The Start of Something Good

Taken from the ABDL Ménage à Trois Romance:


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here is a little story about setting made plans into motion.  Oh, the motions.


The Start of Something Good

Tuesday evening

Kylie and Erica lived in an old brick building that had been converted from a warehouse into an apartment complex that was called The Stockyard.  Every floor had nine apartments, each containing the floor number and one letter of the word Stockyard.  Their apartment was the first one to the left of the elevator on the third floor.  And on their door, it read “3s” – aptly named for their new collective state of mind and only missing three other letters to make it a complete thought.

Greg rode up the converted freight elevator to the third floor and walked over to their apartment door, knocking and then stepping back.

“Sweet pea, he’s here!” Erica’s voice could be heard saying from inside the apartment.  “Hurry up!  Get out here!”

“How do I look?” Kylie asked with an excited tone, scampering out from the hallway.

Kylie was wearing a white baby-t and the tell-tale bulk of a diaper underneath a pair of soft pink bib shortalls.

“You look adorable, sweetie,” Erica said with a maternal grin.

Then Erica opened the door, seeing Greg standing there in a pair of jeans and a white button-down dress shirt.

“And you look so good I could eat you up,” Erica said to him.  “But I wouldn’t want to spoil our dinner.  Come in.”

“Thank you, hot stuff,” Greg said with that deep timbre in his voice that rippled right through Erica’s body every time he spoke.

He took one step forward and received a charging hug from Kylie, Erica laughing softly at the exuberance of her little girl.  Greg hugged her back as he stepped into the apartment.

“And your Mommy is right, Princess,” Greg whispered to Kylie.  “You are absolutely adorable.”

Oh, if he only knew how his words had just melted that BabyGirl like butter in a frying pan, he might have then understood why she kept clung to his side as Erica led him around the apartment for a quick tour.

The game of wiles was already on, Erica taking graceful steps and swishing her flowy dress as she led Greg back the lone hallway – showing him the bedrooms and the guest room and all.  She was in no particular hurry to move things along, though dinner was a timely manner.  That night was about setting the gears of a plan in motion.  Erica and Kylie were in search of a third, that garnishment to add to their already-fulfilled lives.  And they were certain that this rugged hunk of a Daddy named Greg would adorn them quite well.

The kitchen was connected to the living room, making the entrance way to their apartment seem larger still.  And the girls were quite the homemakers, everything having a place and everything having a matching décor to it that gave the apartment a country-like feel.

They had specifically chosen that apartment because of how the evening light cascaded into the living room, giving a warm glow to the end of each day.  And on that particular evening, the glow was brilliant.

Dinner is served,” Erica said with a song-like quality, Kylie leading Greg back out to the kitchen and showing him his seat at the end of the table. “Kylie why don’t you get Greg a drink?”

Kylie waddled into the living room and got the bottle of wine Erica picked up after work that day, taking it over and handing it to Greg.

“I do believe this was the exact same brand they had at that bar and grille on the night we met,” Greg said, Kylie having retrieved three wine glasses and returning to the kitchen table with them.

“Uh-uh,” Erica said while shaking her head, getting the container of fruit juice from the fridge and exchanging it for one of the wine glasses.

Kylie blushed and lowered her chin as she took a seat, knowing what was coming next.  And though she played up the game as well, it was those subtle moments of embarrassment that always put her mind in a submissive state.  And oh, did she love how that made her feel.

Not only did she get Kylie’s sippy cup from the cupboard, handing it to Greg to fill with the fruit juice – but she also got out one of Kylie’s bibs, attaching it around the BabyGirl’s neck.  Greg smiled as he filled the cup with fruit juice, then screwing the cap on and setting it in front of Kylie.  Erica set hot pads on the kitchen table and went to the stove.

“And what do you say, Sweet pea?” Erica said with a maternal tone while raising an eyebrow.

“Thank you,” Kylie said softly, then smiling sweetly before covering her face with her hands.

Erica reached into the stove and took out a pan that permeated the air with a most wonderful scent.  Setting the pan in the middle of the kitchen table, she took a seat as well – Greg smiling again as he saw what was for dinner.

“Seafood,” Greg said, smiling brighter still.  “You remembered my favorite food.”

