“Renewed & Reborn”

The BabyGirl got home, took her shoes off and curled up in the fetal position on the couch. She was so tired she didn’t even look for a blanket. And though she was tired, she had never been happier.

Six months ago, she was a broken soul, having come from a relationship which made her feel unappreciated, a family situation which made her feel unimportant and a job which made her feel expendable.

Then three months ago, she met him … Daddy as he would quickly become known to her heart. He took her away from her past and showed her the future she was meant to have.

She spent those first three months regaining her self worth, re-learning what it meant to be loved and experiencing life as the little girl she never got be.

Then a month ago, her Daddy decided she was going to go to college and get the education she knew she had always wanted.

So, this morning, her Daddy woke her up and made her Green Eggs and Bacon … bacon because they didn’t have any ham in the fridge. In the tub she went and then into the schoolgirl outfit her Daddy had picked out for her. She gave him a hug and he kissed her on her forehead before she got in her car and drove to the college for her first day of school.

It was now 4 pm and she was fast asleep on the couch when her Daddy got home from work and found her there.

Her Life was Renewed.
Her Love was Reborn.
And her diaper had never once leaked.


25 “Charm-Sakers”
The Pictures Stories

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