A Summer in Climax: “At First Sight”


Taken from the ABDL romance book:


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here is a little story about how second impressions can be made “at first sight”.


At First Sight

(Start at the beginning:  Unexpected Opportunities)

Pulling into The Village Resort, Nina followed the directions given to her in the employee’s packet to get to her cabin. She passed the main dining area, the pond, a collection of pavilions and other buildings, the sand pit volleyball court, the pool, the patrons’ quarters and finally reached to employees’ cabins – tucked all the way at the very back of the property, by the forest’s edge.

The cabins made a circle with some sort of building in the middle. Nina was quite surprised that she had been assigned to cabin #1, but little did she know just then, she would be spending quite a bit of time that summer in cabin #5.

Parking her car alongside her cabin, she took a moment, before getting out, to collect her nerves as the sudden realization came to her that this unexpected opportunity would require her to dance better than she had ever danced before. While the resort was impressive in size, she wouldn’t be there that summer for her entertainment, but rather, for the entertainment of the patrons.

She lowered the driver’s side visor and tucked her hair behind her ears, making certain she was as presentable as she could be – given how the five hour drive had drained her a bit. Opening the car door, she placed her sandaled feet on the ground, then scrunching up her toes when she saw that she had forgotten to put toe nail polish on them – a mistake she would correct as soon as she could get to it. Employee orientation wouldn’t begin until the morning anyway.

The cabin was made of dark wood, erected like a log cabin – though she could tell that was only the garnishing on the outside. Walking around to the front of the cabin, she saw the bustling of many people moving into their cabins, all of them doing so with a hurry in their movements and steps – as if they were trying to get it done quickly. She looked up to skies of dusk, seeing no signs of a forthcoming rainstorms and, shrugging everyone’s haste off, walked into her cabin, coming face-to-face with two girls who were already inside.

“You must be Samantha,” the dark brunette said, getting up and walking over to her. “My name is Deb.”

“Samantha’s my first name, but I always go by my middle name, Nina,” Nina said, shaking Deb’s hand as a blonde-headed girl walked out of the bathroom in a towel.

“This is Vicky,” Deb said, motioning for Vicky to walk over to them. “Vicky, this is Nina.”

“Hi,” Vicky said, quickly and sweetly.

“Hi,” Nina replied back in the same manner before looking back at Deb. “Umm, why is everyone racing to get their stuff into the cabins?”

“Oh … yeah,” Deb said, then looking at Vicky. “You need to get dressed, Sweetie.”

“What?” Nina asked Deb as Vicky began to quickly get into clothing.

“We need to get your things inside the cabin quickly, too. Or else you’ll miss it,” Deb said to Nina.

“Or else I’ll miss what?” Nina asked, totally confused.

“Come on, I’ll explain everything,” Deb said, taking hold of Nina’s hand and looking back at Vicky. “Vick, just throw anything on for now.”

“Alright,” Vicky said with a pout, grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of her sleeping pants.

Deb took Nina outside and over to her car, Nina unlocking her trunk. It was obvious Deb was the alpha in the cabin and, being the new girl, Nina had no intentions of challenging her for the position. There was something about Deb that made her a bit of a natural leader, or at least gave her the poise to delegate with confidence. It was an inspiring trait Deb possessed and one that Nina looked highly upon. Clearly, Deb had a direction she was headed in – something Nina very much wanted to have for herself. Nina had the drive and the passion. She just didn’t know what she wanted yet and, more importantly, where she wanted to go in life. So, instantly, Nina felt a connection with Deb – one she hoped would yield answers for her throughout this, her summer in Climax.

Looking over the suitcases and travel bags she had in her trunk, Nina searched quickly for the secret suitcase. Trying not to panic as Deb grabbed two of the suitcases, Nina’s eyes moved hastily left-n-right for that one suitcase, the one that lived up to its name and held all of her secrets. Vicky joined them outside and Deb handed two of the suitcases to her, Nina silently gasping as she saw Vicky grab hold of the handles of the secret suitcase, carrying it into the cabin.

