A Summer in Climax: “No Deeper Truth”

No Deeper TruthTaken from the ABDL romance book:


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here is a little story about truth and how deep it goes.


No Deeper Truth

(Start at the beginning:  Unexpected Opportunities)

The First Week of July –

Monday morning of week three of the summer schedule began with a chilly rain that finally broke at dawn. Early morning walks had become a part of Nina’s daily routine. And right after a fresh rain, the warmth of summer was always absent, making it easier to walk the grounds of the resort. Some mornings were swelteringly hot by 7am, but on this morning, Nina had raindrops on her side.

Every few days, she would wander over to the golf course and have yet another chat with Mr. Morgan, a grounds keeper and sweet old man who always knew what to say to calm her nerves. He had become a father-figure, of sorts, to her. He was very kind-hearted and never asked from anything, telling her that all he ever needed in life he had already received … and then some. Nina hoped that when her day came to look back on her lifetime she would have memories and experiences to give her the same peace of mind Mr. Morgan had found.

“Do you know what the two most common things are that appear after a rainstorm?” Mr. Morgan asked her, placing a golf towel on the bench at hole number one so Nina could take a seat.

“Umm,” Nina said, sitting on the bench and thinking hard on her answer as she never seemed to get his random questions right. “Rainbows and … butterflies?”

“Actually, it’s mosquitoes and flies, believe it or not,” Mr. Morgan said with a smile, Nina laughing. “Just wanted to make sure you were thinking right. So, how’s the love pursuit going? Has your fella guy taken notice of you?”

“I think so,” Nina said with a sly smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

“I think you know so, don’t you?” Mr. Morgan said, reading what her expression was really telling.

“When you met your wife, did you really know, like right away, that you were going to spend the rest of life with her?” Nina asked.

“Yes,” Mr. Morgan said, recalling fondly. “I knew we would spend a lifetime together, until life ended.”

“How did you know that?” Nina asked, curious as to what made him so certain.

Mr. Morgan leaned back, looking out onto the greens of the resort golf course and smiling brightly with the fondest recollection of all.

“The moment I first laid eyes on my beloved Kathryn, I knew we would see our 50th wedding anniversary for one simple reason,” Mr. Morgan said. “It’s because I could see myself being just as happy with her when we were old as when we were young.”

Nina paused in her own thoughts to marvel over how simple yet profound of a statement he had just made.

“Whoever has stolen your heart right now, imagine him as an old man and imagine yourself as an old lady,” Mr. Morgan said, standing up and preparing to do his morning chores on the golf course. “And as you’re imagining old age, do you see yourself as being happy with him then? If the answer is yes, then you can likely think of what you need to do now.”

Mr. Morgan’s words remained with Nina all day long. And no matter what she did that day, whether it was leading a dance class or just serving as company for the patrons of the resort, her mind was constantly bouncing between two trains of thought – one that kept her in the present moment and one that had already taken her to the forthcoming events of that night.

That Night –

“Nina, you’ve been in the bathroom for an hour and a half,” Deb, her cabin mate with the maternal edge, said to her through the bathroom door. “Are you going on another date tonight?”

“I think she is, Deb,” Vicky, Deb’s better half, said while sitting on their bed and painting her toenails.

“What makes you say that?” Deb asked, turning to her. “She hasn’t gone to Eddie’s cabin in several nights now.”

Then Deb looked over at Nina’s bed, seeing the suitcase of fetish secrets sitting on the girl’s mattress, opened. Just then, the bathroom door flew open and Nina walked out, fresh from the shower and wearing a soft pink night shirt that went down to her mid-thighs.

Wasting no time, Nina went over to her bed and picked up her back pack, filling it with all the accoutrements a BabyGirl would need … or in this case, all the accoutrements that a Daddy would need to take care of his BabyGirl.

“Oh, Sweetie!” Deb said, walking over to Nina and embracing her. “Are you really gonna tell him about it tonight?”

“No,” Nina said, quickly finishing her packing of the D-n-BG necessities. “I’m gonna show him and then I’m gonna sit there and lose my mind until he tells me what he thinks.”

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Vicky asked, walking up to Nina and giving her a hug as well.

