Paradise Unknown

paradise-unknownTaken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book: 

Genus Two

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here is a little story about losses and what is gained … when everything becomes unknown.


Paradise Unknown –

The sun rose, beginning a beautiful morning and on the surfaces of Genus Three, the third discovered planet – 112 million miles away from Genus One, a sparkle danced across the waters.  Genus Three, with 90% of its surface being an ocean, was truly a water world.  Only having been initially inhabited a year ago in 2115, it was still under primary colonization but some areas were quickly developed and tourism was already being encouraged.  The same gateway system that enabled people to travel from Earth to Genus One and Genus One to Genus Two also existed between Genus Two and Genus Three.  With only 10% of the planet above the watery surface, effective infrastructure meant bridges had to be built, lots and lots of bridges.  Yes, the translocation pads were on the way.  But travel by ground had to exist first.  Vacationers flocked to Genus Three as resorts and restaurants were built up quickly.  It was an island-heavy oasis.  And for whatever reason, the watery setting was good for health and recovery.

At the very end of the string of nearly 50 islands at the equator latitude of Genus Three was Paradise Island, private property that could only be accessed by boat or by the air.  No bridges or roads existed on the island and it was believed to have not been developed yet – the supposed reason being that it was still rising up from the ocean as an unfinished land mass from an underwater volcano.

While there was indeed a nearby volcano in the ocean, all other beliefs about the privately-owned Paradise Island couldn’t have been further from the truth.  And one sight of the beach on the far side of that island would only add further questions to a growing unanswered list.

On the white sands of that beach were several dozen women.  Some were sitting on the beach.  Some were asleep on the warm sand.  Some were splashing around in the water.  They all seemed to be doing different things.  However, there were many more things about them all that were not only similar but exactly the same.

They all were naked … except for the gleaming white diapers around their waists.  Those in the water were now wearing drenched and swollen diapers.  Some on the beach needed their diapers attended to for different reasons.  Their races were different and their hair colors were different, but they all had a similar height and a similar build.  Some wore white bonnets on their heads.  Others wore bracelets on their wrists.  But everyone one of them had a holographic collar around her neck.  And none of them seemed to mind any of this at all. 

While there were looks of confusion on a few of the girls’ faces, most had a blank stare in their eyes – some having no coordination at all, to the point where simply movements were a challenge.  Yet none of them ran or tried to get away.  They were all corralled into a roped off area on the beach – absent of modesty, of clothing and of apparent free will.  It was as if they were prisoners, but ones who were completely happy and contented with their current circumstances.

They all were beautiful, yet wore no make-up to have such beauty.  They weren’t catty with each other or competitive and they seemed to be friendly, as if everything was right in the world and nothing was out of the ordinary.  Oh, if guys knew of the paradise that truly existed on this private island, they’d likely swim to it without fear of what may be lurking in the waters beneath them – absent of hesitation to do so.

The rest of the island was covered with trees, save for the top of a small but sizable hill in the very middle.  And on the top of that hill was a building with windows wrapping around the sides.  Presently, those windows were shaded – keeping out the golden rays of the sun while preventing anyone from being able to see in.  The advancements of humankind had thought of everything, including glass that would shade itself like a pair of prescription glasses/sunglasses … back in the days when corrective lenses were needed to fix eyesight problems.

But Paradise Island wasn’t a private resort beautiful women flocked to.  Instead, it was a secluded location abducted females were taken to and kept.  If the New Worlds Government was even tenuously aware of this remote location, it would be able to solve the most troubling crime it had ever faced – the still-unexplained abductions of 37 women in the past two years.  Why these women were abducted, their current whereabouts and who had abducted them were unanswered questions.

Why they were taken to this island and why they were dressed in nothing but diapers were two more questions added to that list – if anyone ever learned they were on Paradise Island.  But, by keeping the island isolated with restricted access made it seem like these women would never be found – their loved ones believing them gone forever.