Of course, just … of course. The one and only thing Nina didn’t want anybody else getting their hands on was now in the hands of a blonde bombshell who she only heard two words out of so far. For all Nina knew just then, Vicky was one of those nosey girls would who accidentally stumble and knock the secret suitcase open, allowing its contents to fall onto the floor, fully and in clear display for all to see. It was a technique of leverage, one that was used to gain the upper-hand on the competition and one that could always be masked with the accident label – should things go sour.

Oh, for pity’s sake, this was not the way Nina wanted to begin things here. She always did this, being weary of the so-called malevolence of anyone with cute boobs and twinkling eyes. Ooooo! She always did this before she gave people a chance. Why did she always rush to pre-mature conclusions?

Frustrated from yet another bout of her quick-judgmental nature, Nina picked up two travel bags and carried them inside, emotionally kicking herself when she saw Vicky had set the secret suitcase on Nina’s bed and hadn’t accidental opened it at all. Setting the travel bags on her bed, she looked out the window that was next to her bed, a window with a little wooden sill – big enough to sit on. Looking through the window, she could see everyone heading to the building in the center of the employee cabin quad.

“Okay, I think that’s all of it,” Deb said, walking in with two more suitcases and Vicky walking in behind her with the final two.

“Yeah, I guess I packed too much, huh?” Nina asked with a laugh.

“It’s better to have all the options you want then not having enough of the options you need,” Vicky said sweetly.

“Yes,” Deb said, looking at Vicky with a smile. “And no girl has more suitcases here than my Vicky.”

Her Vicky? Wait a minute. Oh! Okay. Nina hadn’t picked up on that. Of course, she had only known them for a few minutes at this point, but she normally picked up on such things right away. This explained why Deb seemed to instinctively take charge and why Vicky instinctively followed.

“Go get dressed,” Deb said, Vicky walking back into the bathroom. “I’d use the coconut oil detangler.”

“I know!” Vicky called back to her with a song-like quality.

Oh my. How cute they were and how they interacted with one another so effortlessly of having to try.

“You have a few minutes before we really need to get going. So I’ll help you unpack,” Deb said, opening a suitcase on her bed.

“A few minutes before we go where?” Nina asked, grabbing the secret suitcase and sliding it under the bed, all the way back to the wall.

“Oh, sweetie. You are new, aren’t you?” Deb asked, taking clothing out of the suitcase and beginning to fill Nina’s dresser drawers. “This is employee opening night at The Village Resort. And there is always an opening night party.”

“Oh, so I’ll get to meet everyone,” Nina said excitedly, looking through the window again and hearing music beginning to blare from the building in the center of the cabin circle.

“Well, you’ll get to meet most everyone,” Deb said. “Employee orientation begins tomorrow morning at 9am and some cut it close by arriving at 8:30. But the main players are already here tonight.”

“Is this okay to wear?” Nina asked, taking hold of the lower hem of her summer dress and swaying side-to-side slightly – not really sure what others would be wearing to the party.

“Vicky, we need a fast touch-up!” Deb called to her.

“Ooo! Really?” Vicky called from the bathroom with an excited tone. “Bring her in here!”

Deb smiled brightly, taking Nina by the hand and leading her into the bathroom. Nina’s shy meter was going off the charts. She was cautious as she didn’t know exactly what was about to happen to her, but at the same, she was anticipating it to be something she knew she would want to be a part of.

When they walked into the bathroom, Deb turned Nina to face Vicky and Vicky took exactly three seconds to make her diagnosis.

“Okay, I got it,” Vicky said, turning around and picking up a compact of eye shadow. “Take her dress off.”

And before Nina had a moment to react or even object, Deb had lifted the summer dress up-n-off Nina’s frame, leaving the girl standing there without a bra on – since Nina didn’t wear a bra with a summer dress. But Nina also wasn’t wearing any panties, as she had taken them off in the bathroom back at the travel center when she had her wetting accident in them while standing in that long bathroom line.

“Oh my,” Deb said, then looking at Vicky. “Go get a pair of her panties, top drawer of her dresser … make it a white pair!”

Nina blushed a pinkish hue, feeling very small, all of the sudden. She wanted to explain why she wasn’t wearing panties, but then again, she didn’t want to have to explain the scenario back at the travel center.

“Nina, there will be an appropriate time to wear less, but not on the first night and not at the opening party,” Deb explained, taking the panties from Vicky when she returned and holding them so that Nina could step into them.