“I’ve shown Eddie every other dark secret I’ve kept in this suitcase,” Nina answered, stepping into her sandals and picking up the back pack. “Now I’m going to show him the only secret that really matters.”

“He’s going to accept it, Sweetie,” Deb reassured her.

“I hope so,” Nina said, nibbling on her lower lip. “This is as vulnerable as I can make myself.”

Nina walked out of their cabin, slowly making her way up to Eddie’s cabin. Whereas she normally would’ve walked quickly, this was a short journey she needed to take slowly. She would need every step to think this through and by the time she got to his cabin door, she would need to know for certain that what she was about to do, what she was about to reveal – was the right decision to make.

In the past week, Nina had spent several nights in Eddie’s cabin, revealing one fetish after another to him. He had bound her, spanked her, tortured her, humiliated her, made her feel powerless, made her feel helpless, made her feel slutty and made her feel like a princess. The sex with him was amazing … mind-blowing even. But none of it would matter if this fetish night didn’t yield the same acceptance as all the others had. This was the main event. It was as plain and as simple as that. There was still plenty of time left in her summer in Climax. But on this night, she would share with Eddie the one secret that remained. And there would be no deeper truth found than what the contents of her back pack held.

Standing at the front door of his cabin, she raised her right hand to knock, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. What if she had tempted fate one too many times? If she turned around and walked back to her cabin now, then Eddie would never have the opportunity to crush her little heart. And she could stop sharing her secrets with him. No one would be hurt and all would be fine. But if she went through with this and something went wrong, there would be no recovery for her heart.

Before she had another second to talk herself out of knocking on his front door, she heard it open behind her. GULP! As it turned out, there would be no chance to run away. Nina slowly spun around, her back pack over her right shoulder. And there he stood, her heart-throb and her evermore. The light from behind him made him look as if he was glowing, like an angel. And with a soul-full of hope, she walked back up the front steps and into his cabin.

The blinds were already pulled down and as Nina walked over to sit on the side of his bed, she smiled sweetly – silently telling herself that, even if he didn’t understand what ABDL meant and even if he said it wasn’t for him, he would still be the perfect gentleman about it that he had been about everything thus far.

Sitting next to her, Eddie could see how nervous, if not worried, she was. And before he ever looked in that back pack, he knew that either something was terribly wrong or that something was about to become terribly right. It struck him as odd, though, that she would suddenly show trepidation – given everything they had explored together already. But he wasn’t about to question her emotions. Instead, he unzipped the back pack and opened the top.

Nina held her breath as he looked inside the pack, then shrinking up with shyness as, once again, she couldn’t read any meaning into his reactions. And maybe that kind of analysis was more suited for another time as she had enough of her own reactions to worry about, just then.

Eddie reached into the bag and took out her pacifier – the white one with the soft pink handle. Nina parted her lips slightly and began to exhale slowly, trying to keep herself under control and trying not to cry for relief from the stress.

“Is she a raver girl?” Eddie asked, holding onto the handle of the pacifier and lifting it up to her lips.

Oh my Blue Heaven, Nina’s heart pounded so rapidly that she feared it might explode inside her. Opening her lips, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and placed it under the rubber nipple of the pacifier before taking it into her mouth and then finally answering his question – shaking her head no that she wasn’t a raver girl.

Eddie reached into the back pack again, taking out a tiny little container of baby powder. Okay, he wasn’t going to get any clues from that. Lots of people used that stuff. Setting the container on the mattress, he reached into the bag again, taking out a pack of wipes – still to no found-explanation.

Nina pouted softly behind her pacifier. It wasn’t really obvious at all and upon further thought of it, when it was viewed one item at a time, it really didn’t seem so taboo. But Eddie was beginning to get down to the more revealing items in the bottom of her back pack.

He pulled out a hair brush that had two lengths of white ribbon wrapped around its handle. Then he took out her white nightie – the one with the lace on the tiny sleeves and on the lower hem. He took out the baby bottle she had prepared with milk. Nina’s face went flush. Okay, there wasn’t any logical way to explain that one – other than to admit the truth. But hey, that was the whole point of this, after all.

