Dilemma – Part Two of Two

Taken from the forthcoming:

Full Force III: Extreme

here is a story about what can happen when the beginning comes to an end.

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DilemmaPart Two

The truth was: Dutch could have been likely to do anything to her just then.  She never knew what to expect with him and for once in her life, not knowing had become a good thing.  It was … he was … invigorating to her mind, body and senses – to the say the least about it.

He could easily strip her naked, bending her over the bathroom sink right there just as likely as he was to wrap his arms around her from behind –  whispering such seductive things in her ear that she would melt on the inside … each time to a marginally unrecoverable degree.

 “Pick up your diaper and hold the front of it,” Dutch whispered, holding the lower half of her dress so she could pick the diaper up.

“Yeth, Dadduh,” Dakota mumbled before her pacifier with a voice so small and sheepish as to make clear how regressed she already felt.

Reaching down to the counter top, she slipped her pointer and middle fingers behind the front band of the diaper – then pressing her thumbs into the inserted padding as she lifted the diaper up.  Holding it to her waist line, she looked up to the ceiling again – checking again for cameras that just might be watching her … if not also recording them.

Wrapping his right arm around her midriff to keep hold of her and to keep the lower half of her little black dress up, he took hold of the back waistband of the diaper.  Oh so slowly pulling it up into place, he watched as she closed her eyes – gasping at the feeling of the softness as it enveloped her between the legs and up onto her bottom.  Seeing her so affected and so touched, quite literally, was pleasure in itself for him.  But for her, it was so much more than just that.  There were specific cravings about it that she had never told him, mostly for a lack of proper words to describe them.  But it was long overdue for her to create those words, if no dictionary in this world possessed them.

Taking a step closer to her, he pressed himself against the back of her body.  This forced her to take a step forward, her now-diapered mound and the tops of her thighs pressing into the edge of the counter top.  She placed her palms flat to the counter top again as he reached to her left hip with both of his hands, fastening the tapes snuggly.  Then he repeated the process at her right hip and she felt the full envelopment of the diaper – how incredibly thick it was with the insert and how it hugged so tightly against her core that no amount of baby powder would have prevented her from becoming wet.

Some kinds of wetness were best kept un-dry.

Oh, she was indeed in Heaven and with the snapping of his fingers, her mood could change – regressing her without effort and improving on a situation that was already perfect.  Oh, yes.  This was confirmation.  Their three-month honeymoon was over and she needed to open herself up to him the rest of the way.  Yes, she had explained how the therapy sessions had helped her, but she hadn’t yet explained what else those sessions had opened her up to.  The word force sounded ugly, but only if it was heard by ears that didn’t understand.

Dakota needed to make him understand.  And she had no reason to believe that he wouldn’t be receptive to the unorthodox idea of being forced to accept something that she wanted anyway.  The only hindrance was that sense of insecurity that seemed as natural as breathing.  But hey, she would only live once.  And sometimes, the best people to tango with were the ones who could follow as well as lead.

Stepping back, he lowered her little black dress and spun her around to face him.  She shimmied her hips to put the dress in place.  Indeed, the thin diaper with the thick inserts didn’t show in her appearance at all.  She picked up her purse and put the pacifier in it before taking his offered arm and walking out of the ladies’ restroom.

The bill was already paid and it seemed no one had been recording them as they easily strolled out of the restaurant.  But every elegant high-heeled step she took was accompanied by a crinkling sound that made her blush.  Oh, what an intoxicating feeling to not be able to do anything about it … the essence of force.

They strolled down to the water fountain at the very center of the town, her crinkle staying with her every step of the way and the bulk between her legs making it a little more difficult to remain graceful in her movements.  But it was a challenge she also craved … how to keep a secret a secret – even though she wouldn’t have minded being discovered.  Such humiliation was the next level up, though.  And there were more important things to talk about presently.

Taking her heels off, she stepped up onto the outer wall of the water fountain – Dutch being a Chivalrous knight in helping her to not fall as she did so.  With careful steps, she walked along the top of that wall – being taller than him for a change.  And the view was incredible.

