A Summer in Climax: “Fetish Nights”

Fetish Nights

Taken from the ABDL romance book:


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here is a little story about how to climax in Climax.


Fetish Nights

(Start at the beginning:  Unexpected Opportunities)

The Fourth Week of June –

Week two of the summer season at The Village Resort was now underway. A few patrons had left over the weekend, having only planned to be there for a week. For the most part, however, the same patrons were still there. As with every week, the entertainment employees had Sunday off and another random other day throughout the week as their second day off. It was Monday and Monday was Nina’s other random day off that week, making Sunday and Monday actually feel like a weekend to her.

But she didn’t waste her Monday by doing nothing and detaching herself from everyone else or hiding away in her cabin. Instead, she got out-n-about, spending quite a bit of time at the pool as it seemed that she and her cabin mate Vicky were already unofficially holding a tanning contest between the two of them and Nina was in second place, currently.

After soaking in the sun’s rays all morning, she spent a portion of the afternoon watching Eddie as he led a class of patrons in a dance exercise routine. Richard Simmons certainly would’ve had to eat his heart out. For the rest of the afternoon, Nina walked the grounds of the resort, stopping to enjoy the scenery and to sit in shady locations to write in her journal. And the more she wrote in her journal, the more she fantasized about Eddie.

By dinner time, she had decided tonight was the night she would reveal everything to him – come Hell or high water, come dreams or come nothing at all. It was time to open her heart to him and to hope he would embrace her secrets as much as he embraced the rest of her.

In the middle of the previous week, Nina and Eddie had a conversation where secrets were revealed. But Nina still regretted not having been able to put to words what her heart was screaming inside her. She told him that she had a ‘yearning for gentleness’, just not in the typical or usual way one would think. And though her answer was quite vague, it intrigued Eddie so much that he hadn’t stopped thinking about it since she said it.

So they made a deal to have a date … a date inside his cabin where she would show him what she couldn’t find the words to say. And that date would be tonight.

“So I take it we shouldn’t expect to see you until dawn?” Deb asked as she watched Nina kneeling in front of her open suitcase of secrets – taking out particular items only and putting them into her small back pack.

“Well I wouldn’t say that,” Nina replied with a smile. “But don’t wait up for me.”

“When is he expecting you to show up tonight?” Vicky asked from the bathroom.

“In just a few minutes,” Nina said, zipping up her back pack and looking at the time on her alarm clock – which read 9:54pm.

“Well, before you go,” Deb said, walking up to Nina and holding up a wrapped condom. “Just in case.”

Deb tucked the condom inside the left cup of Nina’s bra, Nina blushing but smiling.

“Thank you,” Nina said, then walking to the cabin and turning back to Deb. “Do I look pretty?”

“You look like an angel,” Deb said sweetly, Vicky walking out of the bathroom and over to Nina – giving her one last BFF hug before she left.

“Wish me luck,” Nina said cheerfully as she walked out of their cabin and down the front stairs, then heading to Eddie’s cabin, cabin #5.

A lot was riding on this night and as she slowly walked from her cabin to his, she reviewed exactly what she would say when she walked in and saw him.

She had mapped this all out in her mind and knew exactly how she wanted it all to go. There would be no mention of age play to Eddie on this night. Nina would not be wearing a diaper or nursing on a pacifier. If, and only if, Eddie responded to the fetish things she showed him on this night – then there would be a second night of fetishes with him. And then a third night of fetish with him.

And at that point, if she hadn’t scared him off with her quirky weirdness, then and only then would she lower the boom and bring up age play to him.

Walking up the front stairs of his cabin, she took in a deep breath, closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. Everything was going to be alright and it was going to go exactly how she had envisioned it. All she needed to do was to present it all to him in an incremental fashion that he could handle in small chunks.

Opening her eyes, she knocked on his door, taking in one more deep breath for good measure as she heard his footsteps walking across the cabin floor.