Then Eddie looked in the very bottom of the back pack. He was a little confused by what he saw. Nina closed her eyes for a moment, trying to steady her sudden dizziness and taking a second to be grateful for the fact that she made certain to empty her bladder completely before she left her cabin. And this very moment was the reason why.

He reached in and picked up the lone item remaining in the back pack, Nina’s flushed face turning beet red when she opened her eyes. He lifted his hand out of the bag, the diaper he found now being held between his fingers. And no explanation at all was needed anymore … or so she thought. Nina nursed on her pacifier as she prepared for the moment of truth, no deeper truth known to her.

“Is this the whole Daddy’s Girl Fetish thing?” Eddie asked, Nina nodding her head and lowering her chin as she nursed her pacifier.

Eddie placed the diaper on his lap, opening it and then looking up at her. His eyes didn’t show confusion, but rather, that he was processing not just what the fetish was, but moreover and more importantly, what the fetish meant to her.

After a few excruciating seconds of waiting for her, Eddie smiled warmly – the kind of smile that finally showed clearly the meaning of how he felt. Little did she know, just then, Eddie not only understood the fetish but he was preparing to melt the daylights out of her with it.

Nina’s shyness kicked into high-gear as she did a few of her typical jittery habits, namely: tucking her damp hair behind her ears. Seeing this, Eddie slid his hands underneath the back of her thighs – picking her up, turning her around and making her straddle his lap with bent knees. Then he took hold of the lower hem of her soft pink night shirt and lifted it up-n-off her frame. She knelt there, across his thighs, wearing nothing but her little pink panties. A tingle traveled throughout her body and her shoulders shrunk up again as she covered her naked chest with her forearms. Seeing her shyness, Eddie smiled brightly, taking hold of either side of her head and kissing her forehead before he picked up the hair brush.

Nina had a small moment of panic when she saw him unwinding the lengths of white ribbon from the brush handle. Perhaps he thought that she was to be spanked with it. Nursing more rapidly on her pacifier, she watched him carefully – thinking a few times about taking the pacifier out of her mouth and making clear that this was at the heart of the gentleness fetish she initially spoke to him about, a week ago. But her fear soon subsided as he reached behind her and began brushing her hair out, starting down at the tips and working his way up.

Nina closed her eyes. Oh my, he was not only a gentleman, but he was a gentle man. And as the strokes of her hair became long, she whimpered contentment into her pacifier – the plastic bristle tips massaging her scalp and adding to the euphoria of the moment.

He even did a quasi-decent job of putting her hair up into high pigtails at the back of her head – then tying them up with the lengths of white ribbon. Nina could tell that the right pigtail had a lot more hair in it than the left one did and that they were anything but straight. But the details of correctness didn’t matter, just then. All that did matter was that Eddie had tried. He would certainly get better at with time, but his first effort was not only valiant. It was also successful.

Setting the hair brush down, he picked up the white nightie, Nina lifting her hands-n-arms up – instinctively, but also to help him along with understanding what to do next. He gathered the material of the nightie and slipped her hands and head into the top of it, allowing the nightie to flow down over her frame.

“Oh my God,” Eddie said, beginning to gush over her. “You look so cute in that.”

Eddie reached behind her, placing his right hand under her bottom and his left hand on the middle of her back as he pressed her against him and then stood up. Turning around to face the bed, he leaned over and eased her down onto the mattress with such care that she could’ve been made of China glass and not been broken.

“That’s a good girl,” Eddie whispered with a softened tone she had never heard him use before.

His few brief words were all that was needed to spin her mind and her senses. Thankfully, she was lying on that mattress on her back. Had she been standing, it would’ve been another instance for her to put into her memory in a long list of weak-knee moments.

Eddie picked up the diaper and Nina drew her knees up to her chest. She was nursing so calmly on her pacifier and her eyes were so glassy with wonderment he could tell her mind was taking her somewhere else. Placing the crinkly diaper flat on the mattress, he flipped the lower hem of her nightie up above her navel, then reaching up to her hips to the waistband of her little pink panties before sliding them up her thighs to her raised knees and then down to her ankles.