Greg reached to either side of the table, taking hold of one of Kylie’s hands and one of Erica’s hands.

“Thank you both,” Greg said with sincerity.

“Ah-ah!” Erica interrupted.  “Remember what we said about pleasantries. They’re not necessary, when sentiments are already clear.”

“But they are necessary when kindness is shown … though it didn’t have to be,” Greg said, then kissing each of their hands.  “I needed to get that out of the way.”

The seafood was salmon, topped with thin lemon slices, garlic, onions and butter.  Around the salmon was an assortment of vegetables.  And it looked as mouth-watering as could be.  But Kylie spent no time looking – first filling Greg’s plate, then Erica’s plate, then her own.

“Oh, my.  This reminds me of seafood nights my parents would hold in our garage when I was a kid,” Greg said, sinking his fork into a piece of the flaky salmon and putting it into his mouth.

“In your garage?” Kylie asked with laughter.

“A seafood night could get pretty messy.  So, we dragged picnic tables into the garage and lined the tops of them with newspapers,” Greg explained, sinking his fork into another piece of salmon.  “Then my Aunt and Uncle would arrive with two bushels of crabs, heavily coated with old bay seasoning.  The next-door neighbors would walk over with a pot boil spread of cooked vegetables, all coated with seafood seasoning.  I was allowed to invite a friend to these gatherings.”

“And I bet you picked the kid down the road you always road dirt bikes with, right?” Erica asked with a grin, then sipping from her wine.

“No.  He was a part of the family who lived next door,” Greg replied.  “But I once invited this super-shy, sweet girl from my class at school.  Her name was Katie.  Her family was incredibly poor.”

“Aww, your first BabyGirl crush?” Erica teased.

“Well …,” Greg said, then pausing to smile as he looked out the window by the kitchen table – getting lost in reflection.  “Yes and no.  I did sort of take care of her, so to speak.  You see, she was mercilessly picked on by my classmates.  I was really her only friend.”

Kylie and Erica looked at each other, confirming the same thought of approaching this conversation with caution as it seemed they had accidentally stumbled onto a topic that might have been traumatic for him … if not also painful in memory.

“Why was she picked on?” Erica asked cautiously.

“Because she was incontinent and had to wear a diaper,” Greg answered, Erica and Kylie being dumbfounded by hearing this.  “And they picked on her because of this … heartlessly.”

“That was really cruel of them,” Kylie said with a soft voice.

“Yeah, it was,” Greg answered bluntly.  “And I protected her from them.  I actually got into a fist fight with one kid because he was teasing her.  She had never spoken a mean word to anyone, never gave anyone a reason to not like her.  Yet, still … they picked on her every day.”

“I don’t even know what to say right now,” Kylie admitted.

“She undoubtedly was grateful for you,” Erica said, jumping in and putting positivity back into the discussion.  “Have you stayed in touch with her since …when was this … since middle school?”

“It was actually elementary school, third grade,” Greg replied, then sipping from his wine.  “But, no.  I have no idea where she is nowadays.  In fact, her family moved away at the end of that summer.”

Kylie and Erica looked at each other again, both fighting back tears.

“Have you looked for her?” Kylie managed to say.

“Oh my goodness, yes.  But I’ve never found her,” Greg admitted, then setting his wine glass down and smiling – suddenly realizing how downtrodden the moment had become.  “So, I suppose she truly was my first BabyGirl crush.  But, no.  I never changed her diaper.  The school nurse always did that.”

The girls laughed with him, happy he had lightened the mood.

“Follow that story up,” he said with another laugh.

“It’s not possible to follow that up,” Erica said with honesty.  “But I’m truly touched by having heard it.  Saddened, but still touched.”

Kylie and Erica would finish their plates of food, both agreeing that they ate too much and felt over-stuffed.  But Kylie kept drinking from her sippy cup, keeping a devilish grin on her face as she was setting up what the rest of his visit would entail.  And Greg had three plates, giving the girls ample time to prod inside their new third’s mind, reaching places that wouldn’t be accessed through casual talks and ensuring that he would become so much more than just a dinner partner.

“Do you travel much?” Erica asked, she and Kylie having moved their chairs closer to the end of the table and thusly, closer to him.

Greg was no fool and he picked up on the signals they were sending out.  They had already flirted quite a lot, but just through words.

