Genus One

Genus OneWelcome to Genus One, a planet suited for human existence that was 25 light years away from Earth.  That would be ten times the distance  of travel it took to get to The Andromeda Galaxy – the closest neighbor to The Milky Way.

The year is 2116 and after quite a few technological advancements, humankind has found the ability to travel deeper into space than ever before.  And they have done this just in time to save the human race from its own extinction.  Earth became overpopulated with 15 billion people and there was only so much time before they outlasted the planet’s resources.

Making the 25 light year trip with the help of some out-of-this-world advancements in space travel, mankind began colonizing the three planets.  And each one had unique qualities to it that enhanced living on them.

Meet Axel and Nova, a Daddy-n-BabyGirl couple who represent the power of unconditional love.

Meet Xenia and Dash, a Mommy-n-BabyBoy couple who represent the power that a bonding of souls can have when both are fully committed to the other’s happiness.

Meet Mack and Kelly, a Daddy-at-heart and his well-wishing wife who represent the joy of equality and the presence of what is wholesome and right.

Genus One introduces these main characters, details the advancements of the last 100 years and shows how the future can be a glorious place as opposed to an apocalyptic nightmare as so many movies have made it out to be.

As the planets continue being colonized, human greed begins to leak into the pleasant new surroundings.  And before long, a power-hungry mad man begins to set the wheels in motion that could destroy everything mankind has built in these brave new worlds.

But humanity wages a defense that is both aggressive and passive as it is learned that all humankind ever had to do was better itself in order to become better than ever before ………… and yes, all of this is done with a whole lot of people in diapers.


Brave New World
The Power of the Female Mind
The Scent of Angelica Flowers

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………. The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Genus One Genus Two Genus Three

Genus One
Genus Two
Genus Three



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