How’s It Gonna Be?

Taken from the ABDL Ménage à Trois Romance:


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here is a little story about making plans and opening up.


How’s It Gonna Be

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, at that perfect moment when the sun had risen just high enough to begin to warm the Earth again without yet cutting through the crispness left over from the night.

Kylie, a girl of 25 years, stood at the kitchen sink in her apartment – looking out the window at two birds who were flying around in a very playful way.  She smiled at how sweet the sight was of two love birds who were in perfect harmony with their mid-air dance.  Looking down at the single-cup coffee maker, she saw the first cup having just finished its fill.  Reaching up into the cupboard, she took down the dark red coffee cup with the word Erica written on the side of it.

Placing that cup under the coffee maker, she walked over to the fridge and got out the vitamin D milk as the second cup of coffee filled.

Erica was her life – her inamorata, her best friend, her everything.  She had experienced the supposed BFF thing with others before.  But her relationship with Erica had proven to be what was beyond the BFF.  And every day, the life they shared just kept getting better.  Kylie made it a point to pause each morning and remember how happy she truly was – before their day even got going, before the hustle and bustle of jobs and responsibilities took priority.

The second cup of coffee finished its fill and Kylie poured a heavy amount of the milk into Erica’s cup while just pouring a little into her own.  Then she scooped up Barry, her teddy bear, from his seat on the kitchen counter, picking up both cups of coffee and heading back to the bedroom where Erica was waiting.

Taking slow steps, so as to not spill the coffee, Kylie could still feel the tingle within her – the mild reminders of a most-gratifying bit of morning sex she and Erica had shared just a short while ago.  And aside from the obvious physical pleasures, there was something even more gratifying about a lover who knew what her partner enjoyed the most.

Kylie was as submissive as could be.  She was also as fragile as could be, sometimes emotionally as well as physically.  This was one of many glorious reasons why Erica was not just the perfect lover for her, but also the perfect Mommy.

Walking into their bedroom, Kylie suddenly felt how completely naked she was, seeing her new diaper already laying on the bed and waiting for her – but not before their morning coffee.  Dropping Barry the teddy bear on the bed, Kylie walked out onto the small balcony that was attached to their bedroom, setting the coffee cups on the small table and taking a seat on Erica’s lap.  Kylie was indeed as naked as the day she was born, but she wasn’t the least bit fearful of being seen … not when Erica was there to take care of her.

And besides, their bedroom balcony faced a brick wall of the next-door building.  It wasn’t a picturesque view at all, save for the skyline.  But it had privacy and enabled them to enjoy the weather outside.

Erica was dressed in a silk robe with nothing else on underneath it.  They both were still feeling the blissful afterglow of morning sex.  And neither were in a hurry to get dressed.  This was going to be a casual day that would move at the pace they set, a Mommy-n-BabyGirl Day … and nothing more.  Oh yes, Kylie was her little girl.

Now at the age of 30, Erica had been married up until a few years ago.  When her marriage ended, she embraced her findings of self-exploration – seeking a partner who could give back as much as they received.  Kylie turned out to be that partner.  And Erica adopted a new way of looking at love.

Kylie had always been bi-sexual.  But she was still a virgin.  When she met Erica, she saw someone who not only had the experiences Kylie only dreamed about but also someone who clearly remembered the insecurities that accompanied inexperience.

Being swept away by the immediate caregiver response from Erica, it didn’t take Kylie long to open up completely and introduce Erica to the meanings of age play and ABDL.

Erica took a long drag from her cigarette.  She only smoked after sex, but not every time – just occasionally when the encounter had been very pleasurable.  So, in a sense, when Kylie saw Erica lighting a cigarette, it was an indication that she had done something right – Erica once again being the caregiver and more so, the destroyer of her little girl’s insecurities.  And to do this, Erica didn’t have to say a word.

Now that was a powerful connection … as was morning sex.  Waking with energy and lust … and then putting it to good use, right away.  Erica was the natural aggressor.  And she would rip Kylie’s diaper off with an aggression that launched both of them from subtle foreplay into ravenous actions that skyrocketed their collective arousal.

