Dilemma – Part One of Two

Taken from the forthcoming:

Full Force III: Extreme

here is a story about what can happen when the beginning comes to an end.

DilemmaPart One

Friday evening, 7pm

Dakota walked into the ladies’ restroom of Bistro St. Thomas, a ritzy restaurant with an interesting mixture of French, Caribbean and American cuisines.  It had been exactly three months since she met Dutch at The Firefly Festival.  And on this night, Dutch had wined-n-dined her in celebration of the occasion.

But it wasn’t just about their first 90 days together.  It was about every day that would follow this one.  In any given relationship, the turning point or the end of the honeymoon was often pinned at the three-month mark.  That was when all the facades finally came off and when guards were finally lowered.

Checking her make-up and her hair in the mirror above the sink, Dakota turned to the side – wiggling and working to keep her little black dress from riding up her thighs.  Checking a text message that had been sent from her sister, Dakota smiled – opening her purse to put her cell phone away.  But when she opened her purse, she saw the white pacifier Dutch must have put in there before they left for their dressed to the nines night on the town.  Just the sight of that pacifier produced a tiny waltz of butterflies inside her.  And thoughts of him flooded into her mind.

She remembered following the string of lights at that festival, to find him at the end of them.  As she found out, meeting him wasn’t the end of any journey at all.  It was the beginning of something far grander and ultimately, something with a force she had been missing out on.

Setting her purse on the sink counter, she also set the present he had given her on the counter as well.  Dutch was very big on the presents.  And he always put them in a very colorfully-wrapped box.  She never knew what the present would be, but it always wound up being something that made her blush.  And the fact that he always surprised her with a gift when they met up was a repeated gesture that had endeared her heart to him.

Why he told her to take the present with her to the bathroom was a bit of a mystery to her, but it wasn’t one that seemed too strange.  He was paying the bill and then they would be leaving.  It made sense that the present not be left at the table to be lost or swept away by bussers.

Despite only having been with him for three months, Dakota knew him a lot better than that.  There was always a master plan behind his actions, always a greater motivation.  Sometimes that motivation was sexual.  Sometimes it was mental.  Sometimes it was both. 

And Dakota was sure this was the reason why he told her to not open the present until he said to. 

Submission was easy for her nowadays.  The week she spent in emotional therapy with Misty and Morgan as well as the time she spent with Maria in a similar capacity had implanted several thoughts in her mind.  That was the point of those therapy sessions.  She was forced to do a lot of things she didn’t want to do, sometimes being restrained until her tantrums had subsided.  It was intervention to the extreme.  But it worked.  And in the long run, that was all that mattered.

What Misty and Morgan as well as Maria hadn’t intended was to give Dakota a series of remembrances that would add up to something different in her mind.  From her therapies, Dakota had developed a craving for age play, a yearning to be submissive and the desire to be forced – the more physically the better.

She would view these things separately and feel them separately when in thought.  Perhaps she would have always viewed them as such.  But what it took bring them all together for her … was Dutch.

From their inception, Dakota and Dutch had shared an age play dynamic that drew the best out of both of them.  He was her Daddy and she was his BabyGirl.  No, she didn’t always do the baby doll dress up thing – like tonight, for example.  But Dutch always kept their relationship an intense one, not allowing Dakota to slip backwards into the troubles that her therapy sessions had helped her overcome.

Stepping back from the bathroom sink, she admired her choice of little black dresses.  And she was quite happy in having decided to forego the nylons.  Oh, how she hated nylons.  But she was still a hot little number, having turned heads when she walked in the restaurant.

Just then, the bathroom door opened – Dakota snapping out of her daze and walking back up to the bathroom sink to collect her things. But before she picked them up, she heard the bathroom door being locked.  Looking into the mirror, her heart began to pound as her eyes grew big and wide.  Behind her, she saw Dutch.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she placed her hand on her sternum.

“Who did you think it was going to be?” Dutch asked, walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

“Um … a female?” Dakota asked back with a laugh.  “This is the ladies’ bathroom, Daddy.”