Vicky watched with a grin as Nina stepped out of her sandals and put one foot at a time into the leg holes of the panties. Deb pulled them up her legs and into place.

“Now,” Deb said with authority, spinning Nina around to face the mirror as she gave a swift pat to the girl’s bottom. “We need to make your first impression on people one that they’ll remember.”

Vicky turned Nina to face her, picking up the compact again.

“Close your eyes and relax your shoulders,” Vicky said, Nina complying. “The opening party won’t be well lit in the party house. And what this means is: all you will need tonight is a little light flirting make-up and nothing more.”

Nina stood perfectly still as Vicky gave her eye lids a coating of soft brown and as Deb evened out Nina’s skin tone with foundation, from the forehead – down to and including the cleavage.

“Do I need to put on toe nail polish, too?” Nina asked, with stiff lips as to not move her mouth much.

“Not tonight,” Vicky said, returning to getting herself ready. “Nobody will be looking at your feet. They may be looking down at your chest, but their eyes won’t go the floor.”

“Open your eyes,” Deb instructed, Nina opening her eyes as Deb suddenly reproduced the summer dress, slipping it down onto the girl’s frame. “Most importantly, tonight you just wanna say hi to everyone and give them a reason to sit next to you tomorrow morning at the orientation. Your first impression tonight will make that happen.”

In a flash, Vicky was ready to go, taking a little mousse and working a little volume into Nina’s shoulder-length locks. And then, in a quicker flash, the three of them were out the cabin door and walking up to the building at the center of the employee cabin circle. The music from within echoed across the valley of the resort as the party kicked into high gear. And as the three of them walked in, a guy came walking by with four glass of beer in his hands.

“Remember, we start at 9am sharp tomorrow, T-Bone,” Deb said to him, raising her eyebrows and showing her authority.

“T-Bone?” Nina asked.

“Yeah, he’s an amazing dancer,” Vicky said to Nina as they followed Deb over to a table, Deb snapping her fingers at the guy behind the make-shift bar – signaling to him with three fingers the number of shots she wanted. “It’s almost like he can disconnect his bones and reattach them in different ways. Watch him dance.”

Nina sat down and watched T-Bone take the center of the dance floor as the late-Michael Jackson’s new hit Love Never Felt So Good began to play. He moved like he was The King of Pop re-incarnated, dancing like the icon and impersonating his moves … to the T. Hence, his nickname … T-Bone. And my, how he brought the house down, everyone applauding and circling around him to join in on the dance.

“Okay, Nina. Since you’re brand-new, I’ll give you a pre-orientation tonight, but first …,” Deb said as the guy from behind the make-shift bar brought three Jolly Rancher shots over to their table – the three of them picking up the shot glasses. “Here’s to the fifth year of The Village Resort. May it keep growing and proving all the nay-sayers wrong.”

The three of them downed the shots and Nina began in on the questions immediately.

“Nay-sayers?” Nina asked.

“Oh, yes,” Deb answered, emphatically. “Most everyone said this resort, with its silly idea, wouldn’t make it to the second summer, but here we are … at year five, going strong. I actually met Vicky right here, three years ago.”

“Aww, how sweet,” Nina said, smiling as Vicky laid her head on Deb’s shoulder.

“That was the first summer I took over as employee supervisor,” Deb explained. “Vicky was a newbie dancer that year, just like you.”

“You dance?” Nina asked Vicky, hoping to get some help from her.

“Yep,” Vicky replied. “And Deb sings. But she only fills in on emergency situations anymore.”

“Why?” Nina asked, intrigued.

“Because being a supervisor of these people is enough to occupy me all summer long,” Deb admitted.

“Drama, drama, Prima Donna,” Vicky added. “That’s the problem with a lot of people who work here. They think way too much of themselves.”

“And it’s sad because they’re all amazingly gifted. They just bring such attitude with them, they literally have to be tended to as if they were children,” Deb admitted. “Nina, come around to this side of the table. I want to introduce you to someone without actually introducing you to them directly.”

“Okay,” Nina said, moving to the other side of the table and sitting next to Deb, a little confused by what she just said.