He opened the door, standing there in nothing but his jeans – no shoes and no shirt. And he was fresh out of the shower … perfect. Everything was going exactly as she hoped it would, so far. But she hadn’t even set one foot inside his cabin yet and was constantly holding herself back from jumping into his arms and confessing too much, too soon, too quickly.

Eddie didn’t say a word, instead smiling at her and opening the door to invite her in. Oh, he was so handsome and oh, he was so chivalrous. She just hoped he was also a little dirty-minded in the right ways and if not, at least open-minded to how dirty her fantasies were.

Nina walked over to his bed – sitting on the edge of it, setting the back pack at her feet and folding her hands on her lap. Eddie sat next to her, still smiling but not pushing her forward to reveal anything – until she was capable of being calm. After a few minutes of silence, Nina was finally ready to tempt the fate of her heart’s desires.

“This is really hard for me to show you,” Nina confessed, reaching down to her feet with trembling hands as she picked up the back pack and set it on her lap. “I have so many interests that are … a little off-the-beaten-path.”

Slowly opening the zipper of the back pack, she closed her eyes, trying to keep the sudden attack of dizziness from making her pass out.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Nina whispered.

“What is it that you fear will go wrong?” Eddie asked calmly, seeing her anxiety-ridden condition.

“I just don’t want this to ruin anything between you and me, should you like what I’m about to show, what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Nina confessed.

“Okay. I’ll tell ya what,” Eddie said, taking the back pack from her and setting it on his lap. “We all have things about ourselves that we believe will seem out of the ordinary to others. We all have those little pieces of ourselves that we keep as secrets. I’m going to look inside this back pack and I assure you that, no matter what I find, it will not ruin anything between us – even if I have no interest at all in what I find. Okay?”

Nina nodded, interlocking her fingers and holding them up to her mouth as Eddie opened the back pack and looked inside it. Nina took in a deep breath and held it, awaiting his response.

“You’re a bondage girl?” Eddie asked, picking up the wrists cuffs he found in the back pack.

“Among other things,” Nina admitted, opening her eyes and feeling like the wind had been knocked out of her.

“So … your secrets are fetishes?” Eddie asked, Nina nodding slowly. “And there are more fetishes you have than the ones that are in this bag?”

Nina nodded again, feeling the essence of life being sucked out of her. He was asking questions and she was answering them. But he hadn’t made clear whether he approved of it or not. And not knowing how he felt was torture on her psyche and esteem. Being told that she was a freakish tart that he wanted out of his cabin ASAP would’ve been easier to handle than sitting there and waiting for him to final say something … anything. How long was he going to make her wait?

“You mean to tell me that this is what you’ve been so worked up about revealing to me?” Eddie asked, Nina nodding slowly, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. “Sweetie, I don’t have any problem with any of this.”

“You don’t?” Nina asked in disbelief.

“No,” Eddie answered. “I do have one simple question, though.”

“Okay, what is it?” Nina asked quickly, not beating around the bush at all about this.

“Are you submissive or dominant?” Eddie asked, the question ringing in Nina’s ears as if the bells of freedom had sudden started chiming – all at once and in happy unison.

Her shoulders relaxed and she smiled.

“I’m submissive,” she answered with breathiness.

“Good,” Eddie replied with a smile. “Then this will work just fine.”

With that, he stood up, set the back pack on the bed and walked around the cabin, lowering the window blinds and locking the front door. Nina was so happy, she could’ve cried. She was so relieved, she could’ve cried. In fact, at that moment, she could’ve cried for no reason at all other than the fact that crying felt good. But luckily, this fetish night had finally begun, right then and there – before she had any more time to even thinking about crying.

“So … just so I’m understanding this correctly … Once more, I take it that, since you only brought a few specific items, there are more things you could refill this bag with?” Eddie asked, walking over to her and helping her stand to her feet.

“Oh my goodness, yes,” Nina admitted freely. “I have an entire suitcase back at my cabin, filled with fetish stuff.”