Up in that building with the shaded-glass windows, the most recent abductee awoke into a nightmare unlike anything she could imagine. Kelly Swatton was her name and she was about to become acquainted with a paradise unknown.  But she likely wouldn’t see it that way.

 Kelly awoke on a stone table.  She was naked, gagged, holographically collared and held down with some sort of bracelets devices on her wrists and ankles that prevented the use of her arms and legs.  The room was so dark it really didn’t make any difference if she opened her eyes or kept them closed.  She didn’t know what to make of the situation at first, but she realized right away that struggling to get free was a bit of instinct more futile than it was worth.  The amount of fatigue she would put herself through to get free, only to find that endeavor impossible, seemed like a foolish thing to do.  Saving her energy for a more likely time to escape was the main focus.  She didn’t know why she was there, who had brought her there or what they wanted from her.  But through fogginess of memories and dark visions, she actually did remember how she got there.

Kelly remembered walking alongside her husband, Mack, as they approached the translocation pad by The Market Place in the center of New Argyle City, back on Genus One.  They had just been to The Purple Tortoise Restaurant for dinner that evening with friends. She felt a cool breeze behind her and then saw a flash of light around her, illuminating the nearby areas to the brightness of daytime – at least from her perspective.  After that, she felt bindings form around her neck, wrists and ankles.  Sudden sleepiness fell over her and she closed her eyes momentarily, then finding herself surrounded in total darkness.  She could tell her clothing was gone but she wasn’t cold … yet.

The binding devices on her wrists and ankles weren’t actually devices at all, but rather, energy beams – the kind often used to keep pets and children from running off.  They were also commonly used to keep people immobilize for surgeries, when being arrested or whenever restraint was necessary.  Her mouth was stuffed with a foam substance, keeping her from talking.  She didn’t know where she was, but was incapable of moving her limbs.  Being kept in a standing position in complete darkness, naked and confused, she tried to scream.  But when she tried to scream, the foam in her mouth expanded a bit, encouraging her to keep quiet.  The foam was too large in size to swallow.  So she complied, keeping silent and trying not to panic further.

Then she felt the coldness of that table as she was placed down on it, the energy bindings moving her body for her.  A door opened at the far end of whatever icy cold, pitch-black room she was in.  And a shadowy figure appeared in the doorway, illuminated in silhouette by the blue light in the hallway behind him.  His presence gave her as many goose bumps as the chill in the air and the coldness of the table.

The shadow walked towards her and she shook, her heart pounding so ferociously she grew dizzy from the sudden rush of blood.  But with the lone light source behind him, she couldn’t make out any features of his face or any part of his body at all – even as he stood alongside the table and gazed down at her.  In his left hand, he had a holographic collar.  Placing it on her neck, he released the energy beam from around her throat.  He touched her left temple with two fingers from his right hand and she grew very sleepy again – so sleepy she couldn’t stay awake.  The last thing she remembered was that man running his hands all over her naked body before she drifted off into involuntary slumber.

Now fully awake but still restrained, Kelly stretched her fingers out – doing her best to use her telekinesis to move anything in the room that might have been made of metal.  But there wasn’t even a metal screw to be found anywhere, at least not that she could detect when in total darkness.  Her telekinesis wasn’t very powerful but, like every female of the future, she had unlocked more brain capacity as humankind evolved.  She just wasn’t as good at it as she needed to be just then.

A beam appeared above her, attached to a mechanical arm – the stone table itself glowing faintly and turning her body into a silhouette.  She aimed her hands up at the mechanical arm but couldn’t move it at all.  Little did she understand just then, .the holographic collar hindered her mind from doing a lot of things she normally would be able to do.  The beam slowly lowered its length, contacting her on the hairline above her forehead.  It slowly worked its way down the front of her body.  She quickly realized it was a shower beam, cleaning the front of her body as it removed all her body hair – except on her head.

This not only freaked her out, but it confused her tremendously.  If she was being held captive, then why was she being bathed?