“That,” Deb said, pointing to the curly blonde who was working her way through the dancing crowd and hitting on any guy who would look her way. “That is Cheyenne. Little Miss Nosey. Little Miss Promiscuous. Little Miss I Want What You Have.”

Nina watched Cheyenne, taking in the way she moved and how she seemed to be the perfect social butterfly. From the surface, Cheyenne was an attractive individual, not just in physical appearance but also in party personality.

“She can sing. She can dance and she can hold her own on the stage,” Vicky said. “But she causes so many problems, it sometimes doesn’t seem worth it.”

“Well … is there a reason she acts that way?” Nina asked, understanding how she herself would sometimes do and say things she later regretted.

“Nina,” Deb said calmly. “Cheyenne is the kind of person who doesn’t want you to know anything about her. She only wants you to know what she shows you.”

“How sad,” Nina said with a heavy heart, her eyes then growing big-n-wide with shock as she saw a guy dancing who she actually did know … sort of.

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnd … she’s hooked,” Vicky said.

“Huh?” Nina asked, still staring drop-jawed at the guy as he danced.

“I take it you’re looking at Eddie,” Deb said, smiling as she signaled for another three shots to be brought to the table.

“Eddie,” Nina said, her heart pounding with fury.

“And he gets the same reaction from every girl he meets, at first sight,” Deb stated.

But Deb didn’t know that Nina had bumped into Eddie just a short time ago that day. Yes, he was the guy she had shared that playful bit of flirting with, back at the travel center. And maybe he knew where she was going when she said she would be spending her summer in Climax. Maybe it was also the reason why, when she told him that she never got his name, that he said You Will.

“Who is he?” Nina asked with a tiny, breathy voice.

“Eddie Westlake … aka Eddie 5,” Vicky said to Nina. “He’s been here since the beginning as well and always takes cabin five.”

“Is he a dancer too?” Nina asked, trying to prevent herself from having a heart attack.

“He’s a legitimate triple-threat,” Deb answered as the three shots were brought to the table, Nina looking at her with confusion. “Which means: he can dance, he can sing and he can act. In the world of performance, someone who can do all three is known as a triple threat.”

“He’s also known as a heartbreaker-to-be,” Vicky added. “For four summers now, girls have tried to hook up with him, but no one has been invited into his cabin at night.”

“Maybe he’s gay,” Nina suggested, Deb and Vicky laughing, Deb then directing the girls’ attention to the shots. “He’s as straight as an arrow. And is just simply too perfect to be real.”

There was something about Eddie that made him stand out. Nina could see it right away. At first sight of him, back at that travel center, he seemed really nice and really genuine. And now, seeing him as the adoration of all, he seemed larger than life to her. It was as if she hadn’t really seen him at all, until that very moment.

Nina did the shot with Deb and Vicky. And then her attention went back to Eddie. He moved as if he had the music inside him, like it was a part of him. And he was tall. Oh my, she loved tall guys. He had to be at least six feet. He wasn’t as cute as Brad Pitt, but he was still very handsome indeed. His hair was short and the slight scruff on his face chiseled his jaw line. She wondered what he smelled like, not having taken the time to get close enough to him before. She tried to remember what his voice sounded like, suddenly incapable of remembering the sound. She wondered what he was like when he got angry and what made him happy. She wondered if he was a sports nut or if he was more of an artsy kinda guy since he could sing and dance and act. She wondered what it would feel like to be held by him, his arms wrapped around her. She wondered if he had a bumpy chest or a flat one, both being desired but one being more preferable to lay the side of her face on. She wondered if he had a strong heartbeat and what his breathing sounded like when he slept. She wondered if he got up early or slept in late.

“Cheyenne has been trying to get him since the day she met him,” Vicky said.

“And every year, she just keeps getting further away,” Deb added, trying to be kind but still being honest. “She just doesn’t grasp the concept of He’s just not that into you.”

At first sight, Nina had become one of many admiring girls of Eddie. And it seemed that nothing would ever become of the fantasy in her mind. But perhaps, just perhaps, this was the best case scenario of all. If she didn’t get to know him any more than she knew him now, from a distance and from a point of safety, then Eddie would remain perfect in her mind … forever.