“Good,” Eddie said, lifting her arms up and then taking the dress up-n-off her frame – leaving the girl standing there in her bra and panties. “I want to see them all, every last one of them. And I wanna keep having these fetish nights with you until I know every last one of your secrets. Understood?”

“Yes,” Nina whispered, submission already overtaking her senses.

“Take your panties off, dirty girl. And unfasten your bra,” Eddie said, his voice deepening to a timbre that had a slight growl in it.

He reached into the bag and picked up the wrist cuffs-n-hand cuffs.

“Do you have to pee?” Eddie asked, taking out the two lengths of rope he found in the back pack next.

“No,” Nina answered, sliding her panties down to her ankles and stepping out of them as she blushed at how submissive she was beginning to feel. “I peed back in my cabin before I came here.”

“Oh, you’ll cum here, alright,” Eddie said, turning to her as she unfastened the back strap of her bra – the wrapped condom Deb had put inside her left cup then falling to the floor.

Nina gasped and bent down to quickly pick up the condom, but not before he saw it. She slid her bra down to her elbows and then tossed it on the floor, next to her panties. She faced Eddie, now naked from head-to-toe. Oh, how small she felt inside. Eddie placed his right palm up, motioning for her to place the condom in his hand. Her heart pounded with such a heavy pace that she had to take another moment to calm down.

“Deb always gives these out to everyone she believes are going to … do it,” Eddie said, smiling. “First things first, though. I wanna watch you cum.”

Oh, my Blue Heaven. That was such a hot thing for him to say. And it planted images in her mind that began her arousal before the first restraints were put on her. What had seemed like an impossible outcome was about to make the kinky best come out of her, impossibly quick. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this, but frankly didn’t care anymore about caution. It was all about having no control and about giving everything to him.

“I think I also understand what you meant when you said that the gentleness you craved sometimes happened after other things happened first,” Eddie said, slipping the wrists cuffs on her wrists, tightening them and then linking them together.

Oh my. It seemed like Eddie knew more about this than what she had expected him to know. He wasn’t going to need any direction from her in order for it to happen. And maybe she would be the one going along for the ride, instead of him.

He picked up the first length of rope and crisscrossed it around her forearms, from her wrists down to her elbows. Reaching into the bag, he picked up a simple pair of scissors, looking at them and trying to figure out why she had brought them. Then it hit him.

“Gotcha, just in case,” Eddie said, putting the scissors in his back pocket as he made her take a seat on the side of the bed.

Picking up the ankle cuffs, he slipped them over her ankles, tightening them and then linking them together. Picking up the second length of rope, he crisscrossed it around her lower legs, from her ankles up to her knees. Sitting there with bound forearms and bound legs, the naked Nina smiled. Yeah, he truly understood it. And she knew what she could expect with him … or so she thought.

Taking the ball-gag strap from the back pack, he placed the ball between her lips before tying the straps at the back of her head. But then, he got up and walked into the bathroom, getting a towel and walking back out to her. Gathering either end of the towel in his hands, he placed it in front of her eyes, tying it at the back of her head and blindfolding her. That she hadn’t expected, but it instantly added a new level to the games that were being waged in her mind. And as quickly as he had bound her, he scooped her up and placed her in the middle of his bed, then seemingly walking away.

Nina didn’t know what to think or what was going on. And while uncertainty usually was a jarring and unpleasant feeling, it suddenly fueled her arousal forward. Was he going to keep pulling things out of her back pack? Or was he going to use that condom? Either option seemed wonderful in her mind – given that she knew what he hadn’t used from the bag of tricks she brought with her. But it seemed he had a few tricks of his own and perhaps anything was possible … yet some more unexpected opportunities of her summer in Climax.

She could feel the swell between her legs as it slickened with her wetness, fueled by the arousing thoughts in her mind and the waiting game he was playing with her. Oh my. Maybe Eddie Westlake, aka Eddie 5, was even more mysterious than she had originally thought.