Then the bindings on her wrists and ankles flipped her over onto her stomach as the beam repeated the hair-removing and cleansing of the back of her body.  Though bound and naked, she was being treated with a level of gentleness and kindness illogical for a captive to receive.

The bindings flipped her back over and brought her shoulder blades to rest on the table first, then the middle of her back and then her lower lumbar – as if it was trying to re-align her body a little.

Then that same door across the room opened, two women walking in and over along either side of the table.  They both seemed so tall, but probably would have only been six or seven inches taller than Kelly – had they not been wearing heels.  Dressed in white nurses’ outfits, they truly looked like nurses – complete with the white caps.  But it was their endowments and their long blonde hair that had Kelly upset.  No, she wasn’t competitive.  And in her current situation, appearances were certainly the least of her concerns.  But there was always something to be said for the comparisons people made of self and others. 

The one nurse had a small stack of items in her hands, that nurse setting down the stack of items on the end of the table as the stone table illuminated beneath Kelly just a bit more.  She turned to face Kelly, both of them stepping closer to her and inspecting the physical results of the girl’s beam shower.  Then the second nurse began to run her hands up and down Kelly’s body, making certain the girl was impeccably smooth all over.  This was the first opportunity Kelly had to get visual details of these women.  Oh yes, they were well-endowed.  But the complexion of their skin was clear and they wore no make-up at all as they didn’t need it.  Their long blonde hair was perfectly smooth and they didn’t have a single split end anywhere on their heads.  They had to be robots.  No human beings were this perfectly flawless.

But Kelly also noticed that they both were collared holographically, their ankles and wrists in the same kind of bindings that Kelly had been placed in.  If they were robots, they wouldn’t need such restraints.  And the touch of the second nurse’s hands seemed as human as could be.

It was their voices, however, that did the greatest damage to Kelly’s psyche.  They spoke to her with softened qualities in their tones and with such alluring calmness that she found herself wanting to trust them for no reason other than the kindness they had shown, thus far.

“You are perfectly smooth, Kelly,” the second nurse said quietly, both nurses touching the soles of her feet – Kelly’s legs then lifting up in the air before parting into an extremely vulnerable position.  “He likes his girls to be perfectly smooth.  You will make him very happy.”

And that was all it took to unhinge Kelly completely.  Her eyes grew big and wide at the comment and she began to tremble for a brief moment before she returned to her instinctive struggle to escape.

“Shh, shh, shh,” the second nurse shushed her, stroking the frenzied girl’s hair back off her forehead as the first nurse reached to that stack of items at the end of the table – picking up ……… a diaper.

“They always fuss when they first arrive, don’t they?” the first nurse asked the other, unfolding the gleaming white diaper – the crinkly noise echoing in Kelly’s ears and drudging up memories of her friends.

Kelly was well aware of the baby-like behavior of Dash and Nova, her two friends who were not only routinely babied by their counterparts of Xenia and Axel but were in fact diapered by them from time to time.  She just didn’t know about their ageplay fetish.  But she had never openly judged them for the strange nature of their relationships.  However, she had assured Mack, her beloved cop husband, that she would never be a part of any kind of that dynamic.

So with a strange twist of unwarranted fate, Kelly now found herself being forced to involuntarily succumb to, if not completely accept something that so eerily reminded her of her regressive friends.

The first nurse placed the unfolded diaper flat to the table, the second nurse picking up a metal tin from the stack and opening it.  She took out two little white tablets and quickly placed them on Kelly’s front – just a few centimeters above the girl’s mound.  Kelly lifted her head as much as she could and looked down at the white tablets.  A moment later, the tablets crushed themselves, turning to dust and spreading out evenly across the girl’s front as well as down between her legs.  They were talcum tablets and their scent was potent.

Kelly closed her eyes and tried to scream, but the foam ball in her mouth expanded when she did so, causing her to silence herself quickly.

“Kelly, you’re going to need to learn to obey,” the second nurse said quietly but with that monotone quality.  “He doesn’t like fussiness or defiance.  And if you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona.”