It was soon time for something more than words … very soon.

“On occasions, yes,” Greg replied, sliding his plate forward and putting his elbows on the table as he leaned in towards them.  “I’ve always wanted to visit a place called Mauch Chunk.”

“Really?” Erica asked sweetly, Kylie beginning to shift in her seat – her diaper crinkling with her movements.  “What’s Mauch Chunk?”

“It’s this Victorian-style town, upstate a bit about two or three hours, that’s built on the side of a mountain – just off of Route 209,” he answered, then finishing his glass of wine.

“What’s so special about it?” Kylie asked, batting her eyelashes but then slightly scrunching up her lips and shifting in her seat again.

“Breath-taking views of the area, museums, a railway system, tons of history and tons of tours, not to forget to mention restaurants and all the privacy your little heart could desire,” Greg said to Kylie, the girl shifting in her seat again – this time with more discomfort than before.  “Desire is a most wonderful thing to find, from a simple little trip.”

“Sweet pea, do you need to be changed?” Erica asked, her maternal tone overtaking her voice as Kylie lowered her chin slightly – blushing a little.  “Come on.  Let’s go.”

Erica stood up and reached in front of Greg, making him slide his chair back but not before she brushed her breasts across his face while reaching for Kylie.  The BabyGirl took Erica’s hand and began to pass in front of Greg, only to be stopped by Erica who then took his right hand and used it to cup the underside of the BabyGirl’s diaper – over the front of her pink shortalls.  Kylie kept her inner thighs tight against the sides of his hand.

“This is what her diaper will feel like when she needs to be changed,” Erica whispered into Greg’s ear while pressing his hand up into her diaper.  “When she wets herself, it’s a flood.  And it’s important to keep up with how wet she is, so she doesn’t overflood.”

Erica led Kylie towards the living room, Kylie grabbing Greg’s hand – making him stand up and follow them.  The BabyGirl’s face was brightly blushing and it looked like she was becoming a bit dizzy, her steps being labored and uneven as she was having trouble with balance.

Getting into the living room, Erica slid the coffee table away from the couch, Kylie standing there and waiting patiently as her Mommy offered the couch to Greg for a front-row seat.

“She gets very quiet at this point,” Erica explained, kneeling and reaching under the couch to pull out a blue mat.

On that mat was a new diaper, wipes and powder – strategically placed there by the girls earlier that day.  But Greg didn’t know that.  He also didn’t know how deeply Kylie craved the specific kind of attention that came from such overwhelming humiliation as what she currently felt.  It was a drug to her, something for which she would do almost anything in order to receive more.  And no matter how fast her heart pounded or how dizzy and woozy she felt, she was always primed for the chance to be made just a bit more docile by the most powerful addiction she had ever known.

“Come on, Sweet pea.  Lay down,” Erica said with softness in her voice, Kylie getting down onto her hands and knees – then crawling over to the blue mat and getting onto her back.

Erica unfastened the shoulder straps from the front of Kylie’s bib shortalls, then reaching into her cleavage and taking out a pacifier.  Kylie opened her mouth and took the silicone nipple of the pacifier in between her lips, immediately starting to nurse on it.  Erica slid the shortalls off the BabyGirl’s legs.  Kylie stared up at the ceiling and nursed on her pacifier steadily as she bent her knees and parted them while lifting her legs into the diaper changing position.  This position always forced her to place her arms flat on either side to keep her body balanced on the mat.

“Good girl,” Erica said with syrupy sweetness in her voice, Kylie turning to mush on the inside but finding the ability to turn her head to the side and make eye-contact with Greg as the tapes at her hips were unfastened and the front of her diaper was lowered off her center.

Greg marveled over how Kylie’s face was able to find deeper and deeper shades to blush into.  But the girl’s eyes showed how very much she was enjoying the situation she was in the middle of as well as the vulnerable exposure she was now being subjected to.

“You’re being such a good girl for Mommy,” Erica said with continued syrupy sweetness, now mixed with a song-like quality in her voice.  “And I know Greg is very proud of you, too.”

Greg was not only proud of her but mesmerized by how both Kylie and Erica were somehow bonded in this moment, as if they could read each other’s minds and had likely done so in this very situation so many times before.  He watched as Erica took a wipe to Kylie’s front and then to Kylie’s back side, the BabyGirl rocking back ever-so-slightly and lifting her tail bone at the precise moment to allow the cleaning to be one continuous motion.

