled, feeling gross as opposed to hurt.

She could feel her fingertips getting cold and her attention turned to her surroundings as she did her best to distract herself from this joke of a spanking.

Thwap. Thwap.

“Six … Seven,” she mumbled behind her pacifier, nonchalantly.

Maybe it was all about an attempt to embarrass her.  Maybe that was it.  Her Daddy had walked her down into these woods and tied her to this tree, thinking maybe being half-naked would unsettle her.

Thwap.  Thwap.

“Eight … Nine,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes.

She didn’t even feel humiliated.  And aside from a mess in her backseat that had spread up and down inside her diaper, she felt more irritated with her Daddy than fearful of his actions presently.  How was this supposed to help her?  All he had done was take the green switch to the exact same spot on the back of her diaper, the only evidence of which being that he had worked a dent into the padding.  But she hadn’t felt any pain.  She hadn’t had her attitude readjusted and this was nothing like her past green switch experiences.

Thwap.  The tenth strike landed squarely across her bottom, pushing all the inner material of the diaper out of the way and for the first time, she actually felt something.

“Ten,” she mumbled, her attention drawn back to the spanking.

The eleventh strike landed and she winced at the sting.  This was the most powerful swing yet and she leaned up, trying to get away from the pain.  But the sting spread up to her tail bone and down the back of her thighs. 

“Eleven,” she mumbled, full attention now returning to the moment.

Thankfully, she had stamina but with the burning sensation of a horrible mess on her bottom and with these switch strikes having shifted all her padding out of the way, it was safe to say she was definitely feeling pain at this point.  And that pain seemed to linger, even after the strike was gone.

Another delivery landed on the thin piece of outer plastic, the only remaining buffer between her bottom and the bark of the green switch. She fidgeted uncontrollably as the new sting dug deeper into her brink of tolerance.  It hurt but not just on the surface.

“Twelve,” she mumbled with her first full audible sign of tremble.

Then he landed four consecutive swings on her bottom in a rapid-fire fashion that seemed like it had set flames to her bottom.  But strangely, there was now a cool breeze she felt.

“Thirteen .… Fourteen .…. Fifteen …… Sixteen ….…,” she struggled to say, each number a bit more belated in arrival.

It didn’t take her more than a few seconds to figure out that he had torn through the outer shell of the diaper and the cool breeze was evidence that her bottom was now completely exposed to the next strike of the green switch.  That jagged edge it had on it tore through plastic and since he had been placing every single strike on the exact same spot, it was only a matter of time and a number swings before the diaper split open across her bottom.

She whimpered herself into noisier sobs behind her pacifier as she felt the first open strike of the green switch, its adding an extra bit of sting and its jagged edge work on the tenderness of her bottom.

“Seventeen,” she mumbled through tears.

What had begun as an absolutely absurd punishment had become one that would certainly remain fresh in her memories for quite some time to come and one that would do more than mark her skin but would bruise her internally, if he kept up this pace and how hard he was swinging that green switch.

Another strike landed across her bottom and she seized up the muscles in her legs, trying to fight the pain, but in doing so, cramped up the muscles in her hamstrings.

“Eighteen,” she mumbled through sobbing so heavy that she could hardly be understood.

Tied to that tree and squirming, she was there for as long as he wanted her to be there.  Along with hamstrings that were suffering from Charlie horses, the lingering agony from his past blows, the throbbing of the strike she just endured and the mental anguish of the future ones to come had her caught in the receiving end of a power trip her Daddy was taking to finally get through to her.

Another strike landed on the exact same place on her bottom as all the priors, beginning to puff up a red stripe on her skin.  It traveled the width of both of her cheeks and stung with the fury of a thousand killer bees, from one end to the other.  Her knees bent and slinked down a bit, gripping the tree to remain standing at all. 

“Nineteen,” she mumbled with an even lesser tone clarity to her voice.

Her eyes had become blurry from crying.  The sun had now completely set, making everything around her seem pitch black.  She thought of spitting her pacifier out and screaming for help.  But then she quickly erased that thought from mind.  Even if their neighbors heard her and came running, she would die of embarrassment when they saw her.  Being naked but her diaper had many levels of control to it.  And she was fast-becoming mind-fucked by this, her worst green switch punishment ever.

Another strike landed across her bottom, making her legs shake as she trembled to allow the pain to settle to a point where she could even speak beyond it.

“Twenty,” she mumbled with a weakening whisper.

Don’t mess up the count was the constant repeating message traveling through her thoughts.  She could imagine surviving another twenty switchings if he started over at this point.  And she didn’t know how high the count would go.  Was it based on the number of times she had received the green switch before?  Was it based on something else?