Who was he?  And what was a corona?  What was happening?

There really wasn’t anything the nurses could have said that would have made any difference to Kelly just then.  And there was nothing they could have explained to her that she would have understood, just based off what they told her.  She was going to have to learn by experiencing things for herself.

“Why do they always do this?” the second nurse asked the first one, placing two talcum tablets in the backside of the flattened diaper.

“They were brought here against their wills,” the first nurse replied, the tablets crushing themselves and the first nurse shaking the diaper to even the powder out before sliding the back waist band underneath Kelly’s tailbone.  “Nobody gives up their free will without a fight.”

“There is no chance of getting away, Kelly,” the second nurse said sadly as she reached under the stone table, picking up a pair of leather sandals.  “But you’ll have to learn that in your own time, I guess.”

“Hopefully you learn it before he gives up on you, just like he’s given up on all the others,” the first nurse said as both nurses touched Kelly’s feet – the girl’s legs then lowering back down to the table but remaining parted.  “Learn to accept and obey, Kelly.  Learn quickly.”

The second nurse put the leather sandals on Kelly’s feet as the first nurse folded the front of the diaper up and into place.  Kelly’s mind was flipping out all over the place, the sensations of softness on her bottom and center not feeling bad but certainly feeling strange. 

“Forget the life you had and accept the one you are being given,” the second nurse said quietly but with continued monotone.  “You will be very happy and you will be taken care of very well.  And if he chooses you, you will never have an unpleasant moment for the rest of your life.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful, Kelly?”

Kelly screamed again, only to be muffled by the expanding foam ball in her mouth – reducing her attempted scream to softened whimpers as tears streamed down her temples from the corners of her eyes.

“It’s really not so bad,” the first nurse said as both nurses stepped back from the table – Kelly being involuntarily sat up by the energy bindings.  “It’s actually a privilege to have been chosen by him.”

Kelly’s legs were swung over to the side of the table as the first nurse walked over to the shaded windows, touching one of them – the shading leaving the glass.  Tremendous sunlight cascaded into the room, Kelly getting her first real look at the surroundings.  She looked down at her naked frame, her diapered waist, the collar and the bindings keeping her in a sitting position – much to her chagrin as she chose to be uncooperative, refusing to sit up straight or do anything asked of her.  But with a blinding light now making her squint her eyes, she couldn’t have known what was right in front of her to stand up on her own anyway.  The bindings took care of that, thinking for her and taking the appropriate actions, but her defiance would be dealt with swiftly.

“Come over to the windows, Kelly,” the first nurse said, her ankle bindings forcing her leather sandal-covered feet to the ground.

But Kelly refused to straighten up and the bindings thusly couldn’t move her forward with steps.  The second nurse walked up next to her.

“Kelly, you’ve only got a few seconds to stand up straight before you feel a kind of pain you’ve never felt before,” the second nurse said.

Kelly looked over at the second nurse and would have told her off – had that foam ball not been restricting her speech just then.  But, just as that nurse warned her, a few seconds later, she felt electric shocks going into the soles of her feet.  Devices implanted in the leather of the sandals were able to locate her nerve-endings and they sent such pain straight up her legs that she screamed into the foam ball, now incapable of stopping herself from doing so.  But the foam ball expanded again and she began to find difficulty in preventing herself from gagging as well as continuing to breathe easily.

“Stand up straight and the pain will stop,” the first nurse said, watching Kelly cry inconsolably.  “The pain will continue, finding new nerves to attack when the current ones go dead.  Stand up … now.”

With no other choice, Kelly stood up straight – the electric shocks ending.  She was trembling from head to toe, crying softly into the foam ball.  But she was finally standing tall on her sandaled feet – compliance now understood.  The second nurse put a clear plastic patch between Kelly’s shoulder blades and the nerve pain came to an end as well.

“Just stand up and cooperate and that won’t happen to you again.  Next time, it will hurt twice as much,” the first nurse said from the windows.  “Now, walk over here.  I want to show you something.”