Taking the sandals off her feet, he dropped them to the floor as he set her panties aside and picked up the small container of baby powder. Nina’s wandering mind turned to mush, her entire frame somewhat-numbed already by the gentleness of his touch and the innocence of the moment. Eddie placed his right forearm on the middle of the back of her thighs and rocking her lower half up-n-forward a little, then slid the diaper underneath her – matching its waistband with her lower lumbar.

He sprinkled the powder across both of her bottom cheeks, caressing it out evenly with gentle fingertips as she softly whimpered contentment behind her pacifier. Oh, he was good at this. He was very good at it and she was hoping it would be something more than just beginner’s luck. Easing her lower half down, her bottom came to rest inside the nestling softness of the diaper. Lying both of her legs flat, he picked up the container of powder again as she parted her thighs. Oh, ultimate vulnerability, absent of modesty and cautiousness.

Eddie took the powder to her front, from hip-to-hip. And then he took powder down between her legs. Both of his hands began to caress the powder out evenly and when his fingers trailed down between her legs, she closed her eyes, whimpering contentment again but this time – not doing so in a softened manner. Eddie studied her face as she relaxed, his finger tips on the smoothness between her legs feeling like the most wonderful bit of gentleness she had ever experienced. And now, that moment in time, that very instant in life, became the deepest truth to her. He would keep passing his fingers up-n-down between her legs, not touching her labia or her hood with any intent of producing arousal. Instead, the sensations that his hands and the powder were causing across that smoothened patch of her skin were sending messages to her mind to begin to regress. It was the essence of touch, the quintessence of gentleness and the kind of pleasure that heightened sexuality was too intense to allow her to feel or enjoy.

He folded the front of the diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips and then walking into his bathroom to wash his hands. Nina reached down and touched the front of her diaper, her knees bending once more as she reveled in the feeling of being wrapped in a diaper as well as reveling in the knowledge that there was no deeper truth left to reveal. Oh, what freedom.

Eddie returned from the bathroom in short order. Nina lied there still on his bed, her eyes detailing further the regression she was experiencing. He leaned over her and reached behind her, placing his left hand under her diapered bottom and his right forearm up the center of her back as he sat her up and then lifted her up into his arms. Nina wrapped her legs around his waist, hooking her ankles behind him at his lower back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, placing the side of her face on his shoulder and resting her torso again his chest. Nothing in this world or the next could have ruined that present feeling for her. Oh, how brave she had to be to get to the current moment, but the risk was far outweighed by the reward. And it couldn’t have been made more memorable for her, even if he had tried. Or so she thought …

Eddie picked up the baby bottle and walked towards the back door of his cabin to the tiny back porch and he carried her outside, Nina wearing nothing but her nightie, her diaper and her white ribbons. Oh, my. She may well have panicked, if she hadn’t been lulled into comfort already. But her mind raced with all the possibilities of what could happen at any moment. What if somebody saw her? True, the back porch faced the woods, but every cabin had a small back porch. So, cabin #4, just 20 feet away, could’ve easily had someone sitting on their small back porch. Eddie didn’t seem panicky about it, though. So Nina took another emotional step forward, choosing to trust him once more.

He sat down on the wooden chair on his back porch and placed her across his lap, helping her to find physical comfort in the cradle of his arms and of his care.

“When I first saw you in that travel center, I knew you were sweet,” Eddie said, slipping his pinkie finger into the handle of her pacifier before removing the nipple from between her lips. “But I had no idea how sweet you actually were.”

He touched the rubber nipple of the baby bottle to her lower lip, Nina opening her mouth and taking the nipple in. She leaned her head back, her neck coming to rest in the inside nook of his left elbow. He gazed down at her as she began to take the first of many tiny swallows of the milk. Her tiny hands reached up and took hold of either side of the bottle as she nestled herself up against the warmth of his chest.

Eddie held her there, his right arm rubbing her back and occasionally reaching down to pat her diapered bottom. She closed her eyes, allowing the regression to take her over fully. Oh, yes. She was a very happy little girl. And with the summer moonlight beaming down on her, she soon fell asleep with the most comforting knowledge of all:

Eddie wasn’t just a gentleman and a gentle man. He was also a natural Daddy. And to that, there was no deeper truth.

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