The Electric Slide began to play, snapping Nina out of her daze as practically everybody rushed into the dance area, taking first position of the iconic dance moves. Deb and Vicky got up as well, Deb taking Nina’s hand and leading her into the center of the packed dance floor. The upbeat beginning played and as soon as the first verse began, everybody stepped in perfect synchronization to the movements. Though Nina was only a mediocre dancer, she had owned this dance since middle school.

And what an absolutely wonderful way for everyone to come together for the first time that summer. As usual, T-Bone and the rest of the guys played up the dance steps while Nina and the girls actually danced the steps correctly, acting normal in comparison to the guys. Smiles were shared and a good time was had. And though Nina considered herself to be an amateur dancer at best, she fit in perfectly with the rest. This gave her confidence and from that confidence came esteem. And her esteem began to show. The Village Resort suddenly didn’t seem like a daunting challenge where she would be helplessly pitted against professionals. Instead, it became clear that the employees she would be working with were as human and as flawed as she was, making it easy for her to find comfort. And by the end of The Electric Slide, Nina had earned the adoration of all. Nobody knew who she was yet, but what they knew was that she was one of them.

Turning to walk off the dance floor, Nina came face to face with Eddie. They both were out of breath. So neither said anything, instead standing there and taking in the presence of each other … once again. His eyes gazed down at her with the same kindness they possessed at the travel center. And mixed with a little sweat, his scent filled her nose and her senses. Nina swooned a little, becoming the natural captive of his pheromones. Everything about this whole summer excursion had begun very naturally, including the beginning of something that felt wonderful … Was it love at first sight? Oh, she could hardly bring herself to even contemplate the answer to that question yet. But Eddie had a presence that naturally attracted everyone to him. A lot of guys became conceited from attention, but Eddie didn’t seem to show any arrogance whatsoever. He certainly had to know that people liked him, especially the girls on staff.

“Eddie Westlake,” Nina said, still trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah, I never got your name,” Eddie replied.

“You will,” Nina said with a smile, playing off his last statement to her back at the travel center.

“Well, until then, I guess I’ll just have to call you Strawberry Milkshake,” Eddie stated, returning the smile and playfulness to her.

“I can handle that,” she said coyly, folding her hands in front of her and swaying back-n-forth slowly.

Oh, how natural this felt. Boy meets Girl. But what would happen now? She was already flustered, doing her usual jittery habit of tucking her hair behind her ears. What did he think of her? Was she beautiful in his eyes? Should she take the next step forward in getting to know him or would she simply become yet another one of the girls who dreamed about a night with him in cabin five?

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Eddie asked with calmness to his timbre that made her weak in the knees.

“Nina,” she said sweetly. “Well actually, that’s my middle name. The real first name, well it’s my first name so it has to be real, is Samantha. That’s not to say that Nina isn’t my real middle name. Because it is, of course. It’s just that…”

“Nina … is a beautiful name,” Eddie said calmly, extending his hand to her, Nina’s little heart pounding with a heavy beat as she reached out and took hold of his hand. “Let’s get something to drink.”

“Okay,” Nina said with a smile.

Though the next song had begun playing, the entire room stared at her in awe and wonderment. Eddie Westlake, the local boy, the dreamboat – had made an advancement towards a girl. And while Nina did her best to handle the daggers of jealousy being shot at her from many sets of female eyes that had been made up to dazzle Eddie, she also did her best to not show excitement that would worsen everyone’s reaction. As Eddie led her past the table where Deb and Vicky were sitting, her cabin mates gave her the silent I’m so happy for you look that girls sometimes shared with one another.

“What do you want to drink?” the bartender of the party asked Nina, throwing the girl for a surprise as she would’ve expected him to ask Eddie first.

“Do you have Corona?” Nina asked.

“Yep. With a lime?” the bartender asked back, Nina nodding then receiving another shock as the bartender walked away without asking Eddie for his drink order.

“Don’t you want something to drink?” Nina asked him, quite surprised.

“I don’t drink,” Eddie replied back, smiling – Nina suddenly feeling quite uncomfortable for having gotten a drink herself. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I want you to have whatever you want to drink.”

“Are you sure?” Nina asked, now fearing she might be making him uncomfortable because she was drinking and he wasn’t. “I mean, I don’t drink very much and I don’t need to drink now.”