Feeling a steady increase in her wetness, she brought her bound wrists down to her waist, her fingers trying to part her inner thighs to bring a little cool air and relief to a center that was growing hot-n-sticky with each passing, waiting second.

“Uh-uh,” Eddie suddenly said from right beside her, Nina gasping as she didn’t know he had been there all this time. “I didn’t give you permission to do that.”

And with that, she heard the buzz of her Hitachi wand as Eddie turned it on and placed it next to her on the mattress. He had taken the back pack option, after all. But how he decided to use that wand on her was in a manner she hadn’t contemplated … not even in her dirtiest and most erotic fantasies.

Eddie picked up the vibrating wand and placed its tip on her navel, sliding it down ever-so-slowly towards her center. And when that tip reached her hood, she whimpered into the ball gag with the cutest little sound he had ever heard. It was when he plunged the tip of the wand down between the very tops of her inner thighs, right into that area where she normally had thigh gap – when her legs weren’t tied together – that was the moment her whimpers turned to grunting moans and her brain began its blender-worthy transformation into mush.

He kept sliding the wand down between her legs, making certain to keep contact with her swelling wetness as he slid it up-n-down her labia. Nina passed back-n-forth between whimpers-n-moans, twitches-n-convulsions and fussiness-n-contentment – seamlessly until he found the perfect spot to give her the first climax she had felt in Climax. But it would only be the first of many that summer.

Leaving the wand buried between her bound legs and pressed up against her labia, Eddie picked her up and cradled her on his lap as he took the towel blindfold off her. Placing the towel underneath her, he grabbed the hair at the back of her head and forced her to look up at him as her arousal built to a fever-pitch that set her climb to the summit in motion.

“What a dirty little girl you are,” Eddie whispered, his gaze burning down into her as her occasional twitches had become a lot more rapid in rate of arrival. “You brought all these naughty toys with you, hoping you might be able to have some fun with them. But I bet you never figured that anyone you met would have a little fun with you.”

While still cradling her, Eddie wrapped his hand around the handle of the wand and began to twirl it, the vibrating tip still pulsing into her hot spot but the wetness that was streaming out between her legs was now being spread around just a bit more. Nina kept eye contact with him, her twitches turning into convulsions that caused her body to seize up and then release – each time her muscles tightening to a tautness greater that the spasm prior. The Hitachi wand was her instant orgasm maker, but now it was also the tool Eddie wielded to both torture her and pleasure her with at the same time.

“I know you wanna cum so, so badly right now. Because that’s what you do. You’re a dirty, dirty little girl and you probably spend all day trying to find a quiet corner of this resort to hide in while you reach between your legs and rub the front of your panties until you’ve soaked through them,” Eddie teased with a syrupy-rich timbre, Nina’s face showing signs of how she was being deliriously drained of energy while being given more stimulus to cum than she could handle. “And all you can do is lie here in my arms and twitch because you have naughty secrets that just tied you into knots.”

Eddie leaned the handle of the wand outward, the vibrating tip now planted directly on her labia and that’s when she came for him. She moaned into the ball gag so loudly that he put his hand over her mouth – an action that only heightened her arousing climb to the summit that much more as she twitched a few times and then began to squirt.

And while making a helpless mess of herself, in front of the man she loved, Nina blushed beet red with embarrassment. She would squirt until she had nothing left the lubricate herself with. Eddie would ease her down onto the towel while lying her on his bed and beginning to remove the restraints, one at a time, as she recovered.

Nina lied there, limpened and pleasured as she began to balloon down from a trip to the summit she would never forget. Oh, how humiliating but at the same time, how good it all felt, even if she couldn’t process any of it at the moment. If nothing else, she would remember the sensations that pulsed through her frame and she would relive everything in memory of this incredible night of fetish.

“So,” Eddie said, sitting on the side of the bed and repacking the last of her fetish gear in her back pack. “Will there be more fetish nights this summer?”

“Oh yes,” Nina whispered with breathlessness. “Oh, yes.”

Kindle or Kindle Unlimited


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