“Kylie is female.  Always clean front to back with a female,” Erica said to Greg with maternal tone.  “This is important to remember.”

Greg smiled and nodded, making a mental note of it.

But when Kylie was clean, Erica got up and sauntered around behind the couch as Kylie got up on her knees in front of Greg.  It appeared she wasn’t going to be put into a new diaper.

Erica leaned over his left shoulder and smashed her breast into the back of his head as she guided his arms behind his back.  As this was happening, Kylie reached up to his waist and unfastened his belt – then unbuttoning his jeans and lowering the fly.

Greg opened his mouth to speak as Kylie reached inside his boxer briefs.  But Erica covered his mouth and whispered in his left ear.

“Don’t make me tie you down, Daddy,” Erica said with a seductive tone, heavy-laden with lust – Kylie pulling out his stiffening erection and gripping it with her left hand as she gazed up at him longingly.  “We have to get this out of the way, too.”

Greg raised an eyebrow.  She had used his own words against him, but he wasn’t complaining at all.  Kylie’s strokes were even and deliberate, her squeeze having an occasional pulse placed into his girth.

“Be a good girl, Sweet pea.  Get him ready,” Erica said with a breathiness to her words as she reached forward and took the pacifier out of Kylie’s mouth, Kylie lowering her head as she pulled his shaft towards him and placed the tip of her tongue at his base.

Flattening her tongue on his already-bulging underside vein, she placed a deliberately slow lick upward to his tip and then wrapped her lips around his head.  Tightening her lips, she pulled his entire head into her mouth – increasing the suction as she began to draw saliva into her mouth.  It was alarming to him how exacting she was with this and how absolutely taut she was able to keep her lips around his girth.

She incrementally drew more and more of his length into her mouth, the warm and wet confines of her mouth being even more invigorating as she swirled saliva around his shaft.  More and more of his length was drawn into her mouth until her lips were tightly wrapped around his base.  And there she held him, with his tip now past her gag reflex and into the back of her throat.

Then she made a small growling noise, the vibrations of the sound traveling into his shaft – making him lean his head back and breathe deeply.  And finally, Kylie starting bobbing her head up-n-down, slowly to start and then with more fervency – her pigtails flopping about from the motions as she concentrated on effecting his entire length.  Her right hand maintained a tight grip around him stiffness when it was outside of her mouth, then releasing him when he re-entered.

Several minutes of this took place, Erica’s arousal increasing as she watched from behind him.  And when he shuddered, Kylie let out a tiny little feminine whimper – signaling to Erica that Greg’s pre-cum saturation had happened.  Smiling devilishly, Erica reached into the left cup of her bra and took out a condom.

“You’re being such a good girl,” Erica repeated with that same syrupy sweetness as she held the condom in front of Greg and removed it from the wrapper.  “And I know Greg is very proud of you, too.”

Proud wasn’t really the word he would have used just then to describe how he felt.  But it was fine she used it.  Erica pushed the tip of the condom out of the rolled-up length. And as if Kylie knew the exact moment to react, she lifted her head up, taking his length out of her mouth – then lifting her chin up to Erica.

Erica placed the rolled-up condom on Kylie’s lips.  The BabyGirl drew in gently on the condom and held it there as she lowered her head back down.  Erica walked around to the front of the couch, watching Kylie place her lips around the tip of Greg’s rock-hard stiffness.  And then Kylie plunged her mouth down onto his shaft, the condom unrolling down his length.  He audibly reacted with a gasp as Kylie got up onto the couch afterwards and sat alongside him. 

Erica smiled as she bent her right knee and lifted her right foot up under her dress.  Pinching the back side of her panties between two of her toes, she drew the panties down her legs and kicked them across the room – Greg’s eyes growing wide at what she had just done.  It was as impressive as when a girl took her bra off without removing her shirt.

“You are …. very flexible,” Greg said with breathiness as Erica climbed on top of him and straddled his lap.

“You have no idea … yet,” Erica said with lustfulness in her eyes as she lifted the front of her dress up and positioned herself above him.

