Apple of the Eye

A few years ago, I was on the phone one night with an ABDL friend I met at a convention.  Every year, I got to see him and his wife for one weekend at that convention. Then we would share phone calls until the next year’s convention. On this one particular night, I was talking with him as he ran out to the store to get a pack of cigarettes.  When he returned home, he said:

“Oh my goodness, Nate.  Oh my goodness!  I’ll have to call you right back.”

A few minutes later, I was texted a pic of his wife – followed by a return phone call from him. The pic showed her in a babydoll dress with diaper, paci and with a bow in her hair.  Her chin was lowered and her shoulders slightly shrunken up.

She had baby-dolled herself up when he went to the store and that was how she greeted him when he got home.  Needless to say, that phone call was quick as they certainly had a sudden change in what the rest of their night entailed.

But I’ve never forgotten it.  It was an example of a fantasy that is more reality than anything.  Far greater than the traditional Hi, Honey! I’m home!, the thought of walking into one’s house to find your loved one ready to receive you in her baby attire and with the mindset of littleness about her is just as intoxicating as stripping her of her adult identity and regressing her yourself.

This particular photo set, the source of which I no longer remember, speaks of that fantasy-gone-practical-reality. From my own perspective, it awakens every sense within a Daddy’s soul.  And like many others, when I look at these pictures, every one of them speaks a story to me.

This sets presents her in the light of what she is: a BabyGirl, the center of his universe and all he can see. And how precious she is … the apple of his eye.


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