Oh, Dutch was looking dapper that night, dressed in a suit and without any scruff on his face.  He was so handsome and his efforted appearance complimented how much time she had put into her appearance.  It was nice to see the guy caring about how he looked for a change.  It gave her some eye candy to look at.  They were a charming couple and were in love.  This was obvious to any passer-by.  And the depths of self that they shared were about to go deeper … much deeper.

“Daddy, I wanna tell you something but I need to explain it as I go along,” Dakota said, Dutch helping her down off the water fountain wall.  “I’m not really sure how to start explaining it, though.”

“Sometimes, the best way to begin anything is to simply take the plunge,” Dutch said, taking her hands and spinning her around.  “Just take in a deep breath and relax yourself.  Open your lips and start talking.  And I’ll bet what you really need to say will come out.”

Oh, this was a wonderful start.  Dutch had just set her mind at ease with a few simple words of encouragement.  But the real test would come right away with the first thing she had to say.

“Daddy, I have a problem with not being happy at moments,” Dakota confessed with little hesitation.  “I mean … I know I should be happy, but sometimes I’m not.  And I can’t explain why.”

“Okay,” Dutch said, taking a seat on the water fountain wall and listening with concern.

Dakota paused, thinking about how else to explain it.

“When I was in that therapy session with Misty and Morgan, I was there for like … a week.  I came to them broken.  I had no self-worth and no healthy decision-making abilities.  I was spiraling out of control,” Dakota admitted, taking hold of both of his hands and stepping up to him so her knees touched his.  “They would take that week with me and essentially make me start over.  I began as a baby that they feed and bathed and loved.”

“And that’s where the BabyGirl interest came from, I’m assuming?” Dutch asked, Dakota smiling.

“Yep,” she said cheerfully, happy that he was following her train of thought.  “So after that, when I spent time with Maria, I came to her with self-worth.  But I had no direction to go.”

“And she got you online,” Dutch said.

“No, but she encouraged me to do something with my life,” Dakota answered.  “In my time with her, she also kept me as a baby and taught me how to move like a little lady while assessing all situations.”

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she climbed up onto him – scooting her little black dress up and straddling his lap with bent knees.  Facing him, she pressed her diapered mound into his groin.

“I’ve researched online about the subject of being unhappy for an unknown reason and I found a term that might not apply to me … but then again, maybe it does,” Dakota said, Dutch getting out his cell phone to google about it.  “It’s called … generalized malaise.”

Dutch searched for the term, coming up with a few definitions.

“Generalized malaise,” he read.  “a condition of general bodily weakness or discomfort, often marking the onset of a disease.”

“I have no diseases.  I promise,” Dakota said, laughing.

“You mean aside from wetting yourself?” Dutch asked playfully, reaching behind her and patting her diapered bottom.

Dakota blushed, lowering her chin and leaning in to hug him.  How did he know she was wetting herself?  Was it because she climbed up on top of him?  Was that the giveaway?  For whatever reason, she enjoyed wetting herself when on his lap.  It was sort of like she was marking her territory without actually making his pants wet.

A vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort,” Dutch said, continuing to read the definitions for generalized malaise.

“Yeah.  Something like that,” Dakota said, sitting up.  “And I may have this condition for life.”

“I don’t mind that.  So long as you keep trying to work on it,” Dutch said, supportively.  “But it sounds like a condition that I think most people have, from time to time.”

“It makes me shut down when it happens to me,” Dakota confessed.

“And you would like some help with it when this happens?” Dutch asked, Dakota nodding and smiling.

“I want you to force it out of me when it happens,” Dakota said, taking his cell phone and setting it on the fountain wall with her purse.

Then she wrapped her legs around him, locking her ankles at his lower lumbar.

“Daddy, I’m wet,” Dakota admitted, Dutch rolling his eyes with playfulness.  “But so are you.”

Then she leaned in, forcing him backwards as they both fell into the water fountain.

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