Classes and Crafts and Toys … Oh my!

TeddyConFollowing the Yellow Brick Road is not only one of the notable scenes from all of cinema history, but it’s one that speaks of an amazing journey. The illusion behind it is that if we follow this colorful road, our destination will be easy to get to and will yield us everything that we could’ve possibly hoped for … and more.

A lot of times we overthink things in life and while the Yellow Brick Road fills us with fantastic thoughts, it can sometimes be dumbed down and used as a tool to teach us not to dream.

Well … that just seems like a rotten way to look at something that was intended to enhance dreams and imagination. And how many times in our lives have we been discouraged about following after fairy tale endings.

The reality of it all may be that Fairy Tale Endings and Yellow Brick Roads are perfect examples of what we dream about. But it doesn’t mean that our journeys have to be anything less than fantastic. A lot of times in life, we set out in pursuit of something specific, only to find along the way, that our pursuit has changed. And we discover so much more of what we wanted that we wouldn’t have ever known we wanted … had we not taken the journey.

TeddyCon is coming soon … a lot sooner than you may realize. And thankfully, you won’t have to walk down any brick road to get there – regardless of what color the road is. But TeddyCon holds dreams and preserves the best in all of us – just waiting for that weekend to open the magical gates of an emerald city unknown.

And there’s a lot in store. As we draw near to TeddyCon, the details begin to become clear.

There are classes awaiting us. Oh, my, are there classes awaiting us.

The Story of Us: A Historical Journey of ABDL – Join us as we dive into a rich history of ABDL, then and now… with our panel of distinguished guests:
Diapered Dad, Bitter Grey & BabyLuke
Join our host, ZorroDaddy, as he guides us through our journey.

BitterGrey is a lifelong AB and babyfur. His efforts to promote acceptance and understanding among AB/DLs began in 1995 with the creation of Understanding More recently these expanded to include the AB/DL survey project, which broadened our understanding of the diversity within the AB/DL community. He also helps lead BRiDgE, a group of AB/DLs and ageplayers in the San Francisco Bay Area with regular munches and other events.

BitterGrey’s classes:
• Do we still need understanding
• The Story of Us: A Historical Journey of ABDL

Daddy Denny & Baby Bethie Daddy Denny and his permanently collared slave, baby bethie have been active in the BDSM, Master/slave, Fetish and Age Play community for more than 11 years together. They own and operate the Indian Marker Bed and Breakfast, in Lancaster County PA, a BB exclusively for lifestyle people that includes a dungeon, play room and an adult nursery. This couple has presented numerous times for Black Rose, The Crucible, Camp Crucible, Philadelphia Leather Pride, BESS, Alternative Expressions, LINK, TFW and others. Their presentations have included discussions about the Daddy/ little girl relationship within a 24/7 Master slave relationship, as well as Classes on Age play, Medical Play, Needle play and After care. Denny is a graduate of the MTTA Master’s academy. bethie is a graduate of the MTTA Slave Academy. bethie has run the Alternative Expressions munch group (the oldest munch group in central PA) for more than 15 years. In his vanilla life Daddy Denny is a published author and a professional presenter and consultant in marketing and sales; bethie has a degree in mathematics, is a published author, and is a certified SAP consultant.

Denny & Bethie’s Classes:
• Looking for your Big (or little)
• A session/Round Table for BIGs (BIGs Only)
• Fun with Baby Bethie and Daddy Denny

DiaperedDad is both a DL and AB, who has been active with others since the early 70s. After attempting to establish contact during the 60s and finding no real “scene,” I began placing ads in 1971 in both underground and gay newspapers searching for people who shared my fetish and interests. I heard from many others who all told me, “I never thought I’d see an ad like yours ! I thought I might be the only person doing this.” I introduced everyone who wanted contact and a diaper family grew and grew, with telephone calls and eventual meetings. This was soon followed by smaller clubs, enterprises and publications (Lil’ Wrangler, Florence’s group, “Playpen” and a few others) and then in 1980 I encouraged Tommy to start a national (soon to become international) club and DPF was born, thanks to his hard work; as you know, this was the primary method of contact for many years until the computer revolutionized it all. Having been involved for so long, I am amazed and delighted to see so many folks enjoying what I discovered at age five and what has given me so much pleasure, plus has introduced me to so many wonderful people for the last sixty-five years. We do have an intersting history and I’m sure that others can share their history begining with their own involvement. I am particularly eager to talk to anyone who has information of activity before 1971.

Kent’s Class: The Story of Us: A Historical Journey of ABDL

Irisenchanted – Ambassador for DC TNG and Queen Lairling for the Kraken’s Lair, iris enchanted is a sapiosexual little girl, with a huge love of nudity, food, and rope (especially her m0co Jute!). The majority of her kinks are based around control, but iris is heavily drawn toward the silly, messy, strange, and intense. iris has presented on various topics, including Littles, Age Play, Pet Play, and Relationships. she has been featured on the Masocast podcast, and presented at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, Tiny Terrors, TES & TNG events.