Kylie got up on her knees and the girls shared an open-mouthed kiss as Erica grabbed the back of Greg’s head and pulled him forward, smashing his face into her breasts.  Ending the kiss, she released his face as she sat down ever-so-slowly and ever-so-gently until his head had passed through the opening of her canal.

Closing her eyes, she nibbled on her lower lip as she tried to lower a bit more.  But there was resistance she had to overcome.

“It’s been a while,” Erica said with a fussy voice.  “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Greg said with a steadied tone as he could feel the tremble of her body and the tightness she was keeping.  “It’s okay.”

Not wanting to see her Mommy denied any pleasure, Kylie reached up and lowered the left strap of Erica’s dress off her shoulder.  Then the BabyGirl leaned in and wrapped her lips around the areola of Erica’s left breast.  Placing the hand on the back of Kylie’s head, Erica held her BabyGirl’s head in position as Kylie drew the areola into her mouth – finding the latch and beginning to nurse.

“Oh, Sweet pea,” Erica said with teariness in her eyes and tone.

Taking hold of either side of Erica’s waist, Kylie gently pushed her Mommy downward.  Greg’s shaft slid up inside Erica, causing her to gasp as her opening reached his base with a soft thump.  Swooning from the feeling of being fully penetrated, something she hadn’t felt in quite a few years, Erica welled with tears.

Lifting her eyes to the ceiling, she placed her right hand on Greg’s left shoulder, still holding Kylie against her breast with her left hand.  Widening her straddle a bit more, Erica lowered her frame as far down as her thigh muscles would allow and then she began to glide back-n-forth.  Concentrating on grazing the ridges on the front wall of her sweetness across the tip of his erection, she worked up a bit of speed.

Kylie released her latch of Erica’s breast and sat back, tears welling in her eyes as well, watching her Mommy place both hands on Greg’s shoulders for the leverage she needed to increase her gliding speed.

For a short while, she kept a steady rhythm.  But then her glides became erratic, as if she was trying to push past something.  And before long, she was thrusting herself into his stomach while sinking her thumbnails into the skin of his collar bones.  Pausing to shudder, she slickened with new wetness before taking longer and slower glides.

She would grab his face and kiss him forcefully, gazing down at him and submitting to the controlled gaze he sent back up to her.  It was intoxicating to be on top and to know that, at those moments when she lost her composure, he wouldn’t do anything to disrupt her frenzied journey to the summit.

At points, her core muscles tightened, thusly contracting her canal around him before releasing.  It was only a matter of time before she erupted and Greg was contented to allow her all the time she needed.

Her emotions would overload her and she would start crying and then suddenly she would find control of herself again.  All the while, Greg’s steady gaze up at her remained as the constant she needed, the foundation from which she could repeatedly build upon.  And without speaking the sentiments, a bond was forming between them.

Then all at once, Greg seized up – his orgasm arriving and his seeds shooting out.  Feeling the heat from the condom, Erica skyrocketed to the summit – lifting her eyes to the ceiling and moaning out her pleasure as her canal tightened and release, tightened and released, tightened and released.  And then she collapsed on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and slowing her glides done to a motionless conclusion.

Sensations, thoughts, affection and chemicals swirled throughout her entire frame – making her weary for the moment but leading to eventual gratification … for the long haul.

Carefully, Greg eased her down onto her back and slowly withdrew himself from inside her, holding the condom as to not allow any misfortunes to take place at the blissful completion.  He got up and walked back to the bathroom to clean himself up.  In the time he was gone, Kylie eased Erica onto her back and then climbed on top of her – gently teasing her Mommy into the mellowing enjoyment of afterglow … that blessed afterwards only a female could know the pleasures of.

Greg returned to the living room and to the couch, then having both girls sit on his lap – each settling onto one of his thighs and leaning backwards.  His hands held them at their waists initially but moved down between their legs before long.

Kylie and Erica looked at each other and then kissed as his fingers produced some wonderful sensations within them.  Kylie, who did not like penetration, reveled in the surface touch and massage she received.  Erica, having rediscovered the pleasures of being filled on the inside, enjoyed one more bit of entrance as his fingertips paid a visit to her already-affected ridges.

Not only could Erica only vaguely recall the last time she had been penetrated by a man, but she couldn’t remember at all the last time she orgasmed because of penetration.