“It’s okay, Kelly,” the second nurse whispered to her, then patting the girl’s diapered bottom with encouragement for her to walk over to the windows.  “Everything is going to be fine.  Just be good.”

Ergh!  The quiet monotones they were using, sounding comforting and reassuring just a minute ago, now rang in her ears with a tone of condescension that made her sick to her stomach.  And the annoying crinkle that accompanied every one of her waddling steps towards the windows, along with the holographic collar and energy bindings on her wrists-n-ankles, all boiled her blood.  But there was nothing she could do about it, at least not yet.  So for the time being, compliance became paramount.  Little did she realize, just then, the battles she would wage in the days and weeks to come would be more mental than physical.

“Look out the window, Kelly,” the first nurse said as Kelly got to the glass. “I’m going to prove to you that it’s a privilege to be chosen.”.

Kelly looked out over the beautiful island landscape, through the trees and down to the beach where she saw a line of other women, making their way up to the house on the hill.  The women were naked, diapered, collared and bound in the same way as she was.

“Every single one of them was chosen by him before he chose you,” the first nurse explained, Kelly seeing the physical similarities of the women.  “Yes, they’re all like you.  But they’re also all different from you.  And he gave every single one of them a chance, just as he will give you a chance.”

Kelly watched the line of women as they walked up the hill, some of them having to be redirected to stay in that line and some of them wearing bonnets and some of them seeming practically mindless in their body motions.  Looking over at the first nurse, Kelly’s thoughts raced with unspoken questions of why she was chosen to be the next one.

“Don’t waste your time trying to find answers right now,” the second nurse said, she and the first nurse walking over towards the door – Kelly being made to follow by the movement of her bindings … but this time, she kept herself standing straight and she cooperated.  “The truth is: your world will be no larger than he allows it to be.”

Who was he?  What was this?  Some sort of ransom fundraiser?

She was led into the hallway, keeping her back straight but still finding it difficult to move at the pace that the ankles bindings were setting for her.  She wasn’t actually fighting but suddenly wasn’t allowed to move with strides of usual length.  And because of this, her composure was thrown off … therefore, her grace was thrown off.  To compensate, she moved in a very erratic way – mindless even … just like how some of the other women walked up from the beach.

The building itself was very nice, furnished with extremely comfortable accommodations, a kitchen with wooden counters and a rustic look and so many other spacious marvels there was no wonder at all that whoever he was was a really rich person – well-off, but clearly demented for having made 37 women his diapered, mindless captives.

The main room of the building was huge, the middle of it filled with tables that rose up from the floor.  One by one, the line of women entered the room, most of them waving happily to Kelly as if they knew her.  Kelly stared in horror as they broke apart into five separate lines – one at each of the tables as a series of assembly-line style diaper changes began.  They all seemed to know what to do, as if they had done this before … many times.  They had no modesty left, freely allowing complete exposure in vulnerable positions.  Looking down at the diaper the two nurses had placed on her, Kelly came to the horrific realization that, when her bladder filled and released, she would find herself in one of those lines too.  There were no bathrooms to be found anywhere.  Then her eyes grew big and wide at the suddenly realization that she would be using her diaper when her bowels released … and likely for another reason still – at a specific time each month.

Kelly looked around the rest of the room, her eyes gaping even wider still when she saw the dozens of cribs that were lined up against the walls.  One by one, each freshly-diapered woman was led to a crib, placed in it, given something by mouth and then left there – the sides of the cribs rising up automatically.  It was nap time, a daily mid-afternoon event that Kelly would grow used to before long.

Being led to a crib herself by the two nurses who had tended to her since she awoke, Kelly obediently climbed up into the crib.  The second nurse patted her on her diapered bottom for encouragement, this bringing tears to Kelly’s eyes as she came to rest on her back.  The first nurse, seeing the girl’s forthcoming emotional release, shushed her.