Their entire morning, and perhaps the rest of the day, would be spent talking of emotions and of how wonderful they felt.  The physical pleasures had been felt, save for the added touches to come as they both were creatures of touch.  But now, it was time for the mental pleasures to be had.  And they were very good at communicating with one another.  This was a primary reason why they were such a good pairing.  If one of them felt that something needed to be said, then they spoke up – with no fear of judgment from the other.  It was a very simple rule they followed – one that made all the difference in the world for them.

And even when it came time to make a decision about a purchase or about travel plans or about budgeting or about drama that had somehow affected them, they always spoke to each other.  They never acted alone, always making sure they were both on the same page.  And they never did anything on impulse.  It was safe and overly-cautious, yes.  But it was also incredibly smart.  Because of this approach, their conversations always yielded the right results.

That’s why this particular coffee talk was so important.  Erica had been thinking about something for a day or two and was now ready to share it with Kylie, having taken enough time to understand it herself. 

Their explorations were never-ending.  There was so much more in life they could experience without sacrificing what they already had.  And since they met because Erica had gone down a route of self-exploration, it only seemed right to continue that journey together.

“Sweet pea, where do you believe you would be right now, if we had never met each other?” Erica asked, taking another drag from her cigarette and blowing the smoke straight up in the air.

“Some place less perfect than here,” Kylie said softly, Erica now cradling her across her lap as Kylie leaned the side of her face up against her Mommy’s left sternum.  “I would probably still be sitting at that coffee shop, hoping that my future would walk through the door.”

“I’ve enjoyed you, BabyGirl,” Erica said sweetly, gazing down at her.  “And I’ve never known a love as reciprocating as what we have.”

Kylie remained silent, listening intently and turning to mush on the inside.  Erica had a way with words and Kylie had a way of hearing the message that wasn’t being stated.  Smiling brightly, Kylie knew where this was headed.

“Do you know I never used to drink coffee before I met you?” Erica asked with a chuckle.  “I just decided to try something new on that day and right at the moment I was making that decision, I saw that coffee shop.  I am so glad I followed the instinct to pull in.”

“We’re ready for the next phase, Mommy,” Kylie said with a knowing cheeky grin, wanting to reassure Erica that new explorations were okay.  “But the question is: what does the next phase include?”

Erica and Kylie had jokingly labeled certain steps forward in their relationship as phases.  These were instances when they tried something new together.  Most of the time, their new explorations didn’t yield any permanent changes.  But occasionally, they did.

“What does the next phase include?” Erica asked, repeating the question as she delicately stroked Kylie’s right cheek.  “An adornment.”

“Okay,” Kylie said with an even bigger grin and a laugh, already amused at the possibilities of what Erica was getting at.  “What kind?”

“A third,” Erica said, holding Kylie closer to her and beginning to pat the BabyGirl’s naked bottom.  “Someone who will compliment both of us.  Someone who understands that a triangle is the strongest shape in the world and cannot be collapsed, provided all three sides keep together with a bonding that is as strong as the shape itself.”

Kylie nibbled on her lower lip, now gazing up at Erica with a hint of lust in her eyes.  The idea had become intriguing, to say the least.

“This third would need to be okay with changing diapers,” Erica said, patting Kylie’s bottom some more, the BabyGirl looking back through the balcony door – to the bed.

“This third would need to be able to pin down how they would reward maternal care,” Kylie whispered, referencing how Erica enjoyed being pinned to the bed.  “I think this person would be very busy.”

“Yes, they would,” Erica agreed.  “But so would we.”

They shared a gaze into each other’s eyes, then both raising an eyebrow – Kylie having not gotten on the same page with Erica about this idea.  The possibilities were truly unlimited.

“So, we’re not looking for a toy to order around and play with,” Kylie stated, quite certain of what she was saying.

“That’s right.  This third will be an equal,” Erica confirmed, smiling devilishly.  “So,  … who will our third be?”

“And when we find them,” Kylie asked.  “… how’s it gonna be?”

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