“NinaLove,” Eddie said, taking her hands in his fingers. “I want you to enjoy yourself. Please, have a Corona.”

The bartender returned with her Corona and a glass of ice water for Eddie. And for as much as the moment of trepidation had passed, it had only really begun inside her mind. What if the first impression she made back at the travel center was suddenly ruined by the less-than-charming second impression she made now? But Nina had no way of knowing that Eddie wasn’t a drinker. Everybody else seemed to enjoy alcohol. It only made logical sense that the unattainable heart-throb of all would also enjoy a drink – even if just an occasional one. She didn’t know why he didn’t drink and, because of how alarming everything sudden was for her, she sure as Hell wasn’t going to ask him … not yet, anyways.

“To The Village Resort memories to come,” Eddie said, picking up his ice water to toast, Nina picking up her bottle of Corona. “To Unexpected Opportunities, To Strawberry Milkshakes and to Everything Else along the way.”

They clinked glasses and toasted the drink. And all seemed to settled inside her … until he spoke again.

“So, what is your ambition in life?” Eddie asked, Nina’s eyes growing big-n-wide.

Oh My Blue Heaven! What an overwhelming question to start with! So much for small talk. And how was she supposed to answer that, anyway? Did anyone really have such clear ambition, as if they were prepared for whatever hand life dealt them? Of course people did and that was why he was asking, right? He wanted to know what Nina was going to do with her unexpected opportunity. She was sure this was why he was asking her that question. She was also certain this would be her third impression on him, her final impression if she got the answer wrong. But Nina didn’t know how to answer. So she did what instinct told her to do and threw the question right back at him.

“Hmm, that’s an interesting question. No one has ever asked me that before,” Nina said, smiling and stalling for time. “What’s your ambition in life?”

Eddie smiled warmly, almost as if he could sense her uneasiness. And if that was true, if he could read her thoughts and emotions, then she had reason to worry. Nina had come across guys like him before, guys who somehow could figure out the female psyche. And for as amazing of a gift as such insight was, it was detrimental – in that a girl sometimes didn’t know why she felt the way she felt or thought the way she thought. So if a guy could make sense of her even when she couldn’t make sense of herself, it was a recipe for a disaster.

“Nina,” Eddie said, taking hold of her right hand. “Ambition is something we all seek, whether we are aware of it or not. And those of us who find a clear pathway and are able to follow that pathway throughout life are the lucky few.”

Nina took a quick drink of her Corona, not certain how to respond to what he just said. She was fairly certain he was telling her not to worry about anything but she wasn’t sure.

“In other words, most people have a safe answer to give and that’s all that’s necessary really. Your ambition is your business only and no one else’s,” Eddie said.

“So what’s your safe answer?” Nina asked, gently gripping the fingertips of his left hand.

“To live,” Eddie answered. “Everything else is details and nothing more.”

Nina smiled, setting her Corona down on the table and resting her chin on the back of left hand. Eddie certainly was a tough one to figure out. But like so many before her had already discovered, there was something about him that made her want to keep exploring him.

“So how did you wind up here?” Eddie asked, striking up more conversation.

“The U.P.T.A. auditions came to my college,” Nina replied. “It seemed interesting. So I tried out.”

“A college girl, huh?” Eddie asked back, giving her a wink.

“A college graduate,” she corrected, winking back at him. “And how about you? I’m told you can do it all: singing, dancing and acting. How did you wind up here?”

“Well, I’m just a local boy from Kalamazoo who sounded good enough to hire when this place held auditions five years ago,” Eddie admitted.

“So, you didn’t go to college for it?” Nina asked, surprised at his talent, yet another natural thing about this whole experience so far.

“Nope,” Eddie further admitted, pausing before he added details. “I had the ambition to go to college. I just didn’t have the money.”

“Your parents couldn’t send you to college?” Nina asked cautiously, not wanting to prod, but wanting to know a little bit about his family life, at least.

“No,” Eddie stated with honesty.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosey,” Nina apologized.

“It’s quite alright,” Eddie assured her. “My father used to be a part of a shed building company called Brown Bear Structures. For as silly of a business as it sounds, he and his partners got quite rich from doing it … until one of the partners took all the money and ran away with it – leaving Dad and the others to declare bankruptcy for the business.”