Irisenchanted’s Classes:
• Splosh!! An exploration of Wet and Messy Play WAM
• Little’s Chat Round table
• Fun with Iris

Sarah & Susan are a lovely couple who have been involved in the lifestyle for many years. They will discuss their experiences and lead an open round table around relationships and the ABDL lifestyle. They have previously presented at CapCon in Chicago.

Sarah & Susan’s Class: Age play Relationships in Real Life: Daily Desires and Dilemmas

Tisiphone is a queer, sadomasochistic switch as well as a kitty, little girl and all around Jack of All Kinks. She is also proud to be Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2014. She has been playing privately for about nine years and has been involved in the Pittsburgh BDSM community for about three and a half years. She dove in head first and now helps organize for TNG, Pittsburgh Bridge, Pittsburgh Age Players Anonymous (P.A.P.A), Petsburgh, and Hitchin’ Bitches- Pittsburgh. Did she mention she’s from Pittsburgh? She believes that fun things happen from a bit of mischief; therefore it is likely you will see her poking her sadistic Daddy from time to time, causing her slave’s head to explode, or instigating adventures.
It’s all in the name of fun

Tisiphone’s Classes:
• Welcome to the sandbox! Grab a pail (Age Play 101)
• Chocolate Milk and Tears: Dark Age Play
• Pigtails and Plaid Skirts: School Age Based Play

Squee (Workin4honey) identifies as a pansensual, gender fluid, switching ageplayer. Squee believes that connections are made, bonds are strengthened and community is built through conscious communication. Squee shares a playfully profound perspective & lifelong love of learning, while facilitating group discussion & exploration.

Squee has presented at CAPCon, been on the Big Little Podcast and runs the Duck Munch, a monthly meet-up for ageplayers of all kinds just north of Chicago.

Squee’s Classes:
• Touch: Good, Bad & Other
• Gender as a Spectrum
• Stories & Games, the Power of Play Discussion & activities

Zorro Daddy
ZorroDaddy has been a part of the ABDL community for a while. Much like many other people, he discovered ABDL existed because of the internet – yet he acquired the “Daddy-Tude” (as he puts it) long before that.

Zorro spoke and read stories at NELICon in 2011 and read stories at CAPCon for the past three years. He has thoroughly enjoyed attending many events within the broader community like: FetFest, The GKE, Abdulia, Brimstone and more munches than he can remember.He has also been on several episodes of The Big Little Podcast.

Zorro is a Kansas City Chief Fan and an author of ABDL books. Most notably, he is the author of the Zeke & Lily series but has delved into dark age play and has written more than 50 books on the “padded” subject.

Zorro Daddy’s Classes:
• The Story of Us: A Historical Journey of ABDL
• Daddy Zorro will be entertaining us with “Story time with Zorro Daddy”
• Plus don’t miss out on the Singalong.
• Come have fun learning a craft with Daddy Zorro.

But TeddyCon isn’t just a Yellow Brick Road destination that leads to classes. Oh my, Blue Heaven. That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

There will be crafts throughout the weekend.

Paper DollsThe classic, reinvented.
Model MagicNo, it’s not Play-doh. No, it’s not clay. It’s stuff that is out of this world and it’s the most unique thing you’ll ever touch. To mold, shape and form fun.
Perler BeadsMelt people’s hearts with this fun craft.
Kandi JewelryA little can never have enough Kandi bracelets, can they?
Origami FrogsLearn how to make these paper frogs that actually hop!

TeddyCon also offers toys, toys & more toys!

There will be an open playspace that will include:
A High Chair
That Awesome Ball Pit that Little Philly built.
Enormous Chairs
A Play Yard
A Tricycle
An Adult-Sized Baby Walker

And if you need a nap, relax in the Cuddle Corner with the Stuffies

Construction Toys will be on hand for your creativity concoction building needs:
Mega Blocks
Wooden Blocks
Foam Blocks

But there will also be Toddler Toys, Coloring Books, a Play Kitchen, Barbie Dolls, Board Games, Hot Wheels & Matchbox Cars and a Puppet Theater and so much more that I can’t list it all at once.

On that Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy made some wonderful friends. She also learned so much about herself and about others. And the destination yielded more results than what she had hoped it would. All it took was the desire to get there and one simple step forward to begin.

See you all TeddyCon 2014 (October 17-19th).

Blessings to you and yours,
Zorro Daddy

The Registration Price goes up on Tuesday, July 8th

TeddyCon Website
TeddyCon FetLife Group
TeddyCon Event Link

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