“You’re not going to get anything done by crying for no reason,” the first nurse said, removing the foam ball from Kelly’s mouth and replacing it with a floating pacifier nipple – that same device Kelly swore she saw being put in the mouths of Axel and Nova, her dear friends who seemed oddly juvenile from time to time.

Then a ruckus broke out at one of the cribs, the two nurses running over to assist the others in restraining one woman who refused to get in her crib.  The entire room got dead-quiet, save for the sounds coming from the struggle.  The unruly woman was tackled to the floor.  Her arms were chicken-winged behind her.  Her legs were bent at the knees and her ankles were crossed as she was pulled back up onto her knees.  As the side of Kelly’s crib rose up automatically, she looked through the railing bars at all the other women in the cribs, Kelly saw their tears flowing as everyone but she knew what was going to happen next.

“This was your last chance, Regina,” one nurse said, walking over to the kitchen and getting a device out of one of the cupboards. 

The unruly woman, seeing the device being brought over to her, became hysterical, begging with gibberish that couldn’t be understood.  But whatever she was begging about, her mindless pleas were being ignored.  It seemed she had used up all her chances.  And while being held very still, the woman received the device – a simple cloth band that wrapped around the crown of her head.

Kelly thought back to what the nurses told her when she fussed herself, just a few minutes ago:

If you don’t learn quickly, he will give you the corona.

The cloth band must have been what they meant by corona.  It seemed physically harmless enough, but base on how the woman stopped fighting them all together and how she started drooling and then weeping, it was safe to assume that the band was doing more than just a number on her mind.

The woman was picked up and put in her crib, given a floating pacifier to nurse from and then having the cutest little white bonnet put on her head to hide the corona band.  Watching the woman for a few minutes, Kelly and all the other abductees witnessed her being forcefully taken into a state of regression that would render her incapable of being able to do much of anything at all by the end.

“How long will it take now before Regina goes burn out?” one nurse asked another as they walked past Kelly’s crib.

“It will take a few days,” the other nurse replied, Kelly looking back over to the newly-bonneted woman.  “But after that, the effects will have full-lasting and damaging effect.  She didn’t want to listen and now she will pay for it … just like all the others before her.”

“Do you think he will ever find the one he’s looking for?” another nurse asked as she and a few others left the main room…

“I have no idea,” Kelly heard another reply as the effects of her floating pacifier began to take hold of her.  “But if he doesn’t and if he keeps plucking them out from wherever he finds them, we’re soon going to need more cribs.”

Kelly could hear the nurses laughing as they walked away, her head spinning in circles at this point.  She closed her eyes in an effort to ward of dizziness.  The floating pacifier nipple in her mouth was laced with a milk concentrate that had a sleeping agent in it.  One drip at a time, the milk poured out of the nipple when it was nursed and, when mixed naturally with saliva, would turn into so much milk that swallowing was necessary.  The laced milk was very potent and very fast-working.  And before her own confusions and fears could grip her up in the sudden quietness of that room, she drifted off to sleep.

Her first bit of sleep would be filled with memories of her kidnapping, how she awoke in this building, being diapering like a baby, the shock sandals still on her feet and her experience with being shocked.  Thoughts in her deeper slumber would center around her diaperings of her future, the crib accommodations and that corona head band treatment.  She became sorrowful as she subconsciously nursed on the floating pacifier in her mouth.  And by the time she reached REM, her thoughts were only of Mack, her beloved husband. 

Oh, how she missed him.  He was the strength she needed when feeling weak, the roughness she craved when she could be nothing but soft, her greatest supporter when she faced challenges, her biggest fan when she overcame obstacles, her best friend and the love she needed.

With those happy thoughts, along with the sleeping agent entering her system, Kelly fell into a blissful state when her eyesight blurred, her senses numbed and strangely, she found enjoyment in the moment.

No one knew she was on that island.  And she still didn’t know who her abductor was, but she knew there was someone out there who would stop at nothing until he found her … Mack, her beloved.  If no one else, at least he would find this Paradise Unknown.

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