Oh, yes. Greg was definitely who they were looking for to make a threesome that would be as near to perfect as possible.

This was definitely the start of something good.

Later that night

It was now 11:45 pm.  And though Erica and Kylie would pay dearly for it the following morning, neither was even remotely tired.  They both truly got what they wanted, in more ways than one.  They just simply had to know what it would be like with Greg if and when things turned sexual.  And for as superficial as it may have been, it would have been the deal-breaker if Greg hadn’t taken to it and if he suddenly hadn’t fit the bill so perfectly as he had up to that point.

If he was accepting of it, he would be their garnishment.  The only step left was to ask him outright.  And as both girls had already made clear and agreed to, he would be equal as their third.  But that didn’t mean they weren’t going to call him their garnishment.

Greg had headed for home about an hour ago, kissing them both in a manner and with a passion that was more pronounced than before.  This made logical sense, given the physical connection they had just made with him.  Erica and Kylie were feeling the abundance of passion too.

Though not sleepy at all, the girls at least got ready for bed – Erica finishing up in the bathroom and Kylie laying on her back on their bed in a little white nightie.  She was intensely searching the internet on her phone, reading up on things that often got in the way of threesomes, impasses and road blocks that often ended such relationships.  It was time to make their connection with him bullet-proof.

“Do you know what the number one cause of disharmony in three-ways is?” Kylie asked, reaching for Barry the bear and tucking him under her arm as she kept looking at the results she found on her phone.

Erica laughed, walking out of the bathroom in a towel.

“Did you just call it a three-way?” Erica asked, taking a second towel and then bending over to wrap it around her wet hair.

“Yeah.  What would you call it?” Kylie asked, turning her head and looking at Erica.  “That’s what it is.”

“Well, yeah … but,” Erica said, looking back over at Kylie and waiting for the response she knew Kylie would give.

“Oh, yeah!” Kylie said, sitting up and watching Erica de-robe her body from the first towel and toss it back into the bathroom.  “We should give it our own special name!”

“I thought you’d say that,” Erica said with another laugh, walking over to and opening the top drawer of her dresser.  “Let’s sleep on it.  But go on. What’s the number one cause of three-way disharmony?”

“Lack of communication,” Kylie said, laying back down and returning to her phone.

“I guess that would be a problem in any kind of relationship,” Erica said, putting on a pair of white cotton panties and grabbing a camisole before opening the second drawer of the dresser.  “That would seem to be a common problem.”

“Well, within a three-way … wait a minute!  Let’s just go simple and call it a threesome,” Kylie said as Erica reached into the second drawer of the dresser for a few items.

“Okay,” Erica said with no shock.  “Threesome it is.”

She knew it was a simple curiosity of the mind that Kylie just needed to find an answer to … and she had.

“Okay, so in a threesome relationship, the problem isn’t just that there is a lack of communication so much as the specific information that is not being communicated,” Kylie said – focusing back on her phone and not seeing the diaper and other accessories Erica had gathered.  “Namely, these articles speak a lot about jealousy.”

“That makes sense,” Erica said, setting the items in her hands alongside Kylie on the bed and then gently tapping her BabyGirl’s hips – Kylie bending her knees and bringing her thighs together as she lifted her legs.  “In our case, it could happen a lot.  There are two girls in our situation and only one guy.  Jealousy is bound to happen.”

Erica picked up the diaper and unfolded it, then scrunching it up in her hands to mold it into a more human shape before laying it flat to the mattress.  Kylie instinctively followed her movements while still reading from her phone.  But it was when Erica caressed a palmful of baby powder across Kylie’s bottom that the BabyGirl redirected all of her attention to what her inamorata was doing.  She barely held onto her phone as it dropped to her chest.

Gazing up at Erica for a split second, Kylie then closed her eyes, the cool, silkiness of the powder feeling Heavenly on her skin – especially at a moment like this … when she was still so fresh from the shower.

“But you and I communicate very well.  We always have and it is the most important rule in our relationship,” Erica said ever-so-sweetly, easing the girl’s powdered bottom down into the inner softness and nestle of the diaper.  “And Greg’s entrance into our lives will not change that.  When one of us feels jealousy, we simply admit it to the other.  And if we can’t do that, then Greg goes – because we’d suddenly be compromising what we already had … in order to keep him.”