But her questions would have to wait to be answered as her Daddy rapid-fired another five strikes from the green switch and based on the way the switch felt when it contacted her, she could tell that the green wood inside was still holding strong. 

“Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-thr….,” she began counting before a light-headedness spun her senses and her legs gave way, collapsing her back down to her kneeling position.

She lowered her chin and began to silently sob uncontrollably.  Her wrists were still tied around the tree by his belt.  Her bottom was stinging with constantly-renewing pings of pains as the nerve-endings in her body were reaching overload.  The mess in her diaper had spread solidly between her legs.  Were it not for a fear of the mess moving up into the front of her diaper, she might’ve tried to yank on her restraints to get away – even if just crawling. 

Kneeling in shameful defeat, she wanted nothing more than for this punishment to be over.  Breathing heavily from his swings, her Daddy wanted nothing more than for this to be the final green switch punishment he ever gave her.  She knew well, though, that the punishment would cease to be when her behavior changed.  Realizing she would only be making such a promise to get out of her current situation, she stayed quiet as thoughts of how severe her next green switch punishment would be filled her head.

Her Daddy told her to stand back up and she began crying more heavily behind her pacifier, shaking her head in a defiance that was fueled by a need to survive as against anything that would originate from a need to oppose him.  But her Daddy wasn’t going to take no for an answer, whether she mumbled it behind her pacifier or shook her head to him.  He began striking at the back of her thighs with another rapid-fire delivery that encouraged her to stand back up, but also worked the Charlie horses out.

She leaned up against the tree, wrapping her arms around it to hold herself up and trying to remember the number she was supposed to be counting.  But should she be counting the strikes to the back of her thighs?  Confusion filled her head as she started to beg him to stop.  Her Daddy wasn’t done with her yet, though.  And no longer waiting for her to count, he landed the green switch on her bottom again and again, until she went numb.  She lost track of the number he was on and feeling extremely dizzy, she collapsed to the ground again – flat to her stomach.  Her Daddy untied her wrists and sat up against the tree.  She crawled onto his lap as far as she could get, resting her torso on his chest and with trembling hands, wrapped her arms around him.

There they remained for a few minutes as she began to recover.  The warmth rising up from his body was the most soothing thing she could’ve received just then.  Her bottom was numb and she felt no pain, at least not for the moment.  This all left her in a state of mind somewhere between consciousness and introspection.

“Why do you put up with me?” she whispered with a weak tone.

“Ask me again back at the house,” her Daddy whispered back.

Then he helped her back to a kneeling position, giving her instructions for one final bit of correction that was intended to give her time to think.  And following his instructions, she unfastened the tapes at her hips, using the soaked front to wipe herself clean.  Oh, how humiliation had suddenly arrived in full-force, not just physically but now mentally as well.

Placing the diaper in front of her she began to roll it up into a ball, seeing how the backseat had been shredded by the green switch.  Picking up the balled diaper, she reached up to her Daddy and he gently helped her to her feet before gripping the green switch at either end and snapping it in half.  Tossing the stick into the woods, he wrapped his arm around her and she collapsed up alongside his body as he helped slowly walk out of the woods and up to the back porch.

Getting to the house a few minutes later, they walked in and she tossed the diaper into the kitchen trash can, seeing the stained blouse in the trash can as well.  Looking at the stairs, she sighed, knowing how difficult it would be to walk up them.  Luckily, her Daddy picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom.  The bathtub was filled with water.  He must’ve drawn her bath as she searched the woods for the perfect green switch.

Picking her up, he cradled her body as he knelt by the bathtub and lowered her into the water.  Tears streamed from her eyes and she nursed on her pacifier as she felt the water touching her enflamed bottom and sore thighs.  The water wasn’t hot, but was still warm enough to drawn her out of numbness, sting her once again and then usher her right back into numbness.

Then he left the bathroom and once again, Vanessa not only was alone, but also felt alone.  The first time, however, she saw the solidarity as a good thing.  It gave her an opportunity to build that bridge in her mind – the one that made clear how she needed to think before she acted. Moments of silence turned to minutes of reflection. 

Her Daddy returned shortly thereafter to bathe her, carrying her bed clothing and another diaper.  Setting those things on the sink, he picked up a washcloth and knelt beside the tub as he dipped the wash cloth in the warm water.

“Why do you put up with me?” she whispered behind her pacifier with a weak tone.

“Because I love you and because I need you as much as you need me,” her Daddy whispered back.  “And I will never make you go get another green switch again.”

That green switch had been just as unrelenting as she had been.  But if her Daddy was willing to break the green switch, then she was willing to break from her habits of poor behavior.

“I promise you I’ll never make the mistakes that make me deserve it again,” she whispered faintly as she parted her legs for him to clean her.  “Or at least I’m going to try not to from now on.”

Lesson learned finally … she hoped.

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