Nina’s eyes welled up with tears. What a horrible thing to have happened. And she felt like a horrible person for having brought the subject up at all. But again, there was no way she could’ve known.

“There are lots of details to it, but the point is: My parents couldn’t afford to send me to college,” Eddie answered calmly, trying to reassure her that it was okay to have asked.

“I feel so bad right now,” Nina admitted.

“Don’t feel bad,” Eddie replied, reaching across the table and taking the side of her face in his right hand, his thumb brushing away her tears before they streamed from her eye lids. “You have no reason to feel bad. And besides, Dad won a lawsuit against that former partner. He got his money back. When Dad asked me about college, I told him that he had spent enough money on others and that it was time that he spent a little on himself and on Mom. So, all worked out fine.”

And as they continued to talk, Nina began to form a clear picture of how selfless of a person Eddie Westlake was. He had more reason to be bitter and pessimistic than anyone. Yet, he wasn’t bitter or pessimistic at all. It was also clear that he didn’t have much money, yet not even that deterred him from being such a wonderful and inviting guy. And it wasn’t a façade he was putting on. If it had been so, five years at this resort would’ve produce enemies for him. But Eddie was loved by all. And it was that genuine feeling that first attracted her to his personality. He was also honest and his blue eyes didn’t hurt his chances with her one bit.

“Nina, we’re heading back to the cabin,” Deb said as she and Vicky walked over to the table. “We usually get up at 7:30 in the morning. Don’t be out all night.”

“I won’t be,” Nina said, sharing a knowing-smile with Deb.

Nina and Eddie kept talking a bit longer, the party building slowly beginning to empty. And it seemed they could talk about anything, seamlessly going from one subject right into the next. She was getting quite comfortable with him and felt assured that her all impressions she had given to him had been a good one.

They kept talking as he walked her down to her cabin and said good night, giving her a hug. Oh my, he smelled really good and his body was warm and yes, he had muscles on his chest but they weren’t bodybuilding ones, like Hulk Hogan would have. So, the side of her face rested comfortably on his sternum. But the most memorable thing of that night, the one thing she would keep etched in her soul from that very moment until the day she died, was the last thing he did before he walked up to his cabin.

Eddie took gentle hold of the sides of her face and kissed her forehead even more gently. Oh, she melted and if she hadn’t still had her arms wrapped around him, she might well have collapsed right there on the cabin stairs for how weak she had gone in the knees. And as he walked back up to his cabin, Nina sat on the cabin steps – watching him all the way until he disappeared inside his cabin.

Nina looked up at the starry sky, basking in the initial feelings of it all. Most guys who flirted with her began to treat her as if they had found the love of their lives. And while that was a flattering thought, it was never really based on anything practical. Eddie wasn’t like all the rest and her initial feeling was that he had enjoyed her company as much as she had enjoyed his. What a refreshing change from the norm. There were no rules being established or wedding plans being made. All of that would require help from Cupid. And it just simply felt good to have made a friend who seemed so amazing that he couldn’t possibly be for real – yet he was … even after she pinched herself.

Nina got up and quietly walked into the cabin, seeing Deb-n-Vicky were already in bed and fast asleep in each other’s arms. But Nina’s thoughts remained on Eddie as she quietly got ready for bed. Going into the bathroom, she started taking the light flirting make-up off, as Vicky had called it. Smiling at how this day had begun and at all that had happened to her on the way, she decided she would take a shower in the morning. The only thing left to do was to dream sweetly about Eddie. Everything was details, as she remembered him saying.

Tip-toeing out of the bathroom and over to her dresser, she slipped out of the summer dress, silently declaring to herself that she would definitely put toe nail polish on in the morning. Standing there in nothing but her white cotton panties, she crawled across her bed and looked out the window – up to Eddie’s cabin.

He was wonderful and she felt she could tell him anything about herself … well, almost anything. Nina had secrets she kept in her heart as well as in a suitcase. Her current over-active thoughts filled her with questions that would take courage unknown to her in order to answer:

Could she open up to him fully and tell him the secrets of her heart?
How would he react?
Would he believe her to be strange or misguided?
Would he reject her outright?
Could she trust him to not crush her little heart?
Was he really the heartbreaker-to-be that everyone labeled him as?
Or was he really as amazing as he seemed … at first sight?

