Genus Three

This ABDL science fiction story travels to the third planet, Genus Three – a celestial body that is 95% water on its surface.  But a lot of secrets lie beneath those waters as well as on an island that no one knows is there.

Turmoil has taken over the usual harmonious nature of the three Genus planets and a small band of people have journeyed all the way to Genus Three, searching for their lost friend – one of the women who was mysteriously abducted. 

But there are many islands on Genus Three and finding her will not be an easy task, nor will it be easy to remain alive with a collection of shapeshifters on their heels all the way. 

Train wrecks, meltdowns, volcanic encounters, boat chases, shark attacks, avalanches, temptations and betrayal all detail this journey of the crinkly future.

But will the mad man be found and dealt with before his plan reaches its finish? 

And will the girl be rescued in time to prevent her mental destruction?

Genus Three is the heart-pounding, fast-paced conclusion to this ABDL Sci-Fi adventure.


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………. The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Genus One Genus Two Genus Three

Genus One
Genus Two
Genus Three



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