Kylie nodded shyly, feeling a swell of emotions from the sensations she received from Erica’s hands.  Instinctively, she parted her thighs.

“But another way to prevent jealousy is to head it off before it happens, eliminating the circumstances that welcome it into our thoughts in the first place,” Erica said softly, taking another small palmful of powder across her BabyGirl’s front.  “Like … going through an entire evening and watching the other two orgasm without having enjoyed that pleasure yourself.  And I thank you for that sacrifice.”

Kylie’s eyes widened.  Oh my, did she love Erica with every bit of her heart.  To not only recognize the surrender Kylie had made earlier but to also hear Erica say it now meant the world to Kylie.

“But it’s a sacrifice that will never go unnoticed,” Erica said, reaching for something else on the bed.  “And it’s one that will always be rewarded.  Rewards are the greatest defense against jealousy.”

Erica placed a small amount of petroleum jelly on her BabyGirl’s hood and then folded the front of the diaper up into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips before climbing up onto the bed and leaning back against the pillows at the head board.

Pulling the submissive Kylie up onto her lap, Erica cradled her.

“And I don’t need a website to tell me how to keep you happy,” Erica said, taking Kylie’s phone and tossing it down to the foot of the bed – then lifting up on the left side of her camisole and directing her Babygirl’s lips onto her left nipple.  “Since you didn’t orgasm earlier when Greg and I did, you will babygasm now – before bedtime.”

Erica placed the fingertips of her right hand on the front of Kylie’s diaper, beginning to slowly massage her over her hood.  Keeping eye contact with her, Kylie tightened her lips around Erica’s nipple and drew her Mommy’s areola into her mouth, using her tongue to reach the perfect latch before beginning to nurse from her.  Erica was still dry but knew that lactation would eventually happen.

The massage was gentle to start, a slow beginning as Erica always did.  But she pressed in on the front of the diaper with a bit of force, making it clear to Kylie that the gentle rolling start wouldn’t last forever.  And it only took a few minutes before Kylie started to ever-so-slightly rock her diapered hips.  She wasn’t yet grinding her diapered mound into Erica’s palm, but the impulse to do so was already there.

Kylie would not, however, cheat the experience.  It was one of the greatest comforts in being submissive.  She never had to worry about setting the pace or keeping it up or making the decisions to heighten it.

But instinct always got its way, sooner or later.  And as the first tingles formed in her core, Kylie reached up and wrapped both her hands around Erica’s left breast, gently pulling downward and pressing in slightly to express her Mommy’s milk ducts.  Kylie was also patiently waiting for the day that Erica’s milk finally let down.

Placing her left hand behind Kylie’s head, Erica slid her fingers through the girl’s still slightly-dampened locks – feeling the tug at her breast and closing her eyes as that feeling went deeper into her.  There was a swell of chemicals inside her and she felt a surge all throughout her body, culminating its intensity at her core.

Kylie had now given in, rocking her hips more fully and grinding her diapered mound into Erica’s palm.  She tightened her lips even more and nursed from her Mommy with an even greater intensity.

“Oh, Sweet pea,” Erica whispered, feeling her own sweetness beginning to flood again.

Beginning to draw her fingernails down Kylie’s scalp, Erica held her BabyGirl more tightly against her.  The mellow draws of passion were rapidly giving way to the more ravenous ones.  And before Erica started following the charms of her own pleasures again, she laid flat on her back and redirected Kylie from her fetal position, making her straddle her legs around Erica’s thigh and begin to glide up-n-down.

Kylie whimpered with a high-pitch, just as she always did when she neared the zenith of her babygasm.  And while she tried to continue nursing from Erica, her lips soon opened as she gasped for air to moan at the moment she skyrocketed to the summit.

But Erica was ready, slipping a pacifier in her BabyGirl’s mouth right before she seized up and then collapsed into a series of gentle yet intense twitches.  Erica held her there and eventually put Barry the teddy bear in Kylie’s arms as the BabyGirl’s afterglow gently subsided.

Kylie fell asleep shortly thereafter.  Erica fell asleep too … both with the same final thought about Greg and about life at that moment.

Oh, yes.  All of this was definitely the start of something very good.

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