And the more questions that filled her soul, the more her head traveled into the state of dreaming she often went into while still being awake. As she lied there, fantasizing about what the future might hold with him, her thoughts then drifted down to the secret suitcase under her bed.

Quietly crawling down onto the floor, she reached under the bed and took hold of the handles of the secret suitcase – sliding it out slowly and looking back over her shoulder to make sure Deb-n-Vicky weren’t waking up. Kneeling in front of the suitcase, she opened it, her heart pounding at all the secret treasures she kept inside it.

Starlight trickled in through the window, cascading a soft glow on her as she picked up the little white nightie that her best friend in life had made for her by hand. It was made of a thin layer of soft cotton and had lacy edges on the lower hem, a hem that only reached down to the top of her thighs. Slipping into the nightie, she then reached into the suitcase, picking up her stuffed animal … Sycamore Sam, the mascot of her now alma mater – Indiana State University.

Sycamore Sam was blue, white, furry and ambiguous. It wasn’t actually any specific animal. Some thought Sycamore Sam was a squirrel. Others believed he was a coyote.

In its hand was her pacifier. Sycamore Sam always held her pacifier during the day. Looking over at Deb-n-Vicky asleep, Nina sighed softly, deciding to put the pacifier back in the suitcase. But when she did, her hand brushed up against the plastic cover of one of her diapers. Her heart pounded with a heavy beat as the fantasy of being Eddie’s BabyGirl formed inside her heart. And though there was riskiness to it, there was no way she wasn’t going diapered on this night, not with this swell of emotions and feelings and dreams to come inside her.

Closing the suitcase and quietly sliding back under her bed, she stood up, and with diaper in hand, quietly tip-toed across the cabin into the bathroom. Shutting the door and locking it, she unfolded the crinkly diaper, her heart pounding harder still at the fear of being discovered by her cabin mates.

Laying the diaper flat on the floor, she slid her white cotton panties down legs and stepped out of them. Then she lied down on top of the diaper, folding the front up and fastening the tapes at her hips – all the while fantasizing about Eddie being the one who was diapering her. Standing up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Wearing nothing but her nightie and her diaper, she wrapped her forearms around her midriff, rocking back-n-forth gently and closing her eyes to re-envision that moment when he hugged her. It hardly seemed possible that a simple kiss to her forehead could’ve had such a profound effect on her. Yet there she was, lost in her own fantasies and willing to make herself so vulnerable that she was actually considering opening up to him about all her secrets.

Oh, my. Cupid needed to either make the dreams in her heart a reality or he needed to bring her head back down out of the clouds. But either way, Cupid needed to do so quickly before she made a fool of herself.

Taking a step towards the bathroom door, she heard that crinkle at her waist that always brought tummyflies to her belly while planting a tingle between her legs. And every step towards the bathroom door produced more crinkles. Ah, yes. Such was the life of a BabyGirl-at-heart … so helplessly captivated by her unspoken desires that she would risk anything to make fantasy a reality.

But Nina had always subscribed to the belief that anything in life was attainable with patience and understanding that not all things were meant to be. And the wishes of her little heart would only ever truly become the stuff of fantasy when she finally accepted that those wishes would never become reality. Until then, all things were possible.

Doing her able best to keep the crinkles to a minimum, Nina took small steps across the cabin and over to her bed. She crawled under her covers and hugged Sycamore Sam tightly as she turned over onto her tummy and closed her eyes, basking in the comfort of the thickness wrapped around her center.

A final thought came to mind and she reached over to her alarm, setting it for 7am so she would be able to get out of the diaper before her cabin mates woke up. Looking out the window again and thinking again of Eddie, she nestled down with Sycamore Sam for a much-needed good night’s sleep. But as she drifted off to dreamland, her little heart still filled her with more questions:

What would Eddie be like when he wasn’t the center of attention?
Could she possibly be someone he found interest in?
Or was she just another girl who dreamt of winning his heart over?
Could she ever bring herself to tell him what was in her secret suitcase or were her forthcoming dreams just simply pipe dreams and nothing more?

Nina’s summer in Climax had begun. She was on the verge of something unexpected and all looked good so far … at first sight.

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