Oh, she could feel the warmth rising off his body.  And being wrapped inside his arms, she was always swathed with his warmth as well.  What better place for a BabyGirl than inside her Daddy’s hug?

“Did curiosity kill the kitty yet?” Dutch whispered with a deep timbre, his tone rippling throughout her frame.  “Open your present, Princess.  But don’t get fussy.”

That was strange for him to have said.  It was a bit odd in timing.  But Dakota thought nothing of it, sliding the colorfully-wrapped present over in front of her and undoing the ribbon around it.  Dutch reached over to her purse, slipping his hand inside it as she took the top of the present box off.  Her eyes grew enormously wide and her jaw dropped open when she saw the contents of the present box, Dutch grabbing the pacifier from inside her purse and slipping it between her widely-parted lips.  Instinctively, she closed her mouth around the silicone nipple.

“Pick it up,” Dutch whispered in her right ear, Dakota slowly nursing on her pacifier as she reached into the box and picked up the gleaming white diaper with both hands.  “Now open it.”

Dakota unfolded the disposable diaper, seeing the insert padding on the inside and then setting it down on the counter top of the sink.  It was a thin diaper, one of the ones Dutch would make her wear when they were out in public.  The diaper itself was thin and therefore didn’t bulk outward from her body.  It was discreet, allowing a secret to remain that way.  But the insert padding made her feel like she was so thickly diapered that it had to be obvious to passers-by … the mind game.

“Place your palms flat on the counter,” Dutch whispered with a deep timbre, Dakota doing so as he lifted up the bottom of her little black dress and reached around, cupping the front of her lacy panties.

Dakota locked her knees, continuing to nurse on her pacifier as her heart pounded heavily.  She knew what was going to happen and she knew how arousing it would be in after-thoughts, if she could only make it through the experience without losing her mind.

“Aww,” Dutch said with softened coo.  “Did you wet your panties, Princess?”

Dakota looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, seeing a little wet spot on the front of her panties and then blushing a deep shade of red.  But she hadn’t peed herself.  It was that same arousal coming to the surface that always welled within her when he did the Daddy thing.

“Do you think you belong in panties, Dakota?” Dutch asked with syrupy sweetness, lifting the front of her little black dress just a bit higher for her to see the evidence.  “No, you’ve never belonged in panties.  And quite honestly, you never should have been taken out of the nursery, let alone just taken out of diapers.”

He slid his hand inside the front of her panties, stroking his fingers and palm up-n-down the absolute smoothness she had so meticulously shaven.  Oh, what gloriousness she felt from his touch – as if a slice of all things perfect would not have satisfied her as much.

“I’ve always believed panties, and most female clothing for that matter, were created for the sole purpose of attracting men to women – keeping them in pursuit of her wiles,” Dutch whispered in her ear, a magnificent ripple of sensations traveling throughout her body at the sound of his Daddy Voice.  “But no matter how pretty her clothing looks, her desire as well as his, will always be the same – to take all that pretty clothing off her … just like unwrapping a present.”

Dakota’s mind spun inside her head.  She looked down at the unfolded diaper laying on the counter top and then back to the mirror image of that wet spot on her panties. No, Dutch wasn’t being forceful, although she wished he truly would be sometimes.  Instead, he was convincing her that she needed to be in the diaper … more mind games.

Lowering her chin and shrinking up her shoulders, her typical reaction of submission to his assertive presence that was all but instantaneous at this point, she cowered to the aggression in his eyes.  And it was a much-welcomed action, one she wished she was brave enough to ask for … if not beg for.

Completely lifting the lower half of her little black dress, he had her place her forearms on her midriff – holding the dress up as he lowered the panties, rolling them down her legs to her ankles.  She stepped out of them and he put them into the inside pocket of his left lapel.  Glancing up to ceiling, she nervously checked for cameras.  This was a ritzy establishment.  They had cameras everywhere.  And there was something about to happen that would have been worth watching.

Continue on to Part Two

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